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Obama Campaign Kicks Media Off the Plane

Filed under: 2008 Election — DRJ @ 6:44 pm

[Guest post by DRJ]

Mark Tapscott thinks the Obama campaign is flirting with Hugo Chavez-style censorship as it previews Caracas on the Potomoc:

“Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama gave us another preview this week of how he will deal with critics if he is elected to the White House when he kicked three newspapers that endorsed John McCain off of his press plane. Merely terminating access, however, is likely to look tame compared to what Obama has in store for his critics after he takes the oath of office.

Tapscott lists more examples at the link. Read the whole thing.


38 Responses to “Obama Campaign Kicks Media Off the Plane”

  1. Why is the DC link crashing my browser?

    Techie (62bc5d)

  2. Joe Klein Kicked Off McCain Campaign Plane:

    Versailles on the Potomac?

    Once again we see there’s nothing Obama has done that McCain hasn’t done worse.

    snuffles (677ec2)

  3. But, I thought that Obama was all about Hope and Change, healing the rifts that divide our nation……..?

    Techie (62bc5d)

  4. snuffles,

    Joe Klein, not every Time Magazine reporter. Do you think there is a difference between one reporter vs all reporters from every media source that endorsed Obama’s opponent?

    DRJ (cb68f2)

  5. Further, snuffles, from your own link:

    “All presidential campaigns play favorites with the press. The Obama campaign probably excluded Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker to register its disapproval with the magazine’s notorious caricatures of Barack and Michelle Obama.”

    In other words, the Obama campaign had already banned a specific reporter for a specific reason, just as the McCain campaign did.

    Isn’t there an argument that the Obama campaign has taken this to a new level by banning every reporter from every newspaper that endorsed McCain? Not to mention that it follows on top of other examples (at Tapscott’s link) that suggest a far greater willingness to censor the media.

    DRJ (cb68f2)

  6. Joe Klein isn’t even a reporter. He’s a columnist- an opinion journalist. Even still, as DRJ points out, it wasn’t TIME magazine that got kicked off McCain’s plane.

    McCain has gotten an extra plane for the extra reporters. Obama said it’s too expensive– with $160 Million income this month, it is too expensive to get one more plane for all of the reporters.

    MayBee (3114aa)

  7. The press doesn’t have any right to plane space, or even to access. The candidate has every right to cherry pick who will speak for him.
    And the public has every right to judge the candidate a sissy (can’t take criticism), and a bully.

    cboldt (3d73dd)

  8. Joe Klein is a real reporter, DRJ.

    New York Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News are right wing jokes.

    snuffles (677ec2)

  9. That’s a ridiculous argument, snuffles. Apparently you aren’t interested in a serious discussion so I’ll leave you to your tricks on this Halloween evening.

    DRJ (cb68f2)

  10. Once again we see there’s nothing Obama has done that McCain hasn’t done worse.

    Considering Klein’s history, and the utterly dishonest piece he wrote about McCain being “ballistic” and “sliming the press”, he deserved it. Klein revealed himself as an opinion writer, an advocate for Obama, not a reporter.

    Reporters who happen to work for papers whose editors endorsed the opposition are a different matter.


    Doesn’t matter much. If Obama wins, we’ll see who has the better estimation of him. I suspect we won’t be able to talk about it all that much, though.

    Rob Crawford (bcb6b2)

  11. Joe Klein is a real reporter, DRJ.

    Really? Where’s the evidence of that? Do “real reporters” find it necessary to write anonymous books?

    New York Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News are right wing jokes.

    Are you twelve years old?

    Rob Crawford (bcb6b2)

  12. I’m surprised we haven’t had any Snakes on a Plane jokes. (Just kidding!)

    DRJ (cb68f2)

  13. Oh, it looks like DRUDGE is now reporting, above the headline, a new one-day Zogby poll showing McCain ahead 48-47.

    Official Internet Data Office (184273)

  14. Everybody knew Pelosi was lying when she said Obama was going to be bi-partisan.

    tyree (5c7d89)

  15. Comment by MayBee — 10/31/2008 @ 7:35 pm

    Don’t you realize the fresh fruit that would have to come off the table to accomodate that extra plane?

    Another Drew (7aa87e)

  16. Best eject from a candidate’s plane: MoDo,

    “It was disappointing because I didn’t think John McCain would ever be as dismissive of the First Amendment as Dick Cheney.”


    Dana (658c17)

  17. The left’s response:

    If Obama did it, McCain did it worst!

    ML (14488c)

  18. Best eject from a candidate’s plane: MoDo

    Ejecting MoDo only counts if the plane was in flight at the time.

    Rob Crawford (bcb6b2)

  19. Oh, DRJ, when you wrote, of one of the Trolls du Jour:

    “..Apparently you aren’t interested in a serious discussion…”

    Um. Yes. Of course. Absolutely.

    As for Joe Klein? Well, he is kind of an anti-Semite. Jeffrey Goldberg kindasorta defends Klein, but have a look at Klein’s recent ravings (from that awful right wing magazine, The Atlantic):

    Yup. That’s a real journalist, all right.

    Or on Planet Troll, anyway.

    But you know the funny part? If Joe Klein did exactly what he normally does, but was supportive of McCain, TdJ would be railing about what a horrible person he is…but because he is in a, well, bromance with Obama, why, Klein is da bomb, as those young hepcats would say.

    We need the equivalent of those SNAFU and JANFU and FUBAR acronyms from WWII, but about trolls.

    Dmac? JD? Icy Truth? May the Muse of Creativity be with you….

    Eric Blair (51924c)

  20. Comment by ML — 10/31/2008 @ 8:26 pm

    I hope you didn’t think I mentioned MoDo’s ejection as a comparison. I just remember when it happened and it made me happy because if anyone really needed a humbling kick in the pants, it would be MoDo.

    Dana (658c17)

  21. That’s a ridiculous argument, snuffles. Apparently you aren’t interested in a serious discussion so I’ll leave you to your tricks on this Halloween evening.

    The story you linked to is a joke, too, DRJ.

    I hope you’re honest enough with yourself to know that.

    snuffles (677ec2)

  22. Trolls, trolls, it’s time for more trolls…
    Trolls all post here, because of their fear
    Fear, fear, fear of the Right
    So they keep posting to pick some more fights….

    As I wrote earlier, I leave it to my more creative brothers and sisters to better heap scorn on the usual TdJ.

    And remember: there are civil and interesting folks on the Left, who disagree with intellectual consistency and a sense of fairness. And Lord above, a bit of wit here and there.

    Those people aren’t trolls. But for the TdJs, it’s not about Obama or McCain or liberalism or conservatism. It’s about trying to feel better about oneself at the expense of others.

    So when DRJ actually tries to treat TdJs fairly, I keep thinking that she is casting…. pearls before swine, as the metaphor goes…

    Eric Blair (51924c)

  23. “Joe Klein is a real reporter, DRJ.”

    LOL. Even Joe Klein says he isn’t.

    “My job is different from Jay Carney’s, Michael Sherer’s and Mark Halperin’s. They are paid to report and, to a certain extent, analyze. They operate under real, and valuable, journalistic restrictions. Their jobs are especially tough when covering a campaign as despicable as McCain’s has been: an important part of their brief is to try to see the race through the eyes of the McCain campaign and explain to the rest of us what that looks like. For what it’s worth, I think they’ve been doing a great job. I’m proud to be their colleague.”

    “My job is different. I’m paid to have opinions.”–Joe Klein

    He’s not a reporter, he’s a propagandist…and he admits it.

    Chock up another lie for sniffles, piffles, or whatever its name is.

    Dave Surls (47b62c)

  24. “Everybody knew Pelosi was lying when she said Obama was going to be bi-partisan.”

    He is bi-partisan. Willing to work with both Democrats and Communists

    Dave Surls (47b62c)

  25. Snuffles, how much does O pay you per night?

    troll patroller (home version) (919e95)

  26. #8 (snuffles) wrote: Joe Klein is a real reporter, DRJ.

    Joe Klein is not licensed to practice journalism in any of Obama’s 57 states.

    Perfect Sense (9d1b08)

  27. The Obama Campaign is acting reflexively. In terms of getting votes, I don’t see how they benefit. In other words, this was stupid but telling – the usual Progressive infantile anti-free thought mentality in action.

    J. Peden (109022)

  28. In an ugly mask,
    Snot is dripping down his nose:
    Blow your nose, you Troll!

    Pious Agnostic (b2c3ab)

  29. As usual the liberals say, “Well the McCain did it too!” The best I can tell is that McCain kicked two people off his plane for what they specifically wrote attacking Sarah Palin. I cannot read McCain’s mind but these seem to be the columns:

    Maureen Dowd:
    Joe Klein:

    This is much different than kicking off an entire news organization.

    snookered (c64d75)

  30. Two words: “Liberal Fascism.”

    J. Raymond Wright (0440ef)

  31. Petty and spiteful, and it makes me worry that this is just the first taste of how The Precious deals with those who dare oppose him. But these endorsements are dictated by the owner or publisher bravely writing from anonymity, while the reporters pay the price.

    If people realized that unsigned newspaper editorials are not really the voice of the newspaper, but just the opinion of the publisher/owner, or at best a few hypoxic editors babbling on subjects the publisher doesn’t really care about, they wouldn’t take them as seriously.

    Bradley J. Fikes (0ea407)

  32. Joe Klein is a real reporter, DRJ.

    So was Captain Kangeroo and Toonces the Cat.

    Dmac (e30284)

  33. # 20 Dana

    My comment was a response to #2.

    I am mocking their preschool arguments of, “well he did it too”.

    I find them so adolescent.

    ML (14488c)

  34. CBS reporter: Obama’s campaign plane stinks
    The McCain campaign plane is better than Obama’s, which is cramped, uncomfortable and smells terrible most of the time. Somehow the McCain folks manage to keep their charter clean, even where the press is seated.

    Obama should just paint a big giant BO on the side of his plane.

    ML (14488c)

  35. It’s kind of like Ace’s hat tip to the story about “The Stranger,” the Seattle based paper that printed photographs of houses with McCain-Palin signs, along with addresses.

    Read it for yourself.

    And when someone temporizes that it is just satire, go back to the Malkin dust up, please. She was a “fascist” hatemonger. “The Stranger” is just having fun a few days before a hotly contested election.

    Yep. Nuance. Tolerance. Hope and Change. Dance in the pixie dust, folks, until you get investigated!

    And the One from Chicago says nothing about this kind of thing. Probably too busy trying to figure out what to say about his illegal immigrant relative in Boston who contributed to his campaign.

    Oh, wait: he now says he didn’t know about his aunt. That is another in a long list of people he “doesn’t know.”

    Or maybe the increasing dustup of maxed out Obama supporters who are government workers ordering investigations into people who challenge Senator Obama.

    But that doesn’t matter, of course.

    It’s not Hope and Change, folks. Dmac will tell you: that’s Chicago, baby!

    Eric Blair (2708f4)

  36. Whoops. Another post vanished….

    Eric Blair (2708f4)

  37. I don’t know a lot about this topic

    Not sure whether I should be up in arms about this ..

    Not sure I’d be up in arms if McCain did it too or did it worse or whatever the correct talking point is..

    I am sure the slippery slope described in the article is overblown significantly.

    i like america (d2f951)

  38. Marxists like Obama’s relative Odinga believe in controling the media to get elected (“victory in the media war could very well mean victory at the polls”). There is PROOF that Obama used his elected office—and taxpayers’ dollars—to support the presidential campaign of his Marxist relative Ralia Odinga, “Your Agent for Change,” who made a pact with the Muslims to institute Sharia (Islamic law). Odinga’s followers killed some 1500 people and burned 800 Christian churches, including one with 50 people, many of them children inside.

    Marxist Odinga’s campaign strategies were almost identical to Obama’s and are also almost identical to the campaigns of lies, manipulation, intimidation and fraud of Chávez in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia and Correa in Ecuador. Chávez, Morales and Correa are now dictators who are imposing “socialismo del siglo XXI” (Marxism) in their countries and are working with Islamic terrorists (Iran) against the U.S.

    Check the campaign strategies of Obama’s Marxist relative Odinga (for whom Obama campaigned) and compare them with Obama’s:

    1. The class issue – “elevate the emotions within all youth….be willing to vote for us in the protest.”
    2. The media – “Since 2005, the Orange team has maintained intimate contacts across all media.” “victory in the media war could very well mean victory at the polls.”
    3. Viral emails
    4. Blogs/web forums
    5. Corruption – “Branding the opponent as irredeemably corrupt will provide diversionary slavos” (Note diversionary tactic)
    6. The age issue – “Our core supporters are essentially young people”
    “billboards and leaflets ridiculing the old people“
    “Raila with young people – the promise of a buoyant future.”
    (Note “ridiculing old people” The Obama camp has ridiculed Mccain for his age)
    7. Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a last resort – “To discourage voter participation in hostile areas.” “Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas.” (Note threat of race riots in this country)

    Antonio Sosa (a1292c)

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