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Epic Mid-South Floods

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky are recovering from epic floods that left 29 dead, 5 missing, and billions in damage. In some places the water rose several feet in less than an hour, leaving people little or no time to escape or to save their possessions.

In Nashville, the Cumberland River crested at 12 feet over flood stage:

The recovery will be hard as residents face toxic conditions from stagnant water, debris, and sewage.

Please pray for our neighbors and consider donating to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. You can also make a $10 donation by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999 to help those affected. It may ask you to confirm your donation by replying “YES.”


16 Responses to “Epic Mid-South Floods”

  1. This would only be a media catastrophe if all of the governors were Republican, but since the Gov’s of KT & TN are D’s, it’s just a natural phenomenon unrelated to politics.

    AD - RtR/OS! (59c61c)

  2. Having suffered through a couple of Mississippi River floods, I will say that once the water goes down the cleanup can be done fairly fast. It’s a pain in the ass but property owners have every incentive to get their property back to where it was. Though New Orleans has taken a lot longer because it seems they let the government do all the work and I say that as someone that loves that city.

    I remember back in 1992 when my mom’s house was flooded, government agencies were throwing money at anyone who’s house got rained on. Even though she didn’t have flood insurance, she could have made out like a bandit. But the only damage she had was a couple hundred dollars to her furnace since we had moved everything to high ground that could get damaged.

    The problem is the government keeps allowing more levees along rivers so the natural floodplains are blocked and areas that should never get wet receive the blocked water. In 1992, when a levee downriver broke and flooded the farms there the water in my mom’s street dropped 4 feet in one morning.

    I don’t know if the Cumberland has been channeled the way the Mississippi and Missouri have been, but the government could save a lot of money by letting rivers flow into their natural floodplains It’s not like we are not short of land the way Holland is.

    MU789 (13091a)

  3. Where the hell is Obama?
    Why the hell isn’t he doing a fly-over?
    Where is FEMA?
    Where the HELL is the media?

    This could pose to be the worst non-hurricane disaster in the history of our nation and it seems, once again, Obama is AWOL.

    Well, the lack of interest, and response, from the Oval Office will certainly teach those damn people from Tennessee, Kentucy and Mississippi to never vote against Obama again.

    When will Americans wake up to the fact that we have an inept socialist in the Oval Office?

    retire05 (2abfb2)

  4. Well, the O!ne may not need to check out the flood damage, but I do. Off to Nashville Monday.

    EW1(SG) (edc268)

  5. OT – Navy Seal found not guilty on all charges.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  6. “Where the hell is Obama?”

    Obama doesn’t care about most of the South.

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  7. Comment by Have Blue — 5/6/2010 @ 3:25 pm

    Expected, but Great News, nevertheless.

    There is some sanity still residing within the ranks of Officers & Non-Coms.

    AD - RtR/OS! (59c61c)

  8. Why would he? Bunch of bitter clingers down there.

    EW1(SG) (edc268)

  9. Comment by daleyrocks — 5/6/2010 @ 3:30 pm

    Yes, it’s his Southern Strategy!

    AD - RtR/OS! (59c61c)

  10. may i politely suggest that those in a position to donate send their funds to the local Salvation Army instead of the ARC?
    The ARC has a well documented habit of spending more on themselves than on the people they are there to “help”.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  11. There are apparently not political points to be won for Teh One, and the MSM apparently did not think that the southerners were victim-y enough.

    JD (150c8d)

  12. So true, red.

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  13. I am a Nashvillian and I don’t know or care if Obama notices us. Everyone I know is contributing in the recovery and I haven’t heard anyone mention the federal government as a source of salvation. We will work our way out of this and the predominant sentiment is that more work will be available to those in the construction industry (as my company is). We are at heart a community of workers and self sufficient people. This will be a silver lining because all catastrophic events afford the willing opportunity. We will volunteer our time, money and expertise to help others- and ourselves. We will make a success out of trials and hardships and parlay setbacks into advances. Our voices will not be for salvation at the largesse of government, but a reduction of impediments from government.
    We all know that into everyones life some rain most fall. We had more than some. However, as always, the producers will carry the day and we are a community of producers. This is a day that we will shine and I only hope that we will be measured against the hotel dwellers that cry daily that that no one has found them a place to live.

    raugaj (affc90)

  14. I agree. There is a place for government and NGO assistance, especially disaster relief from sources like the National Guard and the Red Cross. But generally the less government help you rely on, the better off you will be.

    DRJ (d43dcd)

  15. boop beep-boop-beep beep-beep-boop-beep

    ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring….

    Hello, The White House, Obama’s phone in Predidency and perpetual campaign headquarters, please hold.


    JD (9ac83d)

  16. JD

    Go back to sleep, you’re uncharistically misspelling… 🙂

    EricPWJohnson (554c4e)

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