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Impatience, Thy Name is …

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Recent quotes from three senior Democratic leaders regarding Barack Obama’s leadership —

Sen. Christopher Dodd:

“The Obama team has to step up,” Sen. Christopher Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and one of the lead negotiators, said Nov. 21 in Hartford, Conn. “In the minds of the people, this is the Obama administration. I don’t think we can wait until January 20.”

Senator Carl Levin:

“It would be very helpful if the president-elect would become more involved in resolving the issue over the source of the [auto bailout] funds,” he said. “I want him to offer his assistance. He is a person who can really bring people together.”

Rep. Barney Frank:

“It is a grave mistake to assume that parties are irrelevant to this process,” he said. “My one difference with the president-elect, about whom I am very enthusiastic, is when he talks about being post-partisan.

“Having lived with this very right wing Republican group that runs the House most of the time, the notion of trying to deal with them as if we could be post-partisan gives me post-partisan depression,” Frank said.

So is Obama a post-partisan uniter or not? Time will tell but he still has to wait until January 20 to rule. Even Obama’s talent for rhetoric can’t make the calendar speed up.


11 Responses to “Impatience, Thy Name is …”

  1. So Barney Frank, in Congress for 24 years with Liberal Democrats is freaked out over 12 years of right wing Republicans and does not want to work with them?

    Every time I hear this moron speak I wish for his immediate passing.

    Um Barney, 24-12 you ignorant f****t.

    Da'Shiznit (089453)

  2. Quoting the three criminals should be a criminal act in itself. Levin, Dodd and Barney Google should all be in prison, not in congress. May we pray that happens soon?

    Scrapiron (ce69ff)

  3. Barney Frank is a corrupt stooge. And he is getting a pass from the media over his role in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

    By the way, wasn’t it two years ago that Pelosi and Reid promised us…you-know-what? The most “ethical” Congress in history? That was the beginning of “Democratic Rule.”

    Um. Much difference? And they continue to rant about GW Bush, and the press lets them do so.

    Barney needs to pipe down, before someone asks again about the call-boy service run out of his government paid apartment.

    The unmitigated gall of people like Frank, to even use words like “integrity” or “honesty.”

    Eric Blair (8f93a0)

  4. Barney Frank should stuff a weiner in his pie hole more often so we don’t have to listen to his moonbattery. Definitely in the Top 3 of pols who don’t deserve the pay or perks of the job. Scum.

    Vermont Neighbor (5ea336)

  5. Baracky has more important things to do, like stopping the oceans from rising.

    JD (bda7e2)

  6. Hey! If you guys had the Messiah waiting in the wings, you would want him to come out and start laying on hands pronto.

    doombuggy (12e168)

  7. Like Obama’s old district in Chicago, all one has to do is take a drive through Barney-land in MA to see what kind of mentality returns someone like him to DC term after term. For those that don’t live in the Northeast, the over the top stupidity and borderline squalor of a Dennis Lehane story actually rings true in much of his territory.

    rhodeymark (e86321)

  8. I have to agree that he’s right. The leftist illuminati doesn’t take presidential power until January 20th and they’re right to not step on any toes when there is still someone else in office.

    ew (7f2fd7)

  9. Now THERE’S some nausea-inducing comments. Is that a prelude for the next 4 years?

    irongrampa (8332bb)

  10. I’m really hoping we hear an opinion from Chucky Shoomah soon, because he’s a dreamboat.

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  11. Massachusetts does have some real winners. I read that Patrick Deval is on short list of Scotus nominees for future. And let’s not forget Fat Teddy and Lurch. Wonder who will be handed the senior senator slot in the fullness of time, another Kennedy? The Greens don’t seem to have any problem with Teddy K’s NIMBY windmill intransigence. WE don’t want to spoil his scenic views or sailing experience.

    Plenty of my libtard acquaintances applaud 60 Minutes and NY Times speaking truth to power, but have they touched the Fannie/Freddie scandal vis a vis Franks and Obama’s various pals, who were rewarded lucratively? Instead they run the bailout show and some will be kicked upstairs, ex. Jamie Gorelick. The dead tree media and talking heads are a big part of the problem- enabling criminal/unethical behavior. How much fed money will be thrown at newspapers to help them out financially.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

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