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Obama to Slash $100 Million Dollars from the Federal Budget!!!!

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Say it with me in the voice of Dr. Evil:

100 meeeeeeellion dollars!!!!.

UPDATE: Great minds think alike, and sometimes, so does mine. Turn out (via Instapundit) that another blogger beat me to the obvious joke — and has another video to go along with it:

UPDATE x2: Here is a nice graphic that demonstrates how utterly huge the requested cuts are.

131 Responses to “Obama to Slash $100 Million Dollars from the Federal Budget!!!!”

  1. Presidential spokesmodel Gibbs mocked people who were asking “only 100 mil?” He said nowhere but DC is 100 mil a small amount. And in that way-back machine thingy, some NY congressman was whinging about Republicans trying to cut a couple billion in pork out of the porkulus plan, claiming nobody cared about the pork and it wasn’t much money in the overall size of the plan. Picking at nits or something to pull out only a couple billion but 100 million is a ton of money.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  2. As I noted in another thread, this is around 0.00002% of this year’s budget.

    JD (769f99)

  3. $100M isn’t a lot of money anymore thanks to the President. It just highlights the middle class destroying hyperinflation that will follow Obama’s multi-trillion dollar spending.

    Zimbabwe, here we come.

    Roy Mustang (9deca0)

  4. Of course, what do I expect from President Spending Equals Stimulus.

    Hell, it doesn’t matter if we waste $1B on amtrack or marble tiled bathrooms for federal buildings….all it matters is that we spend money.

    How the hell did we elect this communist ass to the Presidency?

    Roy Mustang (9deca0)

  5. Now We Know How Obama’s “Line by Line” Review Is Going…

    Wow. After spending TRILLIONS, Obama says he’s found $100 millon in savings. Woo hoo! Patterico has the smackdown — with amusing video…….

    GINA COBB (95cfaf)

  6. Comment by Roy Mustang — 4/20/2009 @ 11:06 pm

    In-the-tank media, and a largely ignorant electorate.

    Oh, I’m sorry… Was that supposed to be a rhetorical question?

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  7. Zimbabwe, here we come

    Buddy, we’re gonna make Zimbabwe look like freaking Disneyland… Why do I say that?

    Because by now, that country is used to not being sure if they will be able to get enough food to eat. This country is ENTIRELY too soft due to easy access. Enough people miss a few meals in a row, and we will utterly implode.

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  8. Not only that, but most of the “cuts” Obama is describing are cost-saving measures that were already being put into effect before he requested $100M of cuts.

    In other words, it’s a completely meaningless publicity stunt designed to appease the Tea Partiers. But it’s failing because it’s so obviously, transparently crap. Even the liberal media isn’t buying it. The AP, I mean. Of course Jon Stewart and Keith Olbermann will be ready to slobber all over Obama’s incredible fiscal conservatism.

    Daryl Herbert (b65640)

  9. Oh, hell, the “slash $100 million” is about as sincere, legitimate and non-cynical a story from the White House as the current president’s staffers telling the media several days ago that their boss actually didn’t bow before the king of Saudi Arabia, but instead was his merely stooping down to greet a much shorter guy.

    Mark (411533)

  10. “The president gave his Cabinet 90 days to find $100 million in savings to achieve over time.”

    90 Days!
    Chimpanzees could find $100 million in savings in 90 seconds. But the Democrat,we-are-smarter-than-you Ivy League graduates need 90 days. Ha Ha.

    Perfect Sense (0922fa)

  11. How quaint conservatives can chuckle at attempts at saving $100 million.

    The City of San Diego, California is a fortress of conservatism. It has a large United States Navy base and U.S. Marine installations at nearby Miramar and Camp Pendleton. It is home port to conservative Republican wingnuts Duncan Hunter (Sr.& Jr.,), GOP earmarkers Daryl Issa and Brian Billbray and disgraced Republican conservative congressman, (now jailbird) Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham. It broadcasts right wing radio static from the likes of Roger Hedgecock across the airwaves as well.

    And much like Orange County — that other bankrupt bastion of conservatism to the north was several years ago– San Diego is virtually broke. The city currently has a $60 million budget shortfall and has been forced to cut salaries, services and has layoffs pending.

    So yes, $100 million is a lot of money.

    $60 million is one sixth the cost of a single F-22 Raptor fighter (Based on GAO numbers of approx. $360 million per aircraft, including R&D costs.) Yes, $100 million is a lot of money and cutting one- or twenty one Raptors and other similar toys out of the Pentagon’s budget is a good idea, President Obama. Secretary Gates is on the right track. Slash more useless military toys. You can save a few billion leaving Iraq to the Iraqis, too. Then cut San Diego a check for $60 million along with all the other San Diegos across America that need help. Any loose change left over, buy fresh bullets for the Navy Seals.

    Conservatives have already shown they cannot lead with any measure of fiscal responsibility. And they refuse to follow President Obama’s lead. So get out of the way.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  12. #11 wrote:
    Conservatives have already shown they cannot lead with any measure of fiscal responsibility. And they refuse to follow President Obama’s lead. So get out of the way.

    Obama is doing many things, but responsible fiscal leadership is not one of them.

    Perfectsense (0922fa)

  13. #12- Obama is doing many things, but responsible fiscal leadership is not one of them. Of course he is. Bush’s neocon wars are on budget for starts. Weapons systems are being cut. Agencies trimmed. Conservative economics has been rejected by the American people after 30 years of a deregulated nightmare. It’s going to take President Obama more than 100 days to right that three decade long wrong.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  14. Conservative economics has been rejected by the American people after 30 years of a deregulated nightmare.

    “Deregulated nightmare”? Oh, if only. Anyway, of the things “regulation” accomplishes, it seldom lowers costs.

    Mars vs Hollywood (788077)

  15. #13:
    Conservative economics has been rejected by the American people after 30 years of a deregulated nightmare.

    Yep. The past 30 years have been a nightmare and America yearns for the blissful Jimmy Carter era. 13% inflation. 22% interest rates. 9% unemployment rates. 22% misery index. Makes one wonder why the Orcale of Plains was a only one-term President who lost in a landslide.

    BTW, didn’t you hear that Obama is DEREGULATING the financial markets? Obama “loosen” (read: ignoring) Mark-to-Market accounting rules. Soon Obama will “re-regulate” the financial markets by eliminating the current regulation requiring companies to report stock options as an operating expense. Result: Lower expenses, higher profits and bigger AIG bonuses! Yeah for strict Democrat oversight.

    Take that you deregulation Republicans.

    Perfectsense (0922fa)

  16. #14- “Deregulated nightmare”? Oh, if only. Anyway, of the things “regulation” accomplishes, it seldom lowers costs.

    Seldom lowers costs, eh? Obviously you have not kept a running tally on the billions of tax dollars in bailout bucks pumped into deregulated institutions over the past year or so.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  17. Yep. The past 30 years have been a nightmare and America yearns for the…..

    blissful Jimmy Carter era. <– You said that. I didn’t.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  18. UPDATE x2: Here is a nice graphic that demonstrates how utterly huge the requested cuts are. Patterico, I’m sure the cash strapped citizens of the good city of San Diego, a conservative strong hold, will appreciate your sense of humor. See #11 for details.
    $100 million is a lot of money. No doubt Los Angeles County would gladly accept half as much just to fill potholes, or hire more DDAs.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  19. Let’s face it folks, Obama is the greatest president ever. Even better than Jimmy Carter, if that’s possible. Soon we all will be singing round the campfire with our new friends in Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, etc. As soon as Obama takes his perpetual campaign to the world, as he is now doing, the rest of the world will be as captivated as we Americans are with his message of Hope and Change. The oceans will lower, and a new dawn of peace and prosperity will follow. Obama’s got it covered, no sweat. Besides, did you see that photo of him swimming? I mean, like, WOW! What’s not to like? Ooo-la-la!!!

    Marsha (e54f7a)

  20. If you are calling the last 30 years of the American economy you are either willfilly ignorant, lying, or less than 22 years old.

    Mr. Pink (eae12c)

  21. BTW I thought the memo was last 8 years of failed blah blah blah, who the hell moved the goalposts to 30 years?

    Mr. Pink (eae12c)

  22. DCSCA,

    $100M is a lot of money? Maybe to you and me, old boy, but George Soros probably has that much stuffed into just his mattress.

    MarkJ (d2394a)

  23. He is just trying to change the subject from the absolute insult this is for the O! admin to put out after they said 9 billion in earmarks was a small amount to be stuffed in their budget. He wants to talk about some “conservative” town in California, of which the entire freakin state is bankrupt. Basically the dude is being a disingenous prick.

    Mr. Pink (eae12c)

  24. To those who are paying attention to spending, this is a deliberate insult. He is mocking us.

    To those who are not paying attention, this is an inoculation.

    Most people are not paying attention.

    Amphipolis (fdbc48)

  25. DCSCA wrote: “$100 million is a lot of money.”

    Obama the Magnificent, and his crack team of we-are-smarter-than-your Democrats might reduce the deficit by a whopping 33 cents per American.

    All Hail Obama – The Deficit Slayer.

    Perfectsense (0922fa)

  26. Conservatives have already shown they cannot lead with any measure of fiscal responsibility. And they refuse to follow President Obama’s lead. So get out of the way.

    Comment by DCSCA

    This comment is on the wrong thread. We have identified one of those Democrats who could survive decapitation. I would say this commenter could survive, not only decapitation, but amputation down to about C 6. These are spinal reflexes we are seeing here. Low spinal reflexes.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  27. One thing DCSCA forgot to mention about that “fortress of conservatism”, San Deigo, is that the city council is controlled by Democrats.

    CowboyJoe (50ba09)

  28. Revealing how DCSCA uses San Diego’s military installations to depict it as a “fortress of conservatism.” Didn’t it get the memo? With Obama in charge, it’s okay for leftists to love the military!

    DSCSA’s math is also interesting: overlooking nearly $2 trillion in deficit spending and lavishly praising a $100 million rollback.

    And with the presidency and both houses under Democratic control, it’s still worried enough about opposition to tell conservatives to get out of the way. Must be a new message out from Axelrod.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  29. Rush! Palin! Racists!

    Just trying to save this clown some time …

    JD (d1c83a)

  30. Is this our DCSCA, being so compassionate about Tony Snow’s death?

    dcsca 02:17:51 PM Jul 12 2008
    This wretched crumb shovelled Bushola for years out to Fox News viewers, Limpbaugh droids and the whole country with ‘Snow jobs’ about conservativism and the war. Now his family will know the pain of losing a loved one so young as well. But perhaps his most cuttting insult to Americans was his wisecrack on his last day as Press Secretary- “I cannot support my family on $168,000 a year.” Well, now his chemo costs wont burden our heathcare system any longer, and he can deliver press briefings for eternity to 4,100 dead GIs as they bayonet him for lying about the war and costing them their lives. Helms, Falwell, Buckley, Snow… your table for 4 is ready in hell.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  31. It just oozes class, Brother Bradley.

    JD (d1c83a)

  32. Be nice to my master. He gets really kind of creepy when you all don’t just admit that Obama is the greatest President EVAH. Last time you folks gave him a rhetorical smackdown, he made me wear a French maid outfit for 2 straight days.

    DsCSA's Unicorn (d1c83a)

  33. Let me guess though, he is one of the people you see on the internet nowdays decrying the lack of civility for hoping a President fails and saying that it is wrong to imply that a US President has fascist or socialist tendencies.

    Seriously though, what kinda monster types something like that in 30?

    Mr. Pink (eae12c)

  34. People, he spent several hours searching and searching for that San Diego analogy, and when he did he bounced around the basement jiggling all over the place, trying to do some bizarre dance that looked like a cross between RiverDance and having a seizure. Let him enjoy his perceived victory, otherwise, he will turn his attention my way, and he already has out strawberry preserves, whipped cream, and a cucumber. I am scared.

    DsCSA's Unicorn (d1c83a)

  35. Evidently there is no assertion of fact so simple that DCSCA can’t screw it up and get it wrong.

    SPQR (72771e)

  36. ….San Diego is virtually broke. The city currently has a $60 million budget shortfall and has been forced to cut salaries, services and has layoffs pending.

    So yes, $100 million is a lot of money.

    This is what’s known as taking things out of context.

    You see, an ant is very large compared to an amoeba. But compared to a human, an ant is quite small.

    In the context of San Diego’s city budget, yes, $100 million is a lot of money. But that’s NOT the context in which this money appears. In the context of the federal budget, $100 million is trivial.

    Steverino (69d941)

  37. I work here is done.

    Dmac (1ddf7e)

  38. Why must you torment him so? He is already rubbing the whipped cream and preserves all over his hairy back. It will not be long until he wants me to play with him. Damn you all to hell. Damn you.

    DsCSA's Unicorn (d1c83a)

  39. 11.How quaint conservatives can chuckle at attempts at saving $100 million.

    Are you seriously defending Obama’s $3T monstrosity? If so, will you take responsibility when inflation wipes out everybody’s savings? Please take a deep bow when inflation hits 20%.

    Roy Mustang (9deca0)

  40. How quaint conservatives can chuckle at attempts at saving $100 million.

    They’re chuckling partly because they tried to save ~$2 billion and were told that wasn’t enough to get excited about.

    Steverino (69d941)

  41. Well played, Uni. Put me down as a fan. Good stuff, as Johnny would have said.

    allan (d2aa4b)

  42. I think that the comment about Tony Snow demonstrates what an ethical pygmy this troll is. He should be hammered about this every time he shows his snout around here. Kind of like that “tape” of his. What a horrible person.

    Bradley, despite the disgusting content, thank you for dredging up that sewage laden comment.

    Eric Blair (509000)

  43. One part in 36,900. I’m so impressed by the One.

    htom (412a17)

  44. To put a little perspective on the San Diego budget deficit, you have over 3 million people there. $20/per person (actually a bit less but a round number). San Francisco has less than 800,000 people and is currently looking at over 250 million in defidcits this year alone.

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday announced more than $118 million in budget cuts as well as revenue increases to fend off a projected $575.6 million deficit for the coming fiscal year.

    Newsom made a surprise appearance before the Board of Supervisors Tuesday afternoon where he declared the city was in fiscal crisis and appealed to the board to collaborate on future adjustments to the budget.

    Yes, 60 million is quite a bit of money but in context merely a drop in the bucket. SF is Pelosi’s district. Why no outrage over the deficit there? $700/person versus $20 in San Diego.

    The federal government could save 100 million by suspending any future purchases of paper clips between now and the end of the fiscal year. What a joke! It’s nice to see that at least one person (DSCA) took the photo-op seriously.

    Chris (a24890)

  45. Even Paul Krugman ridicules the $100 million figure. DCSCA is really getting into the fringes when Krugman won’t torture logic to support him.

    SPQR (72771e)

  46. Now you have gone and done it. Thanks, thanks a freakin’ lot. He just whipped out the cucumber and some hot chili oil. Lord knows where this is headed, but I know last time you got him in a lather like this I could not sit down or walk for 3 days. This must be what Dante was talking about, as I am approaching the 20th ring of hell right about now. Can anyone spare a razor so I can help him shave his back?

    Helllllllllllp meeeeeeeeeeee !!!!

    DsCSA's Unicorn (d1c83a)

  47. Hey I have the solution! Just reduce the $4000 billion budgtimulus by 0.0025% – kerfuffle resolved!

    John Taggart (7f68fc)

  48. $100 million is peanuts. Look at the savings if you DON’T borrow $10 Billion, at 1% interest, you save $100 million.

    And $10 BILLION is only 1% of a $1 TRILLION.

    Just for some perspective.

    Dr. K (eca563)

  49. ZOMG!!! It just called an “entertainment” company and requested a midget “dancer” with spurs and a bullwhip, while polishing his jodphurs. Dante’s Rings had nothing on this guy.

    Heeeeelllllllllpppppppppp MeeeeeeeEeEeeeeeeee !!!!!!!

    DsCSA's Unicorn (d1c83a)

  50. President Obama gets away with this kind of thing because no one truly holds his feet to the fire. The real payback for his dishonesty in office is to vote him out in 2012.

    jdflorida (21be29)

  51. “In-the-tank media, and a largely ignorant electorate.”

    – Scott Jacobs (explaining the reasons for Obama’s victory)

    Let’s not forget “a shitty Republican candidate”. That certainly helped.

    Leviticus (43095b)

  52. And before then, vote the Democratic majority out of control of Congress in 2010.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., (9df4f3)

  53. Last time I looked, which DuckCrap obviously didn’t, San Diego’s problems were brought on by the granting of outrageous wage, pension and benefit increases to city employees, and the cover-up of a pension shortfall in the marketing of a bond-issue (SEC violation). Several members of a relevant city board consisting mostly of union thugs connected appointees, now face severe criminal penalties upon conviction of these SEC violations.
    What SD is doing now are the actions that have been forced upon them by the financial shenanigans that they engaged in previously, and to keep the City out of the BK Court.
    If our friend DuckCrap wants to see a City in absolute meltdown, he should train his sights north to the City of Vallejo, which is in BK Court. I doubt he would find many Conservative Republicans running that city.

    AD (57cf22)

  54. Mr. AD – Why must you torment him so? He is now caressing this cattle-prod thing that he found in an alley last week. You should see the loving expression on his face, it is precious. Yet, I fear for my life. I beseech thee to come to my immediate assistance. Someone contact animal control.

    DsCSA's Unicorn (e59ffa)

  55. And much like Orange County — that other bankrupt bastion of conservatism to the north was several years ago–

    For the record, the man who caused Orange County’s Bankruptcy, Robert Citron was a DEMOCRAT

    Steverino (69d941)

  56. The same problems are affecting all of California. The state sort of sets the tone by spending like there is no tomorrow (and there may not be). Prop 13 in 1978 is often blamed by the Democrats but they neglect to inform non-Californians that residential housing turns over an average of every three years and the house is reassessed each time. The only people who benefit the most are those who stay in their homes for many years.

    Second, they say that commercial property benefits because it stays in the same ownership for longer than private residential. OK, Who pays the taxes on commercial property? California is already hemorrhaging jobs. Apartment owners pass along the costs to renters who get no tax deduction,

    What really happened was that, when the state got short of money 20 years ago, they seized the Prop 13 level property taxes and kept part of them. Then they gave the cities and local jurisdictions a piece of the sales tax. This resulted in a distortion of local jurisdictions’ finances. Small cities compete for auto dealers, for example, to access the large amount of sales tax they generate. My own city, Mission Viejo, was giving bribes of as much as $500,000 to auto dealers to locate in the city. Ditto for the shopping mall. The subsidies were supposed to be repaid through sales tax but that seems a dim prospect now.

    My son met a car dealer at a party a couple of years ago and the guy started giving him a hard time because I was his father and was known to oppose the subsidies. This guy didn’t even live in the city. Fortunately, my son is 6-2 and weighs about 230 so nothing serious happened. A group that I was a part of got the city council thrown out, partly on those rebates but also on chronic overspending.

    Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with the Republican Congress, reformers often discover a hidden spender once they’re in office. Our own small city reserves have been spent the past 10 years. They are near zero and sales tax revenue is way down and will stay down. The city has too many employees and the salaries of city employees are too high.

    It’s a systemic problem.

    Mike K (8df289)

  57. My, what biting satire Mr. Unicorn produces. What maturity his jabs display (to say nothing of their originality). You should take your show on the road, sir.

    As in, somewhere else.

    No, please. I (and probably “we”) insist.

    Leviticus (fee101)

  58. #22- $100M is a lot of money? Maybe to you and me, old boy, but George Soros probably has that much stuffed into just his mattress.

    Probably to Steve Forbes, too. Although Stevie inherited his fortune, while Soros earned his.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  59. #30- Not bad! And heartwarming to know a nerve has been touched to have you dig. But then monitoring Americans is second nature to conservatives. The Gestapo would be proud. Kindrid spirits. If you ever were wiretapped you’d know how terrifyingly comforting it is.

    Want a webcam in the bedroom, too, sweetheart? Never used the term ‘Limpbaugh’ before… but the potential is worth noting.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  60. Oh, wow. How did all those Kennedys get their money?

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  61. …while Soros earned his.

    You have a rather expansive view of that word, “earned”. If a conservative “earned” his/her fortune by destroying the finances of third world countries, I’m sure you’d likewise be praising them to the sky.

    Chris (a24890)

  62. #55- All by himself. I see. And the vast majority of conservatives voters of Orange County didnt. Yes, dictatorial leadership is alive and well in conservative Orange County, Califorina. Viva Fascism, eh?

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  63. Speaking of CA fiscal difficulties…got the Special Election booklet in the mail yesterday [CA-May]. Every measure is purported to help with the budget crunch. No one should be surprised that all of them are designed to keep present (over)spending levels in place. Don’t read it if you have blood pressure issues. I’ll be going Nancy Reagan all over it.

    Awwww, don’t be so hard on the Unicorn, after all Patterico did say to lighten up yesterday. Just leap frog over any perceived inanity. That’s how some of us in the Patterico peanut gallery handle drop in droolers and spewing spitters. Small price to pay for all the higher level discourse. Of course, that would be easier if the commenter names were at the top of each comment. Though one does get good at recognizing the unusual suspects after a sentence or two. Jump, Forrest, jump!!!

    allan (d2aa4b)

  64. #31- Truth, too!

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  65. Obama can finally finish his waffle. DCSCA says $100 million is quite enough and O has lots of waffle to woof down.

    EBJ (2fd7f7)

  66. #33- Yeah, imagine the late propaganda minister Snow insulting middle class Americans like that. Pshaw! Da nerve! But then it’s old news and a dead issue, isnt it.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  67. “… All by himself. I see…”

    Pretty much, since as County Treasurer, he invested the public’s money in derivitives betting that the market would move in a certain direction, and when it didn’t, he needed to come up with additional funds to protect his position (margin call) which the County did not have, forcing a liquidation that resulted in the County having to declare bankruptcy. And, since he was an elected official, the County Board of Supervisors were limited in the oversight they could enforce upon him – though he found plenty of oversight of his actions after his conviction and incarceration.

    AD (57cf22)

  68. “while Soros earned his”

    In the late 90s the Thai people had it coming. Soros had no choice but to short the baht until workers lost jobs and became destitute. And he’s having a Good Financial Season again!

    Though with the Brits, he’s simply made them less rich. He has blood on his hands in Thailand (and others). Which makes him the poster child for the Democrats. You want poor people? Soros can make people poor.

    EBJ (2fd7f7)

  69. But then monitoring Americans is second nature to conservatives. The Gestapo would be proud.

    If you are too cowardly to face being held accountable for your disgusting Tony Snow post, you shouldn’t have made it on the Internet.

    This Gestapo-like “monitoring” tool I used is called Google. It has your number, big time.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., (9df4f3)

  70. #63- What is really a sin in that CA budget mess is the slashing of services for the elderly, retirees and handicapped who depend on these services the most. A lot of it is under-the-radar stuff and little noted beyond the reduced services at the DMV, gas taxes, water rate rises and rationing, sales tax bumps for individual cities piggybacking the state increase and so on along with increased car registration fees. Cutbacks like libraries shuttered for several days; branches closed, tax deferments for fixed income retirees halted, etc. Yes, tank hue Republican Governor Schwarzenegger and the leaches in the state legislature of all parties. Dey pumps you up den shakes you down.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  71. I’ll ignore the bizarre statement that George Soros “earned’ money, given what he did the economy, worldwide. I doubt that horrid little troll knows anything about it.

    He has proven he is just here to troll, and actually knows very little.

    But here we have a person snarking about the death of Tony Snow, again. Here. On this blog.

    Patterico, didn’t we do this before? Do we have to have such an ethical pygmy here?

    He’s just relieved you quit asking him to prove he isn’t a liar about that CNN tape. But it appears he is far, far worse than just being a liar and ignorant partisan hack.

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  72. “Every measure is purported to help with the budget crunch.”

    Usually I have to wait for the Democratic ‘tip sheet’ to come out before deciding how to vote on Cali resolutions. This time around it’s completely unnecessary.

    The Cali resolutions will come down to turnout. The unions and activists will have their folks out. The ‘against’ vote? They’ll have to make their own way, as always. They were mad enough to turn out to take down Gray Davis. They’ll need to be just as mad this time.

    There is one sure thing though. The Chronicle and LA Times will be doing some heavy lifting over the coming weeks. I can’t even get through the 2nd paragraph of Prop 1A without snickering, never mind the rest of it or the other five props. Only an idiot, or someone that needs the government job they have, could vote for them.

    EBJ (2fd7f7)

  73. #39- Too bad this isnt 1931. Hoover would have liked to have hired you. But then, there were no jobs, were there.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  74. DCSCA .. is your name Barack Obama?

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  75. #60- Gee, let’s asks the Kennedy dead who died in the service of their country, psycho.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  76. #55- All by himself. I see. And the vast majority of conservatives voters of Orange County didnt

    Good God, you are an incredible tool. If you knew the history of Orange County’s bankruptcy, you’d know that Robert Citron was actually falsifying information. The voters of Orange County had no control over Citron acts once he got into office.

    Nothing you’ve written excuses the fact that you tried to blame conservatism for OC’s bankruptcy…when it was the fault of a liberal, dyed-in-the-wool, Democratic Party official.

    Steverino (69d941)

  77. Spoken like a true psycho – wonder if he also kicks dogs in the street and pushes elderly women into traffic.

    Dmac (1ddf7e)

  78. Obama is counting on our public school indoctrination. After all, it’s really hard to think.

    Foxwood (185dba)

  79. Comment by Dmac — 4/21/2009 @ 12:58 pm

    I think elderly women would probably beat the crap out of him, and dog’s would piss on his leg.

    AD (57cf22)

  80. You have no idea the hell you hath wraught.

    DsCSA's Unicorn (7642d2)

  81. DCSCA #59 – Godwin’s Law.

    JD, I see the ooze … missed the class.

    SPQR (72771e)

  82. Bradley, I am sure that someone edited your copy of Google. Just like his “pretend story” about the CNN tape.

    But you are right: the Tony Snow business shows the “true colors” of that troll. It’s all fun and games…but making fun of someone’s death by cancer shows the lack of quality, maturity, and class.

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  83. Comparing San Diego’s budget to the U.S. government is misleading, just as comparing a household budget to either would be.

    If someone gave me $10,000, that would be a tremendously huge amount of money. But not so such for San Diego, and it would be nothing for the federal government — hardly even a rounding error.

    Patterico (92e15e)

  84. Feelings, not facts, Patterico. And the goal of trolling.

    It’s not about honest debate.

    The ONLY good thing about this is that other posters have provided useful information (often with genuine links and their own genuine expertise). And they generally do so without calling other people Nazis, psychos, or making fun of people who die of cancer.

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  85. Comment by Leviticus — 4/21/2009 @ 9:47 am

    You have a point, good sir…

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  86. But Eric Blair, Snow was an evil conservative, and as such deserved to die a painful death.
    Just like Cathy Seipp!

    That’s what open-minded, compassionate leftists like DCSCA keep saying.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., (9df4f3)

  87. #83- I disagree and in San Diego’s case, not misleading at all given the number of residents and jobs, both in government and private sector, supported by U.S. government operations in the local San Diego economy. It’s a matter of perspective and making light of saving $100 million dollars any place in the face of difficult times for municipalities, big and small across America, only adds to the problem and contributes nothing toward a solution. And $10,000 — or $100 million is a lot of scratch for San Diego these days.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  88. Comment by DCSCA — 4/21/2009 @ 1:44 pm

    Jesus, I don’t even know where to begin with you…

    You are right when you say that it is a matter of perspective, but you have the direction of perspective backwards.

    While yes, $100 Million is a large amount of money to nearly everyone (even to the Gates family, or Soros, or whatever rich family you wish to name), it becomes insignificant when you judge it against the pool from which it comes.

    When you deal in “mere” hundreds of millions and billions, 100 million is significant, but when set next to multiple trillions of dollars, is ceases to have real meaning.

    Yes, to San Diego it would be a lot, but San Diego’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2010 is $3.01 billion (source), while the federal budget for FY10 is $3.55 trillion (source).

    The difference is more than 3 whole orders of magnitude. For the savings Obama wants to be “a lot of scratch” is the same way that $100 million is a lot of scratch, it would have to be not 100 million, but instead $100 Billion.

    Do you understand now why we think you’re full of shit?

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  89. I have an idea, DCSCA: apologize for being a jerk about Tony Snow’s death (which, again, you riffed on here on Patterico’s blog).

    Then produce some freaking evidence about that CNN tape, or admit that you were lying (not “stand corrected”—you made claims that were not true, repeatedly, before Patterico challenged you).

    After you behave like a decent human being, instead of a jerk of a troll, then perhaps people will be able discuss things with you in a civil fashion.

    I’m not holding my breath, though, based on your prior posts.

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  90. There are orders of magnitude in difference between San Diego government and the Federal budget. There are 5 more zeroes, for instance.

    Note how ASPCA just rolled right on past the points that absolutely refuted his point, ie. Dem control of council and Dem Treasurer illegal axtivities that led to the financial problems. It is dishonest, and that would be bad enough most days.

    But Brother Bradley COR showed us that not only is it dishonest, but it is a vile repugnant person as well. Not a pretty combination.

    JD (7642d2)

  91. #69/#82- I do love Snowstorms, don’t you? Ugartti wants color! Here’s an easy one:

    Or this. Obama Pits Human Space Exploration Against Education – —
    Disappointing. It seems ‘turning the page’ for Obama is a step backwards. He just lost my vote.

    Posted by: DCSCA | Nov 23, 2007 4:33:17 AM

    He did, too, until the President modified his position.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  92. How about quit being a jerk, DCSCA? Do you think that is possible?

    You keep getting shown that you are a dishonest person, interested in posting material to irritate others, and not to engage in honest discussion or debate, let alone civility.

    Why waste your time on that? Why not be civil, and stick with the facts?

    If you aren’t just a troll, that is.

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  93. How is that CNN tape coming, by the way? You should post “your” version of it to YouTube. I mean, since you have it and everything?

    You just like to talk trash, and move on, and then not be held accountable for what you wrote.

    Again, why not quit with all the trolltalk and just act decently.

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  94. Eric – I admire your persistence, however futile it may be.

    We shall patiently await the VHS footage of the gentleman with the 2 year old screaming fascist at the “reporter”. We await its explanation as to why a 2 year old should be in school. We await it to go one day without it saying Rush/Palin/Jindal, and we await it leaving a comment that is topical, and devoid of asspulls.

    I, for one, will not be holding my breath.

    JD (7642d2)

  95. We also await its explanation for why a guy attending a rally on a work day is so scandalous, as if the guy wasn’t self-employed or didn’t use vacation.

    Expect honesty from DCSCA? I’d sooner expect my daughter’s cat to croon the mezzosoprano part to The Marriage of Figaro.

    Steverino (69d941)

  96. Remember “Waygu” steak back in Jan. ’09?

    Here’s a refresher:

    I’m sure we remember the supposed extravagance of a $100 per person steak dinner (are we sure it wasn’t divided up into h’orderves size?)

    Today Patterico seems to point out how little $100 million is.

    Make up your mind, or get out of the way please.

    Oiram (983921)

  97. I guess it helps Patrick’s stats somehow to have all these comments responding to a troll but it is dispiriting to see these electrons contributing to global warming. Think of all the coal that was burned to tell a creepy little troll that he/she/it was lying.

    Now I’ve gone and done it.

    Aren’t you all ashamed ?

    Mike K (8df289)

  98. Today Patterico seems to point out how little $100 million is.

    Again, it is called “perspective”. $100 Millions IS alot, if you compare it to the 2004 re-election parties Bush threw (and which caused cries of outrage from the left).

    You really don’t get it, do you…

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  99. Make up your mind, or get out of the way please.

    You can always count on Mario to bring teh stupid.

    Dmac (1ddf7e)

  100. Oh, I don’t know, Dr. K. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. it is the base material on which all organic molecules are synthesized. Plants (and microbes) use carbon dioxide to make sugars, mostly via the Calvin-Benson cycle.

    So really, you are helping the environment by producing more gas for plants and microbes to use, making yummy sugar.

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  101. Scott – It is willful ignorance, there is no other excuse.

    Mario – was that public money? Taxpayer dollars?

    JD (fecec9)

  102. DCSCA and reverse mariO’s math:
    A $1.8 trillion deficit isn’t that much, but a $100 million reduction in that deficit is HUGE.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., (9df4f3)

  103. Eric, I can Obama’s science advisors out placing plastic covers over trees to keep them from giving off CO2. You simply don’t realize how serious this is.

    Mike K (8df289)

  104. Speaking of global warming, it’s so hot here it’s sleeting.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  105. Back in February, Chuckie Schumer also said $18 billion didn’t mean anything in reference to the earmarks attached to the stimulus bill. He said Americans just don’t care about those things.

    Why should they not care about Obama’s piddly savings when he’s giving away the whole store. He’s got a huge confidence gap building and needs to work on some message continuity.

    “Sen. Charles Schumer came under fire yesterday after saying on the Senate floor that “the American people really don’t care” about unrelated spending items that were tacked onto the economic stimulus bill.”

    “Let me say this to all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little, tiny, yes, porky amendments: the American people really don’t care,”

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  106. #101 as you use willful spinning DJ.

    Sure it was tax money, as is the 100 million, what is your point spinmeister?

    Oiram (983921)

  107. I was responding to your attempt to threadjack about Malkin, Mario. Exactly what am I spinning? Be specific.

    JD (fecec9)

  108. what is your point spinmeister?

    Just beyond your grasp…

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  109. If you aren’t just a troll, that is.
    Comment by Eric Blair — 4/21/2009 @ 2:24 pm

    Being a troll would be an improvement.

    AD (57cf22)

  110. Obama Motto: “Let them eat cake.”

    When talking budget cuts $100MM is really a joke by any standard given the current budget.

    When talking Gov.t fiscal responsibility that orgy of spending for the inauguration is also a joke by any standard.

    If Obama wanted to save $100MM he could have easily bypassed his over the topic coronation and then also cut $100MM.

    Anyone defending as some sort of good faith effort are a joke and intellectual frauds.

    HeavenSent (637168)

  111. OK guys. We give. A hundred million in spending cuts out of the federal budget really is a big deal and the entire point of the exercise wasn’t a photo-op. Someone needs to get Krugman on board, however.

    $100 million here, $100 million there
    “pretty soon, even here in Washington, it adds up to real money,” says the president.

    Except, you know, really it doesn’t. Let’s say the administration finds $100 million in efficiencies every working day for the rest of the Obama administration’s first term. That’s still around $80 billion, or around 2% of one year’s federal spending.

    Chris (a24890)

  112. Let’s see … after 111 comments, we have the trolls attempting to defend this by pointing at San Diego and Michelle Malkin.

    Barcky requested that they cut approximately 0.00002% of the budget. I am surprised that someone hasn’t threatened to lay off teachers and police officers yet.

    DSCSA's Unicorn (2e8bd8)

  113. Sure wish that unicorn would go away.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  114. That was me. Sorry.

    JD (2e8bd8)

  115. As a native San Diegan who has followed my hometown’s fiscal descent into madness, I salute AD @53 as being spot-on diagnosing the city’s problems. A spendthrift business establishment, see-no-evil government and pro-union Democrats formed a fatal combination that promised entitlements to labor unions the city could not afford.

    I think the problems began with former Mayor Susan Golding, exacerbated by her even less-qualified successor, Dick Murphy. Golding was too busy with futile bids for higher office and courting popularity to do her job.

    Murphy was simply clueless. Murphy thought being mayor would be an easy job that would get him prestige. When Murphy’s alleged 20/20 vision turned out to be legally blind, he couldn’t hack it and resigned. Murphy also had two underperfomers as city managers. I vividly remembered the clownish speech by one of them, Lamont Ewell, trying to get the state’s stem cell program headquartered in San Diego.

    What San Diego needs is not a bailout; we need leaders who understand you can’t live beyond your means. That leadership won’t come from Barack Obama, the most fiscally irresponsible president in American history.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  116. Tomorrow’s headline:

    Obama Cuts Federal Budget 0.00002%! Women and Children Hit Hardest!

    Dr. K (e70a2d)

  117. $100M Obama dollars is equivalent to about $10M Bush dollars. The difference between $2T deficiet and $200B one.

    How much credit would you liberals have given Bush if he proposed a $10M cut? Take your worthless Obama dollars and shove it.

    Roy Mustang (9deca0)

  118. But then he went out and spend another trillion or so on the IMF and…well, trinkets, mostly.

    Patricia (2183bb)

  119. I see that Mario and DSCSA fled rater than defend their positions.

    JD (2e8bd8)

  120. Job related, I’m sure.

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  121. Comment by Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. — 4/21/2009 @ 6:31 pm

    Thank you, Brother Bradley. Having spent most of the 80’s in SD, staying in close contact with the movers & shakers downtown & at City Hall, I have a certain affection for what I consider my adopted city, even though I no longer live in the area.
    But, as we are seeing up and down this state, what happened in SD is a pestulance that infects government at all levels within CA, and will eventually, if not solved, drag down the living standards of everyone who lives here, causing an escalation of the exit-migration that has been on-going since the turn-of-the-century.

    AD (57cf22)

  122. #115- Odd you’d omit not have the bulk of your local economy depending on the Federal government basing military installations and the assorted camp followers that nest nearby. But then, defense contractors, Qualcomm, Petco, Weight Watchers, Torrey Pines and Upper Deck will keep San Diego afloat, eh.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  123. DCSCA,
    Since you seem to be such an expert on San Diego, why don’t you respond to the points I made about the spendthrift city government and labor unions? Or would that go against your Democratic marching orders?

    While you’re at it, please give your evidence that the guy with the kid was shouting “Fascists” at the tea party.

    You could also apologize for your disgusting rant against Tony Snow after his death.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  124. I think all you can do, Bradley, is post his own words, with links, each time he shows up.

    He’ll get snotty and call out names. That is what he does.

    But every time will be demonstrating that he is just a TdJ.

    On the other hand, he could actually start discussing things in a civil manner….

    I wouldn’t hold your breath, though.

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  125. Bro Eric,
    Interesting idea. I’ll at least link to DSCSA’s hateful death wish for Tony Snow

    Here’s another one from our compassionate leftist: “There giving him a full week before Satan gets notified.

    DCSCA won’t take responsibility for this slime, and it won’t apologize. Coward.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  126. The ethical pygmy (thanks, Eric, for that useful phrase!) that is DCSCA has undoubtedly been posting its filth under other names around the dextrosphere. A comparison of IP addresses among conservative bloggers might establish how many identities this entity is using to spread its hatred. But that’s Gestapo tactics, according to our anonymous hater.

    Anonymity can be used for for honorable reasons, such as fear of getting fired for having unpopular opinions, or their family being targeted by terrorists. Others, like DCSCA, are simply too cowardly to post their hate under their own name. They scurry from the light of exposure like vermin.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  127. I just wish, Bradley, that he would stop insulting and making stuff up…and actually engage people civilly.

    But the Tony Snow stuff makes me very angry. The kind of person who would write that kind of horrid verbiage…

    Eric Blair (ad3775)

  128. What San Diego needs is not a bailout; we need leaders who understand you can’t live beyond your means. That leadership won’t come from Barack Obama, the most fiscally irresponsible president in American history.

    You’re right. Shame on you President Obama. Shame, shame, shame for being so irresponsible in releasing those millions of bailout bucks to Camp Pendleton this month for construction of new base facilities that boosts the local San Diego economy in hard times. Bailouts? We don’t need no stinkin’ bailouts cry conservatives. Send us bootstraps instead. And take your Ospreys with you, too. Those Marines will do the ‘right’ thing, send the money back to Barack with them there bootstraps to yank on. They’re tough. They can wait another 40 or 50 years until a conservative is elected and then take the money.

    Now that George Will has condemned denim, conservatives are going anti-blue jeans, too. But then, what to do with all those images of Reagan in his Wrangler’s on the ranch.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  129. DCSCA,
    Wrong again: The construction at Camp Pendleton was planned before the bailouts. It’s part of a long-planned buildup of the military.

    As you can see from the link, I reported on the story and so know first-hand that you’re full of it.

    You not only lied about the alleged “fascist” chant at the tea party protests, and made vile comments on Tony Snow’s death, your pretended San Diego knowledge is also phony.

    DCSCA, your hatespeech about Tony Snow’s death is going to get lots of Googlejuice when your Democratic masters review your record. I’ll make sure to keep posting the link so people can see what an ethical pygmy and moral bankrupt you are.

    Hope your Democratic masters are happy!

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  130. The question seems to be whether DCSCA is a human or a slanderbot. All I see are talking points that could easily come from a word processor and a few macros. Actually, the DNC could probably save money by cutting out the seminars and just programming a few spammers with the talking point macros. Science is respected again, according to Obama. Maybe we are seeing the evidence of that fact. I see no thought in the comments. The more I look, the more likely it is that Word macros are generating this stuff.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  131. fioricet…


    fioricer (cb871f)

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