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AWOL Afghans Found?

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The 17 Afghans who had gone AWOL from a Texas air force base have almost been located with help from Facebook. Rusty at the JAWA Report has good news and bad news:

“Heh. Some of them seemed to have skipped town to live the MTV version of the American dream … in Canada.

Others? Not so much.”

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6 Responses to “AWOL Afghans Found?”

  1. haiku think smoked meat
    molson beer enough make all
    afghans love freedom

    ColonelHaiku (181d1a)

  2. Canada? That won’t end well. Of course the ones who stayed here are apparently the most radical, so nothing about this is going to end well. I swear, the military can be such idiots when they try to be politically correct. Letting it go on for over two years without someone saying “Plug the damn hole!” is inexcusable.

    Find them, ship them to a detention facility in Afghanistan, and anyone involved who has had four or more promotions during their career should be relieved for cause.

    Stashiu3 (44da70)

  3. All they were doing for the most part was having fun. Several were caught trying to get citizenship here and in Canada. Several were caught trying to go to Boystown in Mexico.

    Bradnsa (980254)

  4. Status: “Whiskey, sexy!”

    Patricia (160852)

  5. Just how many Rusty Shacklefords are there?

    Dale Gribble (db4a41)

  6. Just how many Rusty Shacklefords are there?

    Nowhere near enough.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

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