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An American Carol

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[Guest post by DRJ]

An American Carol is a conservative-leaning movie that is not doing as well as I hoped in the box office rankings. In fact, it’s battling with Bill Maher’s Religulous for 9th place.

My family buys a lot of DVDs but we rarely go to movies. However, in a show of support, we decided to go see An American Carol this afternoon. We live in an affluent and conservative community, so this is the perfect location to show it. But An American Carol is not showing in my town and I’ve seen comments online that suggest other conservative communities were also passed over.

Anyone know who makes these decisions? Is it the distributor, Vivendi Entertainment, the theatre chain, or someone else?


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  1. DRJ, I live in a similar demographic and interestingly, American Carol is not showing but Religulous is. Considering the demographic of my community, I’m curious as to why they (?) would opt to show this and not An American Carol. Of course the decision may have less to do with making money and more to do with muting a right-wing film having fun at the left’s expense. Perhaps we’re just a little to sensitive – and afraid – on the left, eh?

    I’m going to contact the theater and find out who determines what is shown there.

    Dana (658c17)

  2. Maybe the free market is making the decisions…?

    Shodo (d7ea65)

  3. Shodo, perhaps, but until one discovers how a movie is selected to play certain demographics, its hard to know. I live in a community of 70,000, one theater with 14 screens so it does make me curious.

    Dana (658c17)

  4. Shodo,

    How is the process of movie distribution a free market? The only way that would be true is if I could choose any movie I wanted to see when I went to the movie theatre, just as I can choose the movies I want to buy on DVD. But it doesn’t work like that, and my inability today to see the movie I wanted to see is proof.

    And FWIW, we have almost 20 screens in my community and one of them is showing Religulous. My guess is that screening is tanking.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  5. DRJ, the problem is you’re a week late. It opened on 1,600 screens, netted a paltry $2,000 per (and an ever worse $900 its second week), so the number of places it was playing was cut back.

    As for Religulous, you can check out its numbers: 502 screens, $6,700 per for its first week; 568 screens, $3,800 its second week. So while that screening might be “tanking,” it’s still doing better than what An American Carol pulled in its opening weekend.

    SEK (072055)

  6. Note that Team America did quite well, and it was hardly less harsh to the Left. Satire is HARD, and the longer it is, the more difficult to sustain.

    By all reports American Carol didn’t cut it any more than all those tedious Iraq-whiners last year.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  7. Here in Wichita Falls TX, American Carol is being shown today at one of the Carmike Theaters. Religulous is not listed at any of the theaters. I guess Texans know what is good and what is crap.

    tmac (f9e092)

  8. DRJ:

    It’s still a free market, even if you’re not getting what you’d like; movie theaters show what they want.

    An American Carol has been pretty brutally panned, while Maher’s movie has gotten mixed reviews. Whether this is due to bias, I don’t know, but both movies look like one-note ponies to me.

    The theater chains make the decisions, mostly. (Sometimes, they have limited numbers of copies, or exclusivity deals, which doesn’t sound like the case here.)

    SEK’s numbers indicate that An American Carol was a loser for the theater owners, so they stopped showing it. I don’t think bias is a factor (thought I wouldn’t fault theater owners for having a bias; they’re entitled); The Passion of the Christ got lots of theaters when it became clear lots of people would watch it.

    Anyone seen An American Carol and Religulous and have thoughts? Bill Maher v. Bill O’Reilly pretty much has me staying home from both.


    JRM (355c21)

  9. It’s bombing because it sucks. What a disappointment. I saw this movie the day it came out. At 53, I was the youngest one in the theater.
    I used to love Zucker movies but he’s run out of comedic ideas, probably happened awhile ago. It was A Christmas Carol that didn’t have a plot with a bunch of slapping thrown in. What a pointless movie. Conservatives that like this movie fit the stereotype that we’re being accused of by the intolerants. Sean Hannity was plugging the movie but anyone that likes the movie is off my list of people that I respect. I can’t blame the actors for giving this idea a shot. But actors are always at the mercy of the director. It was nice to see someone that resembled Chris Farley on the screen, even if he didn’t have any talent.
    Don’t regret missing this one. I once bought three DVD’s once for $10. I got a bargain but they were all bad movies, unwatchable. You’ll see this one for $5 soon, straight to DVD and straight to the bargain bin. Thanks for letting me vent.

    seniorfan (9c98e1)

  10. Great theory, SEK, but it was never shown in my market. Maybe if it had been distributed well it would have better numbers.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  11. tmac,

    I’m a Texan, too.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  12. Kevin Murphy,

    An American Carol has only been out 2 weeks.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  13. Mrs. Desiato and I saw “American Carol” on opening night, also at a Carmicke (we’re in Brentwood/Nashville, TN) and while it was nice to be dishing out the punches versus taking them, it wasn’t a great movie. There were a few funny lines, the crowd seemed to like the O’Reilly scenes the best but it was just a little flat and a little forced.

    Just my opinion!

    CW Desiato (614aa7)

  14. I’ve seen the reviews but poor reviews usually mean the movie doesn’t get many return customers or new customers after the first month or two. If a movie opens in the right markets, it should get a fair percentage of first-time moviegoers.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  15. I did the footage for Religulous, and if I say so myself, it’s pretty funny. I would have gone to see American Carol, but can’t find it.

    KateCoe (908d0e)

  16. Great theory, SEK, but it was never shown in my market.

    Well then, call out the dogs, it’s obviously liberal Hollywood trying to prevent people in your market from seeing a film. I suggest a letter-writing campaign.

    (Or you can accept that it’s a mid-market comedy and was given 1,600 screens, just most other mid-market comedies. Seriously, click on my link, go to “Last Year,” then check out the theater count for mid-market comedies. Apparently, you don’t live in the right demographic for the film, otherwise the theater chains would’ve screened it there.)

    SEK (072055)

  17. So where are the good movies and TV series? We all have different tastes and perceptions. I forced myself to sit through that new ABC series Life on Mars. It was just all irritating to me. Nothing against the lead actor. So I read reviews heaping praise on it for the “great” writing and actors like Harvey Keitel and that punk who was Tony Soprano’s nephew.

    There is netflix, but try finding things you like that don’t have very long waits, are nonexistant or “unknown” availability. Well, they do have several thousand flicks you can view online.

    I haven’t been in a theater since ’03 mostly because I don’t wish to support Hollywood, most movies rot or the seats are uncomfortable for someone six three. One local upscale theatre has gourmet food and love seats available, but I don’t like paying $15 for a ticket; at least it was that five years ago.

    I’ve found some good deals on dvds alone or as part of collections at

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  18. The entire distribution system is broken at this point – most films “of an adult nature” never even make it to the theatre in the first place, they go straight to DVD. I just rented one of these films, called Married Life. It starred Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Rachel McAdams and Patricia Clarkson. Intelligent screenplay and direction, good actors and two proven box office draws. The result? It never had a chance.

    Dmac (cc81d9)

  19. MadMax – check out the original, British version of Life on Mars. I thought it was excellent, and most American adaptations of British TV fare suck the big one (save for “The Office” and a few others).

    Dmac (cc81d9)

  20. SEK,

    That doesn’t make sense. I live in a 250,000 person conservative market. If that isn’t in the demographics for An American Carol, nothing is.

    My first job was in a movie theatre 40 years ago. I know a lot has changed since then but, in those days, the movie theatre chains bundled films for distribution to various theatres. Each bundle had some hits, some losers, and most were somewhere in between. Individual theatre operators had to take the package if they wanted the current hit movies. If it’s still done that way, this film seems to be the victim of bad bundling. If not, I’m curious how it’s done.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  21. Dmaqc- I agree about English stuff in general. Watched Atonement last night- a bit artsy to me. The comedies are the best. Loved the Prime Suspect series. I have two seasons of Sleep Cell still to watch.

    I’d like an American crime drama that is on a level with something like The Wiseguy from 20+ years ago. I do enjoy The Shield now and even the newer HBO vampire show True Blood. I wonder how many of the rethuglican racists here avoided The Wire because it mostly accented black Baltimore? Of course the mayor was a major white liberal asshole. / joking about repub racists here. I agree that the Obamabots and Obama are racists and liars.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  22. The Wire was great drama.

    Another Drew (912e22)

  23. Sucks to be a Ravens or a Cowgirls fan today. ManRam is a stud.

    JD (5f0e11)

  24. “The only way that would be true is if I could choose any movie I wanted to see when I went to the movie theatre, just as I can choose the movies I want to buy on DVD”

    And thats not a free market because not everything is on DVD. Face it, Carol sucks, it made very little money, and thus its getting cut. Invisible hand of capitalism is saving you the trouble of having to see it at a theater. Add it to your netflix queue.

    imdw (45d14f)

  25. I’ve found it helps to be flexible with my weekly NFL allegiances.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  26. The movie was not very good with one exception.
    Jon Voight played a straight scene as George Washington that was excellent. Unfortunately it was a short segment.

    I got some chuckles out of the rest of the movie but I would not dare to recommend it to an undecided voter because the movie was not that entertaining. More Voight and more scenes like the soldiers at the end could have made it better. Mostly, basing it on “A Christmass Carol” did not work.

    Gary (c64d75)

  27. Watched Atonement last night- a bit artsy to me.

    Oh dear god. IMHO, the only thing that saved the film was the English countryside and a grand old manor. If not for that, meh.

    Dana (658c17)

  28. My 2 cents having been involved in movie licensed consumer goods quite a bit in the past.

    Conventional wisdom is the more theatres for the initial distribution and the more hype the more likely the movie sucks.

    When I heard Sean Hannity promoting it I figured it probably was a sure loser.

    Word of mouth is king.

    disclaimer: I don’t go to movies

    jharp (2282bb)

  29. I would have gone to see American Carol, but can’t find it.

    Kate Coe, was it not released in L.A.?

    Dana (658c17)

  30. I don’t know if this is correct but this may be how film distribution works:

    * The distribution company shows the movie (screening) to prospective buyers representing the theaters.

    * The buyers negotiate with the distribution company on which movies they wish to lease and the terms of the lease agreement.

    * The theater shows the movie for a specified number of weeks (engagement).

    * At the end of the engagement, the theater sends the print back to the distribution company and makes payment on the lease agreement.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  31. I really liked Atonement – but I’m a sucker for the upper crusty Brit dramas at times.

    I wonder how many of the rethuglican racists here avoided The Wire because it mostly accented black Baltimore?

    I was a complete Wire fanatic, and you could also add in Simon’s other works as among my faves – Homicide and The Corner. All had his trademark sharp writing, black humor and terrific acting. I would venture that Hollywood assidiously avoided honoring series like those, precisely because they were located in fly – over country. The areas outside of NYC and LA are completely unknown to most of them.

    with something like The Wiseguy from 20+ years ago.

    Loved Wiseguy as well – hey, Max – “does the toes knows?”

    Dmac (cc81d9)

  32. more on The Wire

    Being conservative, and a Law & Order guy (and that show’s not too bad – they just push some Liberal talking-points a little too strongly sometimes), I thought that Wire was a devestating depiction of how the Big City works, or doesn’t, as the case may be.

    They put the corruption, and incompetence right out front-and-center, and it wasn’t always a pretty sight; but then, most large urban cities aren’t either.

    Another Drew (912e22)

  33. Dmac, I was quite taken with the sights and sounds of upper British class, the set & costuming was stunning, the cinematography, breathtaking. However, after everything unfolded and the story led to the war, it lost me. It felt forced and contrived and very long. The ending left me cold. It was if the writer couldn’t quite figure out how to wrap it up and found a convenient explanation that just didn’t ring true. Maybe it was me but I wasn’t buying.

    Dana (658c17)

  34. AD, I loved Law and Order in the early years (with Moriarity and Noth), up until the time when Bratt left. I gave up after that, it was too redundant after awhile – although Jerry Orbach was terrific, I never bought Jesse Martin as a detective.

    Dmac (cc81d9)

  35. Dana:
    Kate Coe, was it not released in L.A.?

    My iPhone 3G shows that An American Carol is showing today at:
    AMC South Bay Galleria 16 (6 times)
    Pacific Beach Cities All Stadium 16 (4 times)
    AMC Rolling Hills 20 (4 times)
    The Bridge (6 times)
    AMC Magic Johnson Crenshaw 15 (1 time)
    Bianchi Theatre (6 times)
    AMC Pine Square 16 (4 times)
    AMC Loews Broadway 4 (6 times)
    Pacific Lakewood Center Stadium 16 (2 times)
    Mann Beverly Center (5 times)
    UA Galaxy Theatre at Los Cerritos Center (2 times)
    Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26 (4 times)
    AMC Marina Pacifica 12 (6 times)
    Mann Chinese 6 (1 time)
    AMC Norwalk 20 (3 times)
    AMC Citywalk Stadium 19 (2 times)
    Whittier Village Cinemas (2 times)
    Edwards Atlantic Palace 10 (5 times)
    Mann Glendale Exchange (5 times)
    Kirkorian Buena Park Metroplex 18 (6 times)
    Edwards Westminister 10 (5 times)
    AMC Burbank Town Center 8 (6 times)
    Regal Garden Grove 16 (5 times)
    Mann Plant 16 (5 times)
    AMC Puente Hills 20 (5 times)
    Kirkorian Monrovia Cinema 12 (5 times)
    Edwards West Covina Stadium 18 (2 times)
    Mann Agoura Hills 8 (5 times)

    By my count, that is 28 theaters in the Los Angeles area, including one that is 3 blocks from work, and another that is 8 blocks from home.

    My excuses are gone. I’m not sure about yours.

    GaryC (ba3dff)

  36. I am partial to Criminal Minds.

    JD (5f0e11)

  37. Comment by JD — 10/12/2008 @ 7:06 pm

    Just a little nerdy, don’t you think?

    Another Drew (912e22)

  38. Well, I liked it a lot and did laugh, but I prefer the gentler type of comedy anyway. I also liked the “serious” parts. Was it the funniest movie of all time? No, but what is these days? Most of them are just vulgar and mean. But it’s well worth the nine bucks. It’s moving up the popularity list, so why not support a movie that has its heart in the right place. Note: If you think Michael Moore is a great filmmaker, don’t go see it.

    Boxoffice mojo

    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  39. I live in the Peoples Republic of Lawrence, Ks. Moore’s movies normally show here for at least 6-8 weeks. An American Carol, not so much.

    That said, I drove to KC with my Obot spouse to see it. Not quite up to Airplane (although just as dumb), I enjoyed it. A an old vet, there were numerous “tears in my eyes” moments.

    She hated it! Bad acting, no plot, nothing good about that horible flick.



    Mike Porter (377cd1)

  40. Yes, AD. It is, or rather, I am.

    JD (f7900a)

  41. Did this movie tank because:

    a. It sucks hard?
    b. A lefty conspiracy?

    Reality or The Cocoon?

    snuffles (677ec2)

  42. DRJ, I think that the comments from people who have seen AC tell you the story. More negative than positive.
    Did you happen to notice if any theatres in your area carried it the first week it was showing? Perhaps they did carry it for one week and dropped it because it didn’t draw enough. (Face it. AC would never draw a significant amount of teenagers on dates.)

    It is playing around me, but I had no intentions of seeing it. Or any other movie. The last three movies I’ve seen in theater were Junior (the one where the Terminator become the Pregnant Man), Schindler’s List, and Star Trek VI.

    kishnevi (2c3adb)

  43. For SEK and the other slow of mind, one might visit, one of the more popular movie sites.

    What’s interesting is that -usually- even the worst of the drek gets at least one or two critics reviews. After a week out in release, An American Carol has not seen a single review posted. Not one.

    Henry Poole is Here (total gross to date: $1,823,850 after 8 weeks) has 9 reviews, including Rodger Ebert, the New York Times, the NY Post, and SF Chronicle.

    The Duchess (total gross to date: $1,950,786) has 10 reviews, again including Ebert and the Times.

    The Blindness (total gross to date: $1,950,260) has 10 reviews, including the ususal suspects.

    Flash of Genius, (total gross to date: $2,251,075) has (again) 10 reviews, from Ebert, Times, James Berardinelli, etc.

    I could go on, but the pattern is self-evident: the media have decided to kill the movie by ignoring it. Not only that, they are absolutely refusing to talk about it, and the best way to kill any sort of public feature (movie, concert, athletic game, or even fund-raiser) is denying it any publicity.

    I’m sorry? What’s that? Maybe it’s that bad?

    Maybe. Considering most bad movies get at least a couple of (really, really) bad reviews, just so’s the reviewer can feel some sort of compensation for enduring such drek, An American Carol has seen nothing. Nada. Nyet.

    That tells me they’re refusing to even watch it.

    Casey (9ee427)

  44. Comment by Casey — 10/12/2008 @ 8:52 pm

    This is part-and-parcel with the way the WaPo treated Doug Feith’s book on the Iraq War.
    After years of accusations against Feith and others about what they were doing wrong in Iraq, when Feith actually wrote a book detailing everything that went on, the Post ignored it – not one review – even as it went up the charts in the NYT.
    It was an inconvenient truth!

    Honesty and impartiality in media.

    Another Drew (912e22)


    JD (f7900a)

  46. Comment by Casey — 10/12/2008 @ 8:52 pm

    Actually, the NYT did review it, such as it was…

    Opens with,

    “An American Carol” wasn’t screened in advance for critics, but why would it be? After all, what good is the traitorous opinion of the cheese-eating news-media elite when it comes to a satire of the radical left?”

    Closes with,

    Cheap shots and mean spirits abound, as do celebrity cameos (James Woods, Jon Voight, Dennis Hopper, Kelsey Grammer). But it’s the laziness of the writing that most offends.

    Dana (658c17)

  47. Yes, and if you’re very nice, I’ll give you the name of my Mossad contact/handler – she might even offer you a job.

    Another Drew (912e22)

  48. Only if she can help me pass my next Krav Maga testing.

    JD (f7900a)

  49. Some things are above everyone’s pay-grade!

    Another Drew (912e22)

  50. It would be a challenge, to be sure. But I do have pretty heavy hands.

    JD (f7900a)

  51. I am about to go read a comment left by Adriane. I have not seen her comments before. I hope she is not a troll.

    JD (f7900a)

  52. 32 DMAC-
    Can’t recall seeing Ken Wahl in anything in years. The toes? Wasn’t that the ubiquitous Kevin Spacey, who by the way seems to find Hugo Chavez entralling? Seem to recall he was having an incestuous relationship with his sister, played by Joan Severance.

    I think Ray Sharkey was in the first season and, in real life, died very young of a heroin overdose. Jerry Lewis did a great job in his arc also.

    Haven’t seen all that much of early The Wire seasons, so still have that to look forward. Interesting how the various scumwads rose to their levels of incompetence, like the mayor becoming governor.

    I guess Obama being potus will be a source of pride to blacks, but since dems are so big on racial profiles, I was wondering if there was ever any black governor who was actually decent? Deval and Patterson come to mind right now and imho are not to be admired. I’m sure Obama can relate to Patterson as a fellow crackhead at one time.
    Closed mind here to Mikey Moore. I watched his takedown of GM many years ago, but will never again expose myself to his Goebbels-like proganda BS.
    Saw a recent picture of actor John god, he’s old now..71, but in great shape even if he looks like a flat-bellied version of an aging Peter Gabriel. Enter the Dragon was about 35 years ago.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  53. Comment by madmax333 — 10/12/2008 @ 9:18 pm

    Believe The Wire is available on DVD.

    Another Drew (912e22)

  54. Patrick–

    If you really do want to go see it, try The Bridge, I-405 @ the Marina Fwy. Great theater.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  55. Another Drew-
    I think all of Barry Levinson’s Baltimore stuff is on dvd.

    The Wiseguy is available at Netflix, some dvds with very long waits.

    Still have the last season of Oz to watch. I’d rather be dead than stuck in a hellhole like that. None of the cons seemed very sympathetic to me. And even though I’m a racist for opposing Obama, perhaps the leader of the Aryans was the most despicable.

    As far as English stuff, I really enjoy the Alec Guiness as George Smiley dvds or the House of Cards trilogy with Ian Richardson.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  56. Haven’t had HBO for a long time, so I missed a lot of Wire. Don’t remember Oz, was that on HBO too? Nevertheless, I’m not big on prison dramas, though I did like the film “The Hill” (POW, different from being “inside”).
    Very disturbing.

    It’s hard not to like most things that Alec Guiness did. His Smiley was spot-on.

    Another Drew (912e22)

  57. Yes, six seasons of Oz on HBO. Lots of brutal stuff and fine acting. Kind of amusing to see dudes now in leading roles in shows like Law and Order spinoffs who were buck ass naked in Oz. I mean full frontal nudity for Chris Meloni for example.
    I don’t have Showtime but have rented first two season of serial killer of serial killers Dexter, played by the gay son from Six Feet Under.
    Haven’t check lately but BET was showing reruns of The Wire, which went six seasons. They put some emphasis on the media/Baltimore Sun in the final year.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  58. Comment by madmax333 — 10/12/2008 @ 10:26 pm

    Yes, I saw one of those reruns of Wire on BET. It was one I saw originally, and I noticed cuts in it.

    Dexter is one hellacious, dark, drama. Don’t have Showtime anymore, but that first season was a kicker.

    The also did an interesting thing with Weed.

    Another Drew (912e22)

  59. “An American Carol” is playing at the major venues in town but, oddly enough, the primary newspaper in the region hasn’t bothered to review it. The Tampa Tribune did cover Michael Moore’s movies; they were of interest because of the right wing hostility to them.

    NV_Smith (107998)

  60. I live in a very conservative little suburb of Cleveland Oh, which even hosted a GWB rally in ’04, but American Carol is not being shown here, where it would make money and get viewers. We had to travel to Lorain OH to see it, a very Dem place indeed, where Kerry, Hilliary, and “the One” have all campaigned.
    So yes, I think someone is trying to alter the income abd outcome. But, ya know, if you mention this, you are raaaaaaaaaaaaacist.

    Ohio Granny (7e2ffc)

  61. Wasn’t that the ubiquitous Kevin Spacey, who by the way seems to find Hugo Chavez entralling? Seem to recall he was having an incestuous relationship with his sister, played by Joan Severance.

    You are correct, sir! Although quite young at the time, he doth creepeth the hell outta me with that part. Great, star – making turn by the Spaceman; as with most actors and directors, I don’t care what gibberish they spout as human beings, as long as they deliver the goods on the screen, I’m cool with it.

    Dmac (cc81d9)

  62. I don’t care what gibberish they spout as human beings, as long as they deliver the goods on the screen, I’m cool with it.

    Comment by Dmac — 10/13/2008 @ 6:58 am

    I, unfortunately, have yet to see an actor so great on-screen that they make me forget what a feckless dou…err, unthinking gentleperson they are off-screen.

    Thus, Mrs. Desiato and I don’t go to movies.

    CW Desiato (614aa7)

  63. When my wife and I took my 83-year-old mother to Burbank to see it, we were confused by the various theaters in the neighborhood and took a long walk before finding it across the street, on the third floor of the adjacent giant mall.

    Once there, we had no problem securing tickets and we enjoyed the movie.

    The movie is enjoyable for many reasons, but we enjoyed its unapologetic willingness to expose leftists and moonbats for the goofy morons they are.

    Clark Baker (2b76ae)

  64. I live in South Orange County, but on opening weekend it was playing in only one theatre at the local megaplex, with only four showings – about 40 people there for a noon matinee. The movie was mildly amusing, certainly not uproariously funny.

    What was funny was that we had to sit through previews of Oliver Stone’s W (a cartoon for lefties), Frost/Nixon (Dick is portrayed as the anti-Christ), and some flick about priest molestation. Was that a thumb in the eye to conservatives or just studio incompetence?

    Pedro (f8c307)

  65. Call me an elitist, but most of Gary’s list are too far away for me. And I can’t drag Mr. C to anywhere but the original Arclight. And, thanks to my solid contacts, I’m assured that a DVD will be in the mail, tout suite. What can I say?

    KateCoe (908d0e)

  66. And here’s a weird thought–why was it booked into the Magic Johnson theater?

    KateCoe (908d0e)

  67. Kate,

    I’ll wait on the DVD, too, even if I have to wait awhile. But I have the feeling the poor showing of An American Carol might have something to do with Dennis Hopper’s political shift.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  68. Man, if I took my kids to see this turd they’d hate me and who would blame them? It looks about as funny as “Last House on the Left”.

    Flyers fan (8915f8)

  69. I saw American Carol twice. The theatre was packed the first week. Loved it, needless to say. Laughed throughout, and enjoyed the unabashed patriotism and love of Country. There is a lot of really funny stuff here. Thank you Zucker, Grammer, et al!

    rick (60d341)

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