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Bill Clinton Endorses Barack Obama (Updated)

Filed under: 2008 Election — DRJ @ 6:55 pm

[Guest post by DRJ]

In his speech before the Democratic National Convention tonight, former President Bill Clinton endorsed Barack Obama for President, likening Obama’s candidacy to his own campaign in 1992 and affirming that Obama is ready to lead:

“Clinton pushed back on attacks – initiated by himself and his wife during the bitter primary campaign, and later taken up by Republican John McCain, that Obama is ill prepared for the White House, especially on matters of national defense.

“With Joe Biden’s experience and wisdom, supporting Barack Obama’s proven understanding, insight, and good instincts, America will have the national security leadership we need,” Clinton said.
Jabbing a finger at thousands of cheering delegates, he declared: “I want all of you who supported her to vote for Barack Obama in November.”

There is a much more unified feeling at the Democratic Convention than when it started. The stage is set for Biden’s speech tonight and the Obama’s acceptance speech tomorrow evening.

UPDATE: Compare the AP’s positive spin to this thoughtful analysis by Stephen Green at Vodkapundit.


41 Responses to “Bill Clinton Endorses Barack Obama (Updated)”

  1. I don’t see Bill working to make it happen for Ho’. On the surface, yes. Like tonight.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  2. Obama’s people treated WJC like crap and I’m not even a fan of his presidency. They pulled their first racist-attack on their former president. They kept pulling the racist card too, until it became politically dangerous.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  3. Barack Obama’s proven understanding, insight, and good instincts,

    When did this happen?

    Dana (084de8)

  4. VN #2, yeah, makes you wonder how many people in the arena was Bill angry with…there’s a boatload fer sure.

    Dana (084de8)

  5. The backstabbing starts Monday

    SteveG (71dc6f)

  6. Feelings are one thing, a bump in the polls shows if those feelings count or not. So far Dems haven’t got the expected up-ticks. However, after Bill Clinton and Joe Biden tonight, the numbers better take a jump or Dems are really stuck behind the 8 ball.

    Up or down, the polls will tell the tale.

    Ropelight (4a83c9)

  7. Ropelight, say what?! All those crying women that Olbermann blathered on about didn’t mean anything????

    And notice—did you notice that throughout that, especially as it built towards its conclusion, the women in that convention hall, the ones we saw at least, we can’t say every one was this way, but there were tears throughout among the women.

    Dana (084de8)

  8. Dana, you saw him shake a little with a glass of water? Hard to imagine Bill not in total cruise control.

    But some of the stuff that dropped from the Obama camp was unforgivable and so racist; acceptable against the evil GOP but Bill Clinton? Even by political standards – and I hear Bill doesn’t like to burn bridges – it will be interesting to see how much he sells the Obama ticket. If Obama’s handlers continue to skip respect for the Clintons, it will fail to repair the primary damage. Former supporters will remember in November. I know I would.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  9. The Oh!fest this week could (or should) bump the numbers up by 15 points, according to McCain’s media people.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  10. ….YAWN….

    OK, Billary has played nice now…Next…

    rudytbone (8ce146)

  11. Sheesh, Bill did not even bother to wipe the finger prints off the hilt.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  12. I’ve updated the post.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  13. Tough act for McCain and company to follow next week.

    Good Luck Bush Continuers

    oiram (9074c1)

  14. #13,

    Your tiny world view says everyone should agree with you.

    Tune in next week when . . .

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  15. Yeah. We already know that they won’t be able to top the number of plays of ‘the card’. Did you watch that short Steven Spielberg film tonight? Did you hear Tom Hanks — Tom – FREAKIN’ – Hanks!!! — play the race card?

    Our local FOX station (Phoenix) just called this “the most important moment in our history”. It’s like they can’t conceive of a different way to cover the story . . . or, to be more precise, they feel that the racial aspect is the whole story. Maybe that’s what he gets for being an empty suit.

    Icy Truth (64f9d0)

  16. Sorry, Fox- Phoenix. Britney shaving her head and ambushing photographers with an umbrella is what gets ratings. This post-race candidate is trying very, very hard to leave race out of his run for POTUS and so should you.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  17. #14, Vermont, My tiny world right at this hour is Patterico, and it does not agree with me.

    Tune in next week for the exact rah! rah! yey! yey! that you guys are complaining about here tonight, and yet will join the chant.

    Tune in this November for change outside of Patterico (Obama)


    Maybe you could start printing Bush (Jeb) again in 2016 stickers now 🙁

    oiram (9074c1)

  18. I don’t know who will win in November but I understand how tempting and fun it is for supporters to predict victory. However, I’m amazed at how certain the Obama campaign seems to be that Obama will win.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  19. DRJ 10:28pm – I’m amazed at how certain the Obama campaign seems to be that Obama will win.

    Come to think of it, in 1960, nobody was certain that Kennedy was going to win.

    Except Chicago.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  20. Good point, and it’s consistent with this daleyrocks’ comment.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  21. DRJ 10:34pm – Good thing ABC’s not covering the Annenberg story or they’d kill that Mofo segment producer.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  22. I don’t know who will win in November

    — I do. I would share that info with you, but I’d hate to see a grown Oiram weep.

    Icy Truth (64f9d0)

  23. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and not to get too brain-washed.
    I will not vote for Obama- not because I’m racist, not because I want “another 8 years of Bush’s administration” or for any other ridiculous reasons. I will not vote for him because:
    he wants to increase taxes which will lead to inflation and farther drop of economy. Read some material about wealth redistribution and you will realize that increasing taxes is not an option in a critical time like this.
    wealth redistribution in its core is -socialism – a core of communism.CHANGE -CHANGE – is it going to be a good change when there’s going to be even less job spaces??… people will get even more dependable on welfare…
    he is radical and is proven to be capable of lying or hiding truth – which is unacceptable for a presidential nominee…
    I would love to see a young charismatic president – but I believe Barak Obama is too crazy to be this man. People should realize that rushing into extremes is not a rational way of thinking.
    I’m not too happy about McCain either… but at least he will know what to do about our international crisis – which is what I believe the main reason of our economical problems. We need to end the war- but we need to keep the image of a strong nation, otherwise we might end up depending on countries like Russia, Iran and China… Imagine how difficult it will be to redeem ourselves then?!…
    As soon as the war is over and energy crisis is diminished I believe there will be no need to change anything about our economy – if we don’t send trillions of dollars overseas we’ll be just fine:)

    diana (0ad8a0)

  24. Hillary had her night and I’m no body language master but it seemed to me that supporting Obama was as easy as swallowing a toothpick.
    Bill had his night and there is no doubt, he is indeed a PRO. Of course he had a great time, telling all present exactly what they wanted to hear. Reminds me of how well he mastered the story about “no Sex” a few years ago.

    joe (7c6452)

  25. McCain and his cronies are intent upon destroying this country and those of you who support the malignant cancer that is Bush/Cheney, go ahead and continue to lose your homes; continue to fund the pre-meditated theft of billions of dollars from the sub-prime scandal; continue to support a party that has neglected America’s infrastructure including New Orleans and our Bridges; support the corrupt Jack Abramoff bribing of senators and congressmen; support the pervs Mark Foley and Larry Crain; support your lost wages and inability to send your children to college; support your inability to heat your homes and fill your autos with petrol; continue to beg for health benefits and care. You counterfeit intelligent people are convinced that you are brilliant, in command of your own destiny when the true elite WASPS are laughing all the way to the bank. They are building multi-generational wealth because they understand that wealth equals power. You are not WASPS nor Bluebloods you are simple-minded people one pay check away from financial ruin. John McCain can afford $520 Ferragamo loafers, Cindy McCain can afford to spend $750 thousand dollars a month, more money than many of your will earn in a lifetime. Go ahead and participate in your demise, you deserve it!

    Sonja (6695fc)

  26. #25 Sonja-
    Did you get all the DNC talking points down? Give us a few more canards to cogitate on. Petrol for our autos? Not another Eurotwat for O!bambi?
    Nice you cannot mention George Soros or the Hollywood and meida scumwad elites. Does your clitoris tingle hearing the Neophyte Anointed One’s words or upon ogling his crotch? How does that kool-aide taste? Tell us about Obamalamdingdong’s views on free speech? How about wanting petrol prices much higher so we are closer to Euroweenie equality? Domestic drilling very bad, sending hundreds of billions of dollars to terrorist supporting sheiks and despots very good? Now go back to inserting your head up Baracky Hussein O’s anal recesses.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  27. Sonja – Thank you for an excellent copy-and-paste rant. The number of lies in that one comment is just staggering.

    JD (75f5c3)

  28. I will still not vote for Obama. He is not experienced and I don’t know how the DNC and the Obama party got him to say all those things, but we all know that he didn’t believe a word of what he was saying about Obama. Hillary deserves to be the nominee and she is the one that could beat McCain. This life long DEM WILL be voting for McCain in Nov. The DNC is not going to tell me how to vote. The open roll call should have went on–why is Obama so scared to hear not everyone wants him to be the nominee? He is such a fake!

    Hillary 2012!!

    Michelle (c36902)

  29. He is not experienced and I don’t know how the DNC and the Obama party got him to say all those things,

    My guess would be either money, or interns…

    Scott Jacobs (2899a7)

  30. RED Sonja-
    Joe Sixpack works to buy Cindy’s beer. Cindy pays her taxes and has her pet projects and upper crust lifetstyle? What’s the matter, are you jealous? Like all socialist/marxists you really are required to play the class warfare card? No problemo with Fat Teddy K’s/John Edwards/Lurch Kerry/Algore et al’s limousine liberal lifetsyles though? Ok for them to pass tax laws that protect their own assets? Everyone is equal except some (your idols) are more equal? What thinks you of O’s mansion obtained with help from convicted felon Rezno? Or hate whitey Wright’s lavish lifestyle? Your pals the Clinton made something like $100 MILLION since they left office and can thus afford their first home together that they paid for with capitalist earnings from book deals and speeches. Let’s talk about Rethug perverts but ignore Billy Clinton’s alleged rapes and Edwards Love Child, Fat Teddy’s leaving a young woman to suffocate in his Olds, Obama’s ties to unrepentant terrorists, the numerous times he voted “present” to avoid being pinned down on his own opinions, yadda yadda. Liberals are prone to being such magnificent liars and word parsers, hypocrites and just plain corrupt. Even a Mormon like Dirty Harry Reid is a bloodsucking vampire at the public teat.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  31. continue to support a party that has neglected America’s infrastructure including New Orleans and our Bridges;

    Clinton did the same thing, sweety…

    In fact, federal expendature on highways and bridges increased under Bush, but once the state gets the money, the Feds can’t control upon what that money is spent.

    If states don’t make good use and fix what needs fixing, it isn’t the fault of the feds, it’s the fault of the state.

    support the corrupt Jack Abramoff bribing of senators and congressmen

    As opposed to senators who took bribes?

    support the pervs Mark Foley and Larry Crain

    As opposed to Dems who ACTUALLY have sex with underage pages, or hookers?

    support your lost wages and inability to send your children to college

    I could go into a long, drawn out explanation how illegal immigration, taxes, minimum-wage laws work to decrease jobs and pay, but you likely wouldn’t understand it, so I shall simply tell you that your knowledge on this subject in particular is lacking.

    support your inability to heat your homes and fill your autos with petrol

    I will ignore the fact that you are obviously british or indian (dot, not feather), and remind you that drilling for oil would increase our ability to put “petrol” in our tanks and buy heating oil for our homes. Do we need to remind you what party is blocking attempts to drill for more oil? Here’s a hint: It starts with a “D”.

    continue to beg for health benefits and care.

    I don’t beg for anything, sister. I work to get what I want/need.

    John McCain can afford $520 Ferragamo loafers, Cindy McCain can afford to spend $750 thousand dollars a month, more money than many of your will earn in a lifetime.

    And Obama can afford a Million dollar house and a vacation on a private beach in Hawaii and a fundraiser in thrifty Switzerland, Pelosi think 50-100 grand is a small investment, Kerry owns a home in France, Gore is making scads of cash off “Carbon Credits”, and the Clintons have a million+ dollar apartment in NYC…

    Politicians inevitably end up wealthy. Is that a problem? It is indeed, especially since it removes them from being in touch with “average” americans…

    But “building multi-generational wealth” is BAD? how is it that working to build a lot of money to pass on to your kids is a bad thing? I mean, isn’t Warren Buffet one of your economic gods? What the hell do you think HE has done?

    Go ahead and participate in your demise, you deserve it!

    And while you participate in your own demise, we will work to save you from yourself.

    We, unlike those who claim to be the most compassionate, actually want to help you succeed and prosper, so that your children and your children’s children might also prosper…

    But we do require you put some effort into it. Sorry about that. It’s only fair.

    Scott Jacobs (2899a7)

  32. Good job, Scott.

    Another Drew (0e4f52)

  33. Racists

    JD (75f5c3)

  34. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden looked great. The DNC should dump (the empty suit) Obama, and run a ticket of Clinton and Biden.

    Lee (f14f31)

  35. Lee, please get out your copy of the Constitution and look at Amendment 22!
    Now, go back to sleep – someone will be by with your meds and a clean binky shortly.

    Another Drew (0e4f52)

  36. Where did you find such bird brain to talk about economic policies? Anybody who has ever held a job or run a business know that higher taxes=less investment=less jobs. It’s really pretty simple. Obama is going to raise business and individual income tax, raise capitol gains tax, raise payroll tax. (Did I miss anything?) And you are going to tell me that’s going to save jobs? Better go back and finish kindergarten.

    Stephen (049a3e)

  37. Anyone that says they WILL NOT vote for Obama, simply because Hillary is not in the running is obviously not a true DEM. Stop fooling yourselves, get over your racist attitudes, and think of the future of your country. You will have no-one else to blame but yourselves, if you want 4 more years of an unadulterated mess of mismanagement. The US a superior power – what a joke, especially when you have such narrow minded, nit picky citizens that can’t even see the wood for the trees.
    An Observer from Toronto

    Sandy (2099e7)

  38. Hey, Canadian cretin, tell us which country is superior to USA? What country do all the freedom-living wannabe illegals flock to in vast numbers?
    What country do Canadians run to for timely and life-saving medical procedures? Pity you Canucks don’t take Obama and the Hollywood rats and make them honorary Canucks. Heck, Obama can be your Boss Man. Oh, why no “Black” leaders for Canada and the Euroweenie countries? How about the giving us a flash of the usual Jooooos are bad, Palis are great pablum? I know Canucks have no problem giving asylum to terrorist scumwads also.

    So bright of you not to realize that the asshole leaders Reid and Pelosi are responsible for the past couple of years of do nothing Congress, lowest approval ratings ever and being admanantly opposed to developing domestic energy resources. While your at it, please take piggies Moore, Algore, Breck Girl, Lurch, Fat Teddy and numerous other garbage and make them your leaders and seers/propaganda ministers.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)


    Lofty speeches are great … but actons
    speak louder than words !!!

    In addition to 20+ more years of service and
    experience in the U.S. senate than the other
    candidate …

    One candidate, John McCain watched his fellow
    prisoner’s backs, at great cost to himself. After
    3 years as a tortured P.O.W. in Vietnam, he was
    offered early release by the enemy. But, since it
    would have been dishonorable to get released
    before his fellow prisoners, he refused, which
    resulted in 2 1/2 additional years of torture and

    The other candidate, Barack Obama threw his
    self proclaimed friend, spiritual advisor, and mentor
    of 20 years, under the bus for political expediency and gain.

    To vote for Obama, after learning these differences …
    will say as much about your character, as it does about
    the character of the two candidates.

    Howard (f14f31)

  40. Sandy – Racist? Because you do not want to vote for Baracky you are a racist? Really? Do explain, you mendoucheous little twatwaffle. While you are at it, if the US is so horrible, who is better? And if we are so horrible, why do people line up to come here, legally and illegally? You are one poor excuse for a Canuck.

    JD (5f0e11)

  41. Lee is pretty hilarious since he can’t tell the difference among empty suits. Sandy is just the typical race pimping garbage we’ve come to expect from the left. If you don’t vote for the dishonest, unaccomplished, incompetent and ignorant black, you are racist. Yawn.

    SPQR (26be8b)

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