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Identified: Another Front-Row Town Hall Attendee Also Member of Obama Campaign Team; UPDATE: 220 People Signed Up to Attend the Next Event Through

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In addition to phony doctor Roxana Mayer, the other woman next to Maria Isabel in the front row of Sheila Jackson Lee’s town hall meeting was also a member of the Obama campaign team. In Maria Isabel’s Flickr photo album titled Obamaleadership we see picture of the lady here:

Obama Leadership

She is third from the left, with the “Obama ’08” T-shirt. And here she is at the town hall meeting, next to Che Guevara admirer and Obama campaign office chief Maria Isabel:

Obama Leadership at Town Hall Meeting

So the front row was occupied by the phony doctor (also an Organizing for America leader), Maria “Che” Isabel (head of a campaign office), and another member of Isabel’s “Obamaleadership” team.

And we’re the Astroturfers.

Thanks to a perceptive reader.

UPDATE: From Maria Isabel’s Organizing for America blog at, a notice regarding Sheila Jackson Lee’s town hall meeting from August 12 (as well as a description of her attendance at the earlier town hall meeting [NOTE: The event attended by Roxana Mayer, Maria Isabel and the 3rd woman was Tuesday, August 11 — DRJ per Patterico):

Maria Isabel Blog

As well as a link to another page at indicating that 220 people signed up to go to the event:

220 People Sign Up

Remember: we’re the Astroturfers!

93 Responses to “Identified: Another Front-Row Town Hall Attendee Also Member of Obama Campaign Team; UPDATE: 220 People Signed Up to Attend the Next Event Through”

  1. Do you see what kind of garbage we have to put up with here in Texas, specifically, the Houston area?

    Yet, morons keep voting for these idiots.

    Eddie G. (489b30)

  2. but they’re just doing it for your own good.

    DJ (93ee97)

  3. Could someone just mail this to the biased liberal media for comment???? I wonder what excuse msnbc and CNN could come up with….

    Tina (76f72e)

  4. C’mon – the tickets for the event were probably just like Obama’s town hall. Just random. A quirk of chance. Totally a coincidence. Pure luck!!!!!

    Now I have a message for you from the ex-Nigerian finance minister that needs your help.

    MU789 (bfd8d3)

  5. More fake boobs then at a party at the Playboy mansion.

    29Victor (c5be81)

  6. Zero is a twit and the morons who voted for this fraud were either gullible or they are ignorant.

    atlas (fa3e14)

  7. I called SJL’s Houston office yesterday asking if there were any more townhall meetings this week. Was told yes, but could get no dates, times, etc. just that I would have to call to get the details as they would not be published anywhere. Then, I could not help myself and mentioned the fake dr. The gentleman on the phone called me a sick person, said SJL had never met the imposter, that I would not make a good detective if I believed she was a plant – and finally – would not tell me if there were other meetings planned (even though he said yes at the beginning of the call) “because they wouldn’t want me there”. You can imagine how it went after that – I asked repeatedly for the dates. Finally, he said he could tell me the details but he wouldn’t. Democracy in action in SJLee’s district.

    Bonnie (13a52f)

  8. Who let Sheila Jackson steal Krmer’s hairdo?

    proreason (5c144e)

  9. ooh look though a pretty girl

    happyfeet (42470c)

  10. I’m missing what this means? Are campaign staff prohibited from participating in off years?
    Does this apply to McCain Palin staff at red state town halls?

    Dispite the hotair link this is pretty weak!

    Polo (ac4d48)

  11. Comment by Bonnie — 8/15/2009 @ 10:58 am

    call back and tell them you are making an official FOIA request for the schedule. you may need to make a written request and fax it. its public info they cant withhold it.

    chas (74529e)

  12. Apropos of nothing, the woman second from the left in the top photo is really good looking.

    JVW (cf83aa)

  13. Ah, happyfeet noticed too.

    JVW (cf83aa)

  14. Irony:

    Usually, when a Congressperson holds a “town meeting” the attendees are the usual suspects: political junkies and campaign workers.

    In rare circumstances the hoi polloi show up, demanding answers from their representatives, annoying both the politicians and their attendants.

    What is ironic is that the press calls either of these “astroturfing” when done by the Right, and neither is astroturfing when done by the Left.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  15. And, following that train of thought, the 1992 Perot campaign and the 1994 Gingrich campaign were monumental cases of “astroturfing.”

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  16. I would like to be paid by Teh One™ (through his Craiglist job advertisements) and then show up at a town hall to advocate for LEAVE US WELL ENOUGH ALONE.

    Question: if I were to be paid by this corrupt administration, would I be astroturfing for their side?

    steve miller (c5e78c)

  17. And Maria and the new girl seem friendly in the second photo.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  18. See, you people think that the government is your servant, but it is really your master.

    Continue to work hard, be quiet, and maybe we’ll let you visit a government doctor who can give you a pill to make you feel better.

    steve miller (c5e78c)

  19. Her office called me a “sick person” and told me I could never be a detective when I asked about the plant. Also said they could, but would not, tell me when the next townhall meeting is scheduled because they “don’t want me there”

    Bonnie (13a52f)

  20. Super cache is teh suxxor.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  21. “Dispite the hotair link this is pretty weak!”

    Comment by Polo — 8/15/2009 @ 11:23 am

    Exactly Polo. Lying about who and what you are to enhance the credibility of you suppodrt for death panels and socialized medicine is an extremely weak thing for people to point out.

    The shame. The shame!

    daleyrocks (718861)

  22. I’m surprised they aren’t all really physicians. I mean they look like such super geniuses.

    Don’t forget America when the Dems say that they are only replacing an insurance bureaucrat with a government bureaucrat, these are what Democrat public employee union members look like. They don’t have the three-inch fake fingernails, but the resemblance is very close.

    evil-mongerer (6c4a24)

  23. From W0rdpress, on troubleshooting WP-Super-Cache:

    17. If old pages are being served to your visitors via the supercache, you may be missing Apache modules (or their equivalents if you don’t use Apache). 3 modules are required: modmime, modheaders and mod_expires. The last two are especially important for making sure browsers load new versions of existing pages on your site.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  24. Why don’t we call it Castroturfing when the Obamatrons do it?

    Maxwell Jump (9fc1f6)

  25. Dems say that they are only replacing an insurance bureaucrat with a government bureaucrat

    You can fire an insurance bureaucrat, and you can even fire the insurance company. Government bureaucrats serve for life until retiring on a hefty pension.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  26. Listening to the CNN interview of SJL by Rick Sanchez on Mark Levin was extremely enlightening. What an arrogant and stupid POS she is! He asked her many times in many ways if it was rude to take a phone call during her town hall and whether she apologized. She just rolled right over him like she is Empress. Never got close to answering. These people truly hate democracy and they hate us.

    Peg C. (48175e)

  27. Are campaign staff prohibited from participating in off years?

    Why don’t you stick around and tell us how we could possibly feel that this is akin to comparing apples to road apples. How ’bout it?

    Dmac (e6d1c2)

  28. Maxell, that’s brilliant!

    steve miller (c5e78c)

  29. And of course, I mean “MAXWELL”

    Sheesh. Supercache and slow connections are tough to deal with.

    steve miller (c5e78c)

  30. Having followed this whole fiasco in detail (The Jackson Lee Traveling Comedy Show–on my site), I am still amazed that no one has seriously questioned the press on this whole matter.

    Specifically–The Houston Chronicle–a shrinking newspaper (literally) that gets more and more expensive, for those who know, issued an apology of sorts, but their apologist reporter (Allan Turner) did not admit that the original reporter, Cindy Horswell, knew before she wrote her article that Mayer was a member of OFA and NOT a physician.

    As a matter of record, you can go to jail for impersonating a police officer. Seems there might be something here for Mayer as well? Impersonation of a physician? And what about Horswell, the enabler? And the Chronicle for still failing–as of today’s edition–for not coming clean on the whole matter?

    Clear case of CYA.

    I don’t know how many editorial harangues I have read in the Chronicle about “responsible journalism” as opposed to the internet. Yet when called on their own lack of integrity–we get a massive lack of integrity on their part.

    But they can’t figure out why circulation is falling. Perhaps they ought to purchase a mirror to find the perps, and quit defending marxist redistributionists like Jackson Lee.

    Yeah . . . Hey–got this bridge for sale!

    jb (20ad72)

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    GM's Place.Com » That was then… (391595)

  32. …a government doctor who can give you a pill to make you feel better.

    Wonder if there’s a choice between a red pill and a blue one.

    Old Coot (83c1d1)

  33. Has someone called the Screen Actors Guild? With all those extras in the Made-For-TV “Town Hall” events, someone needs to make sure they’re all card-carrying union members. I’m pretty sure their SEIU membership doesn’t qualify them for screen acting appearances.

    HatlessHessian (cca288)

  34. You put the lime in the coconut, and then you feel better.

    Official Internet Data Office (73f32b)

  35. Simian.

    Sibyl (afb72b)

  36. This whole series is incredibly weak. Why exactly is Patterico going after private citizens who simply attended a meeting? If he has any evidence that the BHO admin or SJL packed the place with plants that would be one thing, but so far I don’t think he’s offered that.

    I don’t think Patterico is capable of doing what I do, but at the least he could raise his sights just a tiny bit and go after bigger fish or think up some things that people could ask at townhalls.

    24AheadDotCom (078238)

  37. I just wonder if there was ANY legitimate citizen who was there to ask a question.

    Thanks for the link. he did get the name right.

    Mike K (addb13)

  38. Another Member of Obama Campaign Team was in Front Row of Rep. Jackson-Lee’s Townhall…

    Patterico has the story:

    So the front row was occupied by the phony doctor (also an
    Organizing for America leader), Maria “Che” Isabel (head of a campaign
    office), and another member of Isabel’s “Obamaleadership”……

    Defend America (5815fb)

  39. The sweet little girl at the Obama town hall was the daughter of an Obama supporter – she was a plant.

    Mikee (23f4c7)

  40. Why is 24Ahead being a douchey gaymo again? The dirty socialist media like the NPR and the MSNBC is pushing the meme that the protests at town halls are astroturfed plants with nothing nothing nothing like the evidence that Mr. P has gathered showing that the support in evidence at these meetings is phony and coming from a very dark far left dirty socialist place.

    Don’t be douchey.

    happyfeet (42470c)

  41. M R N
    IDI T

    Fill in the blanks

    dr irish (ad2b5d)

  42. Hey, there’s those colored clipboards they had at the town hall. I wonder what’s on the clipboards. Could it be the list of right-wingers that the White House is sending unsolicited emails to? Or maybe it’s the offical OFA counterattack procedures for leveling annoying citizens who dare to question our “representatives.”

    I wish I had a trust fund so I could be useless all the time like these folks.

    Texas Pete (8d9bc4)

  43. 24ahead

    Houston has one of the finest medical centers in the world, not in merely the country. It has one of the most liberal newspapers of the Hearst chain, one which has yet to meet a redistributionist scheme it did not like. And we are stuck with the likes of Jackson Lee–whose behavior and hairdo are legends in her own mind.

    And Mayer, and the complicity of the Chronicle admitted in its own words, is not enough? The Chronicle is Jackson Lee’s lapdog, and in the nation’s 4th largest city, this is furrily big news.

    Don’t get too stuck on yourself–even Instapundit was all over this. Perhaps Glenn Reynolds ought to set his sights higher, too? Ya think?

    jb (20ad72)

  44. Rather significant update, folks.

    Patterico (a4d937)

  45. I linked this post on Twitter as more evidence of Astroturfing. Of course, not the kind of Astroturfing they’ve read in the news.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  46. jb,
    Unfortunately, Houston’s fine medical reputation is being threatened by M.D. Anderson’s promotion of pseudoscientif alternative “medicine”, a.ka. woo.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  47. President needs to understand that his really pathetic attempt to demonize insurance companies is very very very much of a piece with the dirty socialist media’s Bush-years campaign that was marked by a constant undermining of institutional confidence … from politicizing Katrina to ginning up a dorky and fictional War on Science to making pariahs of Wal-Mart and energy companies to painting all priests as child molesters etc. etc.

    You end up with a people so cynical that yes even your blessed by God dork-assed dirty socialist government is indistinguisable from what you and your NPR and your Associated Press have been railing against.

    They know how to tear things down, these ones.

    happyfeet (42470c)

  48. “I don’t think Patterico is capable of doing what I do”

    24Ahead – Do you mean like last Fall spamming blogs telling people to go out and do stuff instead of writing comments on blogs? What are you doing now? More of the same?

    daleyrocks (718861)

  49. *indistinguishable* I mean

    we’re getting close to the upgrading to Windows 7 here at casa happyfeet

    if you don’t hear from me for awhile you will know why

    happyfeet (42470c)

  50. Good luck with the upgrade, feets!

    I am writing this on a Win 7 machine (the trial version, which stops working next year). I’m very happy with Win 7.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  51. Bro Brad–

    You are right, to be sure and–Mem/Hermann SW selling out to become a county hospital . . . we’re going to see a whole lot of re-alignment if Bamm-Bamm Care gets a leg up.

    I am afraid we are entering Billy Beck’s feared Endarkenment Age.

    jb (20ad72)

  52. Say, isn’t Houston where they invented the real Astro-Turf?

    AD - RtR/OS! (f615b7)

  53. I hope so – Win Vista was not something I ever chose to do it was just a bad accident of timing.

    I don’t think AstroTurf was invented in Houston it … was actually around with a different name before it was astroturf. I read up on it last year… It rebranded when the Astrodome opened is more the deal.

    happyfeet (42470c)

  54. AD–

    Yeah–but like the Jackson Lee Traveling Comedy Show, it was just way too artificial.


    jb (20ad72)

  55. Y’all are just a bunch of evil-mongering racist political terrorists. Pam Spaulding said so.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  56. In general I meant.

    daleyrocks (718861)

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    Obama fills his own townhall with friends : Pursuing Holiness (e3cf16)

  58. At Patterico’s request, I updated the Update to make it clear that the Sheila Jackson Lee event with Roxana Mayer was Tuesday, August 11, 2009.

    DRJ (cabca2)

  59. I just shared this link with and asked what I should do about faux grassroots operations like this.

    I suggest that everyone send lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of e-mails to the White House snitch site about fishy statements and fishy dealings.

    I also sent them a copy of the house health bill.

    Charlie (844a9e)

  60. “I also sent them a copy of the house health bill.”

    Charlie – Obama won’t read it.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  61. #5 – You said “More fake boobs then at a party at the Playboy mansion.” – Nice analogy, but, there are boobs and then there are boobs. One refers to parts of the anatomy, one refers to the whole anatomy. Let’s not even compare the fake boobs at the Playboy mansion with the real boobs that were plants at the Town Hall Meeting. I’m all for one (actually two), fake or not, at the Playboy mansion. As for the real boobs at the meeting, there’s nothing good that can be said. Those boobs must consider us all boobs not to notice that they were the real phonies. Could it be that the real boobs at the meeting were trying to lay a booby trap to catch the innocent citizens? English can be a very confusing language.
    And the Dems call us “evil?”

    Concerned One (1b36ef)

  62. “Throughout George W. Bush’s presidency, his handlers always made a special effort to ensure his appearances with regular Americans were scripted in such a way that shined the best possible light on Bush and his polices. Whether he was meeting troops in Iraq, leading “Ask President Bush” re-election campaign events, or trying to sell his (failed) Social Security reform plan, Bush always had a friend in the audience ready to ask a softball question or heap praise on the president. It appears that old habits die hard, as those attending Bush’s upcoming speech in Michigan will be forced to submit their questions ahead of time:”

    links here

    Dodson Truckk (0f1092)

  63. Dodson, that’s a failed attempt at you-do-it-too.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  64. Remember: we’re the Astroturfers!

    Remember: Dick Armey left DLA Piper because “there have been no disruptions of any town hall meetings where [FreedomWorks] has helped organize participants.”

    I know I believe him.

    On the flipside, I also believe a president who made his living as a community organizer has no business being critical of those in the community who are organizing against his policies. Paranoia (regrettably) being the coin of the realm in community organizing.

    steve (509564)

  65. I think we should all set our antispam programs to report all our spam to Talk about fishy info on medicine!

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  66. I like that voluptuous mama on the left!

    Falkor B. (a9c486)

  67. or whatever.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  68. Dodson, that’s a failed attempt at you-do-it-too.

    That’s being way too subtle, since the ObamaTard posted the “links here” sentence, then left a blank space below. Awesome work there, Poindexter!

    Dmac (e6d1c2)

  69. “Mom says its a sign I’m a Democrat”. I think I just trrew up a little in my mouth.

    MikeH (4b6356)

  70. […] most recent post on Sheila Jackson Lee’s 8/11/09 town hall meeting links an entry at Maria Isabel’s […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Maria Isabel’s Blog Entry on the SJL Town Hall Meeting (e4ab32)

  71. I posted the following in the thread on “Doctors Talk…,” but I think it should be kept in mind when people in America are musing over the wonderful, beautiful healthcare systems (and related government services) in Europe compared with the horrors — and the primitiveness, the meaness, the cruelty, the capitalist system gone wild!! — of the United States. IOW, a belief that you can get something for nothing, or you should get something for nothing, or, worse, that you should get something (like kum-bah-wah healthcare) for whatever it takes.

    Canada, the Czech Republic, Korea, and Sweden all cut their corporate tax rates in 2009, distancing the United States even further from the pack with its combined federal and state rate of 39.1 percent — second only to Japan for the highest corporate tax rate among nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

    _______________________________, Larry Kudlow:

    France’s public government sector…accounts for more than 50 percent of GDP. In other words, private business in France is in the minority.

    Added to this, France’s top personal tax rate is 48 percent, with a VAT tax of nearly 20 percent. So that means French laborers face a combined 68 percent tax rate on consumption and investment. No wonder France has created less than 3 million jobs over the past twenty years, compared to 31 million in the United States.

    Economic growth in “cowboy capitalist” America has exceeded that of France’s worker paradise by nearly 50 percent.

    [Financial Times international editor Olaf Gersemann] notes that per capita income in the U.S. now exceeds that of France by close to 40 percent, with Germany and Italy lagging even further behind.

    _______________________________, Debora Vrana

    Believe it or not, Americans enjoy some of the lowest income tax rates in the world.

    When you look at the overall tax burden, the U.S. is quite low,” said Eric Toder, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C., and former director of the office of research for the Internal Revenue Service.

    For a family with one wage-earner and two children, only Iceland and Ireland have a lower income tax burden than the U.S., according to the most recent data for 2005.

    At the top, Sweden, Turkey, France and Poland impose the biggest tax burdens on families, but in most of those countries families get added social services, such as secure pensions and health care.

    Citizens in these other countries are paying more money, but they are getting more back, in terms of social programs, said Christopher Heady, head of tax policy for the Paris-based think tank Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD. It’s a choice the electorate makes.

    The OECD collects data on 30 member countries and annually calculates what it calls the tax “wedge” for each — the combined effects of personal income tax, employee and employer social security contributions, payroll taxes and cash benefits.

    Tax rate: Single, no kids / Married, 2 kids

    Belgium — 55.4% — 40.3%
    Germany — 51.8% — 35.7%
    Hungary — 50.5% — 39.9%
    France — 50.1% — 41.7%
    Sweden — 47.9% — 42.4%
    Austria — 47.4% — 35.5%
    Italy — 45.4% — 35.2%
    Finland — 44.6% — 38.4%
    Czech Republic — 43.8% — 27.1%
    Poland — 43.6% — 42.1%
    Turkey — 42.7% — 42.7%
    Denmark — 41.4% — 29.6%
    Spain — 39.0% — 33.4%
    Greece — 38.8% — 39.2%
    Netherlands — 38.6% — 29.1%
    Slovak Republic — 38.3% — 23.2%
    Norway — 37.3% — 29.6%
    Portugal — 36.2% — 26.6%
    Luxembourg — 35.3% — 12.2%
    United Kingdom — 33.5% — 27.1%
    Canada — 31.6% — 21.5%
    Switzerland — 29.5% — 18.6%
    United States — 29.1% — 11.9%
    Iceland — 29.0% — 11.0%
    Australia — 28.3% — 16.0%
    Japan — 27.7% — 24.9%
    Ireland — 25.7% — 8.1%
    New Zealand — 20.5% — 14.5%
    Mexico — 18.2% — 18.2%
    Korea — 17.3% — 16.2%

    Source: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2005 data

    Mark (411533)

  72. Any attempt to reform US health care has got to be difficult. France had just lost a war and been occupied, Britain had won but was bankrupt. We have some specific problems with ours and they could be addressed one at a time. What we do not need is a massive, lobbyist driven, restructure that violates all sorts of cultural norms, such as respect for the elderly. I predict the next theme from the administration is greedy geezers using up all the money for health care. Each of these themes has a grain of truth but the Democrats seem to have lost all ability to hear what constituents want. All they do is tell us what we want.

    The good news is that a failed attempt this time might open the doors for real reform after the next elections.

    Mike K (addb13)

  73. Greedy geezers all vote. Young idealists not so much. Just wait for 2010. Unless the economy is booming with no inflation (hah!), Obama’s going to be using the veto an awful lot.

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  74. Kevin Murphy @ #69: Ah, now that I read your post I see why my messages to the whitehouse are being returned. You have the correct address; I’ve been sending mine to Seemed to make such good sense at the time, but now I see the difference. F

    F (b6d4d1)

  75. Well the address I was using was deleted: here it is:


    F (b6d4d1)

  76. The new “plant” looks somewhat like Janet Napolitano, or is just me? Maybe it’s the hairdo.

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  77. Regarding my previous comment:

    1. Some months ago, I made a video about MariaIsabel and her flag:
    However, I only made that because I thought it was a BHO office. Unless Patterico can show that OFA or SJL encouraged plants to ask questions, this is a very low-grade issue to pursue.

    2. If Patterico actually wanted to solve problems, he could encourage his readers to ask a question like the one here. Really pressing a politician on that (as long as it applies to them) could help block UHC. It would also undercut the MSM and raise the level of debate in the U.S.

    So, why instead of doing that, are your leaders going after very low-level campaign volunteers or encouraging you to go to public meetings and act like baboons?

    24AheadDotCom (490521)

  78. Patterico – You low wattage blogger you. 24Ahead thinks your posts are pathetic, plus earlier in the thread he said you couldn’t do what he does.

    From 8/13:
    “Yesterday, the low-wattage blogger Patterico had a big “scoop”: he found out that an Obama healthcare supporter at Sheila Jackson Lee’s recent townhall (apparently the one discussed here) who claimed to be a doctor was not only not a doctor, she had been a volunteer for the Obama campaign. I ignored it because it was a bit pathetic and I also think that going after bigger fish is the better way to do things.”

    It’s on!

    daleyrocks (718861)

  79. “I don’t think Patterico is capable of doing what I do”

    24Ahead – What do you do?

    daleyrocks (718861)

  80. If this is such a pathetic subject why is this AheadDotCom guy spending so much time on it? Isn’t that like pathetic-squared?

    Kevin Murphy (3c3db0)

  81. […] After all, Obama’s developed quite a green thumb lately. Inspired by Patterico and his excellent-as-always investigations, I’m now even more skeptical (is that possible?) of every instance of Obama Amateur […]

    another day, another plant « Interesting Creature (05b5a7)

  82. 24 is still clueless on what the purpose of this dishonest plants are.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  83. 24 is wrapped up in the most important subject of ME.

    Mike K (addb13)

  84. What is it with the pink and blue Obama clipboards??

    Maria Isabel is holding a pink Obama clipboard in the top picture, and Maria “Che” Isabel is holding a blue Obama clipboard in the 2nd picture.

    McClatchy Watch (b98b1c)

  85. FOX NEWS [OF ALL PLACES],2933,153720,00.html
    WASHINGTON — The unceremonious ouster of three people from a recent White House Social Security event in Colorado has critics wondering how far President Bush will go to ensure friendly, sympathetic audiences at his town hall-style forums and rallies.

    “He is the president, and regardless of affiliation, everybody should have the opportunity to go and see the president,” said Aaron Johnson, spokesman for Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo. “It shouldn’t be the job of anybody to make sure the crowd is 100 percent sympathetic.”

    Even without a guaranteed audience of backers, the administration does have the right to try and prevent threats and disruptions from protesters, which is why people are often barred from Bush events, according to White House officials. The removal of individuals can occur before and after a disruption.

    And the link to the previous one is

    None of this is new information. But you don’t give a f-k.

    [note: fished from spam filter]

    Dodson Truckk (0f1092)

  86. […] lets talk astroturfing (you be the judge – botox Pelosi). Shelia Jackson-Lee had a townhall with a phony doctor named Roxana Mayer, Maria Isabel the Che Gueva… campaign office chief and now as it turns out, another woman and member of Isabel’s […]

    The real astroturfers: 220 signed up for next Shelia Jackson-Lee townhall from | Fire Andrea Mitchell! (20d20a)

  87. The new plant looks like former Gov Blagoyovich (sp?) in drag.

    SGT Ted (c47cc2)

  88. Wow! Swearing – that makes me really pay attention and think maybe he’s right after all — I mean, he’s swearing now.

    Really, you should focus like a laser on what’s happening today. You do update your blog in real-time, no? Or are you reporting on 7-year-old news on your blog and wondering why no one comes along to read it?

    Rethink your strategery on this one, pardner.

    steve miller (c5e78c)

  89. Dodson whatever, your tu quoques attempt is just lame. And it has nothing to do with outright fraudulent speakers being recruited to townhalls.

    But keep trying, the american people is hanging on your every Bush-did-it link to change its mind on Obama’s failed healthcare reform.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  90. Obama girls be fat and ugly.

    Federale (ab13d0)

  91. Comment by Dodson Truckk — 8/15/2009 @ 8:33 pm

    So while it is wrong for Bush to have done that (and you’ll note the (R) next to the name of the person criticizing Bush), it is perfectly ok for President Obama to do it, and we’re racists and evil-mongers if we the people object?


    Scott Jacobs (6aff37)

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