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L.A. Times Leaves Out a Few Facts on Ayers

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There’s so much I could say about this L.A. Times article, with its vivid portrayal of McCain and his followers as angry nutcases, and its references to McCain’s audiences as “angry” and “surly.” I may do a more complete dissection tomorrow, but let me make one observation:

But in an interview with Fox News, Palin cited Ayers as reason to question Obama’s “judgment.”

Palin told Fox’s Sean Hannity, in a transcript provided by the network: “And — not only those terrorist activities that Bill Ayers was involved in, but the questions need to be asked, I believe, when did Barack Obama know of these activities? We’ve heard so many confliction stories and flip-flop answers about when he knew the guy, did he realize that he knocked off his political career in the guy’s living room?”

A recent article about Ayers in the New York Times said the two men were not close.

[UPDATE: The transcript is completely inaccurate, and the slugs at the L.A. Times should have watched the damn segment. See UPDATE below.]

Yes, and a recent CNN segment on the issue, a CNN reporter said that “the relationship between Obama and Ayers went much deeper, ran much longer, and was much more political than Obama said.”

I wonder why the New York Times article was mentioned, but this segment (and the facts it discloses) wasn’t. In fact, citing the New York Times article is all the L.A. Times says about Palin’s accusations.

Oh — and in the New York Times article itself, we learned that Obama’s camp had previously been less than truthful about when Obama met Ayers. I’ll turn over the mike to Andrew McCarthy:

You might think the Times would be more curious. After all, the Democrats’ presidential nominee has already lied to the Gray Lady about the origins of his relationship with Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Back in May, in a cheery profile of Obama’s early Chicago days, the Times claimed (emphasis is mine):

Mr. Obama also fit in at Hyde Park’s fringes, among university faculty members like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, unrepentant members of the radical Weather Underground that bombed the United States Capitol and the Pentagon to protest the Vietnam War. Mr. Obama was introduced to the couple in 1995 at a meet-and-greet they held for him at their home, aides said.

Now look, anyone who gave five seconds of thought to that passage smelled a rat. Ayers and Dohrn are passionate radical activists who lived as fugitives for a decade. There’s no way they held a political coming-out party for someone who was unknown to them. Obviously, they already knew him well enough by then to feel very comfortable. They might have been sympathetic to a relative stranger, but sponsoring such a gathering in one’s living room is a strong endorsement.

And now, even the Times now knows it’s been had. In this past weekend’s transparent whitewashing of the Obama/Ayers tie, the paper claimed that the pair first met earlier in 1995, “at a lunchtime meeting about school reform in a Chicago skyscraper[.]” That storyline is preposterous too, but it is also a marked revision of the paper’s prior account (which, naturally, reporter Scott Shane fails to mention).

Why the change? The tacit concession was forced by Stanley Kurtz and Steve Diamond — whom the Times chooses not to acknowledge but who hover over Shane’s sunny narrative like a dark cloud.

Funny how none of this comes up in the L.A. Times story.

P.S. Regarding the quote by Palin in the Hannity interview: it’s interesting to note that the L.A. Times apparently doesn’t think it’s necessary to actually watch the show to see if the transcript is accurate. Does anyone have the video to see if it is?

UPDATE: Peter Nicholas, the reporter, obviously included the transcript of Palin’s remarks in order to mock Palin’s wording — which, as it reads in the transcript, sounds garbled and inarticulate. But the transcript is inaccurate, as Nicholas would have learned if he had bothered to watch the segment itself (click on Part 3; thanks to DRJ for the link). Here is what Palin actually said; I’ll cross out the incorrect words that the L.A. Times reported and include the real wording so you can compare the two:

And — not only those terrorist atrocious activities that Bill Ayers was involved in, but the questions need to be asked, I believe, when did Barack Obama know of these his activities? We’ve heard so many confliction conflicting stories and flip-flop flip-flopped answers about when he knew the guy, did he realize that he knocked off kicked off his political career in the guy’s living room, first it was yes and then it was no . . .

(The “first it was yes and then it was no” phrase was also omitted by the paper.)

The transcript made Palin sound ridiculous, talking “confliction stories” and Obama “knocking off” a political career at Ayers’s house. And the paper quoted the transcript purely to make Palin sound stupid, when her actual words sound just fine.

Unbelievable. I’ll be writing the Readers’ Representative about this.

What do you want to bet she defends it by saying that they quoted the transcript accurately, regardless of what she actually said?

UPDATE x2: Here is my letter.

35 Responses to “L.A. Times Leaves Out a Few Facts on Ayers”

  1. What does it say about Obama’s politics that Ayers and Dohrn were willing to raise money for him? I can’t see them raising money for someone with McCain’s political views, or even Bill Clinton’s for that matter.

    ROA (fc2698)

  2. I want to know what’s in his college record that makes him keep it sealed. Was he forming these alliances that far back?

    Al (b624ac)

  3. After eight years as President, the public never did see Billy Jeff’s medical records.
    How can we think we’ll ever see the academic files on The One?

    Another Drew (e6d3fc)

  4. Have we seen O!’s medical records?

    Rob Crawford (6c262f)

  5. Comment by Rob Crawford — 10/10/2008 @ 8:24 am

    Not that I can recall, but at my age there are certain short-term memory issues.

    It would be really interesting though, to see his Day Planner for the 90’s?

    Another Drew (e6d3fc)

  6. Gateway Pundit On A Roll, Ayers, Obama, Pfleger, and More

    Instapundit reports! Good stuff and lots of it, link and keep scrolling.

    Joe (dcebbd)

  7. They were forced to change their story also because Michelle O came out Wednesday night and admitted that Barack worked on the CAC with Bill Ayers.

    Of course, neither Larry King nor the LAT didn’t mention the conflict with that statement and all Barack’s prior statements. Man, I would love to see Patrick cross-X this guy!!

    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  8. From the quote: “… did he realize that he knocked off his political career in the guy’s living room?”

    Hmm, “knocked off” or did she actually say “kicked off”?

    jim2 (6482d8)

  9. They have to use the transcript, Pat. If they actually try to watch Palin, their frothing rage at her mere existence will cause them to destroy everything within a twenty-foot radius.

    (See? The anger management is paying off already. It used to be fifty feet.)

    PCachu (e072b7)

  10. Ayers and Obama are totally legitimate fair subjects of attack by McCain. Frankly so is Jeremiah Wright and Obama, but McCain decided not to go there–even though Obama, Biden and most especially Obama supporters like Sullivan are willing to throw any slander and vile rumor out there against McCain and Palin.

    The truth is Obama used Bill Ayers to get in good with higher ups in Chicago’s Democratic Machine such as Bill’s dad Tom Ayers (the godfather of Chicago politics) and Dailey. Obama used that Annenberg trust money that he and Ayers controlled to give grants to radical groups and cronies, including Jeremiah Wright and Pfleger. And oh yeah, convicted felon Rezko is mixed ino to all of this. And then Obama flat out lied about it. If Sarah Palin did anything like this Andrew Sullivan would be outside her house in Wasilla with a pitch fork and a torch (actually he is practically doing that no, but I digress).

    Obama is running a Forest Gump campaign. Does even Sullivan think Obama will cure the overspending that is the core problem with government right now? Or how about the real elephant in the room, entitlements? Are we really going to tax our way out of that, or will higher taxes just drive the economy further down (especially capital gains increases).

    And McCain, get out there and fight.

    Not that McCain is that much better, but at least he is against raising taxes and is committed to lowering spending. And earmarkes, while a small sliver of spending, are actually the grease that politicans use to obtain power and really spend money.

    Joe (dcebbd)

  11. Chesa Boudin, son of Kathy Boudin, was raised by Ayers, and has hung around Chavez. Handy, huh?

    Kate (908d0e)

  12. Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee has a link to a Documentary on the Weather Underground. The whole thing is a 1.5 hours long. There audacity is amazing. One guy even won $20K on Jeopardy! At least some seem to regret their actions.

    Aren’t Bill and Bernadette part of the Bourgeoisie now? How do they justify their own existence? What would they say if their children shouted out, “Kill all the rich people. … Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents!”? Guess what mom and dad?

    jeff (e9d07c)

  13. Yesterday I think I was blacklisted. Someone challenged me on my assertion that Bush has been p*ssing on the Bill of Rights. Here are a few sites devoted to the topic:

    truthnjustice (3d65f9)

  14. Yesterday there were dozens and dozens of comments in the spam filter from commenters of both political persuasion. I’m sure several comments were lost in the process, and I apologize if yours was one of them.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  15. Gotcha. Thanks DRJ. I thought I was being sent to the proverbial corner for my counter-arguments.

    truthnjustice (3d65f9)

  16. God it’s delicious watching you all squirm and howl as your defeat approaches. When you really get mad and start shooting people out of impotent rage, then we can lock you up for good.

    Frey_Fan (12815c)

  17. Patterico,

    There may be a link to Hannity’s interview of Palin at this Fox News’ link. I didn’t have time to watch all the videos listed there but it might be in “Part 3: McCain, Palin question Obama’s track record with Bill Ayers and ACORN”.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  18. truthnjustice – you have no counter arguments. Only campaign talking points.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  19. then we can lock you up for good.

    It’s interesting watching freaks like #16 accidentally show their totalitarian nature.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  20. Comment by Frey_Fan — 10/10/2008 @ 11:32 am

    Just don’t forget Col Trautman’s advice when you come to lock us up:
    Bring lot’s of body bags!


    Another Drew (e6d3fc)

  21. Apogee & Another Drew:

    We make no attempt to hide our totalitarian nature. And yes, we will be prying your guns from your cold, dead hands.

    For good.

    Of course, for those who surrender them voluntarily, there will be the first-class medical care provided gratis at Gitmo. You know, where work makes freedom?

    You don’t think Obama is going to surrender all that Unitary Executive Power your guys have worked so hard to accumulate?

    Thanks for paving the way to your own demise.

    Before it’s too late, why not hie yourselves off to a Palin rally and get hoarse screaming U-S-A! while telling the “boy” with the camera to get out before the mob finds a stout rope?

    Frey_Fan (12815c)

  22. Frey_Fan Toxic_Troll wrote: God it’s delicious watching you all squirm and howl as your defeat approaches. When you really get mad and start shooting people out of impotent rage, then we can lock you up for good.

    You obviously don’t really know any conservatives and have watched Falling Down on cable too often. Come out of the basement and get to know us, Troll. Trust me, we won’t shoot you unless you’re being a … hmmm … on second thought, stay indoors.

    L.N. Smithee (b048eb)

  23. Dow down 40+% in past 52 weeks.
    Obama current Electoral Vote estimate: 350 to 170

    Research topic: was it Lenin, Marx, Khrushchev, or someone else who said, (paraphrasing), “Give the capitalists enough rope and they will hang themselves”

    Or was it, “The capitalists will sell themselves the rope to hang themselves?”

    Or something else?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    (Speaking of which, Trig is Bristol’s baby — Andrew Sullivan’s got the goods.)

    BTW, I loved Falling Down. I just want breakfast…

    Frey_Fan (12815c)

  24. Troll boy shows up to distract from the Ayers thread again.

    What is it about Ayers and Obama’s relationship, as well as Obama’s lies about that relationship that makes the left so nervous that they immediately freak out?

    They screech the insults – all yelling “look over here!”, as their chosen one is shown again and again to be a leftist liar.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  25. We make no attempt to hide our totalitarian nature.

    But your cowardly leader Barack Obama does. That’s why he has trolls such as yourself try to distract from his allegiance to the very repulsive ideas that you spew on this thread. An allegiance with Bill Ayers. Obama and Ayers – totalitarians to the end.

    Oh, and truthnjustice – see what kind of people you support?

    Apogee (366e8b)

  26. As I suspected, the transcript was inaccurate. See the update. I will be writing the Readers’ Representative. Maybe they’ll correct it, two weeks down the road, but probably they will refuse.

    Patterico (cc3b34)

  27. Toxic Turd wrote: Andrew Sullivan’s got the goods.

    So he says. And he likes to grab them, too.

    L.N. Smithee (a0b21b)

  28. Trig is Bristol’s baby — Andrew Sullivan’s got the goods.

    — There’s everything you need to know about this troll, laid down in one succinct sentence.

    Icy Truth (1468e4)

  29. Good work, Pat. As Prince said in “Batdance”: “Keep bustin’!”

    L.N. Smithee (a0b21b)

  30. “…the radical Weather Underground that bombed the United States Capitol and the Pentagon to protest the Vietnam War.”

    The Weathermen weren’t “protesting” the Vietnam War, they were waging war on their own country in an attempt to establish a worldwide communist society…according to their own statements.


    “The goals is the destruction of U.S. imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism. Winning state power in the U.S. will occur as a result of the military forces of the U.S. overextending themselves around the world and being defeated piecemeal; struggle within the U.S. will be a vital part of this process, but when the revolution triumphs in the U.S. it will have been made by the people of the whole world…”–Revolutionary Youth Movement (aka “The Weathermen”) statement, 1969

    “Hello. This is Bernardine Dohrn. I’m going to read A DECLARATION OF A STATE OF WAR. This is the first communication from the Weatherman underground. All over the world, people fighting Amerikan imperialism look to Amerika’s youth to use our strategic position behind enemy lines to join forces in the destruction of the empire…”–Bernadine Dohrn, 1970

    Not only are they murderers, terrorists and communists, they’re traitors in the bargain.

    And anyone that would knowingly and willingly associate with trash like Ayers or Dohrn is just as bad as they are.

    Dave Surls (0bb5b9)

  31. I’ve got to schedule more time at the loading bench.
    So many targets…..

    Protect the Environement…..

    Another Drew (e6d3fc)

  32. This post isn’t about Ayers, but it is about Acorn.
    Nuts off the same tree.
    I read today about all the Acorn vote registration scandals. I followed that by reading how Obama denied ever training Acorn people, but then found this:

    Article from the Cleveland Ledger where they quote an article by a Ms. Foulkes, a Chicago ACORN Leader, which was published in the journal Social Policy.

    “Obama took the case, known as ACORN vs. Edgar (the name of the Republican governor at the time) and we won. Obama then went on to run a voter registration project with Project VOTE in 1992 that made it possible for Carol Moseley Braun to win the Senate that year. Project VOTE delivered 50,000 newly registered voters in that campaign (ACORN delivered about 5,000 of them).

    Since then, we have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office. Thus it was natural for many of us to be active volunteers in his first campaign for STate Senate and then his failed bid for U.S. Congress in 1996. By the time he ran for U.S. Senate, we were old friends.”


    So lots of Presidents get accused of stealing elections, most recently George Bush was accused of this in 2000 and 2004.
    What is truly unique about Obama is that he actually PERSONALLY trained people from the organization who are out commiting election fraud. Plus Obama used our taxes to do it.
    I don’t think any other Presidential candidate has ever trained his own fraud squad much less fund the whole mess with tax dollars.
    Nice job.
    There’s some real change…

    SteveG (71dc6f)

  33. Sorry for the crappy cut and paste (with bonus bad spelling)

    The newspaper is the :

    gatewaypundit is where I got the wrap up

    SteveG (71dc6f)

  34. Patterico, when you do your dissection tomorrow, don’t forget to include the video and comments of John McCain having to reassure the nut jobs who are the only people who will attend McCain’s rallies anymore that they need not be afraid of Obama and that Obama is a decent, family man. After McCain tried to reassure the crowd of Obama not being a terrorist, they booed him!

    So much for the L.A. Times accurate portrayal of these wingnuts and your denial of reality. I don’t know if you caught David Brooks’s article, but he made a valid point that I agree with, the Republican party has become a party run by and supported by idiots because it is the Republican brand to alienate those who might be educated. This is why everything the Republican’s have believed in is falling like a house of cards. ie. Free market fundamentalism only exists when capitalism yields profit. When debts arise, it is now time to embrace socialism!

    Anyway, any ounce of respect that I had left for McCain has now vanished. Right wing nuts can talk about Obama’s connection to Ayers all they want. They can deny Palin’s lack of truthfulness in trooper gate all you want. They can deny her support of the secessionist group in Alaska and her support of a Kenyan preacher who prays away witches and terrorizes those in his village using tactics similar to those found in “The Crucible” too. They can deny McCain’s involvement in the Keating 5 and his participation with a group of white supremacists as well. I don’t care if they support McCain and Palin forever because we don’t need them anymore. We have an adequate majority who is going to elect Barack Obama and their voices don’t matter. Yeah!!! Finally!!!! There is the option to elect a candidate for change after all and we didn’t need the support of the right wing nuts to get there!

    Da Bombz Diggity (f489d5)

  35. Bombz, odd that you support Obama the candidate of lies who has only “changed” his past.

    SPQR (26be8b)

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