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This Week’s North American Summit

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The New York Times previews three issues at this week’s North American summit in Mexico: The American prohibition on Mexican trucks in violation of NAFTA, the “Buy American” requirement in Obama’s stimulus plan, and immigration. Surprisingly, the immigration issue doesn’t involve the United States:

“But it was Mexicans entering Canada, not the United States, that was the contentious issue.

Too many Mexicans, the Canadian government complained, were fraudulently claiming political asylum in Canada, overwhelming the system. So Canada announced last month that it would begin requiring Mexican nationals to secure visas before entering the country, a decision that sparked outrage in Mexico.

The Mexicans struck back with an announcement that Canadian diplomats and government officials would now require visas to enter Mexico.”

Mexican President Felipe Calderon hopes to convince Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper to reconsider, but Canadian officials have already said they will not reconsider the new policy.


13 Responses to “This Week’s North American Summit”

  1. The Mexican government is complaining about Canada not accepting enough Mexicans claiming political asylum from the Mexican government?

    j curtis (baef6f)

  2. in some ways we are not as soft in the head as Americans

    reg (b4aa7b)

  3. After we bring Democracy to the Middle-East, could we (again) send the Army to Mexico?
    There’s a country just screaming out for “nation building”.

    AD - RtR/OS! (0bd1ec)

  4. Why does every country seem to have more grit than we do when it comes to illegal aliens? Especially when it comes to Mexico, which has a policy of exporting its least educated citizens to the U.S. to steal work and send home remittances?

    Anonymous (265a1b)

  5. The Mexican government ministers screamed at Canada, “How dare you try to control your own borders and enforce your own laws!”

    Satisfied with their response, the ministers then headed back to their bunkers after receiving more death threats from the Mexican drug lords.

    MarkJ (d2394a)

  6. You just cannot make this stuff up.

    Jay Stevens (6ac69b)

  7. Why doesn’t the USA live up to its trading commitments, in particular Mexican trucks into the USA?

    Your country needs friends yet it treats its closest neighbours like dirt! Your government system just does not work when one faction can make an agreement and another block it.

    Ron (10f1d0)

  8. Ron, the same “faction” made the agreement. NAFTA was ratified under a Democratic president. Now a Democratic congress is fighting the rules of NAFTA on behalf of its union constituents.

    SPQR X (26be8b)

  9. 7

    We don’t have an obligation to destroy our country for the benefit of Mexico regardless of any agreement you think we entered into towards that end.

    j curtis (baef6f)

  10. racist racist racist

    krusher (5ed94c)

  11. Speaking generally, Mexicans have an incredibly outsized pride in their country. Those of you who have crossed the border at San Ysidro have seen a manifestation of that pride, the gigantic flag on their side of the border which basically is a large middle finger directed at the Yanki. Even Mexicans that live outside the country, in the US or Europe, are fiercely proud of it. The obvious question is, if its so great, why don’t you live there?

    hortense (aka horace) (411ef0)

  12. Hortense,

    Oh come on, those giant Mexican flags are EVERYWHERE. I’ve seen them in Cancun, and there are at least two in Mexico City.

    I got this picture from downtown Mexico City, they had to put cages around the highway to protect cars from being hit with the flag: Big Flag

    Xmas (2c8896)

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