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Getting to Know the RNC Welcoming Committee

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[Guest post by DRJ]

A Dallas Examiner article claims two academic union members were coordinators for the RNC Welcoming Committee that allegedly planned and attempted to violently disrupt the Republican Convention:

University of Minnesota staff were key coordinators of the recent violent protests at the Republican National Convention (RNC). The university employees are also members of the local clerical union of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees. The AFSCME is part of the AFL-CIO union.

Protests turned violent at the 2008 RNC located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Police have arrested hundreds of demonstrators for violent attacks on police officers and bystanders and other more nuisance crimes. The Saint Paul Police have identified an anarchist group called the RNC Welcoming Committee as being at the center of the violence. It’s goal was to stop the convention.”

The article names two University of Minnesota clerks/union members as coordinators of the RNC Welcoming Committee. One member’s personal page at the University of Minnesota website includes a heading “My anti-war stuff” that recounts her trip to visit a Columbian FARC commander “known for cocaine trafficking and kidnapping Americans” and her praise for the now deceased commander. The Examiner also includes a link at her personal page described as expressing solidarity for “‘Islamic Jihad Army’ in Iraq which was killing US troops at the time.”

The details are at the link above, and here’s a refresher on what the RNC Welcoming Committee planned for the Republican Convention.


10 Responses to “Getting to Know the RNC Welcoming Committee”

  1. You beat me to it DRJ!

    And isn’t it true that these “union officers” get paid from union dues that are required from all members of the union, whether or not they agree that anarchists should be allowed to disrupt political speech?

    That is Hope and Change!

    Eric Blair (2708f4)

  2. Two UofM clerks….
    Minnisota’s tax dollars at work.

    Another Drew (b82034)

  3. Are they related to Bill Ayres at all ? They sound like his kind of people.

    Mike K (155601)

  4. University of Minnesota – The Big 10’s leading anarchists

    Perfect Sense (9d1b08)

  5. They used to let you shoot gophers . . . hairy rodent pests.

    Icy Truth (a7ead4)

  6. Two little cretins from Austin got arrested on unlicensed weapons charges for possessing Molotov cocktails and are facing 10 years. Apparently they bought their revolution supplies at Wal-Mart.

    Jack Klompus (b0e238)

  7. Scum of the earth. Pity that the stupid, evil genius BusHitler doesn’t really have a gulag in which to incarcerate these anarchists.

    Years ago I dropped out of the AFSCME union, which is just another mouthpiece for the dem party and of course a law was passed that made you pay some high percentage of union dues regardless because they worked in “your interests”. Yeah, right.

    Pity one of those molotov cocktails did not accidentally incinerate a domestic terrorist or two.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  8. I was in northern MN during the convention and I was amazed at the number of American flags homeowners had displayed. It was great! It was also quite different from what I have seen in the Twin Cities.

    Bill M (95f13d)

  9. When McCain/Palin were in Colorado today, their supporters were waving flags leftover from the Democratic convention! Those patriotic Earth-firsters were so enamored of the Messiah they forgot to take the flags with them, even as souvenirs/collector’s items. Instead they littered Invesco Field . . . with American flags.
    There’s a photo Enquiring minds want to see.

    Icy Truth (a7ead4)

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