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It’s Friday

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[Guest post by DRJ]

It’s Friday and the economic news is not good.

California can’t send out tax refunds until February. Bank of America needs another bailout to help cover its Merrill Lynch liabilities, making it the Bank owned by America. Circuit City has given up its efforts to reorganize and is liquidating 567 stores. Hertz and Conoco announced layoffs, and the list could go on. In fact, I think it will go on for the next 12-18 months.

Still … it’s Friday and I’m mellow and not inclined to think about the economy, politics, war, law, or the like. So that leaves Austin cat-blogging.

Ever wonder why they say “Keep Austin Weird”? Maybe because you could see a guy riding a bike with a cat on his back:

“I saw you on the sidewalk this morning. You were riding your bike east on Barton Springs Road. You were listening to an iPod. You had a cat on your back.

It was a gray cat with a fluffy tail and a pink leash around its neck. It was draped across your right shoulder. I think you probably know that, though.

I was amazed. That cat looked so content as you rode right next to four lanes of traffic. How — HOW? — did you get your cat to do that??”

It might even be this guy, unless there’s another Austin guy with a cat on his back:

Guy with Cat

    Photo by Rebecca Sikes, Austin Chronicle.

The economy may be bad but life is good, don’t you think?


14 Responses to “It’s Friday”

  1. I would say I’d like to have that sort of behavior from my two dogs, but since one is a purebred dane and the other is a purebred shep, I don’t think I could handle the weight for more than a block or two.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  2. I’m all for keeping Austin weird. Take a gander at one of our local icons.

    Now I’m going to have to drive around looking for cat man.

    Jerri Lynn Ward (1b6f00)

  3. Yes, life is good.

    It’s 8 degrees below zero here, and I’m playing around with the most stupid software in the world, Songsmith. It’s guaranteed to make anyone act and sound like an idiot.

    Gesundheit (9ca635)

  4. It’s hard to get a cat to play the part of chick magnet, but I think that guy — with the assistance of his missing shirt — may have managed the trick.

    Beldar (60f496)

  5. A cat for a chick magnet? I dunno. We were walking our dogs tonight, one of them being a 3 month old puppy. I was straggling behind waiting for the older dog to finish checking out a tree and sure enough, looked up to see two cute college-age girls chatting up the hub and adoring the puppy with smiles and giggles and petting…the puppy that is. I just don’t think there’d have been the same response with a cat in tow!

    Dana (137151)

  6. Dogs ftw! Or semi-adopted kids.

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  7. Comment by Beldar — 1/16/2009 @ 9:34 pm

    Odd, my first thought at that was: fit, cute guy with a cat *in a hat* on his shoulders? A FLUFFY cat?

    Girl magnet…. Cat looks like my Klepto Kitten, who also shoulder-drapes, and adores people; be the cat just melts when you pet him….

    Foxfier (db0f51)

  8. Patrick
    Got a refund coming?

    corwin (c666a3)

  9. That guy can’t be from Austin, he’s got short hair.

    Austin; The San Francisco of the Southwest.

    retire05 (4aefd6)

  10. Gay guy rides with a pussy on his back onlookers stunned.

    eaglewingz08 (c46606)

  11. This guy is why Oklahoma will beat Texas next fall.

    Boomer Sooner!

    arch (84c50a)

  12. for real I see that and I think skin cancer cause he’s fairskinned and the lines under his eyes say he’s been sort of doing this sun thing for a good good while. oh. And also there’s a cat on his back. I just got back from Austin and there were condos on South Lamar. Really nice ones. I think they were called The Sage. They made me seriously think about moving back. Some day.

    happyfeet (4eacbc)

  13. oh. Is it for real cool for the Chronicle to caption that photo “Cat on the Fag”? I think that’s sort of not very called for. But I like the pictures with HEB in them. I miss HEB. Even the not plus ones. HEB is just one of those things that are good and right and this Ralph’s business is really just not in their league, not on their best day. Also the Waterloo Ice House pictures. Scattered pikchurs and all that.

    happyfeet (4eacbc)

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