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Podcast of Kozinski/Lat Talk

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At The Jury Talks Back, Justin Levine recently posted about a local Federalist Society lunch in which Judge Kozinski and David Lat discussed appellate advocacy and other matters. I would love to have gone, but it’s tough to make those downtown lunches from Compton — especially when you never know when you might be in trial. Anyway, there’s now a podcast available, here. I haven’t listened to it, but guess what’s going on my iPod right now?

P.S. Also available at the link is a podcast of a Gun Policy Debate after Heller, with Eugene Volokh and others, moderated by Kozinski. Alas, I’m not terribly interested in this one. It sounds great, but a friend of mine attended, and said it was not particularly interesting, because they had agreed not to discuss Heller (the title of the program notwithstanding). Accordingly it became (according to my friend) a rather formulaic “Guns are good!” “No, guns are bad!” debate.

It’s hard for me to imagine anything with Eugene Volokh being dull, so feel free to check it out, and tell me if your opinion is different from that of my friend. But don’t expect a Heller discussion.

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