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Blog: Goldstein Stalker Picks Up New Arrest

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Teh Daily Squeak says that Deborah Frisch has been arrested again.

19 Responses to “Blog: Goldstein Stalker Picks Up New Arrest”

  1. Jeff Goldstein can generate real whackos like the lovely Dr Frisch, and all you can manage is Levi; what’s up with that?

    We really do expect much more from you!

    The vaguely disappointed Dana (556f76)

  2. We really do expect much more from you!

    Yeah, that’s Patterico’s New Years resolution – a serious upgrade on the craziness.

    JayC (24a512)

  3. Patterico had a few visits from the horse whisperers, the Petranos, before he banned them. That’s some pretty serious derangement right there. Cyrus Sanai, the judge stalker, is fairly regular vistor. Fabulous David Ehrenstein sometimes has his comments approved out of moderation.

    I think this blog has had a certain share of craziness.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  4. I have followed the whole Deb Frisch story since it first broke. It is one of the reasons that I try to maintain some degree of anonymity on line.

    The trolls around here can sometimes get out of hand, but they are nothing like Frisch—at least not yet. It’s an amazing slow motion automobile crash of a story, for those who haven’t followed it.

    David Ehrenstein posted today (unless he posted several times and only one comment was approved). He can act decently when he disagrees with others.

    Levi’s tantrum was just that: acting out for whatever reason. Why waste all the energy on the screaming and carrying on? Sometimes, the troll is not simply immature, but is non compos mentis. Case in point: Deb Frisch, who threw away a career to “speak truth to power.”

    Actually, to post sexual comments about people she didn’t care for, and their children. What a waste.

    Eric Blair (3e2520)

  5. I don’t think Dana intended any slight, but Jeff Goldstein did not “generate” Frisch. JG can pick a fight (generally deserved). He can even create his own drama (as creative folk have been know to do on occasion). But he was totally blameless on that one.

    Karl (2491e1)

  6. You know how it goes, Karl. Someone talks trash on a blog, and another person responds in kind. Sometimes it gets nasty, other times creative.

    But Deb Frisch was, well, batfrisch crazy.

    Though, as you write, that is hardly Mr. Goldstein’s fault.

    Eric Blair (3e2520)

  7. Karl – I agree. Frisch is full tilt batshit boogie gonzo insane.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  8. It really is an amazing story. And Frisch goes after people.

    Eric Blair (3e2520)

  9. Take care, Jeff!

    Patricia (89cb84)

  10. I can understand some of Annie’s teachers when I realize that this crazy woman was an adjunct professor at U of Arizona.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  11. I am always interested to hear the latest about Deb Frisch.

    It makes me feel a bit better about any or all of the stupid things I have done in my life. There, for the want of a neuron, go I ……

    Evil Pundit (843b74)

  12. I was following the whole Frischiness in real time on the comment thread when it first happened. It was breath-taking. Petranos and MKDP have a ways to go to catch up with that kind of nastiness, but they are right there in the krazy department.

    JD (397a27)

  13. Frisch seems to be a fair enough example of inadequacies of current medicine and law dealing with the mentally ill.

    The mentally ill are often more annoying and menacing than is generally allowed to be the case. She seems not to be improving and interaction with the criminal justice system seems the only available remedy.

    Apparently this incident happened November first, (not on the 2nd); her victim is a local eugene lesbian who casually befriended her, in part because of her kooky reputation, thinking she was amusing and mostly harmless.
    I haven’t found any details on the actual assault – no word whether F. used a stun gun or a pepper-spray – it could have been either or both.

    (A cached blog of her puzzled victim indicates Frisch followed up the incident with repeated harassing phone calls to the womans employer, in order to try to get the victim in trouble or fired.)

    SarahW (fdd722)

  14. On her blog she claims she used pepper spray on a woman in her home. She seems to be going out of her way to insult the lawyers and judges, a tactic that has worked so well for her in the past.

    Machinist (c5fc28)

  15. I think one of the reasons Her Debness has gotten so out of line is that she has become so full-tilt boogie crazy that local law enforcement/DA’s office/etc. simply do not want to have to deal with her.

    Seriously, considering all her numerous brushes with the Eugene, Oregon police and the courts, how much does she have to do to get a 3-5 year jail sentence? Every time one of these incidents occurs where she puts on one of her public displays and then follows up with harassing/stalking emails and phone calls, it seems like the authorities bend over backwards to cut her loose with minimal punishment, most of which is based on her voluntary compliance. And when she ignores the compliance, she incurs no penalty.

    As I said, the authorities have no stomach for dealing with her over-the-top, irrational outbursts.

    And so the craziness continues. It’s been, what, 3 or 4 years now since she first threatened JG’s kids and she is still pulling the same shit.

    So what’s it going to take?

    OregonMuse (570da8)

  16. Oregonmuse, what she needs is a long term commitment, which I guess just isn’t done anymore. Everyone would be better off if she had to, in a good way, go be crazy somewhere else.

    SarahW (fdd722)

  17. Thanks, machinist. I found that blog entry you referenced.

    I wonder if the victim was actually inside the house when sprayed, as Deb’s capacity for rationalization could include, if past deb-editing is to be my guide, scenarios where the victim had just left, or was in some process of departing, or had rung the doorbell, or was waiting for police to arrive, or any number of other variations including those where the victim never crossed Deb’s threshold.

    SarahW (fdd722)

  18. In view of what she has made up about her past victims it would seem a pinch of doubt would not be out of line.

    Machinist (c5fc28)

  19. SarahW, It’s nice to see you. I hope you are well.

    Oregonmuse, I hope life has been kind.

    Machinist (c5fc28)

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