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The Market vs Good Intentions

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Conservatives typically believe capitalism, the market, and individual self-interest work best to solve economic problems like global warming aka climate change. Liberals like Al Gore generally favor government solutions coupled with voluntary self-denial for the greater environmental good.

Which works best: Self-interest or self-denial?

Let’s ask rap star and hip hop record producer Sean Combs aka P. Diddy:

“The 38-year-old entrepreneur, a successful US rap star who owns his own record label, clothing and perfume line, has said he will only fly with commercial airlines until the price of oil has come down.

Combs claims that two round-trips between Los Angeles and New York on board his personal jet now costs him around $200,000 (£108,000).”

Combs is reported to be worth $346 million.


12 Responses to “The Market vs Good Intentions”

  1. Conservatives are the problem. People who can fly their own jets stocked with enough goodies to last through the next abrupt climate change cycle have robbed too many of this planet’s resources from all the other people, especially the autistics.

    What we have here is analogoous to Dr. Seuss’ portrayal of the dichotomous society depicted in his book The Star Bellied Sneeches — those With Stars composed of the ultra-privileged neurotypical conservative Republicans vs. those Without being comprised of the autistics the conservative Republicans are trying to starve out of existence.

    I think we need to establish legislative *green* limits on this type of conservative NT Republican resource squanderage, start accounting for the number of houses owned by John McCain, and start funding the come-back of the HFA alternative autistic brain structure, without whom, as Temple Grandin points out, all the rest of the left-brained NTs would still be sitting around chatting in caves.

    It is essential, since, as we saw with the example set by the class divide on the Titanic, abrupt climate change has the potential to take the entire Nation’s ship down with everyone on it, including the powderpuff left-brained NT conservative Republican Star-Bellied crowd.

    Of all places most affected, one would have to count California as the receiver of anti-green carbon emissions, pollution, and mercury blowing across the Pacific that is creating California’s autism epidemic. I am sure, however, enforcement of some *green* limits is nothing the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals cannot handle, beginning with setting some *green* precedent when that new lawsuit filed by California against the EPA rides into town.

    MKDP (997171)

  2. Cool, and we thought the loonwaffles had abandoned us.

    Limits on conservatives who fly jets, but not anyone else. That’s about as insane as we’ve come to expect from the Petrano conspiracy craziness.

    Repetition of the word “green” has nothing to do with the ridiculous non sequitur of autism, of course.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  3. Re: #1

    Anyone local behavioral health centers missing a … um… client?

    Darleen (187edc)

  4. Mary’s back!

    Mary, don’t you think it’s a little ridiculous to be so partisan about energy problems? Pelosi is a 6 figure investor in a certain kind of fossil fuel, the kind she coincidentally is all of the sudden promoting to the exclusion of other fossil fuels.

    And democrats are, of course, the reason we do not have a French level of nuclear power. That alone would cut our emissions, cancers, and fuel prices.

    You have this disgraceful manner about you. No idea that you should even think about being fair. Energy is yet another excuse to twist reality to try to argue for more power for ‘your side.’ This is a real issue that has real effect on real people, but like everything, you think it’s only a pretense to argue for Democrats. Reverse every fact, and you will argue for the democrats anyway. One might suggest that is not sane.

    Juan (4cdfb7)

  5. DRJ

    Have you seen Diddy’s latest? Scrape away the language stylings of a 4 year old and there’s some abject racism and sexism in there.

    Darleen (187edc)

  6. Thanks, Darleen. I’m still on last week’s news and I will definitely take a look.


    Sean Combs used his private jet to get out the vote in his 2004 Vote or Die! nonpartisan youth-vote campaign, but this year he’s an Obama supporter. In fact, he described Obama’s nomination as “one of the greatest and proudest moments” of his life.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  7. MKDP –

    I am sure, however, enforcement of some *green* limits is nothing the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals cannot handle

    — “Enforcement”? Hell, if they need to they’ll just write the damn law themselves. It isn’t like they don’t know how.

    Icy Truth (5bcf70)

  8. Diddy’s net worth…
    Just proof that it is hard to go broke underestimating the intelligence (taste) of the consumers of Popular Culture.

    Another Drew (221871)

  9. ”? Hell, if they need to they’ll just write the damn law themselves. It isn’t like they don’t know how.

    Heck, with one swipe of the Ninth Circuit pen, they could:
    1.) abolish all paper products in all pleadings in several states;
    2.) thereby single-handedly eliminate autism in California by ending coal-fired paper and pulp plant emissions;
    3.) improve the efficiency of the Bar and Bench and make the Federal Courts autism-friendly at the same time, by decreeing the mandatory use of computers via the Internet; and
    4.) remove the blockades on the Internet Superhighway, thereby paying proper respect to the dormant commerce clause.

    Once accomplished, a Circuit split would arise, allowing people with autism to bring the above-benefits to the attention of the Supreme Court to give substance to the written words over the Supreme Court building that say “Equal Protection.” It’s a win-win idea.

    MKDP (b8303c)

  10. Cool, and we thought the loonwaffles had abandoned us.

    Yes. Cool, SPQR. You’re still here.

    MKDP (b8303c)

  11. Autism is caused by coal-fired power and pulp plant emissions?
    Geez. All along I thought it was caused by child-hood vacinations.
    Guess I didn’t get the memo.

    Just what do these people smoke?

    Another Drew (221871)

  12. Why does a Dr. Seuss reading level for MKDP not surprise me?

    Apogee (186a12)

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