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Palin Knew the Answers, She Just Didn’t Want to Say Them

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The New York Times‘s Caucus Blog:

Ms. Palin explained that she stumbled in the Couric interviews not because she didnt know the answers, but that she was annoyed with the interview because she thought the questions did not focus enough on the qualities needed in a vice president. She promised to try to be patient in the future.

I’m looking for more genuineness and honesty. Instead I’m getting answers that I don’t believe.

UPDATE: I’m getting people saying that the New York Times distorted her remarks. I read her remarks in fuller context from Jake Tapper, and based on that, I don’t think her remarks were distorted. (I’m willing to have people try to persuade me otherwise, because I like Gov. Palin.)

Her explanation is not implausible as it relates to the question about what she reads.

But let’s be honest: on the question about Supreme Court cases, she either didn’t have an answer or froze. That’s fine; just admit it when asked about it. But she’s describing that answer of hers as “flippant” — implying that she had a good answer but refused to give it out of annoyance. That makes no sense.

Again, I’m not trying to tear her down or make a stupid suggestion like calling for her to leave the ticket. I’m just saying: she didn’t fail to name Supreme Court cases out of annoyance. She seemingly didn’t know any, or froze. Either way, admit it and move on.

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  1. If anyone takes a good long look at how the press has gone after Palin, repeating straight up lies (like the “rape kit” story) over and over again, I completely understand why Sarah Palin would not want to listen to more “gotcha” questions from partisan hacks like Katie Couric.

    Eric Blair (d07d10)

  2. I thought it was a very weak explanation, but I don’t think there is a better one. Of course she was frustrated by the interviews, but she agreed to them and this is what she should expect.

    She probably got nervous or had a brain freeze or something… she has been involved with active supreme court litigation, and has spoken about it a few times, so I don’t think she’s nearly as unfamiliar with that subject as she certainly came across as. She is, in fact, less prepared for interviews and politics as Obama and Biden. She’s a much more experienced actual leader, and has a much thicker resume of accomplishments than Biden or Obama, but as far as campaigning, she is not in the same league… which is part of the attraction of course.

    It is clever to make this about the bias against her. That’s a debate she can’t lose, and she knows it. Couric and Gibson were totally unfair. The selection of moderator was as unfair as choosing Bill O’Reilly. The papers and the networks have continually scrutinized everything about her while ignoring huge problems with Biden’s family fraud cases, Obama’s fannie maw and ACORN connection, and the media has had to back off many outright lies they have said about Palin. It’s red meat for Palin to say she was just irritated at the MSM… I don’t think that really explains her screw ups, but it’s probably as good an explanation as she can come up with aside from simply being less prepared for campaigning.

    The nation watched Palin unfiltered last night, so Palin still wins in the end. She will be a major figure in the Republican party for decades.

    Juan (4cdfb7)

  3. Palin admitted she was exasperated with Couric’s questions but she realizes that was a mistake. The media may have a zero tolerance policy for Republicans but that doesn’t mean we should, too.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  4. Huh. I believed it.

    I mean, really. If you had Tony Blair in your interview (hell, if you had Tony Soprano), would you ask him, “what newspapers do you read every day?”

    It’s either (a) nitwit cocktail party chatter, or (b) faux chumminess, or (c) a patronizing insult.

    Come on, she’s running for VP! What next, “who’s your favourite president?” Sheesh

    Marco (5f7986)

  5. I’m surprised Couric didn’t ask Palin “What’s your favorite hamburger joint? Whataburger or McDonald’s?”

    Who gives a damn what publications Palin reads. Perhaps someone should tell Perky Katie that there is this thing called the internet where you can access all publications and read the articles you want without a bunch of useless newprint going into your garbage can. I thought liberals were all into saving trees. Guess not. Or does Perky Katie think that Alaska is soooo back woods that they haven’t gotten the internet yet?

    Personally, I think Governor Palin should have said to the “press”, “Screw you. You have printed such trash about me, my family and my state that I don’t give a damn about giving you an interview.”

    retire05 (6a9ee7)

  6. “Instead I’m getting answers that I don’t believe.”

    Are you serious?

    Dang, I certainly blundered inot the wrong blog.

    Larry Sheldon (86b2e1)

  7. I think the more an individual is a glass half-empty pragmatist who is prone toward snark or sacrcasm when rebuking, the more they may tend to see the Palin quote as disingenuous and an excuse because if it were them and they were annoyed like Palin, without question everyone would know without a doubt that they were making a pointed statement…not stumbling or bumbling, but no-holds barred serious.

    Watch the video of the interview. It adds a lot of context.

    Dana (973491)

  8. Oh for heaven’s sake, for the sheer tidal wave of derision and outright hate she has received and the backstabbing way so-called “interviewers” have dealt with her, I give her credit for not reaching out and cold cocking Couric. The whole “ewww, you’re from icky Alaska…like you think you’re a real American?” vibe that rolls off the pickled-in-nihilism Legacy media types wouldn’t freeze up anyone NOT raised in NYCity/DC/Frisco?

    Oh sweetie, what brand of pantyhose do you have in your trailer?

    It was a glaring “gotcha” question and maybe Palin should/could have handled it better. But stop blaming her for thinking that she would have been treated fairly by people who claim to be journalists.

    Darleen (187edc)

  9. Well Katie, us folks up that way is a little too po for things like magazines and all. Geez, even those nice travelin’ magazine kids don’t come a knockin’ up in the North woods.

    But whenever I get to the docs, who usually have a nice spread on in the waitin’ room, I just love to catch up on Mother Jones, despite them almost bein comminists, cause their illustrated How To’s on outhouses and septic systems are just so cuttin’ edge…know what I’m sayin’

    Todd subscribes to Snow Machine Illustrated but the other dudes always grab those issues and I never get to see em.

    The girls just love Mid Wife Monthly, for the articles of course, not the photos, Katie. Oh my, please.

    The she smacks Katie in the face…all the while smiling, of course.

    PC14 (ec0516)

  10. That’s what I would have liked to have seen – Palin smacking Katie in the face – all the while smiling her killer smile, of course.

    We could all believe that.

    Dana (973491)

  11. “…vibe that rolls off the pickled-in-nihilism Legacy media types wouldn’t freeze up anyone NOT raised in NYCity/DC/Frisco?”

    We have those types of human horriblus right here in Chicago as well, I can assure you. Just during lunch today downtown, I heard a “reporter” on the TV saying “but how can any woman not think that Palin’s a huge step backwards for them?” Once again, the meme of women as a complete monolith, empty vessels just waiting for their directions from the MSM on how to vote.

    Dmac (e639cc)

  12. You know I didn’t necessarily buy the line on what she reads either. Katy Couric wanted her to say “USA Today; People Magazine; Cosmopolitan (for the great sex articles), and maybe the weekly Pennysaver for the coupons”.

    But at the same time, give me a break. The governor of any state is going to read the local papers, probably the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. In the case of an energy producing state he or she will be reading Platts Oilgram, various Bloomberg publications etc. Will they read all of this on a daily basis? No. Will they have a staffer looking at these publications for them? Yes.

    Now here in the Peoples Republic of California, Governor Schwarzenegger no doubt reads the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Sacramento Bee on a daily basis. That diet of newspapers explains why he is brain dead.

    Mike Myers (31af82)

  13. You know I didn’t necessarily buy the line on what she reads either. Katy Couric wanted her to say “USA Today; People Magazine; Cosmopolitan (for the great sex articles), and maybe the weekly Pennysaver for the coupons”.

    But at the same time, give me a break. The governor of any state is going to read the local papers, probably the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. In the case of an energy producing state he or she will be reading Platts Oilgram, various Bloomberg publications etc. Will they read all of this on a daily basis? No. Will they have a staffer looking at these publications for them? Yes.

    Now here in the Peoples Republic of California, Governor Schwarzenegger no doubt reads the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Sacramento Bee on a daily basis. That diet of newspapers explains why he is brain dead.

    Mike Myers (31af82)

  14. Joe Biden made by last count 24 delusional statements in a period of him speaking for 40 minutes last night ranging from Pakistans ability to hit Israel with a nuclear missile to the US and French ran Hesbollah out of Lebanon and your are concerned that Palin really didn’t know what periodicals she reads?

    I guess you should vote for Obama/Biden then, I can’t help you.

    robtr (54b7c0)

  15. Oh for heaven’s sake, for the sheer tidal wave of derision and outright hate she has received and the backstabbing way so-called “interviewers” have dealt with her, I give her credit for not reaching out and cold cocking Couric

    I agree, Darleen. I so so agree.

    I am really tired of these nit-picking purity tests. So you didn’t love her answer, Patterico and Allah Pundit. Are you afraid she’s going to be voted into office in a landslide because people are too naive about her?
    Do you think she’s going to become VP because nobody’s bothered to criticize her strongly enough?

    What’s the point?

    MayBee (c0df75)

  16. I’m sure there was some nervousness, but she is correct. The interviews of all the candidates should be focusing on what they bring to the table. For Palin, that means discussing her record as Mayor of the 5th largest city in Alaska, Commissioner of the Oil and Gas Commission (and her integrity to step down from that post to fight corruption rather than undermining her agency and boss from the inside) and Govenor. No interview I’ve seen or heard has actually explored these aspects of her career.

    With Obama, we should be exploring his community organizing failures, his time as director of the Annenberg Challenge (another failure), his record in the IL state senate and his time as senator. I get the distict impression that Obama has never had an orginal thought.

    Personally, I see this whole affair as damning to modern journalism. Had the press done their job, Obama would be exposed as the accomplishment less no nothing he is, Hillary would be the Dem nominee and we could have avoided this whole freak show of a campaign.

    Dave (b03ecd)

  17. It’s not just Governor Palin that the MSM has been stalking and smearing — it is also her family.

    Yesterday morning, on the Russ Parr syndicated morning radio show, an egregious remark was made about Palin’s daughter. (Paraphrasing: If you want to have sex with Sarah Palin’s daughter you’ll have to get in line. . . and the line forms to the Left).

    A disgusting comment, especially since Palin’s daughter is still a legal minor. I guess Russ Parr conveniently forgot that Obama’s own mother was once an unmarried, pregnant 17 year old girl.

    Sami (4f9afb)

  18. Say she answered the question. Which she could have. She knows quite well what magazines and newspapers she reads. But if she ticks off a list, what would the media have done with it?

    “Oh so you think because you read Newsweek and the Washington Times up here all isolated in Alaska you think you’re ready to be President?”

    She clearly was refusing to answer the question because she didn’t like it.

    She’s quite capable of doing that since she demonstrated that ability again last night during the debate.

    manofaiki (845a1a)

  19. It’s not just Governor Palin that the MSM has been stalking and smearing — it is also her family.

    Yesterday morning, on the Russ Parr syndicated morning radio show, an egregious remark was made about Palin’s daughter. (Paraphrasing: If you want to have sex with Sarah Palin’s daughter you’ll have to get in line. . . and the line forms to the Left).

    A disgusting comment, especially since Palin’s daughter is still a legal minor. I guess Russ Parr conveniently forgot that Obama’s own mother was once an unmarried, pregnant 17 year old girl.

    Sami (4f9afb)

  20. It’s not just Governor Palin that the MSM has been stalking and smearing — it is also her family.

    Yesterday morning, on the Russ Parr syndicated morning radio show, an egregious remark was made about Palin’s daughter. (Paraphrasing: If you want to have sex with Sarah Palin’s daughter you’ll have to get in line. . . and the line forms to the Left).

    A disgusting comment, especially since Palin’s daughter is still a legal minor. I guess Russ Parr conveniently forgot that Obama’s own mother was once an unmarried, pregnant 17 year old girl.

    Sami (4f9afb)

  21. Has Couric ever asked any other politician what newspapers they read, or anything similar? I seriously doubt it. She was being condescending to Palin, and I can see why Palin didn’t want to play her games.

    George (7e3bdc)

  22. I think she was just trying to be crafty and stumbled a bit.

    Big effin deal. She reestablished herself last night so who gives a rat’s ass?

    Metro (118b1a)

  23. Oh tough s— you whiners. I know exactly what she means. When you’re engaged in a hostile conversation with someone who’s trying to tweak every aspect of it against you the quality of the discourse is very often going to be stunted and awkward. The mainstream media’s inability to fairly consider the viewpoint of their opponents (Republicans) creates tons of dumb, poorly considered stories precisely because of this sort of thing.

    Django (c00bbe)

  24. So basically the theory is that, rather than play into this supposed campaign of the MSM to portray her as naive and inexperienced, she chose instead to give nonsensical answers to questions about her naivete and inexperience? Sounds like a winning strategy to me!

    AngelSong20 (3fef40)

  25. I see the point that the question indicated a lack of respect for her on Couric’s part, but wouldn’t Palin’s case have been greatly strengthened if she’d said, “Well, Katie, I read the local Alaska papers, and check NYT and WSJ online while I’m traveling, and frankly I’m a little put off by your implication that I might not be well-informed about national/international events. I don’t think you’d ask this question of my running mate.”

    …or something to that effect? Instead, it just sounded like she doesn’t keep up with the news–which is not an outlandish possibility, given how little we’ve been allowed to hear her discuss current events.

    J-Ho (6039e6)

  26. What the media has put Sarah and her family through is unbelievable. She has been investigated much more thoroughly in five weeks than Obama has in 2 years. Just look at the difference between Couric’s interview with Biden and Palin. Such condescension! “So, do you read newspapers up there in Hooterville? I mean, other than the National Enquirer?” She might as well have said that. I think Sarah knew she was looking down her nose at her and didn’t like it. I guess it was her bad to assume that Katie actually wanted to find about what Sarah had done in her public life and what she could do for the country. She tried to portray her as extreme. Couric asks Sarah about abortion of course — going right for a 15 year old raped by her father. Why 15, Katie? Why not 10 or 11? Yet, no questions to Obama (she has interviewed him before too) on why he didn’t vote for the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in IL, which even NARAL went neutral on. Nope, nothing extreme there. SUCH BIAS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

    Kay (6e92f5)

  27. The writer there is reading too much into what she said. I took it more as her saying she was frustrated, didn’t want to answer, and got flustered in the process.

    In particular, on the “what do you read?” question, I took that as her not wanting to say. Journalists (like Palin before) know about keeping sources confidential. The media would use that information to construct theories as to her “hidden agenda”–”Oh, she reads Human Events and the Hurley Market Shopper’s Guide! This points to a plan to infect Eskimos with coodies!”

    Also, she might read some things that are, uh, controversial, shall we say. “Yes, O Perky One, I get a news letter from [INSERT CONTROVERSIAL MOVEMENT OF YOUR CHOICE].”

    Finally, what about the ones she doesn’t mention? It was almost(?) as if Katie was trying to earn Palin some (more) enemies in the news media.

    Truly, the more I consider her answer, the more sense overall it makes. While there was some “blanking out” in all that, most of it probably was what she said.

    Tom (4bb201)

  28. You looking for “genuineness and honesty”? Then keep believing in MSM, and vote for Obama. Sheesh!

    Karmi (f5eb92)

  29. As with the NY Slimes, Couric is nothing but a hack. Where’s the pop quiz for Crazy Joe and Saul Obama Luwinksy?

    Captain America (c6e252)

  30. Still, Mr. Cameron noted, “there is a sense that she went back to the books and got her answer.”


    And since she didn’t want to say that, she shouldn’t have said anything except that she’d had a very bad day with that interview.

    David Blue (5d65c1)

  31. Not surprised, I detected what I thought was a little anger with Couric as the interview went on so I buy it…

    RBR (c9704e)

  32. What foolishness!

    Genuineness and honesty? How about actually observing her reactions – as in the Fox interivew being alluded to – rather than reacting to a NEW YORK TIMES description of them? You really don’t know better than that?

    Take the exchanges on Supreme Court Decisions. Palin described herself as having “brushed off” Couric’s question (actually a follow-up question). Rather than go into details over which she may or may not have had full command, she refrained from giving a laundry list and instead spoke in generalities. My guess is she brushed up on them, and was fully prepared to go into detail, and was happy to do so when dealing with the distinctly more friend Carl Cameron. She didn’t make any incredible, or even falsifiable, claim about the state of her knowledge at the time Couric was pressing her.

    Really, if you’re going to try piling on at this late date (even as other commenters have lifted themselves off the pile and started looking for some other orgy), you could at least try working with the raw material, rather than pre-filtered, generalized blather.

    CK MacLeod (d21947)

  33. Well, how about that? The liberal blogs have been talking about this all day and now, surprise surprise, patterico not only posts it, but also agrees with the liberal blogs. Combine that with the Talking Points Memo produced video that patterico embedded here the other day and he’s on a real roll. And another shocker, alluhpundit links this post. No wonder patterico was a guest blogger at hot air, they seem to share the same affinity for disseminating democrat memes and stabbing conservatives in the back. Oh, i’m sorry, i forgot that we’re not allowed to criticize conservative pundits anymore because our fascist demands for party unity damages their fragile psyche.

    Steve (a7f028)

  34. Wow, I guess you bought everything that Joe Biden said and just had nothing to comment on…sad that.

    Judges with porn on their website you can defend but not this.

    Palin saying she was just pissed does not pass the smell test. Judge with handjob video…come on, just humor.


    Hongqi (789179)

  35. It was a fair question and she screwed the pooch.

    Saying she follows any newpaper or magazine or internet news source runs counter to the McCain campaign’s war on the media and they cannot afford to undo the public perception they’ve created that the media is anything, but that darned librul media jus’ clobberin ya anyway gash dang way they can, those east coast elites who don’t know nothin’ about huntin’ or shootin’ or real honest to mooseness ‘merican exceptionalist values, I tell ya, gee golly gosh darn it.

    Also, she doesn’t need to answer questions posed to her by self same librul mead-ya cos they’re all a dang bunch a faggot coddlin’ Marxist’s who’re goin’ ta hell with Jesus’ footprint on their aerobicized butts. Sarahs annoyed because she’s talkin’ straight ta Joe-six pack, the salt o’ the earth fella she can see in her mind who’s settin’ in his armchair wonderin’ if he should pull one off, if only that Couric bitch would STFU with her stupid talk, or keep on a scratchin’ his nuts…he don care nuthing bout what newspapers she’s readin’..heck only thing newspapers fer is stories bout UFO’s and tire sales down at the Sears anyhow…

    peter (e70d1c)

  36. and another thing, Patterico, as a county employee you should realize when Palin said “all of ’em” she has staff which goes through numerous publications and clips articles of interest for her.

    Check out your county intra website, like mine they probably have a link to “today’s news clips” … and understand as governor she would have even more.

    Darleen (187edc)

  37. no, you are being an ass, you and kathleen parker

    james793 (e3a850)

  38. Hey Patrick, here’s a thought. Why don’t YOU go find out the name of the Math & Science proficiency group that got denied funds by the Annenberg Challenge? That way, when Obama goes on about science funding (like he did in the first debate), the FACT that education dollars under his control were denied same came be brought out. You do have an in with Goldfarb, no?
    IOW – unlike this thread – do something useful.

    rhodeymark (6231e5)

  39. and another thing, Patterico, as a county employee you should realize when Palin said “all of ‘em” she has staff which goes through numerous publications and clips articles of interest for her.

    Freakin’ money quote, it is, alright. Single shot to the head.

    PC14 (ec0516)

  40. I agree with a lot of the above. I DID watch the Cameron interview tonight. And Governor Palin was SO much more relaxed, it was obvious. And Cameron even said to her at one point how if you just spend any REAL time with Sarah that you can just TELL that she loves the sparring and back and forth with journalists/reporters. That its something that she thinks is FUN (which I think also came through in the debate last night, that she was enjoying herself). As to the quote above, its partly taken out of context, too, in a sense. Because she went into a good deal more detail about what she felt about that particular question, about how she (Sarah) felt that it was being condescending to her, and she was a bit shocked that Couric would even ask something like that. It also expands further on how she WAS annoyed with the whole thing from the media, and apologized for it all, and said that she would do better from now on…as long as the MEDIA did better as well, and were more fair and balanced, more objective. I think it was a great answer tonight, and yes, I do believe it.

    Robert (608c00)

  41. Instead I’m getting answers that I don’t believe.

    i don’t know…i would have been peeved beyond belief with reporters if i were her

    hell, i’m peeved beyond belief with those reporters, and i’m not even her

    i probably would have cussed them out or come back at couric with “how about YOU name two specific accomplishments of obama in the senate…you #$#*”

    anonymous (4ad8fb)

  42. Couric is a moron that any eight-year old girl could take on and break down. I think what happened is that Palin did not want to be perceived as a “shrew”, “harpy”, “boner-shrinker” like Hillary. Which strategy I agree with.

    not jharp (77debb)

  43. …so…palin’s explanation is believable to me

    is it a true explanation? got me

    if it isn’t true…well…she’s a politician, what the hell do you expect?

    do you want her to be your alpha and omega? …

    get some perspective

    anonymous (4ad8fb)

  44. The current economic crisis was caused almost entirely by Democrats.

    It’s a fact.

    The case is just devastating against the Democrats.

    Why did Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac donate hundreds of millions more dollars to the Democrats?

    When the Republicans wanted to regulate them, the Democrats wanted to keep them running wild.

    Must have been those donations!

    Why are Democrats Chris Dodd and Barack Obama #1 and #2 on the Fannie Mae donation list?

    Mark (3cd5f8)

  45. Oh, and another thing from the interview I forgot to mention. Sarah went into definite detail on WHY she was being flip, because she knew that WHATEVER she said the media would spin it and split it and splice it to whatever THEY wanted it to say, not what she MEANT by any answer she gave. You could tell that she was ticked at the way that was done to her on BOTH the MSM interviews she gave. If you saw her during the Hannity interview, it was MUCH better. He wasn’t asking all softball questions…he gave her some tough ones…but he didn’t come off as above her looking down to try to spin her answers. She was much MUCH more relaxed and genuine. THAT’S the way she ought to be interviewed…objectively…not subjectively with a predisposed look on how to twist her words to make her look stupid (which was definitely done with the Gibson interview).

    Robert (608c00)

  46. The current economic crisis was caused entirely by Democrats.

    It’s a fact.

    The case against the Democrats is just devastating.

    Why did Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac donate hundreds of millions more dollars to the Democrats?

    When the Republicans wanted to regulate them, the Democrats wanted to keep them running wild.

    Must have been those donations!

    Why are Democrats Chris Dodd and Barack Obama #1 and #2 on the Fannie Mae donation list?

    Mark (3cd5f8)

  47. Everyone!

    Watch Sarah Palin in the new Carl Cameron interview on Fox 10/3!

    She is AMAZING!

    She is INCREDIBLE!

    She looks like the best candidate in either party.

    Mark (3cd5f8)

  48. After all the unfair attacks against Governor Palin by the Driveby Media, I think I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Let’s see them start to treat her more fairly, and then I might be more willing to consider their comments and opinions.

    Mike (320684)

  49. Concerning reading material, perhaps Palin thought it wouldn’t go over too well to say that because of the intellectual dishonesty and bias she doesn’t waste much effort of TIme, Newsweek, and even US News and Report these days, and she certainly doesn’t waste time with a paper that compromises national security like the NYT.

    She should have said, “Well, I plan to get the LATimes when we get to Washington. Well get a VP puppy, and Patterico says it makes great training paper.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  50. I have rarely seen such unanimity in negative comments to a post, and primarily by friends and regular readers of the one posting. You have received a well-deserved, unanimous spanking, Paterrico. I can only hope that you will learn something good from it.

    materialist (3ff5b2)

  51. Patterico, please check your e-mail.

    qdpsteve (64c4ed)

  52. Apologies for the typo, Patterico. If I am going to criticize you I should at least spell your name correctly.

    materialist (3ff5b2)

  53. Sarah maybe a lying tupid vapid cutie pie

    But she in’t raising taxes, and going to cut spending

    Despite the best efforts of those who keep looking for hidden motives and agendas – maybe they just need to realize is that someone is running wo actually says what they mean

    Of course they are a cheerleading pathological liar – but their OUR cheerleading pathological liar

    Then again some people have never ever lived in the age of 50% tax brackets plus 15% social security either

    EricPWJohnson (ca64bf)

  54. Please explain how the rape kit story is a “lie”. I guess facts do have a well known liberal bias.

    Dean (065df6)

  55. Here’s what she actually said –

    Palin told Carl that she was “annoyed” at some of the interviews she has done, “Ok I’ll tell you honestly the Sarah Palin in those interviews is a little bit annoyed because it’s man no matter what you say you are going to get clobbered. If you choose to answer a question you are going to get clobbered on the answer,” Palin said. “If you choose to try and pivot and go on to another subject that you believe that Americans want to hear about you get clobbered for that too.”

    Doesn’t sound anything like what the liberal blogs and ny times caucus blog are reporting does it? Too bad you chose to take their word for it instead of giving Palin the benefit of the doubt and taking the time to find out what she actually said.

    Steve (a7f028)

  56. It makes perfect sense that Sarah Palin, a seasoned campaigner, would avoid answering inane questions that have nothing to do with how she governs. She gave a broad answer and left it at that. If Katie has presented a question that had some relationship to how what she read applied to being the VP then maybe Governor Palin would have felt it was a credible question.

    What I want to know is why does Barack have affiliations and financial dealings with so many people involved in domestic terrorism, fraud and vote improprieties. I’m just wondering why no one has delved into the ACORN and Obama liaison and the relationship to housing and election illegalities.

    Now that would be far more relevant in this election than what Governor Palin reads in Alaska.

    Susan (742ba9)

  57. What a whiny post. Have we a little elitist lawyer disdain for the Alaska hockey Mom? Allah at HotAir suffers from this neurosis from time to time.

    I think Buckley had a healthier understanding of government than most lawyers:

    “I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.”

    Jaibones (468585)

  58. What a whiny post. Have we a little elitist lawyer disdain for the Alaska hockey Mom? Allah at HotAir suffers from this neurosis from time to time.

    No, Allahpundit shows disdain for Palin all the time. The only reason he linked to this crappy article is because it also shows disdain for Palin. It’s a circle jerk for two. Enjoy pulling each other’s puds, boys.

    dave (218955)

  59. Dean…facts are outside the realm of “liberal”
    newsbusters debunks the rape kit myth

    anonymous (4ad8fb)

  60. I’m looking for more genuineness and honesty.

    Why? Because you are still looking towards Obama wistfully? You thinking that hey maybe YES I CAN VOTE FOR THE MARXIST! After all he is so genuine and honest…WTF?!?!

    PierreLegrand (ad6b54)

  61. Patrick, like you I don’t get it. If I believed the answer she gave, I would have to see her as terribly self-indulgent and unrealistic.

    Tim McGarry (9fe080)

  62. terribly self-indulgent


    and unrealistic

    because, really, wearing a short skirt? you’re just ASKING to be raped, silly female.

    Darleen (187edc)

  63. Patrick, like you I don’t get it. If I believed the answer she gave, I would have to see her as terribly self-indulgent and unrealistic.

    So you don’t want her to be VP, right?

    We’ve got a few weeks and then we have to choose between two people to be our next President. There’s nobody coming around the corner to take over the steering wheel of the country. Just these two.
    We can criticize our candidate for substantive things when it’s important, or continue to pick pick pick.
    It’s reasonable to say you don’t want Palin as VP.
    It’s unreasonable to say she has to be perfect or you’d rather see Obama as Pres.

    MayBee (c0df75)

  64. This is truly a scary important issue, and very much indicative of the quality of Palin’s character … as opposed to her entire record as Governor and Mayor. /sarc

    Please. This is dumb, just like whacking Biden over gaffes is dumb. It adds nothing substantive to the debates, and only contributes to the culture of “gotcha” politics that makes it difficult to hold any kind of real public discussion.

    But even beyond that, as hard as the MSM wants to hit her, do we need to as well?

    In any event, my guess would be that I’ve already served the actual purpose of this article. There’s your unique hit boyo – hope it was worth the hit to your credibility.

    TheUnrepentantGeek (e9afdf)

  65. BREAKING NEWS – OJ’s been found guilty on all counts in his Nevada criminal trial.

    qdpsteve (64c4ed)

  66. I saw that interview live, and I did not think she said she knew the answers but didn’t say them because she was annoyed. She simply said she was annoyed. I took that to mean, I was annoyed and off balance, so I couldn’t answer.

    Just my take.

    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  67. When a respected and trusted friend comes to an opposing opinion, I do my best to explore the reasons for that. I certainly at least consider the possibility that it’s me who’s wrong.

    Here, I have a very different opinion than that expressed by my respected and trusted friend Patterico. It’s possible that I’m wrong. But I think it’s more likely that he’s been misled. And I believe, as his post title sarcastically suggests, that she did indeed “know the answers,” but that she “just didn’t want to say them.”

    I’m obliged to be extremely coy, however — annoyingly so! — because my explanation for how I came to the opposite opinion is a typically long one, too long to go into a comment, and I’ve constructed an entire post about it. I rely on partly on logic, but also partly on some reported facts that haven’t yet been discussed here either by Patterico or other commenters, and I’ll leave it to you all to decide if you think those reports are persuasive.

    However, I’m guest-posting these days at, and Hugh has what I think is a very fine essay up which I’d like to leave at the top of his page for a while longer. And I’d also like to think about my post for a while longer. So it probably won’t actually appear until tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon or early evening sometime.

    In the meantime, I’ll point out to those who are busy spanking our host — and I say this as one who’d among Gov. Palin’s most enthusiastic supporters, who has to struggle to retain objectivity about her — that they ought to take a few deep breaths themselves. Patterico hasn’t written a screed rejecting Gov. Palin’s candidacy in its entirety.

    Rather, he’s expressed a suspicion that she was caught poorly prepared in the Couric interviews, and that she’s now attempting to excuse or divert attention from that by spouting later-acquired details. If that’s true, then one might wonder whether someone “fed” her the newly specific details, but Patterico doesn’t make that accusation. And if that’s true, one can also still make a range of arguments as to how disappointing, or potentially how morally or politically culpable, Gov. Palin’s conduct might be.

    I think I might persuade Patterico to my way of thinking. If not, after he’s read what I wrote, he might have more to say that will persuade me. That makes life, and politics, and blogging, more interesting than it would otherwise be, and I’m glad to have such friends and correspondents to argue and debate with.

    Beldar (b64878)

  68. Wow Patter. You want some ice for the bruses?

    I’m going to check out that Carl Cameron interview, and you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the Times.
    (never thought I’d get to say that to Patterico 🙂

    papertiger (d11a4a)


    Seriously though, I’m getting a bit tired of seeing conservatives turning on each other whenever someone says something critical. I guess it might be due to the tension of a close, critical election campaign with many twists and turns. But broadly aligned people ought not to fight among themselves when there’s a bigger enemy about.

    Evil Pundit (843b74)

  70. Darleen, if she declined to answer out of pique, she’s letting her emotions get in the way of the mission. That’s self-indulgent. Any politician on the national stage who has a hard time accepting that he or she doesn’t get to choose the questions that come up in an interview is unrealistic.

    Frankly, your rape comparison is odious and unworthy of you.

    Tim McGarry (9fe080)

  71. I quoted what she actually said in an earlier comment. She didn’t say she knew the answers, she said that she knew she was going to be criticized no matter what answer she gave. She was obviously talking about how an answer would be pulled from the interview and made into a youtube clip critical of her or mocked on saturday night live etc. Patterico embedded one of those youtube clips, produced by Talking Points Memo, here a couple of days ago. And of course, pattys buddy allahpundit gleefully put them on hot air as soon as they came out. So she’s exactly right, but like another commentor pointed out, pundits like patterico and allahpundit are just looking for site hits, they know that democrats will be scouring the web for anything critical of Palin after an interview or debate so they throw this stuff up. When anyone deigns to criticize them for it, they act as if they’re engaging in some noble cause, lecturing all about how we need to criticize our own when in reality, they’re just looking for site hits.

    Steve (a7f028)

  72. I don’t always agree with Patterico, but he’s right this time, for sure. Palin is a great governor and has a great resume… far greater than Biden or Obama have, but she is new to this kind of gotcha politics, and it’s understandable that she goofed. I forgive her for it with no hesitation, and I even think Obama would have fared worse in these kind of predatory interviews he never has to deal with, but Palin’s explanation is pretty tough to swallow.

    Palin is not our messiah. She is growing and getting better at this stuff every day. I think she’s got a great chance at being the VP, and even if she isn’t this round, she will be a force in the GOP for decades. That doesn’t mean she’s perfect.

    Juan (4cdfb7)

  73. Tim

    Why is it that men are allowed to lose their temper, to be stubborn, to stonewall … all these grudgingly admired acts of manly “pique”

    but a woman who is brand new to the cesspool of cynicism and nihilism that are features, not bugs, of the New York/Los Angeles MSM axis and who expected to be interviewed by journalists not jackals and is taken by surprise…well, she’s just a silly emotional, self-indulgent little female.

    Male pique is understandable, female pique is disqualifying.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    You are blaming HER for her trust. And what she has gone through (and excitable Andy ever given up asking questions about Trig?) is about as violating as it gets. It’s like blaming her for her emails being stolen.

    I observe the cynicism that comes from both living in So Cal and working within the government, where left of center holds sway. It is really easy to succumb to it…to feel that frowns are natural and smiles are suspect. That there is no such thing as a loving marriage and that people always exploit each other. Palin then becomes a threat.

    I reject it. I work at rejecting it.

    I identify with Sarah Palin because there is much about her life that is MY life and I’m tired of people who sneer at me because I hold a positive attitude towards life.

    There is NOTHING in her background that says she is lying, that comes from the cynicism in those that claim she’s lying.

    Darleen (187edc)

  74. Good for Sarah. The only thing she failed to do was put the needles back on Couric. Ask her what her favorite color is or where she prefers to buy her shoes? Something dumb to make Couric look stupid. Who cares what these talking pinheads think about anything? Who’s running for vice-president here? And who gets to decide? Certainly not Couric.

    Dick Stanley (0123d9)

  75. Her interviews were fine except for a couple of clips where she had trouble showing the usual glib evasiveness we’re used to from our politicians – I certainly don’t see that as a bad thing.

    Kevin (345007)

  76. Darleen,

    There are lies, and then there are lies. Palin wasn’t lying when she didn’t answer the question… she just realized there was no good answer to it she could come up with. no matter what, her list of Court ruling or reading material would have pissed someone off and been incomplete… smoother politicians would have similarly found a way around the question. Palin’s goof was not being a smooth enough politician.

    I think Palin has proven herself worthy at this point and don’t really care about the issue. And you’re right, she has to be twice as good as a man would have to be in her shoes. That’s part of why I’m happy to vote for her… she’s obviously a badass.

    As for Andrew Sullivan, no he hasn’t backed off Trig trutherism. In fact, he’s hitting it harder than ever and thinks he is violating his job if he doesn’t demand proof of Trig’s paternity. Ask Obama if he was ever a devout muslim kid and that’s a crime. But Palin is fair game.

    Juan (4cdfb7)

  77. For what it’s worth, I think her explanation is very plausible in regards to the “what do you read” question. For some of the other questions, not so sure, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

    I don’t know why Patterico nitpicks her so much, but hey, it’s his blog. Really though, is this that big of a deal? At the end of the day, Sarah Palin is still a politician. She’s just more like “us” than most.

    SAZMD (0949b6)

  78. It’s hard to be happy with one aspect of Palin:

    She hasn’t really gotten out there in front of the American people. Only at her convention speech and at the debate did she really get there. She’s amazing when she does. No filter, just an honest and smart leader. If she did that ten more times, this election would be over. Can she do it? The media gives Obama every chance he wants to display his best side, but no, they won’t let Palin out there without a filter.

    I can’t tell you how she should fix this, but it does stink. I think she should have held a few press conferences when she was first announced.

    Juan (4cdfb7)

  79. You guys have PDS but it’s “press derangement syndrome” I posted the below on another thread but it completely applies here.

    Sarah Palin and John McCain are supposed to be the honest straight shooters, that is how they are billing themselves, so if she gets her current events from staff or from the T.V. or if she has been focused on JUST ALASKA and doesn’t really read magazines much she needs to say so and go from there.

    Trying to BS her way through interview questions because she just knows the press will be mean or for whatever reason makes her look like she is NOT the straight shooter she is saying she is. It makes her look like she is trying to bamboozle us all.

    Patterico is bothered by this disjunct enough to mention it only to have everyone jump down his throat like he was some sort of traitor instead of a thoughtful person expressing some misgivings.

    We already had 8 years of “just plain folks” leadership which hasn’t been working out so well in the opinion of some and it bothers people when the latest “straight shooter” starts acting all hincky. People start thinking that the straight shooter is hiding something and they start asking more and more questions to try and get behind the, at least perceived, facade.

    EdWood (f45c9a)

  80. Why the hell is anybody talking about this? It’s water under the bridge. Gone. Get over it, already.

    rightwingprof (fbb932)

  81. I agree with Eric Blair, that she has been bombarded by the press with personal attacks because they fear her and I for one would have been pissed off too. They are afraid she will put their Messiah on hold and help McCain get into the white house. The media believes they can pick the next president, and the American people need to show them we the people are in charge of that. Go Sarah!

    Gloria Steinberg (1c76a7)

  82. I don’t understand what’s so unbelievable about her explanation. With the “what do you read?” question she was pissed that such a question was asked because of the implied insult so she reacted like someone who had been insulted (she called it “annoyed”. The mumbling and bumbling was the result of her trying to restrain herself from going off on Ms Couric.

    BillB (5eeb8d)

  83. I can’t believe you’d question this.

    Listen. If I were running for vice president, and the only question that the reporter pressed was about what magazines I read, I’d be upset, too. Palin’s a normal human that doesn’t play the stupid Washington game.

    On the other hand, those types of questions are all Obama’s been getting.

    Jawinka (b4eded)

  84. I agree that Palin should have at very least thrown up the Kelo case while saying the 4 most conservative justices were in dissent.

    Dennis D (ae900a)

  85. When Palin didn’t know an answer she should’ve just said “It’s above my pay grade” or “Present”.

    yaxson (97e40f)

  86. I think it is a believable answer. She couldn’t say “screw you” on TV.

    Mark_0454 (48edfc)

  87. If she were honest and said that she froze or couldn’t think of anything, the MSM would have crucified her for that, too. This was the best way to handle it – honesty counts for nothing in politics anymore. Only spin.

    Priscilla (f49cde)

  88. Patterico… is another one for you to contemplate.
    Why didn’t Palin answer the debate question on her Achilles Heel?
    What was the reason for that?
    Is it possible that Palin didn’t know the meaning of the term “Achilles Heel”?

    You are seein the same Palin from the conventions and the rally stumpspeeches. She just cant take the second question. She only has one answer.
    Ifill couldn’t ask the second question in the debate– Couric could.
    See the difference?

    griefer (71e45d)

  89. Patterico

    Thank heavens she write in her bio that she smoked dope/crack and slept with numerous partners – man they have been CRUCIFYING Obama for that…….

    EricPWJohnson (ca64bf)

  90. Well, everybody could try to divine what she really meant and what she really thought. Or you could look at Palin’s previous statements when she presumably wasn’t annoyed and see what it tells us.

    For example, Palin told an Alaskan reporter who interviewed her during her campaign in 2006 that she was “raised reading. We always had all sorts of things to read around.” The reporter, who certainly was not writing a “gotcha” piece, asked her what her favorite books were growing up. Palin’s answer: “You know, all sorts of books.” What kind of books does she read now? “All sorts of books.”

    In a 2007 interview with Charlie Rose, she was more specific and named C.S. Lewis as a favorite writer, as well as the late runner and columnist George Sheehan.

    Another clue for me is a conversation with a friend who until recently worked in her D.C. office and who is now writing a report on oil and gas issues for an economic institute. He has also worked in the administrations of our last two governors (a D and an R). About a month before Palin was nominated as VP, I asked him if Palin is smarter than many Alaskans give her credit for. He shook his head. If a few major points are written out on a piece of paper, she can handle it, he said. Otherwise….

    I realize from the tenor of the preceding comments that this is the kind of information that will be useless for most regular readers of this blog because it does not fit the image of her that they’re most interested in constructing.

    But if you live in Alaska and have paid the slightest attention to politics and public affairs, you weren’t surprised by any of her performances, with Gibson, with Couric, or in the debate. It’s ALL of a piece….

    Of course, if you live in Alaska and have paid the slightest attention to politics and public affairs, you’d also know that she has a growing track record of promising one thing and doing another, and of exaggerating her accomplishments greatly.

    For example, she is not a reformer. She was a whistleblower in one instance–and the man she blew the whistle on is pretty darn excited now, since he’s the head of the GOP in Alaska and sees his party’s fortunes rising with hers.

    The only consistent and successful reformer in this state is the good old F.B. of I. and their years-long sting operation. Palin had absolutely nothing to do with any of it, and you won’t find anybody who will even pretend she did.

    But you can if it makes you feel better.

    Bluedog Alaska (de8428)

  91. I mean…..just making up random answers to questions to questions that weren’t asked isn’t a quality I look for in an executive officer.
    Patterico, when are you guyz going to admit that Palin is simply a textbook demagogue, the greatest fear of the Founders?
    A populist candidate devoid of qualifications or skills to bring to the High Office?

    Our constitution is designed to protect us from demagogues like Palin.
    But can the Constitution protect us in the Age of American Idol?

    griefer (71e45d)

  92. Once again Patterico demontrates why he is one of the best when it comes to honest, unbiased and objective analysis of issues. Bravo Pat! And to all you partisan hacks that have lost your sense of honesty and impartiality, shame on you!
    We are yet to see more of the disaster that is Sarah Palin. She is not ready for Prime Time, period!

    love2008 (1b037c)

  93. Thank heavens she didn’t write in her bio that she smoked dope/crack and slept with numerous partners – man they have been CRUCIFYING Obama for that……

    EricPWJohnson (ca64bf)

  94. Bluedog Alaska

    Are you one of those she bounced from office?


    EricPWJohnson (ca64bf)

  95. Palin’s answer: “You know, all sorts of books.” What kind of books does she read now? “All sorts of books.”

    I could read the newspapers when I was four. I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula when I was eight. I was reading James M. Cain and Dashiell Hammett when I was ten and Dostoevsky and Conrad when I was twelve. That I have read twenty thousand books in my life would be a an underestimate. Better ask me what kind of books I have not read.

    nk (77debb)

  96. Oh, how I wish Governor Palin would have answered Katie Couric’s question with something like, “Well, I read the New York Times and Washington Post and Time to bone up on liberal talking points, but the formerly mainstream print and broadcast media have so clearly abandoned objectivity that I have to get actual news and analysis from alternative media, and I would suggest your viewers do the same.” Or something like that.

    Bob Hostetler (d28a33)

  97. I would have liked it if she said she reads People, but never US magazine.

    Joe (8102a5)

  98. Of course she knew the answers, she just didn’t want to say them. That sounds like a 6 year old’s excuse. That do-over email on the unbiased Fixed Noise network was very professional and totally appropriate. She’s a maverick in that area, at least.

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  99. Interview, not email. Shucks, she don’t know a thing about email doggone it… darn ya, say it ain’t so, golly gee.

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  100. Bluedog Alaska, that Alaska Reporter you mention is Amanda Coyne, who you’ll notice, if you follow the link, just happens to write articles for The Huffington Post with titles such as “Alaska Chants for Oh, Oh, Oh, Obama”.

    Here’s the article she posted to the Alaska Dispatch from which you got the bit about the interview in 2006. Notice it was just posted three days ago in relation to the Couric interview.

    So much for the claim that this writer was “certainly not writing a gotcha piece”.

    Also, just to round out the point, here’s her interview with Charlie Rose in 2007.

    I can’t check the rest of your claims, especially what you supposedly heard from a friend since you don’t give enough information.

    Are you Amanda Coyne? 🙂

    BillB (5eeb8d)

  101. As far as interviewers that have given Sarah Palin (and Todd Palin) a fair and objective interview, the award goes to Greta VanSusteren.

    To this day, I cannot tell how Greta votes, she’s THAT good on not revealing bias. But, her interviews with them were thorough and full of substance. There was plenty of official and personal throughout both interviews.

    Why can’t all “journalists” show such professionalism? It’s so sad and frustrating.

    merle (b89246)

  102. Also, just to round out the point, here’s her interview with Charlie Rose in 2007.

    The her in this instance refers to Sarah Palin, just to be clear. 🙂

    BillB (5eeb8d)

  103. That’s right, nk, and she read “Crime and Punishment” in the original Russian (Brothers K. just not as readable, even in the long evening of the Alaskan winter).

    I met a fellow in undergrad who had the credentials to go to med school about where ever he wanted, and he was pretty set already on Wash. U. in St Louis when he had his interview at Harvard. He was so put off by the attitude of the interviewer when she asked, “Tell me, what can you bring to Harvard?” that he answered, “Oh, my dirty socks, etc…”

    But that would not have worked as nicely for Gov. Palin.

    If I was asked out of context “what are some of the most important books that you’ve read”?, I’m sure my mind would blank and I would probably have a hard time coming up with a good answer myself.

    Bluedog Alaska, unless all of the quotes about her satisfaction ratings in your state are fabrications, then you’re saying over 80% of your fellow Alaskans like a not-so-smart sham of a governor, or is EricPWJohnson correct?

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  104. BillB,
    Thanks for the follow-up on Bluedog.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  105. I think you misread the explanation. She did not say “I chose not to” answer but rather “I got annoyed and so I messed up.”

    Are you suggesting she literally forgot the Alaska case from 3 months before that she had worked on personally? It makes much more sense that her frustration got the better of her and she just couldn’t think of what kind of reply to go into at all and reverted to a generalized nothing answer.

    If she had cited Alaska and then sized up you could cite a lack of knowledge with other cases, but the fact she didn’t say anything at all makes it much more likely she was giving an “oh please, are you kidding me?” type reply in anger.

    Vern (7efbc0)

  106. Patterico,be honest.
    If you read Palin’s responses they are simply gibberish larded up with buzzwords.
    She is IQ-baiting for the bellcurve wars.
    Which tribe are you going to declare allegiance with?
    The tribe of partisan repubs that will excuse anything she says…..or the tribe of conservative intelligentsia that see the truth?

    griefer (71e45d)

  107. Vern

    Shee never ever worked on the Alaska case – It was an Appeal bby Exxon for something that happened almost 2 decades ago

    Nice try

    Do you know the case name?

    Whats the name of the case that challenged the right to bear arms?

    WWhats the name of the case in Conn that a govt seized property and gave it to a developer


    EricPWJohnson (ca64bf)

  108. Vern, that’s my take as well. She was pissed off and struggling to contain herself. Perhaps she should have been better prepared and expecting that line of questioning, but that’s another matter.

    BillB (5eeb8d)

  109. This seems very important to you. I hope some day you can find some peace with Palin’s lies, but until then, I’m here to listen. I’m here for you man.

    happyfeet (edf4a7)

  110. There’s a, relatively new, very readable translation of The Brothers Karamazov by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky which I highly recommend.

    nk (77debb)

  111. I want the book on how to type on a faded black keyboard with english and arabic characters

    EricPWJohnson (ca64bf)

  112. griefer = nishi = Kate

    Hello, Kate. Still jealous of Gov. Palin, I see.

    Darleen (187edc)

  113. happyfeet, was that directed to me? If so, when can we start the listening sessions? 😉

    BillB (5eeb8d)

  114. A griefer is a player who plays a game simply to aggravate and harass other players.

    Just so ya know.

    BillB (5eeb8d)

  115. oh. no. That was for Mr. Patterico. His is a troubled soul. But my back is strong, BillB … anything I can do to lift your burden as well, that’s what I’m all about.

    happyfeet (edf4a7)

  116. She hasn’t really gotten out there in front of the American people.

    Now this is where I do blame the McCain campaign. They over-managed her exposure, thinking to “save” her for the “big” interviews with Legacy Media. McCain has been badly burned by the papers who loved him right up to the minute he secured the nomination and they have been running fact-berift hit pieces on him ever since. As a consequence, Palin hasn’t had the time to engage in a lot of give-n-take with a vast variety of media people. It came down to huge amounts of stress placed on a handful of interviews.

    Now it looks like Palin is back, and shaking off some of the camp McCain handling — her and Todd are pressing to do more campaigning in Michigan.

    Darleen (187edc)

  117. happyfeet, that’s good to know. Thanks.

    BillB (5eeb8d)

  118. lol!!!

    darleen, how bout chu explain why Palin rambled on about how great America is instead of like, actually answering the question?
    She didnt know the meaning of Achilles Heel.
    here are somemore greek words for Gov Palin.
    perhaps she can work them into her next spinfomercial with Foxnews.
    olbos, khoros, hubris, ate

    griefer (71e45d)

  119. /wave

    hi feets!
    Goldstein deleted my comments and misrepresented my email.
    i might even be banned 😉
    well…i guess i cant comment here anymore either, since Darleen outed my name.
    I have Ardolino disease.
    Do you remember, Patterico, when INDCBill got outed at his work?
    best witches.
    and bye.

    griefer (71e45d)

  120. “She didnt know the meaning of Achilles Heel.”

    Neither do you, since you didn’t use it in a sentence. Clearly, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and are not ready to post comments in anyone’s blogs.

    Hey, Katie, can I have your job now? I can do “gotcha” journalism too!

    At least, unlike Mr. Biden, she didn’t just give false answers when she didn’t know.

    CatsGodot (ec2bef)

  121. The debate transcript:

    IFILL: Let’s talk conventional wisdom for a moment. The conventional wisdom, Gov. Palin with you, is that your Achilles heel is that you lack experience. Your conventional wisdom against you is that your Achilles heel is that you lack discipline, Sen. Biden. What id it really for you, Gov. Palin? What is it really for you, Sen. Biden? Start with you, governor.

    PALIN: My experience as an executive will be put to good use as a mayor and business owner and oil and gas regulator and then as governor of a huge state, a huge energy producing state that is accounting for much progress towards getting our nation energy independence and that’s extremely important.

    She didn’t “ramble on about how great America is”; she countered the conventional wisdom about her lack of experience. Granted she didn’t say what her real Achilles heel is, but that certainly doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what it means. She apparently misunderstood the question.

    BillB (5eeb8d)

  122. Incidentally, that talking point that she allegedly doesn’t know what the term Achilles heel means is all over the place.

    BillB (5eeb8d)

  123. […] puts it best when it comes to Palin’s do-over interview: I’m looking for more genuineness and honesty. Instead I’m getting answers that I don’t […]

    Below The Beltway » Blog Archive » Sarah Palin Gets A Do-Over (b57243)

  124. Regarding Supreme Court cases, she did have an interview back in June about the Exxon-Valdez case.

    Anna (b65f6f)

  125. BillB

    The “Achilles Heel” question was just a variation of the old hoary “what’s your biggest weakness”… where in interviews you play the game by making one of your positives a negative.. as Biden in as “my passion”

    And you’re right. It wasn’t that she identified her AH, but that she decided to address the “convention wisdom is ….” part of the question.

    Biden’s historical hallucinations are being pointedly ignorned by the same people who are obsessed by Palin’s vagina.

    Darleen (187edc)

  126. Hi you. I don’t think you’re banned. I wouldn’t think anyway. You come visit. Especially after the election cause there’s bound to be a major lull whatever happens I’d bet.

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  127. Then why the hell did she do the interview on the first place? I’m staggered that neither McCain or Palin seems to understand the media or the malicious purpose of these interviews. How could even a casual student of popular culture not know Charlie Gibson’s and Katie Couric’s intentions? These interviews are good choices — and even great opportunities — ONLY if you have your own plan to turn the interview on its head and call out their condescension and cant.

    The only “game changer” possible under the maniacally biased conditions of this election is a direct assault on the media.

    rrpjr (e98cdc)

  128. lol, one more thing Darleen…..Palin isn’t “back”.
    The only difference between the Couric Palin and the Ifill Palin is that Gwen Ifill could never ask the Second Question by the terms of the debate.

    here’s one more thing for u to chew on Patterico.
    The IQ-gap, the bellcurve wars.

    I fear that liberals have won, because Republicans are afraid to directly confront liberals on Global Warming, race, the inheritability of intelligence, and immigration. They now take politically correct positions (“Islam is a religion of peace”) that appease the liberal media, while only deviating to “energize” the Christian base which cares only about abortion. What we have left is a party no different than the Democratic party except that it’s anti-abortion.

    What did Palin say about climate change?
    That it didn’t matter if it was “human caused”?

    what a maroon.

    griefer (71e45d)

  129. If I wanted to see a negative critique of Sarah Palin then I could open any newspaper or magazine…or visit any liberal blog…or watch any of the Democrats’ TV networks where they all do negative critiques on her whether the facts are correct or not.

    Sarah Palin entered this race about five weeks ago, and the negativity against her has been non-stop. Allahpundit and Patterico may enjoy the web-hits they get by posting the same negative Democrats’ ‘Talking Points’ that the MSM’s Left does, but they will get no respect from me. I visit Hot Air a lot, but try to avoid any of Allahpundit’s input there. Patterico’s post here was listed in the “Headlines” at Hot Air, and I made the mistake of clicking on the link…won’t happen again.

    After eight years of non-stop attacks against Bush “43”, I think that it is rather clear what America’s Left-Wing is about, i.e. flood all media sources with hate and negativity against any Republican who makes the Democrats look bad or weak. Bush “43” certainly made Bill Clinton look bad when he stood up against the Terrorists and their Supporters (e.g. Saddam) right after 911, and the Democrats couldn’t allow that to stay. They flooded all media sources with hate and negativity against Bush “43” until much of his own support abandoned him…apparently believing and/or succumbing to all the hate and negativity.

    Anyway…with America on the verge of electing a man more dangerous than either Bill or Hillary Clinton…

    Karmi (ef1c85)

  130. I’m looking for more genuineness and honesty myself. Are you, Kathleen Parker and other “conservative writers” as stupid as you appear? Are you jealous? I believe Sarah’s explanation. I’d like to know if all you brilliant “writers” are actually on Obama’s payroll. Do you just hate McCain/Palin so much that you are willing to be dupes – used to help Obama get elected? If Obama wins this election, it will be due to the CONSTANT nitpicking, criticism from you, people at National Review & Michelle Malkin. Constantly criticizing the way the campaign is run, his drop in the polls, etc! Boy, you’ll really show McCain, won’t you?

    S Mulder (6569a3)

  131. Patrick, it seems to me that she admitted that she “froze” in her full statement, just not in those words. If someone becomes annoyed at a question, and stumbles because they lose their patience, that’s one possible aspect of appearing “frozen” in response.

    She has explicitly admitted to both (annoyance and losing patience with the questioner). Moreover, she has promised to be more patient in future interviews. What more are you looking for?

    Robert Arthur (dc3665)

  132. you see….the Second Question is Palin’s real achilles heel.
    She has ONE canned, memorized, rehearsed answer for the first question.
    But Couric creamed her on the second question everytime.

    That is why SNL could play her straight for yuks last week.
    She could never recover from saying something dumb, because she only had a single talking point.
    That is why Team McCain made a condition of the debate format no second questions.
    Is that… a good quality for a candidate for executive office?

    griefer (71e45d)

  133. haha

    I’ll buy the spin when Palin actually has a bunch of speaking engagements where she takes live questions.
    from voters and from the press.
    not just from audience plants.
    didn’t she say that is what she wanted?

    griefer (71e45d)

  134. isn’t gonna happen is it boys and girls?
    that was a good excuse before, but Palin says she wants it.
    Like we say Out Here in the West–

    Show ’em or fold ’em.
    I bet….there wont be any unsupervised press appearances for poor Palin.
    She just frontin’

    griefer (71e45d)

  135. But you’re twisting what Sarah Palin said.

    You give “deep analysis”, deeper thoughts in every details of what Sarah says.

    That’s the error. Malice begets Malice. Your “over the top” critical thinking develops into malice.

    That’s your sin against Palin. Same sin by Gibson and Couric and the rest of the MSM.

    She was happy in saying it. The FoxNews interview was not planned. She said what’s she’s thinking. Her face said it all…PALIN HAS NO MALICE.



    Rambo (b1ce6e)

  136. watch out patterico
    truthsay can get u blacklisted
    Hear no evil, see no evil

    griefer (71e45d)

  137. like i said Rambo, show ’em or fold ’em.
    Palin has never even had a press conference with her own press corps.
    that media bias argument is wearin a lil thin.
    if shes a reformer, a corruption warrior, let her take them on.
    unless…’re all scared?
    she more like a poodle in lipstick i think.
    not a pitbull a’tal.

    griefer (71e45d)

  138. What more are you looking for?

    Comment by Robert Arthur — 10/4/2008 @

    Press conferences. like she said she wanted lol.

    griefer (71e45d)

  139. and i am a griefer.
    i love mischief.
    do you know what i see right now?
    My grandfathers party, the GOP is cleaving right along the IQ faultline over Palin.
    its delicious.

    griefer (71e45d)

  140. Thanks for the suggestion, nk (#110). I think every lawyer needs to read the account of the trial, a chapter titled “The Sword Cuts Both Ways” in the translation I read yrs ago.

    BillB, thanks for providing the transcript. I tend to agree with Darleen’s take, that rather than not understanding the question she chose to address the argument about her having no experience, rather than saying, in effect, “Oh no, my greatest problem is actually X”- in other words, “I acknowledge I don’t have adequate experience, but I am even less qualified because of X”

    In other words, she did much better at the game of answering the question you want to, not the one that was asked, but she does it staying on topic and making sense, just framing it the way she wants to.

    Neo at 119- I heard about that too. I hope to see more about it, like a YouTube presentation/ mini-lecture- but with no music that gives a pretense to take it down.

    As far as an “Achilles Heal”, I thought that was a rude individual who followed you around spreading lies and obfuscating, and she was confused by Ifill asking “what” instead of “who”, which she could have answered easily, but would take too long…

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  141. perhaps the theocons will leave, and make their own party.
    PALIN/JINDAL 2012!
    the witchcraft/demonic exorcism party

    casting out demons for America!
    back to the Dark Ages!

    griefer (71e45d)

  142. “she didn’t fail to name Supreme Court cases out of annoyance. She seemingly didn’t know any”

    That’s a garden variety mind-reading PDS-Kossack rant. You either have to get over it or, at the very least, learn how to not depend solely on the elite media’s filter for your “information”. Hint: They hate Palin. If she were to walk on water they would denounce her for “not being able to swim”.

    karen schell (73c9a8)

  143. Palin is hated by the media for being an outsider. Ask Obama anything, then the next day the press will tell you what Obama really thought. Please!!!
    I’m voting for Palin.

    A. Car (fe7116)

  144. That it…. Patterico has convinced me that Palin is so terrible I am going to vote for the Chicago Mob Machine and the Party of Fascist Lawyers.

    (sure…maybe if I were insane and wanted fascist tyranny would I do somehting so stupid as to hurt America)

    Question for the Lawyers in the room…has the son of Democrat politican who hacked into Palin email been convicted or are the fascists lawyers busy working overtime to save his ass?

    syn (186a64)

  145. You’re an idiot – NOT a mindreader.

    Sarah’s interview on Fox about the Couric debacle showed two things:

    1 She KNEW the answers
    2. Condescending Mainstream Media shills like Katie Couric – and YOU – annoy her.

    I take her at her word. I also believe that the McCainiacs probably “over-prepared” her for Lying Katie, but it would not be classy for Sarah to say that, so she didn’t.

    YOU, sir – ARE Charles Gibson.

    Thomas Jefferson (e5cbf5)

  146. No ….i dont’t hate Palin.
    i despise John McCain for hating his country so much that he would select a textbook demagogue for VP.
    No one can honestly say she was the best pick for the country, or qualled to serve on day 1.
    McCain is just an old carny shill, running every confidence game he can to win, even if it hurts the country.
    i question his patriotism.

    griefer (71e45d)

  147. no….Jefferson wouldn’t say that.
    the real Thomas Jefferson was an elite, a polymath.
    he said “throw off the chains of monkish superstition and ignorance”…..
    Jefferson said things like “the light of science” and valued reason and freedom of opinion.
    Jefferson would have valued Palin as a “yeoman farmer”.
    And feared and loathed her as a demagogue.

    griefer (71e45d)

  148. Who knows if she was flippant or went back and did some research?

    But given the reverential treatment every Obama lie, gaffe and dissemble gets from the MSM, and he use of telepromtpers for rodeo appearances, I struggle to see why a conservative commentator would cull out Palin’s explanation for scorn.

    It doesn’t help, it was a pop quiz with the intent of embarrassing her, and only she knows the truth anyway.

    My suggestion is that Patterico keep his mouth shut on the topic.

    dm (5c144e)

  149. Nishi – How are your Islamic studies coming. Is Islam pro choice by the way?

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  150. Actually im currently writing a paper on the Founders veiw of demagogues as correlated with Palin and American Idol.
    For my class on evolutionary theory of culture.

    griefer (71e45d)

  151. What Patterico is looking for, cannot be seen, since that would be his ass. And even a mirror is awkward for that.

    I suggest a Colonoscopy by the MSM, live on national TV while eating ripe peaches and prunes in Wasilly, Alaska.

    McGuyver (5af467)

  152. Nishi – Did Jeff G. ban you yet?

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  153. I agree her Supreme Court answer was a meandering statement but, if you listen to what she actually says rather than what you expect her to say it makes sense.
    Rather than state specific cases she describes more her political philosophy consistent with conservative viewpoints. She makes reference to her time as Mayor and Governor both Executive positions. These rulings leave the Executive with few alternatives. She references how these things should be decided by States e.g. The People as opposed to Courts. Legislating from the bench is the accepted term. Why she didn’t just say that as opposed to explaining the term is a tactic she chose to talk “with” the citizenry in common ideals. Correction of such rulings she implied is with the Legislative branch, to which she is not seeking office. Unless Patterico’s position is for the Executive to simply ignore Court rulings? Some I would agree may be an idea. Why people keep hearing her answers but not listening to them is beyond me.
    As she said in the debate, she isn’t going to answer the questions the way she is “expected” to. I’d rather an explanation than sound bites.

    ken in anchorage (8ee641)

  154. As promised (#69 above), finally, my respectful counter-take to Patterico’s is up at

    Beldar (1d8392)

  155. haha
    Beldar drank the koolaid fo’sure.
    Get this.
    The Couric Palin is EAXCTLY the same as the Ifill Palin. The ONLY difference is Ifill couldn’t ask the Second Question.

    get a clue and read Douthat

    griefer (71e45d)

  156. btw Beldar……Bobby Jindal IS a Charismatic Catholic, and he DID participate in an exorcism.


    griefer (71e45d)

  157. you know Patterico….it seems to me like you Palin fans have a choice.
    You can let her burn out and become a national punchline trying to get the Maverick ticket elected, or you can start planning for 2012.
    McCain can’t win.
    Conservatives are going to spend a few years in the political wilderness.

    I for one welcome Our New Liberal Alignment Overlords.

    griefer (71e45d)

  158. Jeebus, someone has to bill this Troll for abusive bandwith practices – have he ever heard of the word “edit” and “circumspection?” Worst case of ADD we’ve seen here in months.

    Dmac (cc81d9)

  159. Excuse me for the typo – “has” instead of “have.”

    Dmac (cc81d9)

  160. Well griefer you are a moron looking for a handout.
    I hope you get your money’s worth.
    And when O’biden promises you a 3 month waiting list and $25 copay to see a government Doc of their choosing (one who wipes his nose on his sleave) have fun sitting in the waiting room forever. Oh and if by chance you need surgery make damn sure you mark the part to be worked on with bright red indelible ink, using phonetics of course (don’t take it for granted that your native Farsi speaking doc will understand English.)

    papertiger (f08c5d)

  161. /sigh

    look..i dont hate Palin
    ….she …just…isnt…ready!!!!
    could she be ready in 4 years or 8 years?
    dunno, but i can say she’d be a LOT more ready than she is right now.
    thing is, creepy old Septugenarian Guy hauled her in here to save his campaign.
    Did he care a whit about the damage to her prospects?
    Those Couric youtubes will be out there for ever.
    You guyz should quit gushing about how Palin is gonna save teh Mav.
    Its all campfire songs at this point.
    You should focus on what is good for Palin, do damage control and rebranding and image building.

    griefer (71e45d)

  162. and in the Age of Youtube….everything she says is going to be digitally recorded and STORED FOREVER.

    griefer (71e45d)

  163. Let’s put it this way – she just hasn’t had as much training in creative dissembling as some of the other folks.

    Obama’s Harvard-trained, Reagan had years of acting, McCain and Biden have learned it through experience.

    Ask Biden what papers he reads and he’ll just run off the usual laundry-list of rags. My guess is that Palin, like many very busy people these days, seldom reads a physical newspaper except maybe at the gym. But if she says “well, I read the NY Times and Post websites…” the next thing out of Couric’s mouth will be “But you don’t read the papers” and that’s what shows up on the front page of those chipped-wood products the next day.

    Likewise when it comes to Supreme Court rulings, my guess is that she probably didn’t know the name of cases like the CO2-is-a-pollutant case (I wouldn’t know unless I looked it up) maybe even Kelo, and that she probably disagrees with those personally, but the two-second calculus has to be “if I say that, did I just step on the campaign’s toes?” and she didn’t know the answer to that.

    Right now with regard to interviews she has to operate as if she’s an expert witness being deposed by opposing counsel. Never answer hypotheticals, and try to rope-a-dope any line of questioning unless and until you can see the direction it’s going.

    mrkwong (a0f32a)

  164. “…thing is, creepy old Septugenarian Guy hauled…”

    Thing is, you’re not only an ageist scumbag, you’re also a sexist pig. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    Dmac (cc81d9)

  165. My goodness, so many blips on the radar screen it’s getting harder to find the worthwhile posts.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  166. Right now with regard to interviews she has to operate as if she’s an expert witness being deposed by opposing counsel. Never answer hypotheticals, and try to rope-a-dope any line of questioning unless and until you can see the direction it’s going.

    So, you’ve just admitted that there is no real meeting of the minds in the McCain/Palin ticket, it’s soletly about winning and therefore without any real substance, other than of course the very superficial self-saddled labels of being “Mavericks”, but “Mavericks” of nothing but spin are in the end simply “Mavericks” in their own minds only.

    So, Palin needs to keep mum, until she knows exactly what they McCain campaign tells her she can be a “Maverick” about otherwise she’s going to say somthing that isn’t so very “Mavericky” or something “Mavericky” but stupid or wrong.

    Seems a long way to go for nothing. Or the answer is simply that Palin is nothing but a pretty face and demagogue there to haul in all those gullible Joe and jane six packs and the born-again folks with her rootin’ tootin’ cutsey schtick and she’s not cleared to talk about newspapers and supreme court cases.

    Even in a court of law, someone who acts the way she did under those questions may not say something that ends up being disastrous but they still end up look like suspicious idiots and the Jury duly notes it.

    The jury has duly noted Palin’s pathetic behavior and will vote accordingly on Nov. 4th, unless of course she proves otherwise in a real press conference or a better interview, but I guess she’s not doing anymore interviews. Jeez, how infantilizing is that? McCain is treating her like his daughter or something when she’s supposed to be a person capable of being President at a moments notice for the good of the country….COUNTRY. Country first??


    Peter (e70d1c)

  167. Nishi phone home.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  168. Oh, I believe that troll-spamming by lots of eager little partisans appears to be the plan. Didn’t Obama ask that supporters “get in the face” of opponents?

    Jonah Goldberg’s book seems to be not historical, but prophetic.

    Eric Blair (2708f4)

  169. The trolls failure to engage, and Maoist hit-and-run tactics are prophecy of a new age of Lincoln. Except that this Lincoln, if elected, will be pushing the side of the secessionists, in order to create havoc.

    What a perfect excuse to expand government control over our lives. The greater good and all.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  170. If Obama gets in, he will make sure we understand – and accept his hope and change, comrades.

    Ironically, Palin mentions today that she in fact does read the NYT and was quite interested in a little story about Obama and Ayres friendship,from remarks in Colorado today:

    “There’s been a lot of interest in what I read lately. Well, I was reading my copy of today’s New York Times and I was really interested to read about Barack’s friends from Chicago. Turns out, one of his earliest supporters is a man who, according to The New York Times was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that, quote, ‘launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol.’ These are the same guys who think patriotism is paying higher taxes. This is not a man who sees America as you and I do – as the greatest force for good in the world. This is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country.

    Dana (973491)

  171. haha

    let’s rumble, twodigits.
    Palin just started reading NYT i betcha. 😉
    i’ll engage.

    can you imagine….not being able to name A SINGLE BOOK, MAGAZINE, NEWSPAPER?
    lol…..sure Palin reads the Economist.
    dooon’tcha know?

    if you droids wanna let that aging carny shill McCain make Palin into a joke, that is superfine wid me.
    in 8 years she’ll be post-menopausal.
    that will spike your guns.

    griefer (71e45d)

  172. Dana – The artful-redirection response to Couric – the response I think a Bill Clinton could have pulled off, but not many others in present-day US national politics – would have been a chuckle and a “You don’t think I’m going to admit that I read the New York Times after all the crap they’ve pulled, do you?”

    Today’s bit was a nice job of pulling apart the Times’ attempt at spinning a cover for Obama on this issue and using the root facts against him. Does the media go back to trying to bury the story now?

    mrkwong (a0f32a)

  173. griefer – please explain to us where you get this nonsense. You’ve been reading the same site that punk’d Yglesias, right?

    mrkwong (a0f32a)

  174. btw, ima grrl, and im young, so i can say that. 😉
    im also from a republican family and i live in the West, and Palin’s faux folksie speech patterns grate on me like a Mylie Cyrus guest appearance at a Jabbawockeez street battle.

    she has only gotten the wimmen vote from the ones McCain would have gotten anyways.
    here’s the 411…..the youth demographic aint going Palin.
    she looks like our moms.

    griefer (71e45d)

  175. well….i gtg.
    sowwy for disrupting your campfire songs.

    here’s my usual closer

    griefer (71e45d)

  176. I believe it was at the end of the first showing of the interview that she replied that she would get back to Katie on “that.” As an elderly, southern lady I recognize woman to woman sarcasim when I hear it. I bet Katie did, too.

    Ruth H (d0259d)

  177. and im young

    Trust me, this has been common knowledge since you began commenting here.

    Good news though, when you do mature and get some seasoning, you’ll find out that what a candidate looks like really doesn’t matter. Patience. Eventually you’ll grow out of this.

    Dana (973491)

  178. Dana, this is all just bizarre postmodern astroturfing. But what to do? Answer nonsense like these trolls? Ignore them?

    They aren’t interested in discussing things. They are interested in taking up the time and energy of others.

    Sigh. Don’t know what to do about it, or them.

    Eric Blair (e60b98)

  179. Or maybe it is all bad haiku?

    Eric Blair (e60b98)

  180. I know that you’re not trying to take her down, but the very fact that you would question her integrity on such a small, insignificant, possibly face-saving
    (and possibly true!) remark, is evidence that you have bought into the “let’s analyze and criticize every shaky comment by the GOP candidates, in the hopes that every non-Obama voter will become disheartened and just give up.

    That’s the effect of your equating this stupid comment with the intentional and consequential lies of the Obama campaign.

    Priscilla (f49cde)

  181. Nishi/griefer has been plaguing Protein Wisdom for a while.

    Her pet issues are abortion and hating on theocons because she’s worried they’ll impose on her pure views of science.

    She has problems interacting with people because she thinks she’s smarter than everybody else’ hence the two digit IQ insult.

    She’s a eugenicist at heart.

    She claims to be studying Islam and to be a Sufi.

    She’s a worse thread jacker than any of our existing trolls if you interact with her.

    Totally impervious to logic or admitting she’s wrong.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  182. Daleyrocks:

    I doubt this troll really follows Sufi. I’ve only read a few works by Indries Shah on the subject, but this kind of nastiness is not part of the Sufi worldview. The few genuine Sufis I know do not act that way.

    But it probably sounds cool to the troll’s friends. Multicultural. International. Non-Christianist.

    And it is all about feeling superior, as you state.

    Eric Blair (e60b98)

  183. Did someone feed Palin answers to give Cameron for the questions from Couric which she’d ducked?…

    In an afternoon guest-post at, I express an opinion contrary to my good friend Patterico’s about whether Gov. Palin had answers for Katie Couric about what periodicals she reads and SCOTUS decisions she disagrees with, but chose not to …

    BeldarBlog (bb04b9)

  184. Reic – I think she’s a pop fashionista muslim.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  185. Eric

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  186. I liked Orhan Pamuk’s depiction of Sufis in “My Name Is Red”. Two itinerant Sufis had one spoon between them to eat with. They would have a discussion every evening as to who would use the spoon first. Which translated to who would bugger the other first.

    nk (77debb)

  187. ima stepford fashionista
    im for whats popular

    i hate caribou barbie
    she’s a theocon hatr
    she wants to control yur wombs
    n tech intelligent design in school

    latr 2digit losrs


    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  188. Hey!
    did u guyz see SNL?

    Fey burned Palin right into the video record lol…..sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    thass gonna leave a mark


    griefer (71e45d)

  189. Respectful dialogue seems worthy of reading, but shouldn’t grifer get a life and not try to get the most (or nearly half) posts here?

    Kilroy (bafa14)

  190. Patrick, Beldar makes you look like an LA Times reporter on this one, here:

    PrestoPundit (ff5e16)

  191. i just noticed that Palin claimed that the Kelo case, (which pertained to eminent domain) “affects [her] as governor. It affected [her] as a mayor, also.”
    except that Kelo was in 2005. She was out of mayoral office in 2002.
    This is another script given her by a handler.

    just thought i would point that out.

    coach (68d8ee)

  192. coach – given that that doesn’t seem to be an exact quote, I’d want to see the actual text before I concluded there was anything wrong with it.

    If there’s one thing learned from this campaign season, it’s that the press absolutely, positively cannot be trusted to get three words in a row right, and that includes articles and pronouns.

    mrkwong (a0f32a)

  193. “just thought i would point that out.

    Must be a miracle–a court case of that kind settled in the same year as it was filed.

    Larry Sheldon (86b2e1)

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