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Obama returns to full (Samantha) Power, media remains dim

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[Posted by Karl]

The Associated Press reports that Pres. Obama has named author Samantha Power to be senior director for multilateral affairs at the National Security Council.  The AP focuses on the incident that ostensibly led to Power’s departure from the Obama campaign, i.e., Power calling Hillary Rodham Clinton a “monster.”

This development was to be expected, as I noted when Power was named to the transition team for the State Department:

[T]he “monster” comment was likely only part of the reason for the Power outage, with more realistic Kinsleyian gaffes about how quickly US troops could be drawn down in Iraq being another factor.  Power stood by those comments and even hinted she could return after the election.

Power seems to be making her comeback, so it is worth reminding everyone that she is a virulently anti-Israel academic who has supported, among other things, imposing and enforcing a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a commitment of US troops.

Somehow, I doubt that a press still sharing Obama’s honeymoon suite will go beyond the surface chuckle of the Clinton kerfuffle to report — with a “ceasefire” in place and tensions still high between Israel and Hamas — that Power once advocated sending US troops to impose a settlement.  Of course, she has said that she no longer holds that position.  But her position may have changed, just as Obama has changed his position on having Power around.

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12 Responses to “Obama returns to full (Samantha) Power, media remains dim”

  1. Karl – Perhaps you should suggest that Samantha recommend the mindbendingly clever mile high dirt berm or balloon fence defense ideas propagated by parsnop/alphie/monkeyboi to the entire Obama foreign affairs and national security teams as a way of solving the Israel/Palestinian dilemma.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  2. This shows that things are going to get really bad for Israel when Bibi becomes PM.

    The Obama regime, bent on keeping the Jew-haters in the Muslim world and tin he EU happy, will try and force a suicidal death pact down Israel’s throat. I hope Bibi has the guts to say no.

    Israel will then be all alone. A new Masada, relying on its nuclear arsenal. And as Anthony Cordesman’s recent assessment shows, the consequences of Israel being forced to go nuclear would be truly terrifying for the entire world.

    The stange thing is that I don’t object in principle to US troops enforcing a peace deal, if Israel agrees. They would act as a trip-wire and deterrent, like they have in South Korea. But Frau Power wants to use American troops to exterminate Jews, not defend them.

    Eric R. (10e154)

  3. Old Obamian motto: “Change you can believe in.”

    New Obamian motto: “Dare to be stupid.”

    MarkJ (7fa185)

  4. Islam is an ideology as well as a religion. A militan, ultra-strict, non-tolerant, Arab supremicist ideology.

    The ONLY solution is to lower or stop Moooslim immigration, else we will succumb to their 7th century rituals, as is happening today in small doses. Islam is the enemy. Learn it. Has nothing to do with GW Bush.

    ‘Ol Big Ears made a fool of himself in his first week on the job. A truer momma’s boy we haven’t seen since, oh…..Jimma Carter.

    Our great, independent nation needs the biggest, baddest armed forces in the world, else we lose our independence.

    The Russians, the Chi-coms, the Moooslims and others work 24/7 for DECADES to take us down.

    That’s real life. In fact, every nation in the world tries to gain advantage over others. Human nature.

    But Obambi gots to have money for his “community”- that is, the losers, the lazy, the failures and other govt. employees and “inner city” residents.

    rssg (f6cafd)

  5. Being an anti – Semite means never having to say you’re sorry.

    Dmac (eb0dd0)

  6. Oh oh, this does not look good

    Long time Israel supporters Pat Buchanan and Michael Scheuer just got excited.

    Joe (17aeff)

  7. After watching that hot air link I posted above, I can’t get the song Lola out of my head.

    Joe (17aeff)

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  9. Alas, I think Power is a perfect fit for an Obama NSC; after helping maintain State’s status as Saudi-occupied territory, she’s moving on to dealing with what Obama’s supporters see as the real problem with the world.


    Joel Rosenberg (5ec843)

  10. FWIW, Samantha Power and Obama nominee for regulatory affairs Cass Sunstein were recently wed.

    AMac (c822c9)

  11. Well, Pat Buchanan is already taken, you know.

    Joel Rosenberg (5ec843)

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