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Happy Halloween!

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[Guest post by DRJ]

I like this holiday. I especially like seeing little kids in their costumes but it’s fun to see young and old enjoying themselves.

We didn’t have as many trick-or-treaters this evening as we typically have. I think more people are attending parties and festivities that are easier to schedule on a weekend night than during the week. Fortunately there is lots of fun here at, with plenty of treats and only a few tricks.

Happy Halloween, everyone.


20 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Right back at you, DRJ. Our evening was similar to yours, we eventually put the candy on the front porch and went across the street to party with some neighbors. My Halloween fantasy .

    driver (56cdca)

  2. What a coincidence. Not only would that be the highlight of any Halloween but we also left our candy on the porch … and went for a nice long walk with our dogs. Our lives must be in sync.

    DRJ (cb68f2)

  3. I alway miss having small fry to trick or treat with on Halloween. What fun. There are some photos on Greta of Trig and Piper Palin looking pretty cute in a little elephant & snow princess costumes.

    Dana (658c17)

  4. Man, I bought six bags of candy, and not one kid showed up.

    I’ll be as fat as Al Gore by Thanksgiving.

    Dave Surls (47b62c)

  5. I was Chewbacca in the school play, a couple of hundred or so kids came by my house to trick or treat, we had cocktails and pizza, a firepit, and the best part — I told a lot of Obama jokes.

    Best one:

    Q: How do you know you have gone trick or treating at a Democrat’s house?

    A: He takes half your candy and gives it to kids too lazy to go trick or treating.

    nk (95bfab)

  6. Comment by nk — 10/31/2008 @ 8:39 pm

    Oh, you’ve been over to take a look at the thread on charitable giving, have you?

    Another Drew (7aa87e)

  7. I am at 300 children so far and counting. It helps if your neighborhood is a mile from Disneyland. You are sort “family friendly” by definition.

    tyree (5c7d89)

  8. Gave out over almost 100 full-sized candy bars tonight. The little ones were most fun, and letting them take what they wanted was interesting to watch. Some knew instantly what their favorite was out of 12 candy bars. Others had to ponder a moment. When told they could have more than one, few chose the same candy twice. Some self limited to 2 bars, and only a couple went for 3. Parents were stuck on the programming of one per customer, and more surprised when the children were told to pick out one for their parent(s). Watching them decide on one more for mommy or daddy was the hardest decision for them, and they always chose a candy other than one they had chosen for themselves. Funny stuff. The highlight of the evening was my son’s former platoon sergeant from his first tour in Iraq coming by with his wife and their 6 month old daughter in her little skunk outfit. She didn’t get candy, but she gnawed my knuckle really well, little stinker. This was a great Halloween. Hope your’s went as well.

    twolaneflash (6c1719)

  9. I got unexpectedly slammed here in Austin, had to run out half way through to get another couple bags of candy (and even then it got dicey towards the end). I didn’t even have any decoration like some of the neighbors, just had the porch light on.

    Aplomb (b6fba6)

  10. Another Drew #6,

    I have no doubt that I stole it from somebody.

    nk (95bfab)

  11. We handed out less candy than my waistline would’ve wanted. Around 8:30, I put on an enormous afro wig that my wife got me and we “trick or treated” the neighbors. It was great fun although the “Scotch” treat wouldn’t fit in my bag so I just drank it there.

    CW Desiato (614aa7)

  12. My tony east Boca neighborhood was rather
    quiet. No witch Palin customes despite overwhelming pro-Osama sentiments..oops, I mean Obama.
    Trick or Treat indeed. Let us hope that those nefarious Rethuglicans don’t steal another election that we’ve been told was in the bag for the Messiah. Glad to see that W administration wants to protect illegal alien auntie in Beantown from any ICE woes.

    So the elitists are suddenly afraid and Drudge has story about blood in the streets if the anointed 1 is not enthroned? Poor, despicable piece of garbage Erica Jong. Stay there in Italia, baitch.
    Hot damn- Zogby’s has a Friday poll with McCain in the lead. Could end of week rally on Wall. St. be telling us something? What say you Bobo and the rest of the trolls here? How sweet would it be to see Michelle O really upset? What are PUMA’s plans? Should McCain win, what will all those so-called conservative turncoats think?

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  13. I’m always pleased to give candy to those who survive the minefield.

    irongrampa (8332bb)

  14. I live in a fairly upscale neighborhood on the North Side in Chicago, and our number of Halloween visitors has dramatically decreased over the past decade. Not being a parent, I’m not sure if it’s our over – protective society or the perceived reality of a more dangerous world these days. Regardless, I still think it was a gas during the 70’s while growing up – seems to be much more fun going from house to house all evening, rather than attending a boring party. Bleh.

    Dmac (e30284)

  15. My neighborhood was a little slower than usual but I gave away three big bags. The kids were adorable.

    Is it possible to have a hangover from Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? I had to test a few or more. Feeling sort of groggy….

    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  16. One should be alert avoiding giving pets any of those chocolate goodies. Actually I was at the vet’s on Halloween feeling really bad about putting my lovable old Siamese out of his misery and read a pamphlet about pets allowed outside ingesting antifreeze.

    Had to chuckle just now reading about presidential pets over at Obama-enabling Althouse’s blog. The McCain’s have oodles of pets and Michele O has promised they will too after the election. The truth is that Baracky does have a pet as Chrissie ‘I squat to pee’ Matthews is constantly humping BO’s leg. And Bill Clinton favored a pot-bellied pig named Monica that he taught a few tricks.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  17. Happy Halloween from America’s hollow weenie!
    — Kisses! ‘Glutes’

    Andrew Sullivan (84d054)

  18. While absolutely gross to follow Sully anywhere, I did want to mention that adorable Trig in his little elephant costume received the lovely caption at HuffPo “Don’t you just bet Trig Palin is happy he wasn’t aborted so he could be dressed up like an elephant?”

    Apparently nothing is allowed to just remain sweet in this coarse culture of American politics.

    Dana (658c17)

  19. Dana, being civil is not “cool.” Ask David Letterman. The whole “cynical” above it all pose is nothing more than a negative set of attitudes—and usually hides a deep seated need to believe in something.

    That is how some of my Left of center friends can justify calling Sarah Palin vile names, and yet swear up and down that supporting Barack Obama will decrease our culture of divisiveness.

    Right. Just like Obama has stood up against the political culture of corruption. Yet many Obama voters will swear up and down he does—despite all the fundraising issues, the ACORN connections, the connection to unsavory people, and the connections to lobbyists.

    It’s not hypocrisy so much as a cognitive disconnect.

    Eric Blair (a723e0)

  20. I went out i make a bird mask and put wings on my arms got lots of goodies SQUAWK SQUAWK TRICK OR TWEET

    Krazy Kagu (ddd85d)

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