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Blog Post Addresses Deletion of Evidence of Obama-Ayers Tie

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Over at the Musings & Migraines blog, Maria Warren has offered up an explanation for sending evidence of an Obama-Ayers tie down the memory hole:

Jeez! The howls of indignation. Grow up, people. Yes, it’s gone; that oh-so-exciting post that people can’t seem to get enough of. We know deleting doesn’t erase it from memory. Like so much urine in a swimming pool, trace elements will remain.

It’s an odd analogy for one’s own writing, but never mind that. I guess my question is: if you knew that deleting the post wouldn’t erase it from the Internet, then why did you do it? No convincing answer is forthcoming:

For those of you trolling this site for dirt on Obama and Ayers, please look elsewhere. Red Rabbit and the rest of us have said our piece which doesn’t amount to much beyond that yes there was an event which we attended and which has been part of public record for years. If you want to have a serious debate on how progressive Obama truly is then we can talk. But judging from the traffic stats and the comments I doubt that’s what you’re looking for.

This site has been pretty hard on Obama but has always criticized him from a progressive standpoint. Quite frankly the accusation that Obama would have a terrorist agenda is laughable considering what a cautious politician he is. Nor should Ayers be tried anew for his weather underground activities. His radical bonafides are so outdated, calling him a terrorist is giving him way too much credit.

No reasonable person argues that Obama has a “terrorist agenda,” so that’s a strawman as far as rational argument goes. The question is whether the Ayers relationship illustrates Obama’s poor judgment, and/or a tendency to pander to the fringe left when it suits his current purpose.

Whether it’s fair to call Bill Ayers a terrorist, however, is hardly open to question. He has been one — and since he’s utterly unrepentant, the label has not worn off.

So go to the Boston Globe, or or wherever else we’ve been quoted. As for us, this blog is independently run, and reserves the right to pull material, specifically if that material hurts the blog at large. Moreover the post in question was up LONG before this election and in the last several months has been woefully distorted to slander a private citizen.

You know, if someone distorted a blog post of mine, I wouldn’t sweep the blog post under the rug. I would link to it and argue that it had been distorted, based upon the text.

The logical inference is that Ms. Warren deleted the post because she thought it would hurt her candidate.

Of course you have the right to delete your post, Ms. Warren. Nobody is suggesting otherwise.

And we have the right to draw reasonable inferences based upon your actions.

UPDATE: The L.A. Times will not be correcting its error. Details in this post.

41 Responses to “Blog Post Addresses Deletion of Evidence of Obama-Ayers Tie”

  1. Here, here!

    Well said, well put, well done.

    Anyway. I thought you blogging guys and gals all really DUG massive hits? Am I missing something here?

    rick (de9292)

  2. Patterico – I love how you poke the hornet’s nest with a sharp stick. After the infestation in the other thread today, this is priceless.

    JD (f7900a)

  3. Moreover the post in question was up LONG before this election and in the last several months has been woefully distorted to slander a private citizen.

    Which private citizen does she think has been defamed? If she means Obama and/or Ayers, are they private citizens at this point?

    DRJ (c953ab)

  4. The only valid reason for one to take down a post is to attempt to limit hits. I could certainly accept that one would not want a hassle with one’s provider due to overuse/server crash.

    Her excuses? More strawmen then can be found at a convention of scarecrows.

    Ed (f58dc1)

  5. This lady at the website didn’t even like Obama. (From a progressive standpoint, natch.)

    The interesting angle is not that she can edit her own blog, but that this old worn out hippie is such a nonstory, the blogger ends up… editing her own blog. A presidential candidude like O should not hang and mingle with citizen bombers. Damn the polls that say 60% of people don’t care. Obama is a virtual closed book of volatile information. Maybe someday Bill Ayers can write that one, too.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  6. As for us, this blog is independently run, and reserves the right to pull material, specifically if that material hurts the blog at large.

    How did the material hurt the blog? Too much traffic? Too many links? Too much attention? It must have been exhausting. Heh.

    Dana (658c17)

  7. One of Obama’s “in-your-face” supporters must have paid her visit and just happened mentioned where her kids go to school.

    Perfect Sense (9d1b08)

  8. I’m bored with everyone hiding Obama’s rancid past. Bill Ayers is a fine upstanding midwest educator. What did they keep in their medicine cabinet, honey?

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  9. Nor should Ayers be tried anew for his weather underground activities.

    Was he ever actually tried for them in the first place? She makes it sound like double jeopardy.

    Crimso (226e43)

  10. I think the most breath-taking aspect of all of this is that the Left is so brazen as to attempt to re-write history right in front of our eyes, in real time.

    JD (f7900a)

  11. This will be obvious for correction but Ayers was cleared at some point due to prosecutorial misconduct. That just struck me as very Chicago; backroom deal.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  12. It was my understanding that there was a mis-trial due to prosecutorial malfeasance,which I do not believe “cleared” Ayres at all.

    campfreddy (f48a60)

  13. Well, the Obama supporters about which this post was written state, about Ayres, that the facts :

    “…has(have) been woefully distorted to slander a private citizen….”

    However, I’m sure they are quite all right with the recent attacks on Joe the Plumber. That’s entirely different, of course.

    Joe never conspired to blow up buildings, and aided and abetted murderers. Quite so.

    Eric Blair (2bdff8)

  14. “…Nor should Ayers be tried anew for his weather underground activities…”

    Tried anew?
    Hell No!
    We would just like to be able to try him the first time.

    Another Drew (25937f)

  15. Obama’s been able to get away with his questionable associations because the media has turned its back on them for the past 21 months. The lovefest between the mainstream media and the leftist illuminati Obama is sickening.

    Jeff (9f2f2a)

  16. The logical inference is that Ms. Warren deleted the post because she thought it would hurt her candidate.

    Oh, hell, she can’t even come out and plainly and clearly proclaim her philosophy as “liberal” or “leftwing” instead of the oh-so-trendy euphemism of “progressive.”

    Mark (f2d1ed)

  17. If Bill Ayers had the temerity to ask a question of Baracky, then the Left might actually go about looking into Ayers.

    JD (f7900a)

  18. “His radical bonafides are so outdated, calling him a terrorist is giving him way too much credit.”

    Apparently, for the Left, retaining the label of terrorist is subject to a new bombing or murder every year or so – – – terrorist continuing education credits, or something.

    jim2 (1f38c1)

  19. Recall how Obama laughed at McCain in the 3rd debate when McCain said you can’t change facts or records … Obama was thinking, “Yes I can & have”

    Steven W. (ffe8fd)

  20. calling him a terrorist is giving him way too much credit

    They speak of this as though it is something to achieve, something to aspire to.

    JD (f7900a)

  21. If Ayers goes for another visit with Uncle Hugo maybe he can refresh his terrorist credentials. Chavez had plenty of folks in South America he wants to terrorize in addition to his own population.

    Viva la revolucion!


    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  22. Again, daley, things like that are features, not bugs.

    JD (f7900a)

  23. Look, Ayer’s did what he did during the VIETNAM WAR, it was a volatile time and protesters were doing alot of crazy stuff. How old was Obama then? What was Ayer’s now when Obama met him -gasp- That’s right! He’s a professor.

    Now, you want to dig for dirt, why not call McCain on his morals when he left his own wife who thought more about him than herself when she wouldn’t tell him she had been horribly crippled in an accident just to make his imprisonment easier? OMG! He slept around like a whore, married his mistress, and now campaings on the side of the Immoral Majority.

    I for one am sick of the Moral Majority telling me to “Do as I say and not as I do” and everytime you turn around one of them is in the news after getting caught with his pants down. They vilified Clinton and they are no better….

    Obama 08′!! Time for Change darnit!

    WeThePeople (4cdc1a)

  24. Of all the Obama’s shady associates Bill Ayers probably matters the most, because he is the key to understanding the agenda of the camp Obama represents and the the means they are going to use to achieve their goals. Once Obama gives education to Ayers and his followers, the next generation of American kids will be conditioned to believe in the same ideas that drove Ayers to bomb the Pentagon. And then American parents will start hearing questions like Dad, what was that thing you said about President Obama?.

    Dr. Slogan (0f0bce)

  25. WeThePeople, yep – you are right. Marital infidelity sure trumps killing people to attempt to overthrow the United States. Why didn’t I realize that?

    Good luck convincing people that domestic terrorism is more innocuous that domestic strife.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  26. SPQR – Even when talking about his failed marriage, which he readily admits, the Leftists, for some reason, feel compelled to lie about it. It is like there is not an honest bone in their body.

    JD (f7900a)

  27. Good luck convincing people that domestic terrorism is more innocuous that domestic strife.

    It was not domestic terrorism, it was protesting an unjust war, started by another Democrat, and as such, it was a noble and just thing for them to do.

    JD (f7900a)

  28. Lyin’ Joe Biden is all about domestic strife though, his one claim of accomplishment being the Violence Against Women Act, half of which was susequently ruled unconstitutional. Good thing Biden’s smarter than the rest of us and knows his Constitution and has forgotten more about foreign relations than the rest of us will ever know, right? Awesome VP pick Obama! Now if he could only learn to count.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  29. daleyrocks, for someone who supposedly teaches constitutional law, Biden sure got a lot of the constitution wrong. Flat out wrong.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  30. William Ayers is no more a former terrorist than David Berkowitz is a former murderer.

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

  31. It’s not JUST that Ayers was and is a terrorist and that DOHRN was and is a terrorist (She still believes that America is the greatest purveyor evil in the world today and that she and her husband need to “blow that up”; they’ve just decided to tear down from the inside via coopting the education establishment. But, the AYERS/DOHRN/OBAMA issue is more about OBAMA’s fundamental inability to tell the truth! He has worked so hard to cloud truth, to cover his tracks, to hide data about himself that the issue has become: why does BarackObama tell so many lies about this past? Why does he hideso much information – from his birth certificate, to his school records, to his ACORN records, to his CAC records, to is Campaign Donor records, and on and on and on. BO may not be a “terrorist” but he has way too many potentially dangerous asociations to qulaify him for AMerican Presidency. The Constitutional basis for the office was written to ensure that our leader was a patriot – first – and had a deep and abiding love for this country and its founding principals. BO has shown no such loyalty, now respect for American law and it is extremeley critical to vet such BEFORE the election. Itd the lies that are beginning to disqualify him.

    gel (e15794)

  32. Hey JD, “protesting an unjust war” is NOT the same thing as blowing up Americans and American properties…. You are a liberal, who has difficulty defining right and wrong – because that would actually require a moral construct and libs are SO against that! The truth is that this country and its laws – were founded on JudeoChristian morality – and our laws preclude any violence on American citizens or property. SO, you “moral relativism” is not American and really belongs in some other society.

    gel (e15794)

  33. I’ve started keeping a timeline of Obama’s activities and associations. It seems impossible to me, based on a number of articles featuring Ayers and his radical past leading up to the 1996 DNC, that he had no idea who or what Bill Ayers was when they “met” (whenever that was).

    CW Desiato (614aa7)

  34. 32 gel-
    I think JD was being facetious, as I myself am wont to do also, even though some people may not get it.
    You’ll find JD the salt of the earth, along with quite a few other thought-provoking, rational people here. Others are intellectually dishonest and blind to any criticism of Obama or indulge in constant historical revisionism.
    I posed this link on the super long thread overwhelmed by astroturfers. Here is an honest democrat and newspaper columnist, Orson Scott Card, taking on his own kind, which I think succinctly points out the genesis of the fannie/freddie mortgage industry mess with its congressional enablers and grafters.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  35. Orson Scott Card, taking on his own kind

    Much as I enjoyed Ender’s Game, OSC is a nutjob, reactionary Mormon/Scientologist and rabid homophobe, so I’d hold off on making him the poster boy for Democrats, and his diatribe on the failure of the MSM to investigate the connection between Ayers and Obama, reads like a point by point cut and paste job from the RNC Obama smear site, with the weight of his name attached to it.


    Peter (e70d1c)

  36. ^ Oh yeah. Like anyone believes that Obama and Ayers didn’t run the CAC together..

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  37. I know it gets boring hearing it, but a Republican with the history of associations that Obama has could not get elected dogcatcher, but a Democrat with them can be elected President, because the US media has become a propaganda organ for Democrats.

    Did you know that in college Obama was known as a “daunting scholar”? If they have a “Wall of Lies” at the LAT, that howler must have just been put under glass in the main foyer for all aspiring reporters to admire.

    sherlock (5f0f63)

  38. Obama went from girl-chasing drug user to daunting scholar rather quickly.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  39. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 10/21/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

    David M (447675)

  40. 35 the truth hurts, doesn’t it peter? How about addressing the effing FACTS he quotes? You libtards are forever obfuscating. Even moonbat Alec Baldwin recognizes that shitheads Franks and Dodd were knee deep in the Fanny/Freddie BS. Attack the messenger every time, why don’t you? Plumber Joe asked a question and Super Freak Baracky inadvertently gave the wrong answer, exposing his core beliefs. Few deserve to strive and get ahead and should be content to revel in socialism unless they are the elites, such as Baracky and Michelle, Ayers/Dohrn, Wright, Rezko and so on. Most all of his associates appear to be far left racists, grifters, terrorists and assorted scumwads, eh? Oh yeah, Tony R. is middle of the road, but a felon. Want to help me buy a new home in Hyde Park?

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  41. If Ayers believes he has been slandered, then bring on the litigation. I am sure we’d love to question him under oath about all his activities from his friendship with Wade Rathke head of the SDS, founder of ACORN and SEIU, to each and every criminal and terrorist act he engaged in. If this progressive creep is saying Ayers is not a terrorist well she has to fight his own words and deeds both on video and in print. I guess progressive is the new euphemism for alzheimer patient.

    eaglewingz08 (98291e)

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