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Sarah Palin Roundup (Updated)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Rightwingprof has a Sarah Palin roundup that addresses why her gender wasn’t the point, how she’s the best complement to John McCain, and includes thoughts from Bill Whittle and Mark Steyn.

ONGOING UPDATES: More from Jeff G. at Protein Wisdom. H/T Daleyrocks.

Mike K adds responses reported in the UK Times from Camille Paglia and Rush Limbaugh. It also states that Palin’s husband is part Eskimo. I didn’t know that. Beldar says I did know that. Now I know it twice.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air says the Palin pick wasn’t a last-minute choice, linking a Washington Post article that, in Morrissey’s words, “McCain favored Palin for months, and that it reflects a deliberate focus on reform and change.” From the Washington Post:

“Starting last spring, the inner circle met regularly with McCain to review and discuss an initial list of about three dozen possible choices. “He and several of us had multiple meetings,” one adviser said. “Discussions, strengths and weaknesses of all the candidates. He asked a lot of questions and listened — didn’t tip his hand to too many of us. He was very insistent that this process often wounds people, and we were to stay very quiet.”

Maureen Dowd: “Enthusiastic Republicans don’t see the choice of Palin as affirmative action, despite her thin résumé and gaping absence of foreign policy knowledge, because they expect Republicans to put an underqualified ‘babe,’ as Rush Limbaugh calls her, on the ticket.”
H/T Dana.

The Anchoress addresses the irony that liberal Democrats would use the “Bad Mother, Bad Woman” meme to slur Palin. H/T daleyrocks.
(Note: The Anchoress includes at least a dozen excellent links about halfway down the linked post.)


49 Responses to “Sarah Palin Roundup (Updated)”

  1. Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom also has a nice post up which is a round up of leftist attacks on Palin, some of which have been chronicled here, entitled Because of the Hypocrisy. It provides links to the appropriate attacks.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  2. Good. I’ve added it to the post and let’s find as many as we can.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  3. We’re goin’ tah Win! (repeat as neccessary)

    Another Drew (221871)

  4. What worries me most about Palin is her environmental policy (especially regarding drilling in the ANWR). I think it is evermore important for us, as consumers to support ‘green businesses’ that benefit the environment. For example, Simple Stop stops your postal junk mail and benefits the environment.

    Clark (28f59e)

  5. Hey Clark.
    You got any f…… idea how you’re going to run the transportaion industry and the petro-chemical industry until your wonderful “alternative” energy sources become economically viable, or even available.
    Get a Clue!

    Another Drew (221871)

  6. I didnt’ see MoDo’s op-ed today on the roundup. Its worth a read.

    In one swipe of her well manicured hand, MoDo personifies catty. She attempts to illustrate her inexperience by making comparisons of Palin to the chick-flick (Ms. Congeniality) …unfortunately it comes off as a bit of a hissy fit infused with jealousy…Too bad, I thought we as women had moved on to more substantial matters. However, it sounds like Palin has learned to deal with these sorts of things,

    “As she once told Vogue, she’s learned the hard way to deal with press comments about her looks. “I wish they’d stick with the issues instead of discussing my black go-go boots,” she said. “A reporter once asked me about it during the campaign, and I assured him I was trying to be as frumpy as I could by wearing my hair on top of my head and these schoolmarm glasses.”

    Dana (084de8)

  7. Good addition, Dana.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  8. DRJ, I know you knew the First Dude is part Native Alaskan, ’cause you commented three times on my June 8th post about Palin, and I mentioned at the bottom of that post that “His grandmother, by the way, is a “highly respected elder” from the Curyung tribe of the Yup’ik Eskimos (a/k/a Native Alaskans).”

    You just forgot. 🙂

    Beldar (623aeb)

  9. Hey, Beldar: mega hat tip on your “calling it” for Governor Palin. I wonder if you would care to comment on a controversy about Governor Palin’s comments regarding the “Bridge to Nowhere”?

    I think that, given the volumes of leg-tingling plagiaristic nonsense from both Senator Obama and Senator Biden, this is straining at gnats, but I haven’t studied the situation carefully as you have. Care to comment? I would appreciate seeing your thoughts on this subject.

    Eric Blair (2708f4)

  10. Wow.

    The only way MoDo could have been more catty is if she included the line: “I’ll bet those aren’t real.”

    Paul (95a8c7)

  11. You give my memory way too much credit, Beldar.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  12. Paul #10, it will no doubt get ugly as Palin’s campaigning. But the real ugly (and viciousness) will come from women.

    Dana (084de8)

  13. Catty? More like c***ty!

    Just a load of Noo Yawk libril clap-trap.

    And what she wrote is clap-trap too.

    [from the column: “when the two-year governor of an oversized igloo becomes commander in chief”. Pure class, Maureen.]

    Icy Truth (df70da)

  14. OBaracky should add that junk mail campaign to his tire pressure plan to end our dependence on foreign oil.

    JD (5f0e11)

  15. The only thing you need to remember about MoDo is that once her minions decided her prose was subscription worthy, no one paid for her drivel.

    Dmac (874677)

  16. More treats from Sully…taking his lead, I might add, from Daily Kos – ironic, isn’t it?

    Dana (084de8)

  17. Dana #12:

    Yup. Women and Metrosexuals.

    Paul (95a8c7)

  18. Dana #16:

    Check out what see-dubya wrote over at Michele Malkin’s blog. Even this line of attack hurts Obama-Biden because its a no-win situation:

    But wait–let’s assume for a second that this goofy idea is true. Let’s say for a second that Governor Palin decided to adopt her daughter’s unplanned special-needs child and present him to the world as her own…

    That would make her kind of a saint, wouldn’t it?

    And wouldn’t it be an interesting contrast to the Democratic candidate, who was willing to abort his hypothetical grandchildren to remove the “burden” of an unplanned pregnancy?

    “Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at age 16, so it doesn’t make sense to not give them information.”


    Either they’re liars or Palin is even more admirable. Heh.

    Paul (95a8c7)

  19. Stolen and paraphrased from a previous comment (which is more than Biden would admit to):

    Palin runs a state, and MoDo runs her mouth.

    Apogee (186a12)

  20. Suddenly, Our Mr. Sullivan seems to think that rumor-mongering is just fine. When it agrees with his politics, I mean.

    It’s interesting. I could see a person saying “I don’t think Sarah Palin has enough experience to be Vice President. Attempts to intrude into her personal life—even asking about ‘eye witnesses’ to a birth—are unseemly and inappropriate.”

    That would be honorable and honest, which are not always the same thing.

    On the other hand, I heard a rumor that Sullivan has gone straight. I mean, there was a photograph of him slow dancing with a woman but it was taken from my website. And where was he last Friday night?

    See where rumor-mongering goes?

    The great part is that this shows how incredibly classy the Left is becoming. At least, that is my opinion until I see this kind of thing condemned.

    And here we were told that Republicans were all about nastiness and invasion of privacy!

    Eric Blair (2708f4)

  21. Eric Blair – we were told that Republicans were all about nastiness and invasion of privacy!

    It’s all about projection.

    Apogee (186a12)

  22. And Sullivan is going at it on the subject, again…

    The amusing part is to review Sullivan’s own words regarding privacy and the act of “outing” people:

    I guess it is always different when it is one’s own ox that is gored, to borrow a phrase.

    And it is always, always an issue of politics.

    Eric Blair (2708f4)

  23. Apogee, I think you are dead right on this subject!

    Eric Blair (2708f4)

  24. It’s all about projection.

    That it is. And just WAIT until the media starts outting Palin’s phot next to Andrea Yates, in a comparison of housewives who have five children.

    Palin and Andrea Yates photos bear such a REMARKABLE similarity.

    Or has no one notice John McCain’s VP pick is running on the Andrea Yates post-partum depression platform?

    Now, I might even have voted for McCain if he had made a more sensible VP choice … like Condi.

    But Noooo, he picked a Yates-esque housewife.

    MKDP (997171)

  25. Apologies for the mindblind typo. Corr:

    “And just WAIT until the media starts outting Palin’s phot next to Andrea Yates, in a comparison of housewives who have five children.”

    = And just WAIT until the media starts putting Palin’s photo next to Andrea Yates, in a comparison of housewives who have five children.

    When is Patterico going to get a large print feature?

    MKDP (997171)

  26. The Anchoress has a nicely done smackdown of the latest lefty smears in her roundup as well.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  27. MKDP – Why don’t you immolate yourself like your mother in protest?

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  28. MKDP, your browser has the large print feature. Learn to use it instead of blaming others.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  29. MKDP !!!!!!!: WOOT !!!! woot !!!!!!!

    Yates? Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me? The frogmen made you type that, didn’t they? Or was it the sniper?

    JD (5f0e11)

  30. A gift for JD that keeps on giving.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  31. Thanks, daleyrocks. I am a fan of the Anchoress.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  32. I keep thinking MKDP and Cyrus Sanai are related. The personalities are so similar.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  33. DRJ – I thought you might be someone who enjoys her.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  34. I like The Anchoress too, but that pales in comparison to MDKP and Petranos Esp. I mean where else can you get roast beef slicers, frogmen, boats, and snipers in the same story.

    I owe AnnTM a beer.

    JD (5f0e11)

  35. Autistic disabled snipers.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  36. JD, don’t you think that the Karl Rove mind rays are working almost too well? People on the freaking Left suggesting that women stay home and look after their children?

    Again, look back in time to wonderfully partisan insanity, like this amazing bit:

    The fact is, it is all about “D” versus “R” and that is all there is to it. And McCain’s selection just reminds women that the Democrats passed over a woman who, based on votes, merited a place on the ticket. Whoops!

    So the Left has to justify all this by doing their best to take down Sarah Palin…even if doing so makes them sound very much like those nasty old Republican sexists!

    It’s going to be a mess, but folks on the Right are going to love the emerging psychoses from the Left.

    Eric Blair (c8876d)

  37. You know, this is starting to look like an elephant trap for the Democrats. They are blundering around and falling into it every time they open their pie holes.

    I thought they were smarter than this. They are supposed to be the feminist party. It’s absolutely unreal.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  38. Eric – The cognitive dissonance should provoke some epic meltdowns. The cognitive dissonance should be painful.

    Autistic sniper and sharks with lasers.

    JD (5f0e11)

  39. …and fresh arugula.

    Dmac (874677)

  40. #35 Mike K:

    I thought they were smarter than this. They are supposed to be the feminist party. It’s absolutely unreal.

    They haven’t been for some time, a case I’ve been attempting to make for some time with relatives living in intensely “blue” areas.

    Who knows, I might actually make some headway now?

    EW1(SG) (625c58)

  41. Sarah Palin was a great choice. Condi did not want it and would connect McCain to Bush more than he already is. Condi has not impressed anyone as Sec of State. Gooo Sarah.

    Dennis D (ae900a)

  42. Eric Blair:

    It’s going to be a mess, but folks on the Right are going to love the emerging psychoses from the Left.

    Yes it is – the libs live on mockable stereotypes of Republicans, and their chimp-dummy-oilman-greedhead deconstructor machine is coughing and weezing when facing the hockey Mom Frontier Woman. Their algorithms are not configured for the hit job. They try modifying the chimp routine for the gal and spitting out ‘airhead’ comes off condescending and sexist. Nice job.

    Oh, and Kerry’s Cheney in a dress. Shouldnt we add a “not that there’s anything wrong with that” to that? 😉

    Their best shot they have is making her the next Dan Quayle, but we know how that race ended and we also know Quayle can look back with pride as a man who did less damage to the Republic than most. There is no downside here, every time they sputter about experience, we reply in kind about Obama v MCCAIN … MoDo is doing us a favor. The cattiness belies the fact that you cannot deny that Palin is interesting.
    Mo Do col:

    The movie ends with the former beauty queen shaking out her pinned-up hair, taking off her glasses, slipping on ruby red peep-toe platform heels that reveal a pink French-style pedicure, and facing down Vladimir Putin in an island in the Bering Strait. Putting away her breast pump, she points her rifle and informs him frostily that she has some expertise in Russia because it’s close to Alaska. “Back off, Commie dude,” she says. “I’m a much better shot than Cheney.”

    Admit it folks, there’s a part of the electorate who will vote for McCain/Palin in the (vain) hopes that that would actually happen.

    LittleKnownPalinFact: She is decended from Queen Boudica and Daniel Boone.

    Freedoms Truth (cfa2f1)

  43. People on the freaking Left suggesting that women stay home and look after their children?

    The amazing POWER OF PALIN: She can make leftists rediscover their motherhood-first family values!

    Freedoms Truth (cfa2f1)

  44. Thankyou for linking to the Anchoress,

    “I see her well thought-out policies. I know you’re all about the identity-politics; the race card, the gender card, but I’m really more interested in Palin’s policies than her periods.”

    Too good.

    biscuiteater (9cbc67)

  45. don’t you think that the Karl Rove mind rays are working almost too well?

    Not as well as the below play JD took right out of the conservative Republican Rovian anti-Aspie manifesto, compare:

    Autistic sniper and sharks with laser


    MKDP (b8303c)

  46. Sounds like more PWI….

    Eric Blair (642d37)

  47. hey, listen to Sarah Palin in her own words in this NewsWeek Video that was done back in March 2008! Its very telling!

    Charles (8eb74f)

  48. Anyone see the SArah Palin Gender Card on the Daily Show? Clearly nails the REpublicans with the Hipocracy hammer. Ho one should sully the hem of the skirt of Princess Palin, but Hillary can be smeared six ways from Sunday by mud-slinging Republicans without remorse.

    How can you rightites live with yourself? Dissing Hillary but tongue-bathing Palin?

    Who is Sexist now?

    Elais (171c05)

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