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NY 23

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[Guest post by DRJ]

A special election is scheduled for 11/3/2009 in New York’s 23rd Congressional District to fill the seat vacated by Rep. John McHugh, a Republican, who was appointed to serve as Secretary of the Army. The major parties view it as an important preview in the run up to the 2010 midterms. Polls show three candidates splitting the vote: Democrat Bill Owens, Republican Dede Scozzafava, and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman.

Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the RNC and the RNCC support Scozzafava, but her campaign has suffered from mistakes and her social policy positions are closer to a Democrat than a Republican. (Scozzafava also has Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga of the Daily Kos rooting for her. According to Kos, she previously ran on the Working Families Party, a group linked to ACORN and an official in the Obama Administration.) Meanwhile, Hoffman seems to be gaining momentum and endorsements, so while he could win he could also throw the election to Owens.

What can Scozzafava do to regain momentum? Via Hot Air, she tried scheduling a photo op in front of Hoffman’s office … but Hoffman posters ended up framing her words and image:

Scozzafava talked about the need for candidates to have courage and debate in public forums. Fred Thompson showed another kind of courage when he announced his support for Hoffman earlier this week.

I bet Owens is loving this.


86 Responses to “NY 23”

  1. It doesn’t matter if Hoffman loses the race so long as he pushes her to 3rd place. We have to get our RINOs and the Republican RINO leadership under control first – Are you listening Newt? – before we can expect to win huge majorities.

    Metallica (e4735c)

  2. You want to be mean to her and then she shows up wearing… that.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  3. She supports tarp?

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  4. Good point Metallica.

    Here in California we know what Rino’s look like, and they might win elections but they hand the reins of power over to the socialist unions and the tax and spend crowd.

    tyree (bf0ee2)

  5. Newt Gingrich’s attraction to her can probably be attributed to gravity.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  6. This prissy John McHugh jerkoff what is resigning and giving the dirty socialists bipartisan cover cover in the Most Peacefully Peaciest Administration Ever won’t be missed but he’d have a somewhat less pansylike legacy if he’d arranged it to where a dirty socialist heffalump didn’t get the party’s nomination for his seat.

    Our Army is not better off with this wanker involved is my guess which is probably bang on cause of he is obviously of poor character.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  7. oh. Just the one cover.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  8. I certainly hope she does not win, but I cannot call her a RINO. My experience with Republicans, George Ryan the most prominent, is that any one of them is as sneaky a self-dealing, lying, stealing, two-faced toad as any Democrat.

    nk (df76d4)

  9. Reap what you sow Gents – reap what you sow – yeah – lets make sure we get the family first, tac cutting America Dfending democrats elected by running third party candidates who have a zero record on governance

    because its all about being right than being good

    EricPWJohnson (94fbdd)

  10. Democrats love third party candidates that split conservatives – ask Bill how that worked out for him

    EricPWJohnson (94fbdd)

  11. heh. he said sow.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  12. If she is too dumb to know the posters and signs would come out before she finished a sound check, she would probably not get noticed in the den of thieves known as Congress.

    It’s only for a year and if the district is as conservative as people say, a real conservative should have no problem winning next year. If she is elected now, there will never be a conservative in that seat for a long time.

    MU789 (e19138)

  13. nk, just because one Republican is a sleaze doesn’t mean all of them are.

    Well, ok… more politicians are sleazy, but RINO isn’t an attempt to identify republicans who are corrupt… it’s an attempt to identify republicans who lack the principles they ought to have. I think it’s hard to agree on what principles those are, but this lady is a RINO. Card check? Good grief. She’s the Daily KOS endorsed candidate.

    I don’t think the GOP needs purity so much as it needs honesty, so your complaint is a really good one in that regard, but we also need to stay away from union thugs and deficit raising nuts.

    We have to decide if we’re going to abandon the GOP and go for some third party or if we’re going to make an attempt to stop Obama’s mad power grab. The GOP’s actions here make it harder for good people to trust them, which hurts everybody but the democrats.

    Dustin (bb61e3)

  14. I still can’t understand why she is running as a Republican. I think even referring to her as RINO is giving her too much the benefit of the doubt – because there is no doubt. And pink is a terrible color on her.

    * Supports card-check.
    * Voted for $180 million New York state bailout-type legislation called the “Foreclosure Prevention Act.”
    * May or may not support cap-and-trade.
    * May or may not later change her party registration in 2010 to run as an Independent.
    * Supports Obama’s failed “stimulus,” which was opposed by 100% of US House Republicans.
    * ACORN supports.
    * The Daily Kos supports.
    * The AFL-CIO supports.
    * The SEIU supports.
    * Planned Parenthood not only supports, but also awarded a “Maggie Award,” named after the eugenics-supporting founder Margaret Sanger.
    *NARAL supports.

    Dana (863a65)

  15. It’s very Miss Piggy I think Dana. An homage perhaps.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  16. Happyfeet

    It was a veiled Glenn Beck reference to swine 🙂

    EricPWJohnson (94fbdd)

  17. MU789

    What planet of outcome oriented math did you come from

    if there are 60% conservatives and 40% liberals in a district and two conservative candidates run and split the 30% – Hmmm looks like the 60% are going to be ruled by the 40% forever

    Gentlemen – welcome to France!

    EricPWJohnson (94fbdd)

  18. Dana:

    I don’t know anything about New York politics, but I do know a bit about politicians, no matter their location.

    I suspect she’s running as a Republican because she thinks she can win by running as a Republican.

    Ag80 (2a7a2a)

  19. Happy, one’s clothing should either complement or contrast their skin tones, not match it. Perhaps a darker color. And certainly a single strand necklace, longer in length. Hm. Yes, at all costs she should make a concerted effort to avoid choker style necklaces.

    And don’t get me started on the hair. .

    Dana (863a65)

  20. First about her being a sleaze

    She sicked the police on one of those “faux” conservative screamers that harassed her and repeatedly called her. Never ruffle the peacock feathers of the right or left media!


    You know – I hate the left for trying to pick my candidates almost as much as I detest the right for trying to pick my candidates

    I would just like to get back to the ancient art of information and news being reported.

    EricPWJohnson (94fbdd)

  21. You know its funny how no one ever answered the Bill question?

    So how did that third party candidate work out in the 90’s?

    8,000 dead and 1.8 trillion precious hard earned American Citizen paid Taxes later – not to mention 6 million unemployment

    Hows that working out for the Rino pickers?

    EricPWJohnson (94fbdd)

  22. One might imagine the NY 23 seat as a string of pearls about to fly out of someone’s hand…

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  23. Nominating Scozzafava might have made sense in a district other than NY-23, and it might have made sense back in the winter or the spring, when Republicans across the country were scared into silence over fears that Obamamania would relegate their party to the status of the Whigs. But to pick her for this district and as late in the year as they did, made no sense whatsoever other than to show the NYS Republican Party has either no faith in their beliefs, or no beliefs they’ll even bother to go to the mat for.

    John (620750)

  24. Happyfeet

    Well there is a chance of winning back the house where a certain woman wont be shoving down our throats – my childrens future – your future – everyone’s future

    But – hey, she has serious serious flaws, she believes in abortion – but never voted for it, she believes in tarp – but didnt vote for it – she believes in lower taxes – voted for it

    But lets keep the family orientated, business owner supporting, tax cutting, spendthrift Democrats in power becuase the Republicans were not right enough for the right, so the right thing to do is make sure they are left behind at the polls by voting for a greater right so the left can see that the right is rightly split

    EricPWJohnson (94fbdd)

  25. John

    So yeah lets all complain that she isnt right for us. That the Republicans cant do the most right and need to be left behind at the polls and let the left lead those that are left from the minority – its the right thing to do

    EricPWJohnson (94fbdd)

  26. Do you know what card check is for real, EricPWJohnson? It’s not American. It’s where New Girl and Other Guy corner me in the kitchen and I’m like I just want to make a cup of coffee but they’re all like hey you need to check this card. And I don’t want to check the card but then they start being really mean and OG says don’t be surprised if your nilla wafers show up missing and NG says check the card you little bitch and I’m very taken aback that she would speak to me like that and I just want a cup of coffee and so I sign the card and bam I lose my soul. That’s Dede’s America and our little president man’s America but it’s not my America, EricPWJohnson, and we got to have faith before we give our hearts away cause I know all the games Dede and Newt play probably cause they’re both so fugly.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  27. For a ridiculous number of years the GOP told Conservatives “You cannot win without us.” And proceeded to abandon the Conservatives after winning.

    Kinda like that movie “She’s The One” I think. Pick the ugly girl, get her looking hot, take her to the prom, dump her at the prom for a “real” hot chick. Find out the “real” hot chick is no longer interested. And the ugly, now hot, chick has it figured out and isn’t interested either.

    It seems now that it’s going the other direction, finally. Conservatives are telling the GOP “you cannot win without US.” And if the GOP comes in third place in the election, which party is the third party?

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  28. That man Happyfeet. I like the cut of his jib.

    Did I mention that Rachel Maddow Hearts Dede Scozzafava?

    Well she does.

    papertiger (cc1ec4)

  29. It’s hard to deal with the abortion issue. On one hand, if you know it’s murder, than it’s just crossing the line and it’s hard to even hire a plumber, let alone a lawmaker, who is cool with murder.

    On the other hand, it’s a world with a lot of socially liberal fiscally intelligent (conservative) people. Ultimately, what conservatism should be about is making the abortion issue completely irrelevant at the federal level. Let the states sort out murder and abortion laws. Let the federal government cut cut cut cut its scope and budget, and leave these issues to the states. Which is honestly something that pot smoking californians, guntoting Texans, pro-lifers in Mississipi, and Pro-choicers in hell should all agree upon.

    But we don’t. And It’s not hard to see why.

    Dustin (bb61e3)

  30. Working Families Party ? The same bunch (quite credibly) accused of electoral fraud in your earlier post ? Affiliated with ACORN ?

    Go Hoffman. Even if one cared to overlook her wildly liberal record, anyone who’s been associated with ACORN or its affiliates shouldn’t be within a mile of elected office.

    societyis2blame (d81c5b)

  31. John

    You sound like a man whose determined to get as many democrats voted into office from the minority as possible

    Determined – yeah its better to enable someone from the left to teach the right the right way to govern

    EricPWJohnson (94fbdd)

  32. Eric, I remember when the RINO Doris Allen “Porked” the GOP and handed back the CA Assembly to Willie Brown. It took some recalls, but she got thrown out and Willie Brown, too. This is the start in NY state.

    The Country Clubbers never learn.

    PCD (ba8fe0)

  33. Mr Johnson, you sound like an alphabetist unconcerned with getting quality representation as long as the right letter follows the name. Prove me wrong.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  34. She’s not a RINO, they are occassionally useful, she’s a DIABOLO. Democrat in ALl But Label Only, tell me one thing she is for, that we would want

    bishop (4e0dda)

  35. I read today on one of my liberal blogs that this case shows the utter disintegration of the GOP. Those are my words, I’m paraphrasing.

    mikeb302000 (6127bb)

  36. I am El Diablo

    quasimodo (4af144)

  37. Mike, that’s up to Eric and John to figure out a way to get along. not them personally, but all of them in the party.

    Are we going to refuse to elect any pro-choice or gun grabbing republicans? Are we going to have a party that is meaninglessly broad?

    Personally, I think if we just all agree that government is the problem, not the answer, and reduce its size and scope, that spending, social issues, and corruption are all addressed at the national level pretty well.

    Does Scozza agree that Government is the problem? I don’t think so. She’s an extreme case, though, and the democrats are enjoying its prominence despite the fact that the conservatives might just win this fight and keep fighting.

    Anyway, if you blame Michael Steele for this, you’re just plum wrong. The local party there is broken, as it is all over the place. They picked her, not the NRCC or the RNC or Newt. This is an ugly mess and they are supporting their party due to loyalty rules established in the 80s that make a lot of sense.

    If NY 23 didn’t want this type of politician, they had every chance to put a party together that wouldn’t pick her. That’s the real problem.

    Dustin (bb61e3)

  38. “I read today …”

    mikey – Given the nature of your comments, that opening was demonstrably untrue.

    JD (07f478)

  39. I smell a MOBY in the comments

    Thomas (b7fe33)

  40. Eric – Explain why people should not support the candidate that most closely represents their views.

    JD (07f478)

  41. As far as I can tell, her position on card check and other issues is at least as far to the left as the Democrat’s candidate; her financial supporters are big labor; and her fashion sense stinks. Other than that, she’s a perfect candidate for the GOP in a conservative district.

    Rochf (ae9c58)

  42. I just think it’s kinda silly to use this particular district to discuss the GOP’s problems or party unity or how big a tent we should have.

    She’s clearly a democrat who ran as a republican. She’ll switch parties once she wins. She’s completely off the charts to the left, and it’s ridiculous she’d even want to be a republican.

    I saw a Tea Party spokeswoman on Neal Cavuto talking about this race. It was ridiculous. Talk about Huckabee, Romney, Lindsey Graham, Mccain! There is a discussion about our tent that needs to be had, so we can agree on core principles and run with it, but Scazzafluffy? Good grief.

    Dustin (bb61e3)

  43. I think Hoffman has a chance to win and the election is only for a year. If Owens wins, the choice next year will be clear to the local party. This is what will bring the tea party folks into the GOP again. If they can’t influence candidates, they will go third party like 1992. I was thinking of voting for Perot until he imploded.

    Mike K (addb13)

  44. This reminds me of the discussion we’ve been having about the LA Times, old media, and why they continue to do the same thing. The GOP continues to lose with “moderate” candidates, so they double down, rejecting the conservative, and go all out for the liberal democrat in moderate republican’s clothes. And they continue to lose–go figure.

    Rochf (ae9c58)

  45. How is she any different than Arlen Specter? Just so I’m clear, I think Specter is only slightly better than an oozing fistula on IMP’s hairy asscheek. Does she hold even one conservative, or even Republican position?

    JD (cb1063)

  46. Just the position in the alphabet.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  47. You know
    love people who label instead of facing up to the fact that they are actually enabling the election of a democrat who has no problem helping themselves to your money as opposed to a woman with flaws whose party is on record for cutting taxes everytime they can

    In the army we call those people pin throwers

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  48. Says the person who labels us “enablers.”

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  49. So John et al – keep pulling and throwing the pin, soon the results will be known!

    Lets MAKE SURE the tax cutting spendthrift, America defending pro business DEMOCRATS keep ruling from a minority

    Worked for France didnt it?

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  50. And the person who says to vote for that alphabetist label instead of the best person for the job.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  51. I find it hard to believe that Dede could even spell tax cut, much less vote for them. Was she really a candidate for the ACORN Working Family Party? Good Allah.

    JD (cb1063)

  52. Dana: Republicans from New York are, in general, much more liberal than Republicans from elsewhere.

    DRJ: I think it’s hilarious. Every once in a while a candidate pops up in some high-profile race who just has no business being there, and it’s funny every time it happens. I have to admit that I find it more amusing because it’s happening to my political opponents, and there’s always a certain amount of schadenfreude there; but this would be funny even if it were a Democrat [although in that case i’d also be pissed at the primary voters for creating the situation].

    I mean … anyone running for Congress as a major party candidate ought to know better than to hold a press event outside her opponent’s campaign HQ. Right?

    aphrael (73ebe9)

  53. aphrael,

    I think that, in and of itself, could be a totally ballsy move that a smart, funny, and passionate politician used to get lots of attention and show courage.

    I noticed that courage was the theme of her speech, too. I think, in her head, she was going to come across as sincere and firey and inspiring.

    Instead, she looked like a two bit crook with no passion or even interest in the election. She just didn’t have the guts to follow through. I can see Obama in a sea of Palin signs, passionately claiming he’s willing to face his accusers. I can see Palin in a see of Obama signs doing the same. It could have been a genius move if the politician wasn’t mashed potatoes in a sock.

    Dustin (bb61e3)

  54. Only 40% of Republicans support Dede, and Hoffman leads among independents among all three candidates. The GOP and Dede should do the right thing, if they’re truly interested in winning the seat for the GOP, and she should withdraw. Right now she just looks like she’ll do anything, ala Arlen Specter, to win office, as I understand she first asked the Democrats, and when they wouldn’t have her, she went to the GOP.

    Rochf (ae9c58)

  55. Her social policy positions are closer to a Democrat than a Republican

    Good for her. IMHO, people who juge everything by [loser] social policies at a time when economic and foreign policies are the only thing that matters are not helping. We had 8 years of a social conservative in the White House and the Party was nearly destroyed by it.

    Digging deeper is not the answer.

    Who are the Real RINOs — those that vote for Republican candidates, or those that run against them?

    Kevin Murphy (805c5b)


    CLYDE (5442a0)

  57. Kevin

    So we went from a Social Consevative to a Socialist because socially, pure conservatives would rather be collected in a pure Stalinist regime than get a tax cut from someone who only meets 83% of their standards

    100% its not just for optimists anymore!

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  58. She even campaigns like a Democrat. Spouting b.s. that she is “glad for supporters of many, many sides”, but she is completely surrounded by Hoffman supporters.

    Her hostile tactics of holding a press conference right outside Hoffman’s office reeks of the same self-righteous arrogance that dominates the leftwing.

    I would like to extend my appreciation of Doug Hoffman. He is a true Conservative gentleman. While I am not a Conservative, I am proud to ally myself to such fine people in the face of the aggression of our modern-day Socialist Democratic Party. Not one Hoffman sign was negative, while Scozzafava supporters had a sign saying, “Hoffman = Pelosi”.

    Scozzafava brings the same divisive politics that the Democratic Party used to gain power.

    Thank you Doug Hoffman and best of luck to you sir!!!

    Freedom Now (b38dc7)

  59. Palin endorses Hoffman. Ace has the story up now.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  60. Guys

    Hoffman may not be seated as he does not live in the district – he lives in NY-20

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  61. Newt: My support for Scozzafava is a means to a conservative majority
    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2009
    A A A Former House speaker Newt Gingrich has continued talking up his support of Dede Scozzafava, the Republican and Independence parties’ candidate in the 23rd Congressional District.

    There’s a lot there, so I’ll hit what I think are the highlights:

    • “My endorsement of Dede Scozzafava in the special election for New York’s 23rd Congressional District is a means of regaining a conservative majority in America. Although some of her values do not match my own, Scozzafava will help us in our efforts to win back Congress.”

    • “The choice in New York is a practical one: We can split the conservative vote and guarantee the election of a Democrat in a Republican seat in a substantial loss of opportunity. Or we can find a way to elect someone who has committed to vote for the Republican leader, has committed to vote against all tax increases, has committed to vote against cap-and-trade, and is a strong ally of the NRA.”

    • “We should be willing to tolerate a fair amount of disagreement among Republicans if we can find the energy to elect a Republican as Speaker of the House. It is a cause worth unifying around.”

    • “I’m just going to be very direct: there were four local nominating meetings. All four picked her. None placed the conservative candidate in the top three – not a one. Now all of my friends who say to me We don’t want Washington reaching in to our lives. We ought to have local responsibility. Fine, you have local responsibility to pick a local person. Suddenly a lot of conservatives in Washington said Wrong one. Well how do they know? They were at none of the meetings, they didn’t make the choice.”

    I was talking to a source the other night who made a great observation. The Gingrich endorsement was supposed to boost Ms. Scozzafava’s popularity among likely Republican voters. Instead, it created this huge tidal wave of backlash against Mr. Gingrich from conservative bloggers.

    It will be interesting to see if voters see logic in Mr. Gingrich’s reasoning.

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  62. Or we can run a Democrat for the Democrats and a Democrat for the Republicans and guarantee a Democrat takes the seat.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  63. HAve Blue

    Aww you can rationalize it all you want but all you 100% pure are doing is enabling a shrinking shrieking minority to keep taxing you.

    If all they have is gay marriage and abortion as proof of liberalism then the following republicans were not worthy of election and really were Democrats

    Eisenhower, Nixon, Humphrey, Ford, Reagan(not abortion though), Bush I, Bush II, Cheney, and so on and so forth.

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  64. And before Happyfeet squawks that I said Humphrey – Humphrey was a conservative – not a democrat

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  65. Works with ACORN and the Working Families Party, endorsed by Kos. That, plus your evidence she is not a conservative.
    Do you have any evidence that she is a conservative?

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  66. 65

    Her voting record is and sponsored legislation is here

    So far people have made assumptions based on Rumors in the Press, since the Press got their wiener stepped on hard by her husband and you know right or left the media is not to be trifled with!

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  67. Here’s one of her latest bills – yeah Doug – I dont live in the district – I dont know the issues – I was a registered Democrat until a few years ago – Hoffman has no record to ponder except what others who have never ever met him are saying he said!

    Dede’s bill

    Relates to limiting plea bargaining for sex offenders; makes additional changes relating to repeat sex offenders; grants the prosecution the right to appeal certain sentences they believe are unduly lenient; authorizes judges to review an order of recognizance or bail previously entered in certain cases and revoke the order if such judges determine such order an abuse of discretion

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  68. Yeah thats the HALLMARK of Liberal legislation, circumventing judges and making crimes against society actually punishable!


    And thats bill after bill after bill after bill

    Hoffman was an auditor – for the same firm that caused Enron – think about it!

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  69. Another DeDE tax bill – taxing the STATE when they were trying to sieze lands for reforestation from logging companies!

    Take a private companies land under the guise of green – the state has to pay taxes on it!

    Provides that lands owned by the state acquired for reforestation purposes shall be subject to taxation for all purposes; removes language which excepted county purposes

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  70. Yeah she’s scum….

    Another DeDe bill imagine that in the nearly 200 some odd years of History in New York, people whose children died serving their country – could not qualify to fly a GOLD STAR in their window

    Man we should string her up!

    Amends the definition of gold star mother or parent to include a mother or a parent of a soldier who died in a non-combat accident while serving his or her country.

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  71. Man this woman is off the top!

    Imagine protecting children – who does she think she is anyway?

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  72. Her is DeDe in her own words
    News from
    Dede Scozzafava
    122nd Assembly District

    Accomplishments of 2009 Assembly Session and Looming State Budget Deficit Affected By Senate Inaction
    A legislative column from Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava (R, I, WF – Gouverneur)
    July 7, 2009

    The 2009 Legislative Session of the Assembly has come to a close. This was a year marked with several notable accomplishments. While not all of my colleagues in the Assembly agreed on everything, we reached common ground on important issues such as passing ethics reform, extending the Power for Jobs program that provides local businesses with incentives to keep jobs in the North Country, giving local residents the option of consolidating their governments, and promoting green jobs that help our environment.

    Unfortunately, the negatives of this year’s session far outweigh the positives. Albany failed to act on issues important to the residents of Upstate. The legislative leaders from New York City proposed a budget in April that increased spending $4.4 billion in the middle of a national economic slowdown. This budget had overly optimistic revenue projections and failed to realistically address the projected deficit and continued decline in revenues. As a result, the Legislature will have to return to Albany to fix this problem with cuts to state programs, or to once again raise taxes on already struggling residents.

    While the looming budget deficit is certainly a cause for concern, it’s a moot point as the power struggle in the state senate continues to be drawn out. Before any law can be delivered to the governor to be signed into law, it has to be passed by the Assembly and Senate. This affects more than the looming budget deficit. Because senators are unable to reach an operating agreement, many pieces of legislation that have “sunset clauses” have expired and will force the Assembly to come back to Albany to re-pass new legislation. This will cost even more taxpayer money.

    All state legislators take an oath of office swearing to uphold the constitution of New York State and to serve the people of New York State to the best of their abilities. It is time for the senators to end this stalemate, and it needs to happen sooner than later.

    We need real reform in our state Legislature, and we need it now. It is no wonder the people of our state have lost faith in their government with never-ending scandals, failure to address important issues, and now, even a failure for some legislators to do the job they’re elected to do. I share in the frustration of people across the state and think enough is enough. We need to fix state government now. The 19 million residents of our state have waited long enough.

    Yeah she’s liberal to the core!!!!

    Since no one ever bothered to post her record then I can imagine that they were not aware that she is hated by the left and nothing would make them more happ to get her out of New York Politics

    way to go!

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  73. I don’t… squawk. I never squawk. Not even a little. I’m the least squawky person you know.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  74. card. check.

    Dede needs to go back upstairs to her dirty socialist bedroom because she is RUINING our byootiful not-dirty socialist LABORATORY!

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  75. I still think that McHugh princess she’s trying to replace was no prize though.

    happyfeet (f62c43)

  76. Eric: Hoffman’s out-of-district residence is irrelevant. Article I, US Constitution, specifies: “No person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of twenty five years, and been seven years a citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state in which he shall be chosen.” The Supreme Court has held that states may not add to the qualifications required for a Congressman.

    Thus, all that is required is that he be 25 years old, have been a citizen for at least 8 years, and that he be an inhabitant of the state. Out-of-district Congressman are allowed.

    [I wouldn’t vote for such a candidate. But the decision is left with the voters.]

    aphrael (2f9b2d)

  77. aphrael

    No you have to be a resident IN THE STATE of New York – each state has its own residency requirements


    Oh you ARE a aquawkie 🙂 but please point to the legislation that she’s a dirty socialist? Or her votes

    interesting – I’m not finding any and the dirty socialist in New York state Assembly dont like her
    but thats okay hurling unsubstantiated rumours and unfounded accusations is the HALLMARK of intllectual discourse on the internet

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  78. Eric,

    I don’t think a State can impose additional residency requirements on Congressional candidates as long as they are the required age, citizenship, and inhabitants of that State. In addition, the link lists members of Congress who don’t reside in their elected districts.

    DRJ (dff2ca)

  79. DRJ

    You are correct!

    Interesting that the only claims that she is against this and against that have no paper trail only reports from a reporter who has a police file opened for stalking her – calling her at all hours of the night then jumping her on a cold evening as a lone woman is walking to her car and as I understand it positioned himself between her and the car several times delaying her movements.

    If people WANT to ignore her tough on crime and tough on spending record that I posted the links to – then they deserve the government that the district gets

    Did anyone do any background check on Hoffman? Even ask the guy a question?

    I’m getting leary of these media manufactured candidates frm the right or the left

    Its not a good thing is it not?

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  80. Aprael

    My apologies you were right – sorry

    EricPWJohnson (57a872)

  81. DRJ – interesting. It was pretty clear to me that US Term Limits v Thornton would prohibit district residency requirements, but I’d missed the news that the 9th circuit had actually ruled on the issue.

    Eric – no worries. It’s a bizarre rule that runs counter to most people’s intuition about how things should work (as I said, I wouldn’t vote for an out-of-district candidate, and I’m prohibited from doing so for the state legislature); it’s understandable that you would doubt my claim. 🙂

    aphrael (9e8ccd)

  82. While Newt and RNC and NRCC are in favor of the left-of-the-dem-candidate in this election, Sarah Palin, the aforementioned Fred Thompson, Rick Santorum are in favor of the Conservative candidate. So are, I suspect, the Tea Partiers and the 912ers.

    I have entered a debate with a pragmatic Conservative whom I respect over this issue. And I have also authored my own article, albeit meandering and link-laden.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  83. Eric

    When the State is taxed for forest land taken in eminent domain cases, who is it that pays?

    When she voted to extend the Power for Jobs program that provides local businesses with incentives promoting green jobs that help our environment, who is she giving state mandated succor to?

    Shut up.

    papertiger (c89e0a)

  84. It is really tiresome to get preached to by people who want us to vote against our principles. Reading this thread is another example of a fine way to make friends and influence people.

    JD (4fcc05)

  85. Ahhh… I saw another photo that shows the sign of the hippy flipflop-wearing Scozzafava supporter to the left. It reads, “Hoffman Stop Lying”.

    Another divisive Democrat-like protest sign, fueling infighting among Republicans. Whats next, will Scozzafava protest at Bush’s new home in Dallas, Texas?

    Freedom Now (b38dc7)

  86. Point is Republicans and the RNC need to start doing a better job sourcing candidates.

    IMHO, the Republican party needs to be small gov, fiscal conservatives with a States Rights flare on all social issues. Gay Marriage? State issue. Marijuana? State Issue. Prayer in School? State Issue. Etc…… Let the Conservatives claim the social issues at a State Rights level.

    Nationally we vote as one and leave local fights on how our communities are “organized” in the hands of locals instead of sending the issues to DC.

    HeavenSent (01a566)

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