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Waxman-Markey Cap-and-Trade Bill Vote

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[Guest post by DRJ]

As Karl notes below, Waxman-Markey passed the House this evening. The vote was 219-212.

There were 168 Republicans and 44 Democrats who voted No, and 8 Republicans who voted Yes: Reps. Mary Bono Mack (CA), Mike Castle (DE), Steven Kirk (IL), John McHugh (NY), Leonard Lance (NJ), Frank LoBiondo (NJ), Dave Reichert (WA), and Chris Smith (NJ).

Oklahoma Senator Inhofe claims the Senate will kill the bill.


32 Responses to “Waxman-Markey Cap-and-Trade Bill Vote”

  1. Let’s hope that the Senate kills this economy-killing, pork and rent-seeking monstrosity.

    The Democrats’ War on the US Economy continues …

    SPQR (26be8b)

  2. Rep. Boehner was great. The Dems and Teh One seem intent on destroying our economy. I would still love to know what all of the meddling in real estate, mortgages, etc… has to do with global not-warming. This is apparently the new practice of the Dems – don’t let the details be known until after it is voted on. Transparency! Most ethical EVAH!

    JD (fb1fc9)

  3. The bill is a disaster. It actually hurts the enviroment (by dirverting funds that could go to issues that actually matter), hurts the economy, and does absolutely nothing beneficial. Even if you are convinced climate change is a problem, this piece of crap does nothing to fix it.

    Joe (17aeff)


    Call you Representative, right now, and tell him or her what I just told the staff flack answering the phone: if I find out you voted on a bill without reading it, I will never vote for you again, nor will I send you a penny of support. Period.

    Eric Blair (0b61b2)

  5. This is Smoot-Hawley II. It is an interesting exercise in political science as we all learned in school (I doubt 10% of kids in school today know what Smoot Hawley was) that there was no way that an intelligent Congress could make this mistake twice.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  6. Here is what Nancy Pelosi is saying:

    “This legislation was masterfully written by two longtime champions for building a clean energy economy in America and aggressively fighting climate change – Chairman Henry Waxman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Chairman Ed Markey of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. “

    Great. So if we actually had a press that did its job, the Sunday shows would feature Waxman and Markey getting quizzed extensively to explain aspects of the bill that “they” “wrote.”

    Because you know perfectly well a bunch of staff kiddies wrote it.

    Heck, I want to see Pelosi grilled on the details of what is in the bill she feels was so “masterfully” written.

    Pinheads. This is all about state control of the economy. They don’t know any of the details. They do know it gives them power, and not of the electrical type.

    Eric Blair (0b61b2)

  7. They are dirty little power-hungry greedy Euro-socialst wannabes that are waging war against our economy. We can only pray that they stop with just waging war on the economy.

    JD (fb1fc9)

  8. Expel all 8 from the party and cut off all campaign funds NOW!!!

    Micheal Steele, this is your leadership moment.

    Light29ID (8c375b)

  9. Reichert is WA-8.

    Time for a Republican to run for office in his district this next primary.

    steve miller (2bbae9)

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  11. Arizona Looks to Outlaw Global Warming Legislation

    Arizona is now close to becoming the first state to outlaw climate change legislation. The state Senate voted Monday, 19-10 to approve a bill banning the Department of Environmental Quality from enacting or enforcing measures with language pertaining to climate change. The bill is now awaiting House approval.

    The bill will likely pass and be signed into law thanks to a switch in power. Formerly, Janet Napolitano (D) was governor of the state, but she left to join Barack Obama’s Cabinet. Napolitano was replaced by Jan Brewer (R), who has not indicated a strong desire to support AGW theorists.

    If Senate Bill 1147 passes it will block rules passed by the DEQ that set harsher emission standards. The proposed increases were hastily pushed through by the former governor, despite complaints from industry leaders. It would also end work on “cap and trade” carbon legislation, which has been opposed by the utility industry. Such a scheme could help to raise power prices for the state’s citizens significantly.

    DaveinPhoenix (699f08)

  12. work to rid the 8 republicans that voted for this

    jeff (5bdc35)

  13. Please let’s get this green tea party going get it front page where it can be seen people need locations and times.

    sandyshores (f4c4fb)


    Is this something people think is new?

    imdw (1b1354)

  15. I’m disgusted with the local congresscritter here (Kirk – IL) – and he’s actually toying with running for Blago’s old seat. Great.

    Dmac (f7884d)

  16. Imdw – No, it is not new. It is how things have been done since Pelosi started running the show. No need to let the members actually know what is in the bill prior to voting on it. None. Silly idea.

    JD (42a8c3)

  17. I am still waiting for an honest defense of this extraordinarily horrible legislation, made even worse with the amendments snuck in under the cover of darkness, that go after real estate as well. An honest defense. Bueller? Bueller?

    JD (42a8c3)

  18. RINO’s need to go.

    Pelosi is a circus clown in every sense of this word.

    HeavenSent (1e97ff)

  19. How is some regulatory scheme supposed to be more efficient at fighting climate change than utilizing the information from the TTAPS study, one of the most groundbreaking scientific papers since “The Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”?

    Michael Ejercito (833607)

  20. How can the Senate defeat a bill that doesn’t exist? There is no existing copy of the bill as passed. This is how banana republics function. The energy tax eight should be humiliated.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  21. #15: what percentage of voters actually realize that legislators are voting on issues involving tax increases…without reading the legislation?

    Heck, I don’t know. But you and I both know the answer: very, very few.

    I say let the voters know. And I further say that we should all get copies of that legislation (“…it’s on the internet…” as was said in Congress), and write to our Representatives who voted for it with specific questions.

    And say that we will never support them again, with votes or money, if they cannot explain themselves. In detail.

    But yes, as long as people do not pay attention, this will go on. P.J. O’Rourke wrote about this in “A Parliament of Whores.”

    Eric Blair (acade1)

  22. The real damage these 8 RINO did was to allow 8 red state democrats to vote against cap & trade making it more difficult fro conservatives to defeat them in 2010.

    arch (d5530e)

  23. Its mind-boggling – literally – that the Democrats are so incompetent and so dishonest as to have a vote on an unwritten bill.

    These are the people who claim to be better at running government than the GOP?

    They can’t run a kindergarten class field trip. Heck, they are a kindergarten class field trip gone bad.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  24. If any of the bills the Dems have pulled these fundamentally dishonest stunts are were good ideas by themselves, they would not have been forced to out-and-out lie and do what they have done to pass these fiascos.

    JD (7cdb18)

  25. Just want to be sure the right squeemish Republican from Illinois gets blamed: It’s
    MARK Kirk, not Steven.

    Bob Elsasser (b25e7b)

  26. Bob Elsasser,

    Thanks for the update. The Washington Examiner link apparently has Kirk’s name wrong incomplete. It’s Mark Steven Kirk.

    DRJ (cdbef5)

  27. “Imdw – No, it is not new. It is how things have been done since Pelosi started running the show.”

    You think its that new — like since 2006? Read a bit about how NAFTA was passed. I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t the first either. In fact, read the statutes at large…. and then tell me how many congressmen you think read all the bills passed.

    imdw (41a6d1)

  28. Pointing at someone else is not a defense. This is routine under the Dem overlords.

    JD (3138f3)

  29. You assert this is not new, imdw. Please show us where a bill for nearly a trillion dollars and over 1300 pages long was not provided to the minority party until the day it was to be voted on. Then, show us where a bill that takes over an entire sector of our economy has over 300 pages of unrelated amendments added under cover of darkness and not provided to the minority party until later in the day when it is to be voted on.

    JD (3138f3)

  30. “…and then tell me how many congressmen you think read all the bills passed….?

    I’m so glad to hear, imdw, that the possibility of these goofballs not reading the bills they vote on does not concern you.

    Like 300 page amendments added the night before voting.

    And remember: this unread bill will be impacting tax rates and energy prices paid by every American. But you simply shrug and say (I think) that this is just the way that politics is done.

    And all that is fine, if you don’t mind handing your wallet over to people who cannot even bother to read the bills that they want to make into law. Keep in mind that you think it is all okay, as details about that bill become more apparent. Heck, I’ll bet you a hundred dollars that Pelosi hadn’t read it before voting. Want to take that bet?

    But I think most Americans haven’t really accepted that “business as usual” mindset, especially when the results hit them in the pocketbook. I think the result will not be quite as forgiving as you are.

    By the way, implying “…Republicans do it too” does not help your case. Given how the Left has carried on about Republican governing in particular.

    Shouldn’t you all be better? And…for example…demand that the President actually follow through on his campaign promises. In particular, the one about public review of bills?

    Hope and Change…from Chicago!

    Eric Blair (acade1)

  31. “Read a bit about how NAFTA was passed.”

    imdw – My recollection is that George Bush signed the treaty before he left office and Clinton didn’t alter it before presenting it to Congress for passage. Congress ultimately passed it in late 1993, with a lot of favor swapping promised by Clinton, who actually never followed up on most of his promises, to gain the necessary votes for passage. Do you have a different recollection?

    daleyrocks (718861)

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