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The Flotilla Choir

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[Guest post by DRJ]


12 Responses to “The Flotilla Choir”

  1. Islamophobes and raaaaaacists!!!!!!!

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  2. They need to pick up the beat a little… a little turkey trot… the Wild… the Innocent… and the Palestinian Shuffle.

    GeneralMalaise (8de279)

  3. Love it, and good parody is based on truth and this is GOOD PARODY!!

    Geno (161834)

  4. Very good, but like they say, it won’t make it to our TV. Too bad.

    PatAz (655234)

  5. Interesting account from the last commando (of 15) to get on the ship. Describes his 3 commanders as being wound (shot, stabbed, etc). H

    We had no choice, commando who killed 6 tells ‘Post’

    Mike (e71888)

  6. A really strange thing happened to me today. I was listening to Rush show on the radio and he had a guest host on — one of the Marks.

    He made a point that was almost verbatim to one of my posts:

    I’m not for a a minute to begin to say that he reads Patterico or that he would use one of my posts to make a point. But, man, was it was weird.

    Ag80 (1b8eea)

  7. I love mocking murder victims. This is hilarious.

    AJB (d64738)

  8. it’s a brutal world out there.

    enoch_root (174a66)

  9. Well, they conned AJB.

    Dave (in MA) (fdc1e8)

  10. #7, Ag80, Rush reads Patterico. Three times is a trend and many more than that proves it. Take it for the compliment it is. You are an influential member of the new media, sort of.

    ropelight (98f452)

  11. Make that #6, obviously my copy editor isn’t up to his job description.

    ropelight (98f452)

  12. Make that #6, obviously my copy editor isn’t up to his job description.

    (Still having problems with comments loading, and with comments disappearing after submission)

    ropelight (98f452)

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