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Gavin Newsom: Bottled Water for Me, But Not for Thee

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The latest in a seemingly endless parade of sanctimonious lefties who lecture you not to do that which they secretly do themselves:

This week, the City Insider spotted an almost empty case of bottled water in the back of Mayor Gavin Newsom’s hybrid sport utility vehicle as it was parked in front of City Hall. At least one full bottle of Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water remained under the plastic covering.

This from the mayor who in June 2007 issued an executive order directing city government to no longer purchase bottled water, saying the containers clog landfills while the city owns a pristine reservoir in the Sierra Nevada that produces some of the country’s best-rated tap water.

Newsom, a former restaurateur, last year called on the restaurant industry to stop selling bottled water to customers and start serving local tap water instead.

To hear Newsom’s spokesman talk, you’d think the stuff was crack cocaine. He’s not proud of it — but he slips sometimes! And the mostly used stash in his trunk belongs to someone else, man!

The mayor sometimes slips, said his spokesman, Nathan Ballard. But in this case, the bottled water belonged to the mayor’s security detail and wasn’t purchased with city funds, Ballard said.

“The mayor will be the first to admit that he occasionally indulges in bottled water,” Ballard said. “It’s not something he’s proud of.”

I think it’s time we recognized that we are losing the war on bottled water.

Thanks to CQM.

8 Responses to “Gavin Newsom: Bottled Water for Me, But Not for Thee”

  1. Here is what Penn and Teller have to say about bottled water:

    Sorry for the annotation.

    But you will love the “prank” they pull in the restaurant.

    Naturally, knowing Penn Jillette, content warning is advised.

    Eric Blair (9671e0)

  2. Ohmygod, San Francisco has become a tragic parody of itself. As much as I love seeing leftist hypocrisy exposed, this is just the most stupid and inane thing ever. Bottled water? Tap water? And making pathetic excuses about a pathetic issue? This city should so be embarrassed of its behavior by now.

    Dana (137151)

  3. Goodbye, California. Financial apocalypse couldn’t have happened to a nicer freedomless Soviet bloc/former US state.

    Roy Mustang (776c16)

  4. I wonder if that water came out of a rubber garden hose or a plastic garden hose?

    I’m just askin’.

    Joseph Brown (a541d2)

  5. This is just like Mayor Bloomberg lecturing on the evils of trans fat and salt, while eating from a box of Cheezits.

    the other JD (51ca0c)

  6. What or who is Any Twosome Newsom hooked up with these days?

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  7. Is it Corporate Water?

    (To steal from Glenn Reynolds: I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people telling me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.)

    Techie (6b5d8d)

  8. […] The mayor of hippie-central, San Francisco raised hypocrisy to a new Haight(Ashbury) as he was caught hauling bottled water in his SUV. […]

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