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The Wisdom of Chris Rock

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Thanks to “Senso-Ring” (my hat-tips are starting to sound like Ace’s):


11 Responses to “The Wisdom of Chris Rock”

  1. Chris Rock…one of the sane ones in the midst.

    Aunt Cranky (eb0d5c)

  2. Chris Rock sometimes gets it wrong, too. But yeah, on this one he’s dead-on.

    Icy Texan (43c637)

  3. “Target…. Cease Fire.”

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  4. Cute

    HeavenSent (01a566)

  5. He may be a liberal but at least he has the good sense to know right from wrong.

    otcconan (6ac321)

  6. He may be a liberal but

    That brings to mind a Stephen Wright type thought:

    Liberal government means more personal restrictions.

    Conservative government means more personal freedom.

    –Brought to you this morning by Contrarians for Contradictions.

    political agnostic (02e1d8)

  7. NBC needs to ask CBS how they made a website that plays fine on Safari for mac. Thanks for that AOL link. Good clip.

    carlitos (85dcaa)

  8. Dear Mr. Frey

    Deputy District DA in Los Angeles? Where do you find the free time…to blog about Polanski… or IS this little recreation…. all part of the job? Big Election year coming up, right?

    Shouldn’t you be making sure justice is served through a just system? Justice for the victim and Polanski cannot be won under a corrupt justice system then and now.

    I believe, two kinds of people when it comes to crime and punishment. There are those who understand that we are a nation of laws, and that our system does not serve vengeance but justice. And those who are like something out of the Old Testament, eye for an eye righteous, lying, arrogant fumers. I like to divide these groups into educated and ignorant

    David Wells did not lie in the documentary. The interview was done years ago according to the director. He signed a release. The film premiered in 2008 worldwide. No word from Wells on his big lie until now? Me thinks Cooley is worried he will not get elected again. Clearly the LAJD has no respect for its own system but as we know corruption breeds corruption. The fact that the majority of the PRESS is IGNORING a corrupt judge in 1977 and now a corrupt DA speaks volumes. The question is how much are you paying David Wells or at least tell us what he’s getting of it or were threats involved?

    RE: Probation Transcripts: So many case facts have been spinned by your pal Marcia Clark, I cannot even begin to list them all. However the documentary: Roman Polanski: Wanted & Desired interviews MAJOR participants from the case and witnesses to Rittenband’s judicial misconduct who outline this heinous conduct in the film. How interesting that the PRESS also FAILS to mention that Rittenband asked a news reporter (as well as David Wells ) “What he should do with Polanski?” Ethics Violation…big time.

    Also, please note that David Wells provided way too many SPECIFIC details. Lying? I don’t think so…. Let’s see if his current statement will hold up under a polygraph test, shall we?

    Also, how interesting that the prosecutor Roger Gunson, says in the film ( paraphrase ) ” had he been in Polanski’s shoes, he would have fled as well.” Yes, the highly respected MORMON PROSECUTOR!!!!. The Judicial misconduct was indeed….that bad…. Oh and did I mention the 2 PRETEND hearings that Rittenband concocted? The list of misconduct and ethics violations goes on and on and on.

    How interesting that the PRESS neglects to mention… that Rittenband was removed from the case.

    The LAJD says its been trying to get Polanski for 30 years. When questioned, they immediately scramble to produce a one page press release which they post on their website with some dates and blurbs over the years…. Anybody can write a press release. Let’s see the original papers.

    Seems evident that a corrupt justice department and a biased sensationalist News Media walk hand in hand these days… After all, an election year is coming up! Is it not?

    No wonder Polanski fled. Anyone in their right mind would and should.

    The question is… how can you can you condemn his corruption when you cannot condemn your own. What type of justice is corruption, dishonesty and finally hypocrisy ? It is he who thinks they are above the law, not Mr. Polanski.

    Kitty Kat (4f600a)

  9. […] posting on this now, I have decided to approve a handful of them. You can read the comment here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. That’s eight instances of the same comment — […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Associate Producer of Polanski Documentary Spams This Blog With Multiple Anonymous Comments Attacking Me? (e4ab32)

  10. Yes, Kitty Kat — by all means, let’s ignore Polanski’s actions, not subject to debate or question — the RAPE AND SODOMIZATION OF A 13yo GIRL because we’ve got some 30yo allegations of judicial misconduct. Mmm-hmmm…

    Indeed — “Pay NO attention to that man behind the curtain!!”

    There’s a special circle of hell waiting for Mr. Polanski. He better hope there is no God to pass judgement on his rotten PoS soul.

    O Bloody Hell (8ca3a3)

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