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Your Goofy Videos of the Day

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OK, here’s a side benefit of Twitter (yes, I joined): the crap Allahpundit posts because it’s unworthy of his good blog, is perfectly worthy of my crappy one.

Recession for Men from Adrian Beiting on Vimeo.

I already steal everything from Hot Air. Now I can steal from Allahpundit’s Twitter feed. But I’m not going to hat-tip “Allahpundit’s tweet.”

Also, in the thread about Allahpundit joining, some guy posted a link to this very funny (but profane) video:

That’s the kind of crap I’m putting up on mine.

5 Responses to “Your Goofy Videos of the Day”

  1. The cologne ad is freaking hilarious. The kid is funny too, of course.


    Joco (4cdfb7)

  2. Hi-freakin’-larious. Both of them.

    Nancy (247179)

  3. “Recession for Men” is an example of the reasons that we are in a recession. Popular media drives popular culture and popular desires. Case in point, the “Real Estate” section of the Los Angeles Times no longer exists but five years ago it was asking: “Should You Buy in a Bubble?” And it then advertised itself out of business in a real estate bubble. Just as the popular press of the time hyped the trading of stock on credit during the “Roaring Twenties” and helped fuel the Crash of ’29, so did the the press’ hype of real estate and mindless consumer spending on junk in the last decade lead us here.

    C. Norris (b9d30f)

  4. Patrick,
    Thanks for the warning–it was certainly profane.

    Jay (55626d)

  5. For those of you who don’t like the second one:
    1. Listen to the original of Christian Bale chew out some guy on the set of his next movie.
    2. Go watch the original of Dave (the kid) get driven home from the dentist.
    3. Come back and see the mashup.

    kaf (3e4877)

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