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Reid Contacted Governors About Senate Vacancies

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The political story getting the most attention today is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, urged Illinois Governor Blagojevich not to appoint three black candidates to take over Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat although he encouraged the selection of two white candidates (*see Foo Bar’s comment*):

“Reid urged Blagojevich to appoint either Illinois Veterans Affairs chief Tammy Duckworth or Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Saturday, citing anonymous sources.

Reid reportedly opposed the appointments of Democratic Reps. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Danny Davis because the Democratic leader feared they would lose the seat to a Republican in the 2010 general election. Reid also allegedly opposed Emil Jones, the powerful black leader of the Illinois Senate, on the same grounds.”

In Reid’s defense, a spokesman confirmed Reid also called the governors of New York and Colorado to discuss the vacancies created by Obama’s appointment of Hillary Clinton and Ken Salazar to Cabinet positions:

“[In an e-mail to The Associated Press, Reid spokesman Jim Manley confirmed] Reid also spoke to the New York and Colorado governors about openings created when senators from those states accepted Obama administration jobs.

“It is part of his job as majority leader to share his thoughts about candidates who have the qualities needed to succeed in the Senate,” Manley said.”

Do governors and the public need to know Harry Reid’s opinion of candidates in order to select or elect a Senator? I understand that might be part of his role as a leader of the Democratic Party but I don’t think the Majority Leader’s job description includes identifying worthy candidates.

On the other hand, if it is part of his job, why didn’t he call the folks in Delaware about Biden’s replacement? I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact it’s a safe Democratic seat.


21 Responses to “Reid Contacted Governors About Senate Vacancies”

  1. The best thing about this whole mess is Blagojevich giving Daley, Obama (but I repeat myself), and Dingy Harry the finger.

    nk (d08690)

  2. As the #2 (soon to be #4) elected, Democrat office holder in DC, I’m sure that Harry thought he had some insight, and input, as to how this situation should be handled. Too bad he couldn’t have consulted with Fitz before he put his butt on the line, and subsequently made such an ass of himself with his arrogance over who will be accepted as an appointee. This was probably one of those times that Harry should have kept his own counsel instead of his usual public display of incompetence.

    AD (ad74e9)

  3. Allah has a typically hilarious take:

    Not just Jackson, though. He also warned him away from Rep. Danny Davis and State Sen. Emil Jones but assured him that Tammy Duckworth and AG Lisa Madigan would be acceptable.

    Fun fact: Jackson, Davis and Jones are black, Duckworth and Madigan aren’t. Over to you, Bobby Rush!

    Pablo (99243e)

  4. Harry Reid: Bigot!
    Who would have known – I thought he just hated Republicans?

    AD (ad74e9)

  5. There have only been four black people elected statewide in Illinois that I can remember: Roland Burris, Carol Mosely Braun, Jesse White, and Juggy O’Ears. Burris and White did it on the merits. Braun and Juggy did it by default — Braun knocked out Dixon, with the help of a personal injury attorney, after Dixon voted for Justice Thomas’s confirmation and Juggy got elected because his strongest primary opponent beat his wife and his Republican opponent wanted to have sex with his wife in public.

    nk (d08690)

  6. nk,

    Juggy O’Ears

    You owe me a new laptop.

    Paul (creator of "Staunch Brayer") (43e430)

  7. he encouraged the selection of two white candidates

    Tammy Duckworth is Thai on her mother’s side and would not be considered “white” by most people.

    Foo Bar (03f778)

  8. and his Republican opponent wanted to have sex with his wife in public

    To be fair, *I* would want to have public sex with my wife if she looked like Jeri Ryan…

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  9. Foo Bar,

    I’ve noted your comment in the post.

    DRJ (2be0dd)

  10. Thanks.

    Foo Bar (03f778)

  11. No problem. Thank you.

    DRJ (2be0dd)

  12. Foo Bar – if Tiger Woods is ‘black’ then Tammy Duckworth is ‘white,’ no? Sadly, Tiger is more qualified to be senator, but won’t get a mention.

    carlitos (34f76e)

  13. Tammy Duckworth is white *enough* and would be considered white by most people.

    I am sorry you acknowledged troll Foo Bar’s “one-droppism”, DRJ.

    nk (d08690)

  14. NK:

    Here’s what had to say:

    Blagojevich may go outside the Illinois House delegation. One possible candidate would be Tammy Duckworth, director of the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Duckworth, who is Asian-American, could serve as a compromise candidate on the race question.

    Foo Bar (03f778)

  15. Ok, Foo Bar. But I would give more credence to Major Duckworth describing her own self that way. After all, she has her father’s name and followed in his career. Either way, sorry I called you a troll.

    This election played the race card for all it was worth and the Democrats are continuing to play it for all it’s worth.

    nk (d08690)

  16. can the democrats sink any lower? i can’t wait for obama to become president and the scandals to roll. will anyone hold them to task? probably not, but it will be fun!

    ktr (06fbd8)

  17. Bill Richardson drops out as Sec. Commerce nominee:

    “The decision is the first serious political hit for one of Obama’s Cabinet nominees and comes just as confirmation hearings begin next week.

    Richardson said he would remain governor of New Mexico ‘for now.’ “

    Bradley J. Fikes (0ea407)

  18. More popcorn, please.

    nk (d08690)

  19. There are two ways to deal with an enemy leader. Take him out directly. Or, if he is too well protected, you can take out his lieutenants leaving him alone, ineffectual, and isolated from his ground troops.

    nk (d08690)

  20. There was no mention how much Reid was to be compensated for such recommendations.

    Oh gee wait, hold the phone……

    That is what caused Bloggo’s enterprise to tumble. Blaggo hit him up for cash and prizes, and Harry was doing the same to Reid!

    Bloggo, don’t mess with Mormons in high places! No matter how crooked they may be. They have a “god” card and they are not afraid to use it.

    TC (0b9ca4)

  21. Asians are considered “honorary whites” by those who are hung up on identity politics. It’s a way of ignoring the inconvenient fact that Asians out rank whites on most prosperity/success measures.

    LarryD (feb78b)

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