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Daily Show Rips Off Slublog

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Allahpundit notes a mighty odd coincidence between this humorous image from a Daily Show segment:

And this previously published image from Slublog, published at Hot Air’s Green Room:

By the way, the clip containing this shameless theft is pretty funny. Jon Stewart is often quite good when he remembers to leave the clown nose on:

8 Responses to “Daily Show Rips Off Slublog”

  1. Slu should sue for copyright infringement.

    By publishing his derivative work (protected as satire of Gov. Sanford, and as a parody of the romance novel genre, given how Sanford, like most real-world men, does not match up to the usual male hero characters), Slu acquired a copyright in it.

    The idea of portraying Sanford as a character in a romance novel would probably be too broad to protect under copyright law. But Slu’s expression of that idea, using a very specific cover with Sanford’s face photoshopped on, is protected by copyright.

    The Daily Show’s only defense is that it’s a tremendous coincidence that they happened to use the exact same novel cover to express the exact same idea.

    I think Slu could make a few bucks, and in the future the Daily Show would credit authors when it uses their work.

    I can’t help but wonder if there is political discrimination going on here. Would TDS have ripped off a left-wing blogger’s work? Or would TDS have simply credited the left-wing blogger?

    Daryl Herbert (a32d30)

  2. That was a really funny bit and Sanford has placed himself in a spot where he will have about as much luck finding another job as the drunk lawyer will.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  3. Daryl, I do think it would be funny to rip on Comedy Central for having another Carlos Menstealia on board, but I don’t think Slublog should sue.

    He should just point out that Stewart’s show needs a little more help in the creativity department.

    Juan (ba249c)

  4. It’s possible that it’s a rip-off. But then, when someone starts mooning over a mistress with lovey-dovey language, the romance novel analogy is a natural.

    Similarly, when the WaPo shit the bed yesterday, everyone pretty much simultaneously started making whore jokes.

    BTW, the “that’s Episcopalian for shut the fuck up” and “reading from his hello kitty diary” were both top notch.

    Ken (c97a0c)

  5. Wonkette had a similar joke. It’s a pretty easy one that lots of writers would come up with.

    imdw (f2ab91)

  6. imdw, similar and exact same are two different things.

    This is a very unlikely coincidence at best. It’s nothing I’m bothered with, but when I used to watch TV, I always saw Comedy Central comics use material, with attribution, that was invented by someone else. It’s likely they have staff that actually find funny material on fark, blogs, etc, and change it up just enough.

    Oh, and slublog’s photoshop was a lot more effective and funnier.

    Juan (ba249c)

  7. Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. The Romans called him unmanly, too, for falling under her spell. His wife, Octavia, went to him with a navy and money to hire an army, to fight against her own brother, Augustus, and he still would not go back to her.

    nk (218382)

  8. “imdw, similar and exact same are two different things.”

    Looks like they both ripped off the same source — and not in the same way. I wonder what that source is.

    imdw (bb2587)

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