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Sunrise, Sunset

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol reportedly had a boy Sunday in Alaska — Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, 7 pounds, 4 ounces. The Palin family has a knack for distinctive names. Congratulations to all.

Meanwhile, the family of Jennifer Seitz — a Florida woman who disappeared Christmas Day from a cruise ship off the Mexican coast — are mourning her loss at sea. The family announced today they believe she took her own life. My condolences on their loss.

Fellow passenger Jim Nestor described Feitz and her husband as having “large and raw personalities”:

“Many of the passengers saw them as contestants on an on-board game called “The Not-So-Newlywed Game,” modeled after a 1960s TV quiz show. The game was also carried on the ship’s closed-circuit TV channel.

“They stood out a lot more than other people,” Nestor, a retired police officer, told NBC.

Nestor, who appeared on the game show with his own wife, said he ran into Raymond Seitz day after his wife was reported missing.

“I had given him my condolences, and he had a plastic bag filled with quarters, and he said to me that he was going to the casino to see if he could change his luck,” Nestor said.”


40 Responses to “Sunrise, Sunset”

  1. Andrew says he has conclusive proof that the baby is actually Sarah’s. He’s not about to be Tripped up by claims to the contrary.

    Terry Gain (d4582a)

  2. I didn’t follow the cruise story, but from the conclusion it sounds like she felt fine- at least her outward appearance- and yukked it up for a game show. Then her husband says the day after she’s missing that gambling a bag of quarters might change his luck. Sounds like he may need more than luck..

    Vermont Neighbor (ceab4f)

  3. I’ve heard they have her going overboard on video, and I suspect the family might be privy to that. If it’s on tape it’s an open and shut case.

    In other news, Ellie Nesler has died.

    Pablo (99243e)

  4. Her husband’s response doesn’t add up.

    Vermont Neighbor (ceab4f)

  5. No kidding, VL. Besides the odd comment above (going to the casino to see if his luck changed), it took him 8 hours to report his wife missing. Sheesh, it was a cruise ship, how far could she have gone?? And this is compounded by his one time arrest for domestic violence-battery toward her.

    Dana (79a78b)

  6. Her husband’s response totally doesn’t add up, which is why he is lucky as hell (as it seems at this time) that they have her jumping off by herself on video. I would have simply assumed he pushed her over.

    But for the video, he would have been Richard Jewell-ed as the Christmas Killer probably to the end of his life, even if as it seems he is innocent, and even if he managed to avoid either prosecution or a conviction.

    As for the name Tripp — gah, I hate it when people make up baby names for no reason other than they sound cool to the very young parents. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume Tripp is the last name of some great-grandmother or something on either side so it has some meaning. I for one would have hated to go through elementary school with such a provocative name just asking for kids to pick on you, the poor kid is going to be tripped every other day.

    Aplomb (b6fba6)

  7. In addition to the surveillance camera, the article says the family acknowledged she had prior emotional problems. It sounds like they knew she had issues but felt things were looking up. It’s sad, especially at Christmas, but I don’t think it’s a mystery.

    DRJ (1a6fbf)

  8. DRJ, I think my comments are going into moderation…did I say something wrong?

    Dana (79a78b)

  9. Well, not to beat a dead poker chip, but if she was moody or burdened with emotional baggage her better half was doubly casual about it.

    Vermont Neighbor (ceab4f)

  10. I’m sure you didn’t, Dana. I’ll check.

    DRJ (1a6fbf)

  11. Dana,

    There were 5 comments in moderation, including some by Steve from 2 days ago on another thread. They were probably there because they contained the word c-a-s-i-n-o. Gambling-related words in comments trigger the spam filter because there are so many spam comments trying to lure people to gambling websites.

    DRJ (1a6fbf)

  12. VN, I can almost see some sense to her husband’s response. Her husband knew of his wife’s emotional instability, and it’s possible that she had attempted or threatened things like this in the past. And after being to the brink a few times, when the end comes, there is an odd feeling of relief mixed in with the grieving.

    Just remembering what I went through the first few days after my wife’s passing. She didn’t have emotional trouble, but she had been ill for several years. I felt numb, I felt lost, I felt angry, and I felt relieved all at the same time.

    So, her husband wanting to find some way to divert his thoughts while still on board the ship and making a crude joke about changing his luck really isn’t all that shocking to me.

    Steverino (b12c49)

  13. Thanks, Steve and condolences for your tremendous loss.

    It makes sense that the husband could have processed a variety of reactions. Hope you find the outlet you need, grief seems to come with no how-to instructions. Be strong.

    Vermont Neighbor (ceab4f)

  14. Will the kid visit grandma in prison?

    Real American (f0643a)

  15. Well, Dana’s post was in moderation (so was mine, since I used an object description). But what you glean from the story sure adds to the overall discussion: former anger issues and a delay in reporting her whereabouts. The existence of a tape and her own despondency really do help to clear his name…

    Vermont Neighbor (ceab4f)

  16. By the way… the Palins could honor the media for its extraordinarily fair and meticulous coverage during her recent pre-Presidential run. Trib Easton Mitchell, maybe ?

    Vermont Neighbor (ceab4f)

  17. The kid being named Tripp IS odd. But as for school yard cruelty, consider this. Tripp is part of a tough, no-nonsense family; he’s not from a bunch of candy-assed Prius drivers. The boy will likely be taught “Don’t you start it, but you make sure you finish it”. The first kid or two Tripp knocks the living snot out of will pass on the message to the rest: don’t mess with this kid.

    I have a conventional name, but was the biggest kid in my class. The taunts and the hitting kept up as long as I believed in that nonsense about “picking on someone my own size”. When I dropped that thought process and smacked a few taunters around -hard- it stopped, just like magic.

    the friendly grizzly (77fb0e)

  18. Most of the nancy boys commenting on Sarah Palin have no idea what Alaska society outside of Anchorage is like. The best set of stories about Alaska life is in Tom Bodet’s books and tapes. If you want to laugh yourself sick and learn at the same time, you should listen to his tapes about life in Homer. His is a typical Alaska story. He left home at 16, ended up working construction in Alaska, then got a part-time gig on the local radio station in Homer. If you haven’t been to Homer, you’ve missed a place on the top ten list of most beautiful places on earth. Anyway, it is a different place and the phonies don’t stay.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  19. Most of the nancy boys

    Please, Mike, such language! The correct terminology is wussies.

    Dmac (eb0dd0)

  20. News accounts concerning the woman lost at sea describe her as somewhat emotionally troubled, yet happy about her new job as a reporter for Florida Today…not that anyone should draw conclusions.

    Menlo Bob (582bee)

  21. There are enough red flags in the linked article about Jennifer and Raymond Seitz to start your own May Day Parade.

    Now, I haven’t a clue why someone who was celebrating her first year anniversary would jump off a cruse ship on Christmas night, but that she had “previous emotional problems” may be somewhat of an understatement.

    The anniversary couple met in a support group for people who had recently undergone bariatic surgery (stomach stapling, restrictive bands, or sleeves for the morbidly obese). Raymond had been arrested in April for head-butting her, and Jennifer, self described as an “avid travler and amateur chef” had written an article on how to avoid weight gain on a cruse ship. Incidently, they brought her mother along for the celebration.

    The day after his wife jumps overboard, Raymond heads for the ship’s gaming tables to “change his luck.” You can’t make this stuff up.

    Ropelight (d40bc3)

  22. I don’t think Tripp is all that odd, but it’s usually a nickname for someone with a III at the end of his double-barreled moniker.

    Kate (8a2288)

  23. Would that be the same Tom Bodet who did the quirky Motel 6 commercials? Sort of modern day Burma Shave atmosphere.

    I can picture Palin fitting right in with the motley crew of Northern Exposure.

    aoibhneas (0c6cfc)

  24. Will the kid visit grandma in prison?

    I’ll let you know as soon as I finish this Billy Beer while listening to my Roger Clinton CD.

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

  25. Why do people care what the Palins call their kids, grandkids, dogs or boats?

    Kate (8a2288)

  26. Tripp or Apple? Grace Slick named her kid God. It didn’t stick.

    Vermont Neighbor (ceab4f)

  27. Raymond Seitz obviously didn’t view the loss of his wife as that big a deal. I mean, the quarter slots? If she really meant something to him, he would have been headed for the $100 limit roulette tables.

    Cicero (8db983)

  28. Is Inspecteur Sullivan on the case of this new baby Trig? You never know, he might have stolen a piece of bread from the Hospital cafeteria.

    Joe (dcebbd)

  29. Abbie and Anita Hoffman named their son america. Lower case.

    DRJ (1a6fbf)

  30. Nicholas Cage named his son Kal-el. I’m guessing when his son discovers he has no super powers, they’ll tell him there was a bunch of gold kryptonite in the delivery room.

    Steverino (b12c49)

  31. I believe the founder of a well-known manufacturer of small jet aircraft named his daughter Christal Shanda. Not sure about the spellings, but the name sounds, to my ears, very nice.

    The last name: Lear.

    the friendly grizzly (77fb0e)

  32. Gee, I never heard of a five month premie baby weighing seven pounds 4 ounces, what a miracle child for Bristol. Now Gov Palin is a grandma two times over in the same year by the same daughter. Christmas truly is the season of miracles.

    eaglewingz08 (8182ba)

  33. Not to spoil the fun, but it’s just Shanda Lear. Get John Train’s books for more name fun.

    Has Andrew Sullivan frozen his sperm, just in case?

    Kate (39dc4c)

  34. Kate,

    I’m glad you commented. I knew Bill Lear was remarkable — he invented the LearJet, airplane radio navigation systems, car radios, 8-tracks, and held over 150 patents — but his whole family is interesting. Daughter Shanda was a licensed pilot at 17, is a big band singer, and claims she was named by her grandfather, comedian Ole Olsen:

    “My grandfather named me. His name was Ole Olsen of the comedy team Olsen and Johnson. He was the creator of “Hellzapoppin”, the longest running show on Broadway before Cats. He thought everyone would laugh when they realized that my name, Shanda Lear, sounded like the light-fixture …ah… one swings from. Of course, Kindergarten was difficult. But after that it has been all down hill.”

    DRJ (1a6fbf)

  35. Is Mike K suggesting that all Alaskans are Sam Beam look-a-like hardcore outdoorsmen? Interesting….

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  36. Despite the trolling in evidence tonight, DRJ, thank you for a funny post. I enjoyed reading about the Lear family, and Shanda’s website has some nice music samples.

    I learn interesting things here, truly.

    Eric Blair (3e2520)

  37. Comment by Kate — 12/30/2008 @ 11:14 am

    As long as they step nowhere near the white house or the VP’s residence, I don’t really care. Whew!

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  38. Well, at least it wasn’t Dweezle.

    Another Drew (wwbkaADitcy) (fa7341)

  39. 236 via Hot Air, has funny sendup of 5 Bristol Baby Conspiracy Theories for Andrew Sullivan to Push because of his relentless quest in exposing the real truth behind Trig’s birth,

    Sully was criticized by those on the right for being a whackjob conspiracy nut, while even many on the left counseled him to just give it a rest. But he would not be swayed.

    That’s why we’re certain he’s pissed that Bristol had her baby while he’s on vacation

    The Dish posted a selection from the AP story reporting that no one from the Palin family or staff would provide details about the birth, which they consider a “private matter.” And what about the fact that the baby was born on Saturday but it didn’t get reported until Monday? What were they hiding?!

    Dana (79a78b)

  40. #18 Mike K:

    Anyway, it is a different place and the phonies don’t stay.

    I’ve not been to The End of the Road (although I’ve floated past), but my money’s on the terrific wet t-shirt contest in Kodiak.

    In February.

    EW1(SG) (e27928)

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