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The Politics of Personal Destruction

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[Guest post by DRJ]

McClatchy reports “Sotomayor backers urge reporters to probe New Haven firefighter”:

“On the eve of Sotomayor’s Senate confirmation hearing, her advocates have been urging journalists to scrutinize what one called the ‘troubled and litigious work history’ of firefighter Frank Ricci.”

Shades of Joe the Plumber.


36 Responses to “The Politics of Personal Destruction”

  1. That is not the behavior of people acting from a position of confidence….

    Are they getting worried?

    Techie (482700)

  2. The Politics of Personal Destruction, which is routinely practiced by The Left, reared its ugly head again today as supporters of etc etc etc …

    Terry Gain (6b2a64)

  3. I suppose that I should be surprised. The only surprise, I suppose, is that I didn’t guess it in advance.

    The saddened Dana (474dfc)

  4. Surprised?

    HeavenSent (641cde)

  5. Techie, they always act that way. It’s SOP.

    They don’t need to destroy Ricci. Their motives here are to practice for the next time, and to intimidate people in general.

    Daryl Herbert (a32d30)

  6. If Roe didn’t exist, nobody would give this much of a crap about SCOTUS justices. We’d still care of course, but… investigating the background of a person in a civil case ruled over by the judge, unbelievable.

    HowdySir (0d70bb)

  7. I think somebody needs to investigate why Charles Rangel has three rent stabilized apartment in NYC that he does not live in?

    Can anyone figure out why a Politico would pay for empty pads? Can Charlie possibly be sleeping in all three homes at the same time? One night here, the other there?

    HeavenSent (641cde)

  8. Trash others’ character, that’s the first response of Democrats today.

    SPQR (2304cc)

  9. If Rangel’s really doing that, it’s illegal. To continue to qualify for a rent-stabilized apartment in New York City, you must actually live in it more than 183 days per year. Therefore, it’s impossible to live in two of them for the required number of days, let alone three.

    This is another illustration of the economic law that when prices for goods and services are priced below market by fiat, there are always people who hoard, which contributes to the inevitable shortage.

    Official Internet Data Office (62caf8)

  10. Maybe Charlie is entertaining alot.

    HeavenSent (641cde)

  11. Perhaps Mr Rangel has four concubines, one in each apartment.

    Wonder if he has them situated so that he can maintain residence if his district boundaries shift? That would make them business expenses! 🙂

    The snarky Dana (474dfc)

  12. PFAW is a left wing hate group. It is no surprise that they are now seeking to destroy someone with whom they disagree.

    Ken Hahn (09edc0)

  13. Guess conservatives are once again depending on liars to carry water for them and once again scream when someone discovers it…Hateful. fearful, lying racist, homophobic bigots..with a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other…No different from the Taliban, who also hate American ideals..

    VietnamEraVet (8918ab)

  14. But “journalists” now know the going rate for obliging an interest group this way. It’s $25,000.00.

    nk who may be the reincarnation of Cleopatra as a big brown dog (cb92c2)

  15. If I recall the Rangel story correctly the four apartments are contiguous in on e building. Three of them were connected into one larger habitation and the fourth was being used as an office. IIRC the rules specifically forbid using rent controlled spaces for anything except habitation. No commercial and no offices allowed.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  16. Viet Nam Era vet. Who did you fight for? The VC?

    Zelsdorf Ragshaft III (e4f85e)

  17. VEV the only racists and bigots in this case are the Democrats and their enablers. Of course thats nothing new, scratch a racist chances are 95% you find a Democrat or leftist. Scratch a Democrat and chances are 100% you’ll find a racist.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  18. Looks like the VC Vet can’t bearthe truth about the Leftwingnuts. Sotomayor is unfit to be a lawyer yet alone a judge.

    Thomas Jackson (8ffd46)

  19. #7, no worries, Charlie told the NYT,

    “I didn’t see anything unfair about it,” he said. “I didn’t even know it was a deal.”

    If you read the links at the McClatchey, first group listed as ‘urging’ the investigation of Ricci is People for the American Way. ‘Nuff said.

    Dana (57e332)

  20. VEV – It is your contention that Ricci is a liar?

    Frank Ricci is a man who always wanted to be in the fire service. He was the youngest person to ever qualify as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in the state of Connecticut. He joined the first fire company he possibly could before getting on the New Haven staff because that was where the action was.
    Frank Ricci is profoundly dyslexic. Though very intelligent he has difficulty reading. (Making his passing of the EMT test at such a young age even more notable.) When this test came up he spent a huge amount of his own money to have the prep materials read onto tape or other media so he could review it effectively. He also spent hundreds of hours with his wife drilling the material. Every person who took that test was given the exact same study material Frank Ricci was. IIRC only one other person who took the test scored higher than he did.

    The test itself is interesting also. Due to the prelavent notion among liberal elites that African-Americans and other minorities can not handle written tests, (And which party is it that holds to that notion VEV?) the written portion of this test counted for only 30% of a candidates final score.
    Although more than 75% of the people taking the test were white, the administrators went out of their way to make certain that more than two-thirds of all of the evaluators on the practical/oral portions of the test were minorities.
    It is interesting that Ginsburg in her otherwise uninformed opinion offered up that this test could have been designed to allow minorities to do better. The truth was that the test was designed to reach a racist conclusion, just not the one she, in her delusions, sees.
    Most of the info I base this post on was included in an article in the Hartford Advocate, the local alternative paper, published about a month ago. It is interesting that the writer is pretty much forced against his wishes to conclude that the facts of the case completly support Ricci and the others. On every point he found Ricci and the other firefighters correct and the Democratic politicians running New Haven wrong. However at the end he states that he believes the nonpromotions were correct. His reasoning? None. Just because. Affirmative action uber alles.

    His article did not cover an interesting local wrinkle here in Connecticut. It seems that a local African-American preacher who was an ally of the Democrat machine in New Haven was preaching fire and brimstone against a fair promotion proccess and promising “No justice, No peace”. Interesting that none of the national (or 99% of the local) coverage mentions the Reverend Wright figure in all of this.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  21. I didn’t know the Taliban carried Bibles around.

    Leviticus (1f2312)

  22. Hey don’t forget that Rangel also said he did not know that rental income garnered from renting out his villa in the Dominican Republic at above market rates had to be reported as income on his tax forms.
    He’s just the chairman of the commitee in charge of taxation.

    Does it strike anyone else that if you want to slip a little somethin-somethin to a congressman you rent out his el cheapo cottage in a foriegn country, paying more than you would at a decent resort. And even better if the congressman doesn’t report the income to any one.
    That story always smelled more like bribery and money-laundering than tax evasion to me. But at least it makes him fit in perfect with Obama and his other cronies.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  23. Rangel will get off with not even a slap of the wrist. The media is going to go after other, bigger fish and not some thoroughly corrupt Congressman who will never lose an election.

    But it’s funny to note the corruption, even if the media won’t do more than say “tsk, tsk.”

    Now, let’s get back to bashing Sarah Palin. Surely she did something wrong that needs to be discovered. Rangel’s corruption is too easy to find & thus not worth the time to talk about it.

    steve miller (772b6e)

  24. Steve Miller I fear you are right. Taking thousands in cash bribes, laundering the income and then not reporting it on your taxes; taking hundreds of thousands in kick backs from a hospital pales in comparison to other more important matters.
    Quick lets have the national media look into why the governor of Alaska resents jokes about her fourteen year old daughter being raped by a multi-millionaire MLB baseball player.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  25. For those who are new here, VEV typically drops in once in a blue moon, drops his inane talking points over and over, then runs away immediately when challenged. Second verse, same as the first.

    Dmac (e6d1c2)

  26. Dmac – I like to refer to it as puking out its rhetorical diarrhea, much like the Intenational Man of Parody.

    JD (be8dcd)

  27. Mr Ragshaft asked:

    Viet Nam Era vet. Who did you fight for? The VC?

    Please note that said commenter styles himself VietnamEraVeteran. That is not a claim that he is a Vietnam Veteran, just that he was in the service at the same time as the war was being fought.

    The Dana not quite old enough to be a curmudgeon (474dfc)

  28. VEV could be anyone of thousands who went in the service via the national guard or reserves not expecting to be called up for Vietnam. It didn’t work for many, and some like George W. Bush trained in fighters or other high tech airplanes that were not used in Vietnam. The fact that he dumps, as Dmac noted, his rhetorical diarrhea here doesn’t make him right, or for that matter even any more right by his vet status than I am by my vet status. On the other hand, I’m right because he is an idiot and I’ve got my facts straight. 🙂

    GM Roper - old enough to be a curmudgeon and a Vietnam Era Vet myself. (85dcd7)

  29. VEV could be anyone of thousands who went in the service via the national guard or reserves not expecting to be called up for Vietnam.

    He could be, but let’s not speculate on that. Let’s thank him for his service to the country, and assume it was done honorably and in good faith.

    However, that doesn’t excuse his idiotic rants here, for which we should skewer him mercilessly.

    Steverino (who feels a really good curmudgeon could be of any age) (69d941)

  30. It is interesting that Ginsburg in her otherwise uninformed opinion offered up that this test could have been designed to allow minorities to do better.

    That really is the essence of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    Moreover, I’d imagine that Ruth Ginsburg, as is typical of limousine liberals everywhere, would be very, very uncomfortable — very unhappy about — sending her daughter or son, or (given Ginsburg’s current age) granddaughter or grandson to a public school that was predominantly black or Latino. I’m sure to make up for her guilt, she’d want to pinch, slap and control others into responding and behaving in a different manner.

    Mark (411533)

  31. BTW, I only bring up Rangel to point out the stunning nuttiness of the media with Palin and now Ricci/SOtomayor.

    They spend more time investigating citizens and local politicians than they do the GREAT CHARLIE RANGEL.

    Who also does not pay taxes on his sweet heart Domincan Republican Villa which he gets rental income on.

    Charlie heads one (if not the most) powerful committee in Congress — W&M.

    But, nope, nothing here!! Like Mob Cops when investigating robberies. Robbery, what robbery?

    HeavenSent (641cde)

  32. Did anyone notice in today’s LA Times that the story on page three had a typical liberal reporter’s framing of the issues:

    “Likely lines of attack.”

    Now if it was a Democrat attack on a Republican nominee it would be more like this:

    “Concerns with nominee.”

    This is a typical bias seen in major media.

    On another point, the Times got the Ricci case wrong, saying the white firefighters claimed discrimination by the city which “promoted blacks with lower test scores.”

    What? I thought there were no promotions. The city threw out the results when blacks failed to test high enough to be promoted.

    Thanks Times.

    Alta Bob (21ab89)

  33. We need to probe the “Sotomayor backers”.

    Apogee (80207d)

  34. Anyone else notice how Dahlia Lithwick, of, has fallen right in with the strategy of attacking Ricci? Why anyone takes that Canadian hack Lithwick seriously is beyond me.

    You should have seen her hysterical article in reaction to D.C. v Heller! Apparently that Canadian commenter on American legal issues is just appalled that Americans have gun rights.

    Brad (da05e6)

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