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“Have You No Shame, Sir?”

Filed under: Media Bias — DRJ @ 3:50 pm

[Guest post by DRJ]

The Dallas Tea Party organizers invite Keith Olbermann to their one-year anniversary celebration on February 27, 2010:


10 Responses to ““Have You No Shame, Sir?””

  1. This was a great, in your face vid. I want to know if it ever gets played on MSLSD.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  2. Simply perfect. Ought to shame those hypocritical bastards, but it won’t.

    Old Coot (ddf8be)

  3. Have you no shame sir? Uh, no.

    kansas (41f99b)

  4. You own the Tea Party.

    Larry Reilly (fadcab)

  5. MSNBC’s not doing so hot in the ratings I hear.. wonder if someone could buy some commercial time on the cheap?

    Allen (6fd76b)

  6. That’s actually pretty funny.

    Tom (98c376)

  7. Larry Reilly – You got Tea Bagged!

    daleyrocks (718861)

  8. Dallas Tea Party 1
    OlberDouchemann 0

    SteveCan (72a7f6)

  9. Mawy Reilly is a teabaggee. And he likes it.

    JD (b537f4)

  10. “Gunner, Target! Olberdouche in the open!”

    Please, God, tell me somebody will show this to him.

    Virtual Insanity (d9db9c)

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