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Insert White Lawyer Joke Here

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[Guest post by DRJ]

San Antonio has nixed a plan by the State Bar of Texas to honor the contributions by early Anglo lawyers:

“Remember the Anglo lawyers! The State Bar of Texas had hoped do to so with a plaque on Alamo Plaza, but the city’s historic commission has refused to approve the plan, citing concerns about singling out a profession or ethnicity for honor near the famed landmark.”

I have a feeling this battle isn’t over yet.


4 Responses to “Insert White Lawyer Joke Here”

  1. The way to end racial discrimination is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.

    That’s true for government, and indeed, I believe it’s actually compelled of government by the Fourteenth Amendment. It’s not similarly compelled of private citizens and groups, but it’s still good policy that should be followed.

    I don’t approve of “White History” celebrations, but neither do I approve of “Black History” or “Latino History” celebrations. There were, of course, people of all three races who’ve made historic contributions, and their histories should be taught for the most part because of the worth of their deeds — not because of, or under some rubric highlighting — their respective races. There were a few people whose deeds are historic precisely because they broke racial barriers, and I have no problem with recognizing that, either.

    But it’s time to be genuinely post-racial. I don’t confuse the obsession of the Obama crowd and Democrats generally with identity politics, and I certainly don’t mistake their amalgam of race-based policies as being “post-racial”; to the contrary, most of them are at least implicitly racist, and some of them quite overtly and offensively so.

    But these guys are just picking a fight. I’ll have no truck with them, and I wish they’d devote their energies to worthwhile causes. To the extent (and I think it’s considerable) that they’re attempting to mock or parody the practitioners of identity politics themselves, that’s fine, but I wish they’d find a less childish and more effective way to do that.

    Beldar (4e938d)

  2. Above, I should have said “not similarly compelled of private citizens and groups by the Fourteenth Amendment”; it is similarly compelled of most private citizens and groups by civil rights legislation.

    Beldar (4e938d)

  3. “…it is similarly compelled of most private citizens and groups by civil rights legislation.”

    Ah, but isn’t that the great Libertarian question being raised today in some circles?

    AD - RtR/OS! (decd9b)

  4. What Beldar hath spoken let no man put assunder.

    Icy Texan (6dbb5f)

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