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23 Deadly Seconds Captured on Video

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The Los Angeles Times has a harrowing story about a quadruple murder in Monterrey, Mexico, which is believed to be related to ongoing violence between murderous drug cartels. The victims included “an off-duty police commander and his wife.” The mystery, as is often the case when law enforcement officials are killed in Mexico, is whether they were killed as a message to law enforcement — or because the policeman was working with one of the cartels:

The four killings remain unexplained. The families have heard nothing from officials. The video shows no clerks or manager in the store at the time of the shooting — a source said the staff was upstairs eating lunch.

One theory is that the killers ambushed Espinosa to send a message to San Pedro’s director of public safety, Rogelio Lozano, whose family owns a chain of jewelry stores that included the shop attacked.

“The citizens have to guess,” said Marcos, the businessman and San Pedro community activist. “One guess is that [Espinosa] was involved with one gang and the other killed him. Or there’s the one that you’d like to believe, which is that, for having done his job, they killed him.”

At the link, there is security video of the shooting. It is not for the faint of heart.

The story is part of an excellent ongoing series at the paper titled Mexico under Siege. It’s proof that the folks at this paper can still do good reporting when they want to.

6 Responses to “23 Deadly Seconds Captured on Video”

  1. I’ve watched the video and storyboard a couple of times trying to figure out what happened to the first gunman. Can’t tell if he was shot, who shot him, or if he just slid and fell. Anyone else figure it out?

    Dandapani (7aefb0)

  2. It looks to me as if the shithead (dont’ know the Spanish for that medical term) who bravely shot up the man going for the door put a bullet into the 1st gunman. I believe this because in the video of the entrance, you see the 1st gun man being supported and helped out of the store.

    God, I hope these gunmen someday die screaming.

    Innocent people executed by a slapdash squad of men supporting the sale of poisionous drugs to other people. I hate everyone connected with drugs. I even hate the users for bringing this kind of violence into the world. If they didn’t use it, there’d be no sales.

    Anonymous (0d6d87)

  3. I even hate the users for bringing this kind of violence into the world. If they didn’t use it, there’d be no sales.

    The first sentence reflects a total naiveté about the cause of drug-related violence, and the second displays a total lack of understanding about Homo Sapien and the use of mind-altering substances. As recently as two days ago there were articles in major news sources about marijuana being found in ancient tombs.

    Horatio (55069c)

  4. If you don’t think that was a slapdash operation, I guess you figure shooting their own partner was part of the plan?

    And my second sentence expresses my feelings towards those who use ILLEGAL drugs. There are legal mind-altering substances that are available in grocery stores. How long people have been doing this has nothing to do with anything.

    Sorry, you may have gotten your Mr. Sophisicated rocks off with your post, but that’s all.

    Anonymous (0d6d87)

  5. The first gunman was shot by the second gunman who swung around to kill the guy running for the door. And the women was blasted again in the back when she started moving. What gutless scum! All I can say is WOW. No regard for anything. I hope they aren’t Catholic thinking that a few hail Mary’s will save thier sorry asses.

    Lisa S (ca796b)

  6. The first gunman was struck by a burst from the tailing (3rd) gunman. The second never pointed his weapon in that direction. The cabesa de mierda (shithead) realized his error and didn’t initally enter the store. Check the video again with this in mind.

    Omar (1a02c3)

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