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[Guest post by DRJ]

Doug Ross posts an interview with former ACORN member Michael McCray, the spokesperson for “ACORN 8,” a nonpartisan group of former and current ACORN leaders who want to reform ACORN and return it to its original mission and purpose.


3 Responses to “ACORN 8”

  1. Barack O’Bambi looks great in that picture.

    HeavenSent (641cde)

  2. Why, the audacity of this man.

    Ed from SFV (fabfbd)

  3. ACORN is the most effective advocate for low and moderate income families in America. The appeal of ACORN is it is a “fearless” advocate and action oriented organization. What do I mean by fearless? There are many different types of neighborhood and community organizations; all of which exercise various levels of influence for their constituency. More importantly, these various organizations have inherently different tolerance levels for conflict. Some pray, some write letters, some make phone calls but ACORN goes to “war,” they will engage in immediate direct action for the benefit of low and moderate income families.”

    This guy aint gonna get much sympathy ’round certain parts.

    imdw (05d41e)

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