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Natalee Holloway Suspect Sought (Updated)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

ABC reports Joran Van Der Sloot, a suspect in the death of Natalee Holloway, is the prime suspect in the death of a Peruvian girl:

“Joran van der Sloot, the 22-year-old Dutch playboy twice arrested in the mysterious disappearance of American Natalee Holloway, has been named the prime suspect in the death of a young Peruvian woman found dead in a Lima hotel today, five days after she disappeared.”

Details at the link.


UPDATE: Van der Sloot has been taken into custody in Chile.

24 Responses to “Natalee Holloway Suspect Sought (Updated)”

  1. Serial killers are like that; getting away with it once just makes them want to do it again.

    That he chooses central/south america is interesting. I’m guessing it’s the technologically challenged Law Enforcement in that area that makes him feel comfortable with using it as a hunting ground.

    (Note: he may have killed before Natalee and the crime hasn’t been found out or linked to him.)

    Like all criminals, though, he’s greedy and overconfident. He’ll soon make enough mistakes to be caught and punished.

    jakee308 (ace517)

  2. For some reason Greta Van Susterin (sp?) was running around Fox news shouting, “yes! yes! Ratings gold, baby!”

    Sorry to make light, but let’s just hope that justice is done whatever it is. i mean i suppose its possible he is innocent, but I think this will end up being like OJ’s theft–once it occurred everyone who doubted his guilt in his wife’s murder pretty much say, yeah, he did it.

    I still don’t beat up the LA jurors in the original OJ trial. i mean i thought OJ was guilty, and would have voted that way if i was on the jury, but I can respect their feeling that the state never met its burden.

    Aaron Worthing (b1db52)

  3. This is pretty weird.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  4. He is, after all, wealthy and connected. Makes the hunting that much easier.

    luagha (5cbe06)

  5. This type of sociopathic killer cannot control themselves and must be stopped. Hopefully, he will be caught and this will be the end of it for Joran and his victims.

    elissa (7e69bc)

  6. I just heard it pointed out in the news that both disappearances/murders happened on May 30. I wonder what’s up with that? I think I would find out where this guy has been on May 30 every year and see if there are any unsolved murders/disappearances.

    MD in Philly (cb8efe)

  7. Something tells me drug involvement will surface. For some reason, that white powder leaves the socio/psychopath thirsting for blood.

    GeneralMalaise (8de279)

  8. MD in Philly

    Yeah, here’s a report verifying that.

    And agree 100% on checking on other May 30ths. I wonder what the significance might be?

    I would say there are literally only two explanations. Either he is guilty, or he is being framed. Because the chances of all of this just being coincidental are about slim and none. that may 30 thing, its like when the second plan struck the WTC, it was the moment you know that this wasn’t chance but design.

    Of course, my money is on him being the guilty party, but to be perfectly logical, a frame up is also possible.

    A.W. (f97997)

  9. Thanks for the confirmation, A.W. I wonder if there was something significant about May 30 prior to Holloway’s murder, or if the anniversary of that crime is the connection.

    It would be quite the frame up that made him the last person seen with a victim still alive, 5 years and hundreds, if not thousands, of miles apart.

    MD in Philly (cb8efe)

  10. The coincidental May 30th is creepy and it certainly would seem smart to review murders that took place on that date since Holloway’s.

    I don’t know if he’s a sociopath or not but it’s always been troubling that his father was a well known judge, well connected and had money. It had been suggested that he had undue influence on the case and that it resulted in protection of his son. However, if he is arrested in this current murder, his father won’t be able to wield any sort of influence as he passed away a few years ago.

    Dana (1e5ad4)

  11. Don’t see anything that really stands out on the 30th of May in history:

    1991 Last issue of Dutch Newspaper “Vroe Folk” (Free People)
    1981 President Reagan shot and wounded by John W Hinckley III
    1972 North Vietnamese troops enter South Vietnam
    1972 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
    1963 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
    1953 Einstein announces revised unified field theory
    1867 U.S. buys Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000
    988 Boudouin IV with the Beard becomes earl of Flanders

    I bet it’s the Alaska thing.

    Virtual Insanity (d93c26)

  12. It’s also Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday. Van Gogh was a Dutch painter. Hmmmm.

    Virtual Insanity (d93c26)

  13. Failed to learn the lesson of O.J.

    “One and you’re done.”

    Icy Texan (6104f0)

  14. Oy the comments issues are getting even worse. now i can literally only see the first one.

    But I wanted to add that in one report i read the man checked in with the girl in his hotel room and 4 hours later, he left and then fled the country.

    Also i learned the translation of his name. You see, van = piece, der = of, and sloot is their word for sh*t. (Okay I made that up, but hopefully you will laugh. If anyone can see this comment.)

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  15. If the date is important (other than the anniversary of Holloway’s murder), I imagine it is important because of something of importance to Van Der Sloot personnally, like when he was humiliated by a date, or something like that.

    MD in Philly (cb8efe)

  16. Virtual Insanity: Reagan was shot on March 30, not May 30

    Some chump (967a70)

  17. What kind of moronic country would give this piece of scum a visa?

    SPQR (26be8b)

  18. “Guy’s not hard to track. He leaves corpses behind everywhere he goes.”

    Frank Drebbin (8096f2)

  19. Fox now reporting he was captured in Chile.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  20. i literally can only see one comment on this thread, but if you go to drudge you will see that they have van der sloot in custody.

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  21. testing

    enoch_root (9548cd)

  22. TEST

    Ron (9548cd)

  23. I updated the post with a link to a report that Van der Sloot has been taken into custody in Chile.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  24. Congratulations, Aruba PD! Your search for the real killer has not been in vain.

    Icy Texan (88fb51)

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