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Another Poll

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The latest National Journal blogger poll:

“Who is Obama most like — John F. Kennedy, Jackie Robinson, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter or Colin Powell?”

Answers here. My quote isn’t there, but you can easily guess what I said.

34 Responses to “Another Poll”

  1. At least Carter, (so far, the only Navy man elected to President) was in Rickover’s nuclear program, and wasn’t scared of the energy source.

    Obama is sub-Carter.

    Yes, that’s also a Navy Joke.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  2. #1 11:1 8PM

    so far, the only Navy man elected to President

    John Kennedy and Richard Nixon served in the USN during WWII.

    Stu707 (6e4ad5)

  3. Stu707 – You’re right. It should read: the only graduate of the Naval Academy to become President.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  4. Bush 41 was a naval aviator…

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh Ok then…

    Then again, we’ve only had, I believe, one West Point grad as President, correct? Or did one of the first 10 or so graduate from West Point too?

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  6. I can’t remember, it was so long ago.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  7. #4…Bush-41…
    and, the youngest commissioned officer in the Navy at the time of his commissioning (and for some years after IIRC). He went to OCS right out of Prep-School.

    Another Drew (98feb7)

  8. The really funny thing is that the lefties consider Carter pretty much the way the righties do, considering how hard they attempt to avoid the obvious similarities.

    I’d say the Obama is more like Truman — spawn of a corrupt machine, hostile to business and capable of grasping defeat out of the jaws of victory by firing his best general rather than admit he’s wrong.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  9. Scott, in addition to Ike, U.S. Grant was a graduate of West Point.

    JVW (d54fc4)

  10. Kevin Murphy – 12:12am

    I really don’t see Obama dropping the atom bomb, no matter what the costs to the U.S.

    Remember, he’ll gladly destroy a system in the service of ‘fairness’.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  11. Of the choices, Bambi’s a cross between Carter and Clinton, an incompetent boob with a messianic complex, and a juvenile megalomaniac who can’t tell the truth or define simple words like, “is, racist-bigot, or domestic terrorist.”

    Ropelight (4a83c9)

  12. 11 Ropelight…it may be that O!bama turns out to be more McGovern Redux. Very interesting take of the whole affair and similarities at

    The buffoons who failed in ’72 are back in force in positions of power and ready to shove us to the far left..the magic negro shares their views while possessing those character defects you’ve enumerated. But of course that’s only because our hearts are hardened against the one true Messiah’s omnipotence. Bush was never able to stop the seas from rising or prone to healing the planet for the children.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  13. I think the poll meant to say Billy Carter.

    Which would have been my choice….furious

    furious (56af6d)

  14. #12, max,

    The future of our Republic depends on an informed electorate. Yet, we see otherwise adequately competent citizens lined up to worship at the alter of a false god. How can this be?

    The only way I can explain it is to point to newspapers and broadcast TV, they so dominate the the flow of mass communication that selling the American public “a pig in a poke” has become their stock in trade.

    Hitler said that our form of government was doomed because once the masses discovered they could vote themselves largess from the public treasury, they would do so and bankrupt the country. He failed to note that representatives of the masses would catch on even more quickly and use public funds to buy themselves reelection. Boons for the masses would follow in lockstep.

    We are now poised to see MSM and the Democrat Party attempt to foist an insolent charismatic charlatan on an unsuspecting public.

    The words of Ben Franklin ring out as true today as they were at the Constitutional Convention. When asked what form of government our new country was to have, he said, “A Republic, if we can keep it.”

    Ropelight (4a83c9)

  15. Hussein O = Carter, after a massive stroke.

    Scrapiron (c36902)

  16. Ambrose Bierce, “nobody ever went broke betting on the gullibility of the American People”

    Bar Sinister (b50c99)

  17. Bar Sinister (can I call you Simon?) wrote: Ambrose Bierce, “nobody ever went broke betting on the gullibility of the American People”

    My sources say H.L. Mencken, and the quote is “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

    L.N. Smithee (b048eb)

  18. I am no fan of these kinds of comparisons. It always bugs me when some announcer says “he is the next Michael Jordan”. But, if I had to compare Baracky, I would say he is the next Bob Uecker.

    JD (5f0e11)

  19. I stand corrected. Good catch, Smithee.

    Bar Sinister (b50c99)

  20. The next John Davidson. With a touch of Louis Farrakhan

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  21. No prob, Bar Sinister. I’m kinda A.R. about such stuff, and I appreciate that you aren’t offended.

    L.N. Smithee (ecc5a5)

  22. No, JD…
    He could only aspire to be Bob Uecker.

    (…and Good Morning to you…)

    Another Drew (7e1367)

  23. JD wrote: I am no fan of these kinds of comparisons. It always bugs me when some announcer says “he is the next Michael Jordan”. But, if I had to compare Baracky, I would say he is the next Bob Uecker.

    That’s not an insult. Uecker is an outstanding success story.

    A guy who might have slipped into anonymity after his unremarkable tenure in professional baseball, Uecker parlayed his gift of gab and masterful comic timing into a gig as play-by-play announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers. Then he was one of ABC’s crew when they bought the rights to broadcast MLB games. From that he was featured in the legendary Miller Lite beer commercials, then “legit” acting work in movies (Major League) and 117 episodes of Mr. Belvedere. Eventually, he was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame with the Ford C. Frick award (for broadcasters). Not bad for a backup catcher for three different teams in parts of seven seasons with a .200 lifetime batting average.

    If Obama can overachieve the way Uecker has, America’s in good hands if he is elected.

    And no, I don’t think he can.

    L.N. Smithee (b048eb)

  24. #14 Ropeline,
    You know that whoever wins in November, they will support amnesty for all those illegals, even though in this case perhaps 80% of Americans oppose said legalization of illegals. RINO Juan McCain is content enough to allow this usurpation of what is right and legal. One result will certainly be that those newbies will overwhelmingly support whomever promises them more goodies (dems). I suppose that more than cancels out the millions of potential liberal/socialist teat suckers who were aborted by their liberal-leaning mamas. Whitey will be a minority soon enough and I have to wonder whether the PC crowd will go along with increased dhimmitude of America with creeping sharia law.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  25. LN – I stand corrected.

    AD – Consider yourself denounced. And good morning to you as well.

    JD (75f5c3)

  26. #24, Max,

    That’s Ropelight, not ‘line. Yes, I share your concern. McCain and I parted company when he came out for amnesty. My vote for him will actually be a vote against THE ONE. But, since MSM selected the GOP candidate this election, we have to play the hand we hold.

    My consolation is the example of SCOTUS nominee, Harriot Meyers. The outrage was so broad and deep that W had to bail out. If McCain tries to reward illegal aliens with US citizenship, I have high hopes McCain will feel the same heat, cranked up so high it sets his rear end on fire.

    Amnesty is unacceptable under any guise. McCain says he got the message, but I don’t believe it. It’s the one issue which keeps me from sending him a check. Unless I hear the right pledge, signed in blood, he’ll get my vote, but that’s it, no contributions, no bumper sticker, no yard signs, no nothing.

    As for the PC crowd, they’re such mealey mouth cowards they’d kiss the feet of Osama bin Ladin as he chopped of their useless heads.

    Ropelight (4a83c9)

  27. #26 Ropelight, One question, don’t you think the religious right might have had a hand in selecting the GOP candidate by way of voting rights?.

    Also by way of Romney being a Mormon?

    Oiram (983921)

  28. #27, I’m willing to answer a question, but please be a bit more clear. I can’t quite make out what you’re trying to say.

    Ropelight (4a83c9)

  29. don’t you think the religious right might have had a hand in selecting the GOP candidate by way of voting rights?.


    JD (75f5c3)

  30. #28 Rope, You claim the MSM selected McCain. I was asking if it could be other forces.

    Never mind JD answered my question based on his feelings contrary to mine.

    Oiram (983921)

  31. “I’d say the Obama is more like Truman — spawn of a corrupt machine, hostile to business and capable of grasping defeat out of the jaws of victory by firing his best general rather than admit he’s wrong.”

    To compare Obama to Truman in any way, shape or form is an insult to logic and Truman himself. Truman correctly investigated the widespread corruption and malfeasance on the part of our country’s defense contractors, thereby leading our armed services to have full capabilities on a wartime footing much earlier than expected. MacCarthur was an arrogant ass and often tried to appeal to public sentiment over his commander in chief, which is a serious infraction for a military officer. MacCarthur also wanted to start a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula in order to stave off the Chinese assault – a serious miscalculation, which Truman correctly overruled. Truman was also responsible for leading the country out of the post WWII years, in which economic disruptions and worldwide refugee masses were on the verge of overwhelming what was left of Europe’s infrastructure. Thus we had the Marshall Plan, which many historians correctly credit for saving Europe as we know it today. Truman also recognized the need to confront the Soviets early on, and initiated forward defenses on the many border nations of the USSR. I could add in so many other amazing attributes of Truman’s tenure in office, like the Berlin Airlift, the decision to drop the bomb (thereby saving millions of lives, both American, Japanese and Russian), etc.

    Dmac (874677)

  32. Oiram – My answer had nothing to do with feelings. McCain is not the favored son of the boogeyman religious right, which was your question.

    JD (75f5c3)

  33. I’ll take a church full of ordinary, god fearing, honest, citizens over a college faculty of arrogant, self-righteous, hollow men every day of the week. Heck, open the telephone book and take the names at random, and I’d still put them up against the faculty in a foot race, an IQ test, or a Bar-B-Que cook off.

    Ropelight (4a83c9)

  34. Carter, but without the foreign policy gravitas one gets from spending so much time underwater.
    (Which does seem to explain Carter’s economic policies…)

    IQ tests are skewed towards test taking skills, so make it a common sense test.
    I had a neighbor a few years ago who is a college professor that reported me to the zoning police…The zoning police come over, demand permits, blueprints, inspection cards, generally wasting my time, irritating the heck outta me and proceed to do some setback measurements and find…. that college professor genius guy has a bunch of violations in plain sight. The zoning cops return to the office after taking pictures and measurements of his stuff…. mine was fine.

    So I call the guy and ask if he called the authorities on me, and he screams at me with the indignation of the righteous that of course he did… I should have the zone police sicced on me and just goes off on a tirade. So I interrupt the guy and tell him “that’s funny, because they just finished apologizing to me for the inconvenience, and went back to the office to process the violations they found at your place” the guy just kept shouting about how he was right and how “everyone should get together and call the police” on me.
    Which made it really fun when I heard jackhammers next door…

    SteveG (71dc6f)

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