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A Smattering of News (Updated x2)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

There are several items I’d like to blog about today but I have to go to work so I will cover them here:


The Cambridge police department announced it will release the 911 and radio dispatch tapes from last week’s arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. In addition, Tom Maguire notes the 911 caller did not report the suspects’ race, proving once again how unreliable first reports can be.

UPDATE 1: Here is a link to the 911 and dispatch audio.

UPDATE 2: Hot Air has a powerful CNN interview with Sgt. Crowley’s co-workers, including Officer Kelly King who voted for Obama but would not again. King said Obama should have said: “I support my friend but I don’t have all the facts. I won’t weigh in yet.”

Biden Open-Mouth-Put-Foot-In-Gate:

Joe Biden indicated the U.S. could take advantage of an economically weakened Russia, contradicting Barack Obama’s recent statements during his visit that the U.S. wants to see a “strong, peaceful and prosperous Russia.” The Russians expressed concern. Press Secretary Gibbs reassured reporters that Biden really is on the same page as the Obama Administration.


A South Florida jury has found in favor of a local hospital in a suit for damages filed by the guardian of a former patient who was left paraplegic and brain-injured after being hit by a drunk driver. The hospital had chartered a plane to fly the patient, an illegal immigrant and day laborer from Guatemala, back to his home country. A court had authorized the return but that decision was later overturned on appeal after the patient had already been flown home — at a cost of $30,000 for a charter flight.


38 Responses to “A Smattering of News (Updated x2)”

  1. Oh great, first Patterico has to waste most of his time working instead of blogging, and now DRJ is going to follow suit.

    This conservative self-sufficiency thing can be taken too far, you know. All those who are following the comments from the office might begin to feel a twinge of guilt!

    Gesundheit (9ca635)

  2. With respect to Biden: To borrow from Glenn Reynolds, I was told that if I voted for McCain, we’d have an inexperienced, gaffe prone Vice President … and we do!

    SPQR (5811e9)

  3. Gates and his racial profiling appears to be dissolving into an angry black man exercising an agenda.

    Biden is correct in his tactical analysis of Russia while POTUS is still holding onto a limp carrot and dead olive branch.

    $30k is cheap when compared to the cost of life support for the unfortunate Guatemalan. Prayers to his family back home.

    vet66 (9d1bb3)

  4. I am going to give you all the Rich Puchalsky salute and note that you are all meanie McMeanie-pants racists, because I said so. And, if you ever meet someone that calls themselves Karl Steel, you should assume they are a doctor and not a fluffer at a porn shoot.

    JD (725e5a)

  5. […] DRJ over at Patterico has the good news that the Cambridge PD will release the tapes this week.  […]

    Gazzer’s Gabfest » Gates keeps digging (b98ad6)

  6. I do not think it is possible to overstate how big of a lying liar Rich Puchalsky is, and I am not at all please that our esteemed racist host will not open comments for that thread.

    JD (959071)

  7. In other news… Lily Burk… what a terrible tragedy… will the LA Times show a picture of the suspect?

    Jack (a9896a)

  8. at work they’re blocking the audio of the calls and such that drudge has linked from I think breitbart … any news in there?

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  9. here’s one that they don’t have blocked of the dispatcher tapes – not the 911 thing that I think we mostly already read about

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  10. This is the weird socialized medicine we currently have. Basically anyone who gets hurt or sick are never left to die in the street, but the battle is over which government entity or hospital loses the game of musical chairs to pay for it. Had the hospital kept him, that county would have incurred $1,000,000+ I am sure caring for that guy for years. The charter flight for $30,000 was cheap. And given a court ordered it, why would the hopsital be liable for this guy not having insurance (I assume they got whatever was available from the drunk driver)?

    That is why a visit to the ER costs ridiculous amounts of money, it is to pay for uninsured claims like these. And the answer to this sort of thing is not to encourage more uninsured claims.

    If Dems were serious about this health care reform, they would figure out a way to fix problems like this. Instead they want to throw out what works (private insurance) and make the entire system this broken. It is insane.

    Joe (a32cff)

  11. oh. that has the 911 stuff in it too

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  12. I do not like the super-cache.

    JD (3b62be)

  13. ok that was boring

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  14. I can only hope that Biden’s remarks are an example of him inadvertantly speaking what the administration is really thinking. Sure he shouldn’t be saying it, but Obama had better be thinking it.

    tim maguire (4a98f0)

  15. Boring?! RACIST

    JD (cf0242)

  16. Press Secretary Gibbs reassured the Russians that Biden really is on page 225 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

    Karl (f07e38)

  17. Fact – Officer filed a false police report.
    Fact – Officer did NOT speak to caller at scene (per whalen and attorney).
    Fact – Caller did NOT identify anyone as “black”.
    Fact – Gates provided ID proving he was in his own home.
    Fact – At that exact moment the officer no longer had any right to be in the home.
    Should have been end of incident.

    Fact – Officer forced Gates out of his home in order to arrest him.
    Officer had no right to do so – thus the charges were immediately dropped.

    = false arrest. Filling false police report and thats a felony

    David Ehrenstein (2550d9)

  18. Hey, at lest Biden didn’t say “Soviets” again.

    BTW, the Biden interview is one of a string of policy statements by Biden that appear to be strangely out of touch with Obama’s. For example, last week he went to Ukraine and Georgia, and publicly supported their membership in NATO.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  19. I live locally to the hospital that cared for the illegal immigrant. They claim (And I believe them due to local knowledge) that there was in excess of 1.5 mil spend on this guy.
    I don’t know what more they could have done as the pt claimed he wanted to go home, the Courts said they could send him home. So they sent him home.
    Meh and Feh. Next time let the poor bugger die in the street?
    If anyone thinks that Obambi’s version of healthcare would have had a different result, they’re right. We’d be paying for this criminal for the rest of our life AND facing complaints from his home country for failing to send him home.
    We’d be better of paying private insurance premiums (On a sliding scale)for people who can’t afford it. If everyone (In the country LEGALLY) had health insurance, then we could outlaw and regulate Cost shifting.

    pitchforksntorches (8165c3)

  20. The cache is keeping me stuck at about 10:00 am.

    SPQR (5811e9)

  21. Super-cache is Teh SuxXor

    JD (e64f1a)

  22. The Gates’ story has a few new twists and turns. In his police report, Crowley says a white woman at the scene (allegedly Whalen) referenced two black men. Whalen’s attorney claims her client never spoke to Crowley at the scene. Somebody is not being honest- unless Crowley spoke to someone other than Whalen.

    jimboster (fe0b27)

  23. In other news… Lily Burk… what a terrible tragedy… will the LA Times show a picture of the suspect?

    Well, surprise, surprise. The suspect whose fingerprints were found in the young woman’s car was one of those career criminals who, in spite of things like Three Strikes, was back out on the streets, even after having violated his parole not long ago.

    The murder victim’s mother is a lawyer and her father is a freelance writer who’s done work for the LA Times.

    The victim, whose throat was slashed, is described as having been interested in helping the homeless in the immediate future. So a possible urban-hip attitude on her part may have been one reason she, when calling her parents to find out how to use her credit card at an ATM — due to the demands of her kidnapper — was characterized as sounding calm but rushed.

    It’s possible the victim (perhaps her parents too) would be the type who’d decry the abuses of the police and the heartlessness of the system, and would sympathize with and give far more benefit of the doubt to someone like a Henry Gates than to a James Crowley. And spend more time worrying about the appropriateness of the judicial system sentencing a killer to death than being horrified by what that murderer did to his victim.

    Nothing more irresponsible and contemptible — and dangerous — than an inverted world, in which things have a knack for ending up ass-backwards. And with the current occupant of the White House, if not also squishy governors like Schwarzenegger, having the authority to appoint members to the judiciary, don’t expect things to become less ass-backwards.

    Mark (411533)

  24. for reals? this account at USAT links a police report and says it’s Crowley’s but it’s actually some Carlos Figueroa guy’s report. [PDF] Crowley has a short statement of facts appended … but nowhere does it say what Marisol Bello says it says when he says:

    The account differs from a police report written by Sgt. James Crowley, who arrested Gates for disorderly conduct. That report specifically says Whalen “went on to tell me that she observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks on the front porch’’ of Gates’s house.

    Maybe he just linked the wrong report? I will check.

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  25. Yes. Goofball USAT guy should have linked to this one.

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  26. hrmm… my guess is if anyone’s not being truthful it’s Whalen’s lawyer, who seems eager to minimize her client’s value as a witness

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  27. I’ve updated the post with a link to the Gates’ audio released today.

    DRJ (6f3f43)

  28. Rich @uclasky says that anyone that chooses to associate with me is a racist. Sorry, people. Racists.

    JD (4fb388)

  29. I’ll gladly associate with you, JD, so you know what that makes me.

    DRJ (6f3f43)

  30. It was the code words, JD. You should’ve used your decoder ring. Check the back of your cereal box for an order form.

    Dana (57e332)

  31. I’ll only associate with JD if he washes his hands.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  32. I added a very good Hot Air link in Update 2.

    DRJ (6f3f43)

  33. Pardon the threadjack, Pat, but you need a post on the Lily Burk case. The LAT runs photos of her, her car, workers in the area… but where O where is the photo of the perpetrator? I can’t think of why no photo is shown.

    john (1a3562)

  34. #24, I have been saying what Whittle said for months. Cocktail Republicans need to move aside. Their Martini Diplomacy with the Democratic Party is causing massive harm. They cede land inch by inch and never have the courage to win it back in bunches.

    Conservatives must do whatever it takes to destroy liberals. One by one and systematically. They will not stop unless buried alive. I see a liberal now-a-day and I attack and mock them. Pro-Abortion? — you believe in murdering a 24 week old baby. Just facts. Anti-War? — you only like Wars after we win them. More Taxes? — you pay first, why don’t you? You know the IRS form allows you hypocrite. HealthCare? — you should volunteer for Medicaid and stop going to the Pharmacy for your pills. Help the Poor? — get to the soup kitchen every week and donate more than $10.

    The assault works to cower them just as the assault on conservatives since 2000 has cowered many.

    It is brutal but it works in stopping the leftist nonsense.

    HeavenSent (01a566)

  35. Yeah – but it’s childish and annoying no matter who does it.

    Leviticus (ebc85b)

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