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Fast Food Fight

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Houston Chronicle has an unusual story about three fast food restaurant workers:

“Two female restaurant workers likely will be charged with assault and theft in connection with an alleged July 13 attack on a male college student at a Richmond McDonald’s, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Craig Brady said Tuesday.

The planned charges — Brady said the case will be turned over to the district attorney Friday or Monday — grow out of a 9 p.m. incident at McDonald’s on Crab River Road in which 20-year-old Raymond Smith complained he was bitten and fondled.”

Deputy Brady stated the women confessed to what he calls “aggressive flirting” and suggested Smith fabricated his claim to get money from their employer, the McDonald’s restaurant. Quanell X, a spokesman for Smith, said law enforcement has not treated this incident with “sufficient gravity.”

Read the whole thing.


16 Responses to “Fast Food Fight”

  1. Now I know what I’ve been missing in the quest for my 15 minutes of fame… a “family spokesman.”

    I wonder if posting to blog comments can count toward your 15 minutes. I guess that would depend on whether anyone read them.

    Gesundheit (47b0b8)

  2. Gesundheit – I noticed the same phnomenon on the local news a few nights ago. It was a bit surreal to see someone that was acting as the “family spokesman” speak incoherent unintelligible English. I just changed “family spokesman” to Fary Garber in my head, and it all made sense.

    JD (1910a1)

  3. Sounds like someone got more that he asked for with his Happy Meal (rim shot).

    Dmac (e6d1c2)

  4. Any time someone enlists an “Activist”, I immediately side with the opponents. Trouble makers and scam artists looking for that big “pay day” always hunt up these “activists” like this Quanell X, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson (Doesn’t make a difference between Jr or Sr).

    PCD (02f8c1)

  5. Off topic. Speaking of Jesse Jackson Jr, anyone from the Chicago area know if the investigation into Jackson’s tape recorded attempts to buy Obama’s Senate seat from ex-Governor Blogo is on-track?

    Or have the local authorities lost interest?

    Ropelight (bb3af5)

  6. Richmond/Rosenberg is a very very nice place, sort of. In that small town Texas way where there’s a sort of Faulkneresquely gothic undercurrent of wrongness everywhere. Facts and truth really don’t have much to do with each other is what Faulkner said and I think it probably applies to the Richmond McDonald’s. Raymond doesn’t sound very acclimatized is how the whole deal strikes me.

    happyfeet (c75712)

  7. I’d have to see pictures before I had an opinion.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  8. I’m gonna have to agree with Kevin on this one.

    Either the boy has been scared for life and these women should be thrown in jail for the rest of their days, or he just failed “The Gay Test”…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  9. Kevin, you don’t really need pictures. Attractive Texas ladies simply don’t act like this.

    Be thankful that we have been shown mercy in not seeing any pictures.

    Juan (bd4b30)

  10. I also think this is a good place to run the ‘reverse the sexes’ test. If two men had bitten a young lady, and done the rest of this stuff, we wouldn’t be asking how hot the man was to see if the chicks were straight.

    And the cops probably would have erred on the enforcement side.

    Juan (bd4b30)

  11. Off topic. Speaking of Jesse Jackson Jr, anyone from the Chicago area know if the investigation into Jackson’s tape recorded attempts to buy Obama’s Senate seat from ex-Governor Blogo is on-track?

    Ropelight, the scuttlebut here in Chi – town is that Fitzgerald is keeping mum until the trial preliminaries occur (scheduled in the early Fall, I believe). He had been heavily criticized for going public so soon with the Blago tapes, and pulling the plug on any further investigations. He had intimated then that he couldn’t wait for more incriminating evidence on the Governor, so chose to go public in order to prevent the Senate seat from basically being put up for auction. However, his office also stepped in precisely before Jackson was further implicated in those discussions – quite curious timing, if you ask me.

    Dmac (e6d1c2)

  12. Dmac – Is it safe to assume that they are not looking at the current sitting Senator at all ?

    JD (f4f0f3)

  13. Ropelight – John Harris, Blago’s Chief of Staff has also agreed to plead guilty to a few charges and is cooperating with the Feds. Who knows what is going to come out of that cooperation, but personally I think a lot of people should be worried.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  14. At least these folks weren’t playing Dirty Cowboy, which might have gotten a little embarrassing for the restaurant.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  15. Wasn’t this a South Park episode?


    Techie (482700)

  16. Ropelight,

    The local news in Chicago has been absolutely dominated by the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal. While it is a horrible scandal I believe the local politicians are using it to deflect attention. In fact, by keeping the focus on the perptrators, they are even diverting attention from their own oversight failures with respect to the scandal.

    Sheriff’s Office Laughs Off Complaint

    Comptrollers Office GOing Through the Motions,0,5982375.story

    jimboslice (4bf1b9)

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