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The Broader Implications of the CNN Copyright Thuggery Story, Explained . . .

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. . . by a guy in a Mexican wrestling mask.

He makes several valid points.

No, really. He does.

If, for some odd reason, you’d rather read his analysis, rather than watching him deliver it from behind his mask, you can read it here.

Via Ben Sheffner.

10 Responses to “The Broader Implications of the CNN Copyright Thuggery Story, Explained . . .”

  1. Is that Nacho Libre ?!

    JD (769f99)

  2. Since the YouTube version of the video, the one I’ve always been using, has never disappeared; it reads over 500K views. Was there another with many views that disappeared? How many did it have?

    ParisParamus (f1395d)

  3. […] above is a full-on copy/paste from Patterico’s Pontifications. I hope he doesn’t DMCA […]

    The Broader Implications of the CNN Copyright Thuggery Story, Explained . . . « Truth Before Dishonor (962ecf)

  4. The version I taped had Susan Roesgen at the start. Is this one a pirate version?

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  5. Founding Bloggers posted the original and it had 3k comments. The video and the comments were all taken down.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  6. How could the Founding Bloggers version be taken down when the original wasn’t? It’s this link:

    It’s up to 522K views, although, in fairness, a few thousand of those views must be people just clicking on the link to see the view-tally…

    ParisParamus (f1395d)

  7. This whole MSM Loves Obama thing is getting more and more frightening by the day. It is, at least, reassuring the the Internet allows bloggers to expose the love affair; at least I think it’s being exposed…

    ParisParamus (f1395d)

  8. Ahh, but that’s only the CNN part. Founding Bloggers took that part and added another 3 minutes where she got reamed but good. You’ll find a mirror of that one on this blog.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  9. I was with him until he started in about anonymity. Sometimes you just have to make a tough choice. The long term effects of allowing anonymous filings would be worse than a few people getting a dodge to have their cake and eat it too. It is juvenile to say you should have the benefit of anonymity but escape some inherent drawbacks.
    But what do you expect from someone who pretends to do serious commentary in a wrestling mask?

    snaggletoothie (91286f)

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