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The First Draft of the Sandra Tsing Loh Book Review

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[I found this in a dumpster somewhere near Spring St. in downtown Los Angeles. It appears to be a first draft of the L.A. Times book review of the Sandra Tsing Loh book “Mother on Fire.”

Thanks to the commenters from this post, from whom I stole several of these jokes. And apologies to Iowahawk for stealing and mangling his “found first draft” device.]

A Review of Sandra Tsing Loh’s Latest Book

By Cooze N. Sarpenter

In her latest book, cunning linguist and master debater Sandra Tsing Loh thinks outside the box and explores cracks in the facade of the school system. Her probing analysis, while quite tongue-in-cheek, reminds one of the work of Boris Torakhokov or Peter B. Dragon.

Reading “Mother on Fire,” you can almost hear Loh speaking the words out loud, deftly filleting school officials with the surgical precision of a Benihana chef. Yes, Ms. Loh certainly is talented at delivering her own special brand of fillet show to a satisfied audience. With this book, Ms. Loh shows that she possesses more than superior oral skills, as she takes her skilled tongue to a new and different audience.

I don’t want to be too hard on Loh, but her book really peters out in the end. A professional investigator can sometimes help penetrate such a bureaucracy as the school system. However, Ms. Loh clearly lacks access to the services of a private dick, and it shows.

17 Responses to “The First Draft of the Sandra Tsing Loh Book Review”

  1. I found this in a dumpster somewhere near Spring St. in downtown Los Angeles.

    Firstly, it’s Spring and 7th


    I want the book back, and I want you brought up on breaking and entering charges. Failure to do so will result in communication from my firm, Wui, Suim, Ahl & Howe.

    Apogee (186a12)

  2. Also, you have enraged Ms. Loh’s famous cousin, Michelle Yeoh, and her husband Dickson Poon.

    Apogee (186a12)

  3. I was going to call you a coward for closing off the comments when you first posted this.

    WLS (26b1e5)

  4. What a cunning stunt!

    KateCoe (54b4bc)

  5. I have it on excellent authority that Ms. Tsing Loh plagiarized most of her work from the ancient Chinese scholar, Wun Hung Lo, and the French researcher, Dr. Jacques Mihof.

    John Cunningham (4a426f)

  6. Ms. Loh studied long, hard, deep, repeatedly to produce this scholarly tome.

    Whu Phlong Dung (d9ec17)

  7. Beware! Cyrus Sanai has bookmarked this page.

    L.N. Smithee (0931d2)

  8. Ok, enough of the Oriental jokes. My daughter’s soccer coach, Ichito Kikamatsu, is very offended.

    nk (3c7a86)

  9. I understand an earlier draft said:

    …explores cracks in the tongue-in-grove facade of the school system.

    I. P. Freely (9d1b08)

  10. Awk. I, a Chinese, protest. Chinese names are surname first, given name last. When said Chinese has a Christian/Western name, that name comes first, then the surname, then the Chinese given name.

    Same with the Vietnamese. And the Japanese. And the Koreans.

    Having said that, I’m surprised my old friend Richard Won Ton Mie (Dick) hasn’t shown up yet.

    Gregory (f7735e)

  11. Ben and Jerry’s new ice cream is called Lickety Split. Go, Sandy!

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  12. NK, Still no apology for stealing the name of my character, and my Korean daughter wants to kick you where it hurts the most.

    Oh, doubt me? Ask Bill Handel at KFI if he remembers the call from Brenda (Sung Mee) who doesn’t eat dog. Handel had his head handed to him by a 3 year old.

    PCD (5c49b0)

  13. “Cunning Linguist”? Hey, I have that book!

    Ken S (42ac80)

  14. You should have trademarked it, PCD. Besides, I claim fair use. My apologies to your daughter although I don’t know how I offended her.

    nk (3c7a86)

  15. P.S. I really want to straighten this out with her because going around kicking people is very unbecoming in a young lady. A bad habit, too.

    nk (3c7a86)

  16. […] UPDATE: I found the first draft of the book review! You can read it here. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Meet the Newest L.A. Times Book Reviewer: Seymour Butz (b16ea8)

  17. On education-(since I am a thirty year veteran) I find it very interesting, as well as a sad commentary, that Bush’s Secretary of Education has no educational experience or background whatsoever.

    Nancy McCullough (9c5626)

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