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BigGovernment: “If you get hit, we will punch them back twice as hard”

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[Guest post by DRJ] is rolling out a new series that focuses on HCAN, SEIU and the Obama Administration’s responses to last summer’s Tea Party protests:

Somewhere between August 2nd and August 6th a strategy was devised that put all tools at the [Obama] administration’s disposal in line and firing at the protesters. August 4th seems to be an important day in the roll out of this strategy. The White House famously posted a new aggressive offensive on their blog calling out what they described as “mis-information” about the proposed bill and directed true-believers to report any sources of these “lies” to a special e-mail address: Also on the 4th, an organization called Health Care for America Now (HCAN) released a document that became a blueprint for intimidation and, ultimately, violence under the guise of confronting the tea party protesters at these town hall meetings.

HCAN is an organization funded by various unions, most significantly SEIU, whose main purpose is to promote and push the effort for government-provided, universal health care. (To understand the SEIU’s reasons for pushing for this government health care, read this post.) The National Field Director for HCAN is Margarida Jorge. Margarida Jorge used to work for the SEIU as an organizing director.”

HCAN and Jorge issued detailed instructions (set forth at the BigGovernment link) on how to organize health care support and to limit protesters’ ability to gain media attention and ask questions at last summer’s Congressional health care events. The DNC, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and leftist blogs joined HCAN in criticizing the Tea Party protesters as “angry mobs” and calling for liberals to push back.

White House involvement became clear when, on August 6 as David Axelrod and Jim Messina talked to Senators about how to handle health care meetings with constituents, Messina promised: ”If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.” Thus:

“Two days after the instructions on how to manage and control protestors at town hall meetings were released by Margarida Jorge at HCAN, one day after the Speaker of the House likened protestors to Nazis and mere hours after President Obama’s top political advisors assured Congressional Democrats that “If you get hit, we will punch them back twice as hard”, Kenneth Gladney lay beaten and bloody on the ground outside Rep. Russ Carnahan’s Town Hall meeting.”

Next up:

  • BigGovernment’s analysis of the connections between SEIU, HCAN and the people charged with Gladney’s assault.
  • How they followed the Administration’s and HCAN’s template.
  • Stories of similar incidents.
  • — DRJ

    UPDATE: St. Louis prosecutors never checked Gladney’s hospital records. Is the local fix in? It could be the prosecutors don’t obtain records until a case is being readied for trial. I’m more interested in whether they talked to Gladney about his injuries.

    12 Responses to “BigGovernment: “If you get hit, we will punch them back twice as hard””

    1. I’ve updated the post with an Instapundit link about Gladney’s hospital records.

      DRJ (dee47d)

    2. They might get off with a couple minor misdemeanors, but the Civil Suit should be a killer, with a lot of John Doe’s.

      AD - RtR/OS! (eab8f3)

    3. Reverse the political parties and this becomes the cover of every major newspaper. In effect, the left, for not covering this, is part of this.

      Dustin (cf255c)

    4. This is the only time I can ever recall thinking this about a situation, but: it would utterly serve these people right if Mr. Gladney fully played the race card. Turn it around on these lefty thugs, give them a taste of their own medicine, and come out howling, Victim. Because, my god, he certainly he is. I should be ashamed of myself, but, eh, not so much.

      Dana (e9ba20)

    5. As someone who’s met Mr Gladney in person (and shook his hand, and I think I’ve got a picture of it), I wanna say that I find this even MORE disturbing.

      He’s a good, decent man who’s wife actually worried for his safety while he was along for the ride with the Tea Party Express. I understand her concerns, especially in this light.

      But like I told him “There’s a lot of people here who would seriously have your back. Jumping you would be very, very unhealthy…”

      Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

    6. Don’t cry for Ken Gladney, the truth is he had it coming, just imagine the audacity of that man. He’s black, he isn’t allowed to make a public show of his opposition to Obama’s policies. People might get the wrong idea.

      You can’t have “people of color” going rogue, undermining race solidarity, it’s not allowed. Gladney knows the rules, he’s an American! Private opposition was once upon a time protected by the US Constitution, but public opposition is now subject to well known limitations of racially approved behavior.

      SEIU has been designated by President Obama to enforce the useful and necessary restrictions on previously held Constitutional rights for the good of all Black people. Exceptions can not be made for single naysayers to call the President’s policies into question, especially in front of vicious NAZI gangs of Teabaggers, disguised as Senior Citizens concerned about their healthcare, who are only out to disrupt the lawful display of faux representative government.

      Our Congressmen and women must be free from the verbal outbursts of rabid taxpayers attempting to undermine legislation designed to bring social justice to Democrats at the expense of evil, rich, bloodsucking GOP thugs. These enemies of the people may not use direct pressure tactics to illegally attempt to influence the national legislative agenda. No one benefits from such chaos.

      Rest assured that SEIU will bring the entire force of the US Department of Justice down hard on any Black man found in violation of his duties and responsibilities as an agent of Obama’s doctrine of racial purity and ideological conformity. Older white citizens will be either ignored, ridiculed, or shoved aside. Uppity Whites will be rounded up and sent to re-education camps to be trained as ACORN voter registration specialists.

      Follow the rules and you won’t get hurt. Step out of like and the man comes and takes you away.

      ropelight (57a4b7)

    7. Just following the presidents (who bumped Dimmy Carter from the bottom of the list) command, “Get in their face”. That should stand up in any liberal court and more than half the courts are no longer a court of law but a liberal court.

      Scrapiron (996c34)

    8. ropelight – On SEK’s site they would be called race traitors.

      Have Blue (854a6e)

    9. Serious ?: At what point is passive resistance to all this nuttiness patriotic duty as opposed to selfishness?

      HeavenSent (01a566)

    10. #8, HB, here we call them American citizens brutalized by SEIU thugs for the political crime of exercising their constitutional rights.

      ropelight (ac4f05)

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