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Obama, Biden and Lindsey Graham

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[Guest post by DRJ]

I watched most of today’s brief press availability with Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Lindsey Graham. The headlines have focused on Obama’s support for Timothy Geithner, but I was interested in their comments on Afghanistan:

“Freshly returned from a tour of war zones and global hotspots, Vice President-elect Joe Biden told President-elect Barack Obama on Wednesday that “things are going to get tougher” in Afghanistan.

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, Biden’s partner in the five-day, bipartisan fact-finding mission to Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, predicted that “casualties are likely to increase” in Afghanistan as the number of U.S. troops there goes up this year.”

Obama again emphasized he would not talk about foreign matters while President Bush is still in office, and then he proceeded to talk about them. Nor did Obama object when Biden repeatedly called him Mr. President.

I can’t find a transcript online but I was most struck by Obama’s comment that America, its military and people would do what it takes to stop nations that support terrorism. I especially noticed what he didn’t say: That America needs the assistance of other nations. I hope he meant it. If so, I like it … but I’m not overly confident. Obama has a history of changing his mind on subjects, such as his recent change-of-heart on the importance of capturing or killing Osama bin Laden.

Otherwise, here are my very subjective impressions from today’s press availability:

  • Joe Biden likes to talk (we knew that) but today he had several complimentary things to say about the military commanders and troops in Afghanistan. He apparently supports the current Administration’s surge of troops in that region.
  • Lindsey Graham is annoying.
  • I’m tired of hearing Barack Obama say “Uh” every 5 seconds when he speaks extemporaneously. I can just imagine how tired I’ll be in 2 or 3 years.
  • — DRJ

    10 Responses to “Obama, Biden and Lindsey Graham”

    1. You’re also going to get quite tired of his favorite phrase “as I’ve always said” preamble, right before he justifies changing his mind. As for Graham, he’s a feckless wonder.

      Dmac (eb0dd0)

    2. You have to wonder what the people of SC were thinking when they reelected him this year.
      Perhaps they (and the GOP generally) will get lucky, and BHO will appoint him to something.

      AD (1d0fdb)

    3. Uh, I forgot what I, uh, wanted to post.

      Old Coot (f036b5)

    4. Imagine how tired you will be of Princess Caroline saying “you know” if she becomes Senator of New York.

      Graham is a remora looking for a new fish to latch onto now that John McCain is flapping at the bottom of Obama’s boat. I guess that is that big pale Scranton sowfish Joe Biden.

      Joe (dcebbd)

    5. Uh, Lindsay Graham and John McCain are two Republicans that are driving me to support whoever (D or I) chooses to run against them in the next election cycle, eve though neither of them is from my home state. More than RINOs, they are idiots to boot, you know!

      Hrothgar (8b4b25)

    6. I understand that a number of other Senators were scheduled to go on this Biden junket and they all withdrew except for Jose Graham. Wonder why that was?

      Also, isn’t there something about presidents elect and their administrations doing this kind of trip prior to entering office? Could that be the reason that Bumbling Joe Biden hasn’t resigned his senate seat yet? (Not to mention around $35K in senate salary he will take home between 11/5/01 and 1/10/09)

      retire05 (5eaffa)

    7. Did Obama acknowledge the success of the surge he opposed or talk about Biden’s partition plan, you know, for shits and giggles.

      daleyrocks (5d22c0)

    8. My guess is Graham becomes the media’s “go-to” congressional Republican in place of Chuck Hagel for the next couple of years when they want to show bi-partisan support for Democratic programs (Arlen Spector? They would, if he wasn’t running for re-election in 2010. The big media folks aren’t going to pump up someone they think the Democrats can oust, and Lindsey’s in there through 2014 at least).

      John (692c5c)

    9. In a couple of years millions of Americans will blame the democrats for the useless death of thousands of Americans at the hands of the terrorists. I see plane, train and ship hijackings coming back since the terrorist already know a democrat president and the lackie’s he appoints will roll over like a well trained dog.
      GWB did it won’t fly more than another month or two. Then the cowardly democrats will have to make some hard choices or face an irate America. Maybe they can hire Dick Chaney to lead them out of the wilderness of cowardance or he may take them hunting.
      It’s going to be a disaster but fun to watch.

      Scrapiron (ce69ff)

    10. Four years of having to endure Joe Biden’s moronic commentary will be worse than Obama’s “uh”s.

      SPQR (72771e)

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