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Construction Workers Get Unpaid Leave for Obama Photo Op (Updated)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

JWF posts on East Columbus construction workers forced to take unpaid leave because of President Obama’s appearance for Ohio Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland.

Note to TV newscaster who wants Obama to hand out money to the workers who won’t be able to work:

Despite recent history, President Obama doesn’t get to hand out money to anyone he wants. I’m a bit hazy on this after the past 18 months, but my recollection is the Constitution vests Congress with the power to authorize spending and prohibits money being drawn from the Treasury “but in Consequence of Appropriations made by law.”

H/T the Instapundit.


UPDATE: President Obama’s trip today kicked off his “Recovery Summer” tour so it is considered an official rather than a political trip. CBS News reports the President spoke for only 10 minutes but he nevertheless managed to slip a few “attaboys to some of the Democratic politicians here including the Governor, who is up for re-election.” The trip cost taxpayers between $500,000 and $1,000,000 — or $50K to $100K per minute of speech.

13 Responses to “Construction Workers Get Unpaid Leave for Obama Photo Op (Updated)”

  1. haiku surprised
    strickland not swim lake erie
    avoid obama

    ColonelHaiku (2ce3dc)

  2. He could have signed them up as Census workers for the day and jazzed up the Columbus area job creation numbers.

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  3. I updated the post.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  4. I’m sure that they all spent the day at a GM dealership, buying into this re-made American Dream.

    Icy Texan (d1faea)

  5. “Recovery Summer” is scraping the bottom of the gay meme barrel I think

    happyfeet (19c1da)

  6. John Kasich, former congresscritter and Fox News fill-in, is running against the incumbent Guv. He is a good guy and deserves our support.

    Gazzer (d79016)

  7. Such the shocker! Obama stages and senseless photo op and it hurts the small people.

    Is there gambling at Rick’s?

    Vivian Louise (643333)

  8. and = a

    Vivian Louise (643333)

  9. Kasich is awesome, I was quite saddened when he retired from Congress in order to make some serious dough. His natural heir is Ryan, I think.

    Dmac (3d61d9)

  10. The Kasich camp launched a website called Fix Ohio Now a few weeks back where Ohioans can post their ideas for how to fix our state. I posted a few things myself! I think that this incident should garner some posts. At least their people care enough to listen.

    Syd (6631dc)

  11. Kasich is one of the good ones.

    JD (d55760)

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