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Lost and Found in Colorado

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Golden, Colorado, police department wants the owner of a lost package to come forward and claim it:

“Angus Maccanty was picking up trash Wednesday on his property in the 600 block of 10th Street, police said in a news release.

He found a box lined with a black plastic garbage bag. Inside was just over a pound of marijuana.

He turned his findings over to police, who tested the contents to confirm it was indeed marijuana.

If it’s yours, you better hurry: “The marijuana was booked in for destruction,” the release said.”

The sad part is that someone may actually claim it.


13 Responses to “Lost and Found in Colorado”

  1. What makes you think they won’t give it to the claimant?

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  2. In Colorado?

    Pay the $5 fine and pick it up.

    JayC (8d51a2)

  3. Andrew Sullivan’s lawyer could help them recover their drugs.

    JD (f52b33)

  4. I thought marijuana was illegal in Colorado except for authorized medical marijuana users. Is that wrong?

    DRJ (662925)

  5. Even a $125 fine is considered outrageous to some, DRJ.

    JD (f52b33)

  6. This turned into an Andrew Sullivan thread, didn’t it?

    DRJ (662925)

  7. If you litter, fine. (up to $1,000)

    Charge the claimant for littering and levy the maximum fine for littering in Colorado.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  8. Pot? In Golden? I’m surprised it wasn’t meth.

    Somebody must have been driving up from Lakewood or West Denver and gotten lost.

    Another Chris (f29ad3)

  9. “I picked the wrong day to vacation in Colorado.” Mayor Calvo

    Pinandpuller (938903)

  10. It’s for my glaucoma.


    SGT Ted (c47cc2)

  11. Package of Mexican Oregano Lost in Golden, Colorado. Big Reward for prompt return. No questions asked, or answered. Call HQ Cosmic Distribution, Boulder, CO. Leave message for Mary Jane or Toker Bogart.

    Ropelight (6f0b7c)

  12. Find a jurisdiction where the amount at issue is legal. Claim to recognize the package, and to have no idea how it got to Colorado.

    Malcolm Kirkpatrick (a6b1da)

  13. I thought marijuana was illegal in Colorado except for authorized medical marijuana users. Is that wrong?

    Yes, but if the law is remotely like California’s, everyone is authorized. Usually by several different “medical practitioners” none of whom have seen the inside of a medical school.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

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