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Let the Beheadings Begin!

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Many of us who have been following the horrific violence of the Mexican drug wars have been wondering: will the violence spill across the border?

Apparently, it already has.

16 Responses to “Let the Beheadings Begin!”

  1. This is shocking. Good for LA Times for looking into this.

    But [Phoenix] police received 366 kidnapping-for-ransom reports last year, and 359 in 2007. Police estimate twice that number go unreported.

    Wesson (3ab0b8)

  2. No Country for Old Men was a dark and grim book and movie, but it pretty much sums up the situation.

    Joe (17aeff)

  3. And what is the solution from the democratic leadership up on the hill.


    Nothing like selling out your own country for the Hispanic vote.

    democrats know all about that though,they sold this country out doing everything they could to lose the war in Iraq for political gain,so this is nothing new.

    Baxter Greene (8035ae)

  4. One result is an epidemic of kidnapping that many residents are barely aware of. Indeed, most every other crime here is down.

    Wow, who would think that open borders might cause problems?

    I guess the city folks could always go camping to get away from it all. Drug War in Parks

    Patricia (89cb84)

  5. And, in Cochise County AZ, a landowner who has detained (citizens’ arrest of trespassers is still legal, isn’t it?) and turned over to the Border Patrol over 10,000 border-crossers since 1998, and the County Sheriff, are being sued by a collection of illegal-immigrants for $30M+ for “civil-rights” violations.
    Who needs to work when you can play the “civil-suit lottery”?

    AD (a9d46b)

  6. The only question is whether the inevitable intervention in Mexico will happen on Obama’s watch or on the following Republican’s. The problem with failed states is that the chaos gets exported.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  7. This is all about marijuana?

    If we decriminalize it, and grow it ourselves, we keep money in the US and stop funding part of Mexico’s civil war.

    Daryl Herbert (b65640)

  8. If we decriminalize murder, then we will have less murderers.

    JD (3d2fbd)

  9. But, all this violence is being fed by straw-men buying guns in the US and smuggling them back into Mexico!
    We have Janet Napolitano’s word on that, and she’s going to stop this invidious practice.
    Perhaps she could get the Mexican Govt to stop the smuggling of people and drugs across the border into the US?
    I won’t hold my breath for either to happen.

    AD (a9d46b)

  10. Comment by Kevin Murphy — 2/12/2009 @ 9:08 am

    Unfortunately, that coming intervention will probably mostly have to occur north of the Rio Bravo!

    AD (a9d46b)

  11. JD: sure, but I think there’s a difference. 🙂 In the case of marijuana, it’s plausible to argue that the harm caused by trying to suppress it is greater than the gain created by trying to suppress it. It’s much harder to make that argument with murder.

    aphrael (9e8ccd)

  12. aphrael – I agree, and had Daryl made the case that you did, I probably would have never commented on it.

    JD (3d2fbd)

  13. Tlove, thank you. This is one of my personal favorites …

    JD (3d2fbd)

  14. “And what is the solution from the democratic leadership up on the hill.


    Deporting every single illegal in the country isn’t going to fix this Baxter Greene. This is a different business. The perp. I saw on the TV last night was a citizen.

    EdWood (b56dcd)

  15. Daryl: Maybe, but there are ALREADY plenty of marijuana growers here in California, and the quality of the “Buy America” brand is much higher (or so I’m told). Plus, the cartels now are also involved in the shipment of much harder drugs into the US — like cocaine and hereon, so even if legalization is the answer to reducing Juarez-style violence, we would also have to legalize the much harder drugs as well to get the hoped for result, and the political support for legalizing hard drugs is almost nonexistent.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think our drug policies are largely what got into this mess. However, while prohibition did a lot to increase the power and influence of organized crime in the US, eliminating prohibition didn’t exactly make it dissapear, and I fear the same may be true here.

    Sean P (e57269)

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