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Allegation: Pellicano Had Someone Inside the FBI

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In a trial involving allegations that Anthony Pellicano and others illegally accessed law enforcement computers, Pellicano’s defense was allegedly aided . . . by a guy illegally accessing law enforcement computers. Because he wanted to please his girlfriend, the star of the movie “The Last Seduction.”

The Washington Post reports:

A longtime FBI agent has been accused of accessing bureau computers to help high-profile Los Angeles private investigator Anthony Pellicano in his recent federal trial on wiretapping and racketeering charges, according to charging documents and law enforcement officials familiar with the case.

Mark T. Rossini, 47, who lives in New York, was charged Monday in U.S. District Court here with five misdemeanor counts of illegally accessing computers at the bureau’s headquarters between January and July 2007. Officials say he was searching for reports dealing with Pellicano.

If that isn’t weird enough, enter the star of the movie “The Last Seduction”:

Rossini’s girlfriend, the actress Linda Fiorentino, known for her role in “The Last Seduction,” has personal ties to Pellicano, according to law enforcement officials.

Linda Fiorentino

A July 2007 RadarOnline post fleshes this out a bit:

The star of The Last Seduction and Jade [Fiorentino] is dating an FBI agent and, say sources, taking more than a passing interest in his work. The agent, counterterrorism specialist Mark Rossini, recently transferred from Washington, D.C., to New York, partly, according to one source, to be closer to Fiorentino, with whom he’s often seen dining at Elaine’s, the uptown restaurant favored by the literary crowd.

Here’s where it gets weird: Rossini has apparently been accepting—or soliciting—Fiorentino’s help with criminal investigations, including the one against jailed private investigator Anthony Pellicano. “He’s a big gossip,” says one source. “He talks about all the help she’s been giving him on cases.” On another unrelated case, a different source recalls being surprised when he showed up for a meeting with FBI agents to find they had brought Fiorentino along with them. He says the actress seemed “really unstable.”

There’s something comforting about knowing that an FBI counterterror expert was described by friends describe as a “big gossip.” Don’t you think? And I sleep easier thinking of guys like that getting criminally charged with misusing government computers on behalf of a guy like Pellicano.

But putting that aside, let’s get back to the connections between Fiorentino and Pellicano. The July 2007 post, naively (it seems in retrospect) reported:

Sources say Fiorentino has been exchanging letters with Anthony Pellicano for the past two years—letters whose content they suspect she’s been relaying to her boyfriend. “She’s playing both sides,” insists one source.

Not so much! Because if the charges against Rossini are true, then “both sides” were really the same side — because Fiorentino’s boyfriend was (allegedly) in league with Pellicano to aid the defense of his criminal case.

A May 2006 Hollywood Interrupted post provides some truly eye-opening details about the actress. The post explains that Fiorentino was enraged at an attorney, Marty Singer, whom she believed had double-crossed her in her legal efforts to be paid for a movie she had agreed to do with a child rapist who doubled as a director. I’m not making this up. The post says that, according to a source,

the actress became obsessed with the idea that Singer might get indicted in the legal scandal erupting around hack PI Anthony Pellicano’s notorious wiretapping escapades. In her effort to dig up dirt on Singer, Fiorentino reportedly befriended the Pelican’s ex-wife, Kat Pellicano.

But, the post says, Kat Pellicano got freaked out when Fiorentino started taping Pellicano’s children. Then “Kat reportedly caught Fiorentino attempting to hack into her personal computer.”

Spying on the spy’s ex-wife.

Also revealed in the Washington Post article:

In court filings in March 2007, Pellicano’s lawyers reference obtaining an FBI report that they said prosecutors should have turned over to them during pretrial discovery. The report raised questions about an FBI agent’s credibility, the lawyers wrote. A law enforcement official said Rossini was the source of that document.

So this accused FBI agent provides information to Pellicano to question the credibility of an FBI agent. I believe it is Stan Ornellas. The March 2007 court filings referred to in the Post report appear to include this document, which contains the following passage:

And the document as a whole attacks the credibility of (now retired) FBI Special Agent Stanley Ornellas . . . the man who wrote the search warrant to get into Pellicano’s office. The man whose credibility was repeatedly attacked in a series of articles written by a former L.A. Times reporter named Chuck Philips.

Well, you knew this would all circle around back to him, didn’t you?

So Chuck Philips’s series of articles questioning the credibility of FBI Agent Ornellas was based in part on information that Pellicano’s team allegedly received from a rogue FBI agent working on behalf of Pellicano, at the behest of his reportedly unbalanced girlfriend, Linda Fiorentino, the sultry actress of old.

Is this town great or what?

UPDATE: More on all of this here, including details about how Rossini was caught, and competing theories of the intrigue behind it all.

17 Responses to “Allegation: Pellicano Had Someone Inside the FBI”

  1. Great story full of festering souls, sick people and, per a link, a very foul odor trying to injecting itself into a sordid tale it has nothing to do with. Strange brew, indeed.

    Just what is a Moldea?

    Somebody’s crusty idea for an anti-fungus drug they put in yeast to keep white bread free from mold? Or was it the 1974 Moldea that AMC recalled to the Akron plant for loose nuts and lost bearings? Yes, that was it. Heads and tires rolled over that conspiracy. Thank God they renamed it the Pacer.

    DCSCA (d8da01)

  2. Keep this up and you might crack the Top 100 next year.

    fat tony (edf3c8)

  3. This is almost too much a pulp-fiction cliche to be made into a movie in a few years. Almost.

    jpm100 (b48b29)

  4. Don’t forget that Linda Fiorentino played Dr. Laurel Weaver/Agent L (Elle) in “Men In Black”.

    PCD (7fe637)

  5. Being a huge fan of Linda Fiorentino’s performance in The Last Seduction I find this all fascinating.

    And disappointing.

    Pellicano again? YIKES! Will we never be free of this thug?

    David Ehrenstein (15795c)

  6. Too bad – she’s a fine actress; why do theatre folks often seem just one plate short of a combo platter?

    Dmac (e30284)

  7. Linda just believes in getting into bed with her work! Sex is one of the “coins of the realm” in Hollywierd. Rocketman

    John Bibb (c0b69b)

  8. Nerd warning:

    What the heck’s The Last Seduction? She was HAWT in Men In Black.

    End Nerd Warning.

    Techie (07c8ee)

  9. The Last Seduction was John Dahl’s cheaper, faster and infinitely better version of Body Heat. Rent it.

    David Ehrenstein (15795c)

  10. I always wondered what happened to her. She’s a terrible actress, but, what Techie said about MiB.

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

  11. Comment by Techie — 12/4/2008 @ 8:23 am

    She was hot, and evil, in The Last Seduction.

    Another Drew (410846)

  12. Don’t forget Jade, another truly awful movie in which she was smokin’.

    Hermit Dave (c8ee2a)

  13. Not surprising. In Boston, the mob was able to turn the entire FBI office, to the point where the FBI guys would finger the cooperating informants so that the mob could (and did) whack ’em. Google ZIp Connolly for the who-shot-John on that.

    Then there’s Hanssen (who at least is still in prison). Then there’s Richard Miller (a nine year slap on the wrist for betraying his country) and Nada Prouty (a frickin’ FINE).

    Then there’s the whole 302 mess. The nutballs of the ever-mutating TWA800 conspiracy circle are able to operate because the FBI does interviews and interrogations in a sloppier manner than anybody, including the National Transportation Safety Board which doesn’t investigate felonies. The reason they cling to the 302, of course, is because it lets them change the evidence to bolster the charge. Every professional LE agency records interviews and interrogations verbatim — the FBI uses documents written sometimes weeks and even months later.

    Anyway, there’s about as much shock in learning an FBI agent was working for felons as there is in hearing that a Mexican Federale took a bribe. In both cases, that’s the essential nature of the agency.

    Kevin R.C. O'Brien (88bf29)

  14. Comment by Kevin R.C. O’Brien — 12/4/2008 @ 10:12 am

    Sort of discouraging when you have always thought that the FBI, and the CIA,
    were filled with the “best & brightest”,
    men and women who only had the interest of the country at heart?

    Another Drew (410846)

  15. I heard that Pellicano was used by Sitrick & Co. to kill the Rush Limbaugh investigation. The DA down there won’t answer any q’s.

    Heard The Word (dc759f)

  16. Jade is one of the worst movies ever. Terrible.

    tmq (3d200a)

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