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Ann Althouse on Palin

Filed under: Media Bias,Politics — DRJ @ 9:51 pm

[Guest post by DRJ]

Like commenter Dana in the Tea Party Nation post below, the equally clever Ann Althouse notices a shift in the way the New York Times looks at Sarah Palin:

“Sarah Palin was a blithering idiot until she became a devious genius.”

Althouse concludes Palin’s political career is “so not toast.”


37 Responses to “Ann Althouse on Palin”

  1. DRJ, this post will be catnip to some of the commenters who cannot help but act out on this subject. Oh well. It is news, and I think that—like her or not—not taking Palin seriously is a mistake.

    Eric Blair (c2a27d)

  2. Just imagine all the photos the AP photog must have snapped of Palin. But they chose the one of her looking mean and cranky. What bias?

    PC14 (82e46c)

  3. I think the narrative is changing so instead of the country bumpkin, Palin is the new Darth Cheney.

    DRJ (84a0c3)

  4. nononono I do not think you see that the Strange New Respect was altogether predictable.

    Who else does the New York Times and the rest of the dirty socialists dream dream dream will be the Team R nominee?

    happyfeet (713679)

  5. PC14, that’s so pathetic.

    And every shot of Obama gets a halo.

    That someone actually has a style guide on this (And they basically do) is just fueling this fire.

    The ‘she isn’t quite qualified for this’ line works, but the ‘she is vile and hates you’ line just works to her advantage. If the left could just yawn at Palin, she would never have been a threat.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  6. happyfeet:

    nononono I do not think you see that the Strange New Respect was altogether predictable.

    Maybe so. That was certainly the gameplan for McCain’s candidacy but I’m not convinced the media could bear to see Palin as the nominee, even if they are convinced she would lose. Not only would it give her far more legitimacy than they could bear, it would also be too big a risk. How could they go on if she won and they helped make it possible?

    DRJ (84a0c3)

  7. Yes… a lot like McCain, really.

    I think it would be hard to overstate how cocky the media is feeling. Newsweek’s suicide, for example, means something.

    These people elected a president. A very heady feeling I’d imagine.

    But a Palin candidacy is crack to them I think. Defeating her would be a Glorious Repudiation of so many many things.

    happyfeet (713679)

  8. I love Sarah Palin.

    I further love the effect she has on progressives.

    Krusher (ceb4ea)

  9. These people elected a president. A very heady feeling I’d imagine.

    And since then they’ve lost 3 major elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. They’ve blown health care despite having their chosen President and majorities in both the House and Senate. They watched helplessly as their plans for Copenhagen and global warming evaporated. And we haven’t even addressed who wins the race to the bottom — Congress and Obama, whose polls are bad and getting worse each day; or the liberal media with its recurring layoffs and economic distress.

    Maybe some of them are delusional enough to feel like they still rule the world but, frankly, I doubt it.

    DRJ (84a0c3)

  10. very good point… so let me reformulate…

    Maybe the dirty socialist media is drawn to idea that Sarah Palin is indeed the quintessential representative of the anti-dirty socialist right? There may be a bit of wish-fulfillment at play here.

    happyfeet (713679)

  11. the Sarah story line is very similar to the GW Bush meme…. the haters could never make up their minds.

    half the time Chimpy McHaliburton was a puppet, too stupid to even get out of bed without handlers, and the rest of the time he was BusHitler, the antichrist incarnate.

    what always amazed me was that these people, all of whom were *so* much smarter than me (just ask them), couldn’t figure out which was which.

    then Sarah came along, and they just lost it completely. %-)

    Go Sarah Go!

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  12. happyfeet (and red),

    Agreed. I think the media will vary between painting her as this year’s hick Republican (the role Huckabee played the last time around) or this year’s evil Republican (the role the media assigned to Dick Cheney). Or both.

    DRJ (84a0c3)

  13. It’s the same stupid idiot / devious evil genius narrative that was used for Reagan and GWB. Seems like a crutch for lazy people when they can’t quite comprehend the people’s connection to the politician in question.

    DaSpider (a6e025)

  14. I’m looking at the picture in #2, and I’m thinking it’s an all day job making her look bad.

    They better skip the coffee breaks too…

    papertiger (e6cefc)

  15. Yikes, AP has scare quote around “God-given right” in the story PC14 links. Like Sarah made up that idea or something, I guess. Makes it look like the reporter disagrees, doesn’t it? Wonder if that’s meant to point to the mention of God, or is a Freudian slip on the reporter’s feelings on freedom for the unwashed.

    They really had to work for that picture.

    Also, Dana Loesch got a peek at the story on the AP reporter’s laptop when she stepped away. I’m guessing it was this one. Dana described her as looking sour.

    “Her fee was $100,000 for the appearance at the for-profit event.”

    Have we ever seen an MSM story on Al Gore end with a line on his speaker’s fee?

    Dan S (665bb6)

  16. I do find it kind of humorous how someone taken in by Obama, can really provide any worthwhile advice,
    well this is probably as close to an apology as we
    are likely to get

    ian cormac (7b6e35)

  17. It’s absolutely hilarious, how scared they are of her.

    Icy Texan (e7b04a)

  18. Didnt get a chance to watch the speech live, but I read a liveblog. Did they mention whether she had the questions in advance or not? The liveblog said it, but I don’t believe it.

    imdw (19cd35)

  19. DRJ #12 I vote for “both”. Just because she is a HICK it does’t preclude her from also being EVIL. Ever seen the movie “Dileverence”? It could have just as easily been filmed in Alaska.

    youbetcha (f01a23)

  20. The trolls cannot help themselves. Strong women scare them. And the most recent sock-puppet is objectively a bigot.

    JD (5c8d3b)

  21. And one troll is a self-proclaimed authority on Alaska and “Dileverence”.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (9eb641)

  22. #18 imdw If she had the questions in advance, it didn’t help. She failed to answer the first and most important one. The question was; What is the future of the Tea Party Movement, a third party, or part of the republican party. Go back and watch her response. Can any one say she answered the question? JD, Is this what makes her a “Strong woman”, her ability to evade and avoid even the simplist of questions? Pay attention every one, JD is about to make another of his cleverly comical “Troll” references. If you are tired of that little troll getting in your way all the time JD, try this. Zip your pants back up!

    youbetcha (f01a23)

  23. Back in 1980, the Democrats and the media were just as conflicted on how they were going to attack Ronald Reagan, coming down on the meme that he was an idiot who thought ketchup was a vegetable, but at the same time was more evil than Nixon, because he was going to blow up the world by starting a war with the Soviets five minutes after he was sworn into office. So going by the Times’ report, Palin’s hanging with some rarefied company.

    John (d4490d)


    JD (a5a87b)

  25. Who else does the New York Times and the rest of the dirty socialists dream dream dream will be the Team R nominee?

    Mitt Romney.

    Official Internet Data Office (dc2fe1)

  26. Well she would prefer that it be absorbed into the party, but from her own experience, she knows that
    is not always the best solution

    ian cormac (7b6e35)

  27. What is the future of the Tea Party Movement, a third party, or part of the republican party.

    That’s not a serious question. That’s like one of those surveys paid for by the WWF.
    Do you think Cap and Trade is a strong enough response to global warming, or do you think we need to do more.

    The answer is F*** YOU socialist. Al Gore isn’t rotting in jail, so we haven’t done enough.

    papertiger (31efee)

  28. Oh course Palin can’t say that.

    papertiger (31efee)

  29. Ever seen the movie “Dileverence”?

    Yes I did, actually – ever complete 2nd grade?

    Zip your pants back up!

    Another classic tell of the infatuated Troll – JD, another one’s definitely coming on to you. Better watch out, you’ve got another Fatal Attraction stalker in the making.

    Dmac (539341)

  30. Comment by DRJ — 2/7/2010 @ 1:05 am

    She’s “Cariboo(sic) Barbie” ensconced in Lex Luthar’s Ice Bunker deep in the frozen (dang, where’s that AGW when you need it) Arctic.

    AD - RtR/OS! (f9cda3)

  31. “…thought ketchup was a vegetable…”

    That attack was used in the 1984 campaign, as it was generated by a report from the RR Dept of Agriculture on school lunches.

    But, your general theme is correct.
    Was RR just an amiable dunce who was upstaged by a chimp; or
    was he a politician who had allowed the mental-health community to treat patients without resorting to the institutionalizing of functional adults?;
    was a political leader who was in the vanguard of the abortion rights movement – though he was concerned with Right-To-Life issues?

    The Left, for all of their intellectualizing, has a very difficult time translating complicated issues into simple political themes,
    without trashing individuals that are in their cross-hairs – except by lying!

    AD - RtR/OS! (f9cda3)

  32. > “Sarah Palin was a blithering idiot until she became a devious genius.”

    What? What? Am I supposed to be impressed by her achievement?


    Now THAT is a man who can walk on water!


    IgotBupkis (79d71d)

  33. bbjf You are half correct. Although I’ve never been to Alaska, I am somwhat of an expert on Deliverence and I’m not ashamed to “proclaim” it here. My home here in GA is less than an hour from the Catoosa river where Deliverence was filmed. I actually have relatives who appeared as extras in the final scene of the movie. You know the scene, where the survivors of the river are being fed by local townsfolks. The two women passing around platters of fried chicken and corn bread, I am told, were my step dad’s, brother’s, wife’s, aunts. I think that makes them my third cousins. Also, when I climb up in my deer stand, I can see into Tennessee and parts North Carolina. That qualifies me as an “expert” on the history and culture of the Deep South, of which Diliverence is an integral part.

    youbetcha (f01a23)

  34. Um. Yeah. Sure.

    Eric Blair (c2a27d)

  35. That is idiotology. Sock puppet. See y’all after the game!

    JD (f1a5b9)

  36. Why they think that tired gambit still works is beyond me.

    Dmac (539341)

  37. youbetcha – You got a purty mouf.

    daleyrocks (718861)

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