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What Will Hillary Supporters Do?

Filed under: 2008 Election,War — DRJ @ 6:28 pm

[Guest post by DRJ]

Almost two months ago on June 8, Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign for the Democratic nomination and endorsed Barack Obama. I thought then that her supporters, although disappointed, would eventually accept Obama as the Democratic nominee. Last week when Obama named Hillary as the keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention, I thought it gave Hillary and her supporters the opportunity to accept Obama’s nomination with grace.

Now that I’ve read this Politico article, I’m not so sure:

“Geraldine Ferraro, a Clinton supporter who in 1984 became the first woman on a major party presidential ticket, said Obama should be “gracious” enough to offer Clinton the vice presidency, considering how narrow the race was.

Marcia Pappas, who heads the New York state chapter of the National Organization for Women, believes that Clinton supporters “would be outraged to know she was not given that right of first refusal.”

A mid-July Quinnipiac poll said 1-in-5 Clinton voters would not vote for Obama, a number that is only slightly lower than when Hillary suspended her campaign over a month before.

Hillary Clinton’s keynote address at the Democratic Convention will be given a week after the 88th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment (passed by Congress on June 4, 1919, and ratified August 18, 1920) that gave women the right to vote. Some Hillary supporters may not appreciate the symbolism:

“I’m sorry to say this but I do think [the Democratic divide] is sort of significant,” Hoff said [Joan Hoff, an historian at Montana State University]. “It could have an impact. It’s not that you need a lot of them,” meaning Clinton supporters who will sit out the general or vote for McCain. “You just need enough of them in key places.”

Hoff compared the current dynamic to the Republicans in 1976, when Ronald Reagan’s supporters never fully rallied to Gerald Ford, and the Democrats in 1980, when Edward M. Kennedy’s supporters never fully warmed to Jimmy Carter.”

I think I smell popcorn.


73 Responses to “What Will Hillary Supporters Do?”

  1. Oooooooo, popcorn with butter on it.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  2. Hillary supporters, Republicans. What’s the difference?

    love2008 (1b037c)

  3. I think it’s the difference between winning and losing this election.

    DRJ (9d1be2)

  4. Hillary supporters, Republicans. What’s the difference?

    Well, one would vote for Hillary, and the other loves his country.

    (Hey, you asked.)

    Drumwaster (5ccf59)

  5. “…and some of the better known feminists from the dark ages…”

    Love it. So we have women stamping their dainty feet, demanding they get their way or they won’t play anymore. Setting the women’s movement back 30 years. Heh.

    Dana (254946)

  6. I’m not sure the analogy with Kennedy applies here at all – Reagan won overwhelmingly with a late surge of independents and moderate Dems. It’s highly doubtful that disaffected Kennedy supporters would have made much of a difference in that election, if any.

    Dmac (82935d)

  7. Nobody has exercised the lady’s prerogative to change her mind more than Barack Like-I-Have-Always-Said Obama. If Bill Clinton can be the first black president why can’t Obama be the first woman president?

    nk (e8a4f1)

  8. #7 – I just snorted my diet 7-Up! Too funny.

    Dana (254946)

  9. This just in: One of the Obama faithful throws Hillary under the bus. Stay tuned for the labeling of Mrs. Clinton as a ‘racist cracka’.

    Icy Truth (c4ec85)

  10. I agree. NK, that’s your best comment ever. We should frame it.

    DRJ (9d1be2)

  11. Hillary supporters are not real democrats. They just need an excuse to support their Republican candidate. So it’s not a loss. And don’t give me that crack talk about 18million supporters. That has evaporated. The real democrats, who put party above personal feelings now support Obama.

    love2008 (1b037c)

  12. love2008, there are times when I think that you are posting drunk.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  13. No, SPQR, he just posts stupid!

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  14. #12, right up there with nk. Heh. (exasperation = priceless wry one-liners)

    Dana (254946)

  15. #12
    Hey. Mr big feet.
    love2008, there are times when I think that you are posting drunk.
    Wow! (hic!).. And other times?

    love2008 (1b037c)

  16. You have a better explanation for your comment #11 ?

    SPQR (26be8b)

  17. I Voted for Hillary Clinton, I will not ever in my life vote for Barack Obama,, I do think America ready for a Black president, Just not Barack Obama,, thru this whole campaign he lied flip flopped back and fouth,, went from Left to right to middle,,, He is going to screw this country so bad,, once he becomes president, I will say I will not be part of it, but I will not throw my vote away!!!!, I always voted Democrat, this will be the first time I vote republican, I will vote for McCain like alot of other Democratic are doing,, I will not blind VOte For Obama because CNN or MSnbc told me to,, with there unfair bias, not only that,,Now all barack Obama doing now he is the one starting with the Race Card,,,,,,Barack Obama don’t even care about his own people that is why they protested him at his last appearance,,,,,,

    Jody (0d7cf6)

  18. #16

    love2008 (1b037c)

  19. Jody, I admire your conviction. Its refreshing to hear from a Dem that the country is indeed ready for a black president, just not Obama. You have voiced what many Republicans feel to be his shortcomings which have nothing to do with race. Would that more who share your beliefs be brave enough to speak up. Thank you for sharing.

    Dana (254946)

  20. Love this comment:

    Pamela Sumners, who directs the Missouri chapter of the abortion-rights group NARAL, added that Clinton “is now seen as the reigning dean of the women’s movement. It’s sort of Moses gets all the way to the mountain and doesn’t get to the promised land — and I think there would be people really angry about that.”

    Either Ms. Summers doesn’t know why Moses didn’t get to the promised land, or the sheer irony of this analogy is lost on her.

    Paul (2e7298)

  21. #17
    Yeah. Go on and vote for John Mccain you (%%$#). After all it’s what you always wanted to do. Say hi to Hillary.
    And you sound like a Rep. troll.

    love2008 (1b037c)

  22. What AD said. No one can stay that drunk all the time.

    Xrlq (62cad4)

  23. There is no known antidote for “The Kiss of the PUMA Women”. It’s going to be great fun watching Senator Clinton exhort women in CA, NY and MA to “Get out there and win one for Obamer!” while Emily’s Listers in OH, PA, CO and FL quietly sit and watch. And sit.

    And sit clear through Nov. 10th.

    Rick Ballard (0a8990)

  24. Wow! (hic!).. And other times?

    It’s your native stupidity, no doubt…

    Drumwaster (5ccf59)

  25. #24
    Hic! I wish you would stop blathering Drum… You are a moron! And it’s too late for you to see it.

    love2008 (1b037c)

  26. I think Rick Ballard’s comment #23 is more incisive than mine, DRJ.

    nk (e8a4f1)

  27. love2spewH8 wrote: Hillary supporters are not real democrats.

    — As a person with convictions I’m sure you stand by that sentiment. In fact, I suggest that you repeat that statement across as many liberal blogs as you can post to . . . as often as possible between now and election day. I’m certain that if you do so it will have the desired effect.

    Icy Truth (c4ec85)

  28. Hic! I wish you would stop blathering Drum… You are a moron! And it’s too late for you to see it.

    Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

    Drumwaster (5ccf59)

  29. #27
    I stand by my post. I ain’t flip flopping on that. I will say it again, any Hillary supporter who goes on to vote for McCain come Nov., was never going to vote for Obama. Just like some of you guys here. They are not democrats. They are blind followers of men.

    love2008 (1b037c)

  30. They are blind followers of men.

    And not of the pure spiritual being which is Obamahdi. Damn those apostates.

    nk (e8a4f1)

  31. “They are blind followers of men.”

    Oh stop it, love2008. If #17 was a blind follower of men, s/he would be voting for Obama. It seems to confound you that anyone may actually think through the evidence and conclude with solid reasoning that Obama simply is not a candidate worthy of their vote.

    Dana (254946)

  32. I was a Hillary supporter and I have tried to turn my support over to Barack Obama. Every time I read comments by Obama supporters on blogs I cringe. I feel like Obama supporters are little kids throwing verbal mud pies at Hillary supporters – giving us no chance to converse and find the commonalities that would help us find our way to supporting Obama. I’ve never missed an election and I’ve always voted for the candidates who seemed to care about common people. The only President who really came through on his promises was Bill Clinton. If I thought Barack Obama had half the potential of Bill Clinton I’d break my back supporting him – but all I see/hear is a preacher who can influence kids. I want to see him stop preaching and talk to us, tell us something about his policies that he can stick to, tell us what kind of President he would be. I also think he should stop acting like he’s already been elected, because he hasn’t been.

    Phyllis Lindblade (7be146)

  33. And not of the pure spiritual being which is Obamahdi. Damn those apostates.

    Comment by nk — 8/3/2008 @ 8:39 pm

    OK, I vote that beats # 7. LOL

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  34. The real democrats, who put party above personal feelings now support Obama.

    Comment by love2008 — 8/3/2008 @ 7:20 pm

    This is prolly going to get me in trouble but *note upcoming disclaimer* in my experience “real democrats” are the ones who put nothing above personal feelings. Not the ones I talk to anyway. Not with the war on terror, not on abortion, not on welfare policy, not on [insert policy plank here].

    Whenever I listen to them for a while it always comes down to one of two things: “my rights/feelings uber alles” or about feeling enlightened, compassionate and nonjudgmental [aka feeling superior to those Neanderthal Repugnicans].

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  35. Dana #31 through the evidence

    That capability would have prevented them from ever fully supporting Obama.

    Apogee (186a12)

  36. #35 should read think through the evidence

    Apogee (186a12)

  37. Since I seem to be on a roll on this thread, here is a Not Safe For Work Barack Obama joke.

    nk (e8a4f1)

  38. Latest Gallup Poll: Obama 45%, McCain 44%, undecided 11%

    Time to dust off the knee pads and beg the militant Hillary supporters to ‘come to their senses’.

    Icy Truth (c4ec85)

  39. I was going to leave a comment in regard to the question but after reading the comments, it looks like a blog for a bunch of blathering idiots with closed minds who have it all figured out. “Barack Obama don’t even care about his own people…” etc. Not to mention negative, pessimistic, mean spirited… I don’t like the Obama blog myself, because they try so hard to keep it civil, unlike most of the blogs, but it gets a little cloying.
    But this blog, like many, is like listening to a cat fight in the middle of the night. One guy had it right though, if former Hillary supporters vote for McCain, they’re no Democrats, and sadly they’re only selling themselves out voting for a Bush clone who can barely get out the Rove-written statements he’s supposed to make; a man who doesn’t appear to have a clue about womens’ rights or care about the things that Hillary did. Wake up. Obama has great leadership ability and is on the right side of the fence regardless of his attempts to unify or compromise or whatever. Also, just to remind you, he didn’t write the primary election rules, he just followed them. As many many columnists observed, he won because he read the rules very carefully and played the game better. The other part of it is, that he represented a change. Achievable or believable it didn’t matter. He won because that’s the message that won out. We have enough real problems in this world. Let’s just get this smart, well-intentioned man elected and stop being so nasty. By the way, to the woman who can’t stand to read Obama blogs, if they’re all so stupid, and you ex Hillary supporters are oh so smart, why does Obama get slammed because the intelligensia tend to support him? You know those “elitists” who gasp go to college and gasp go to Starbucks? See how ridiculous this all is? Don’t worry, I think I’ve read my last blog. It’s like listening to the old Jerry Springer show or listening to hate radio.

    I do

    syl (332f7e)

  40. Obama has great leadership ability and is on the right side of the fence regardless of his attempts to unify or compromise or whatever.

    What side of the fence is he on?

    Icy Truth (7eda0d)

  41. Obama has great leadership ability and is on the right side of the fence regardless of his attempts to unify or compromise or whatever.

    – What side of the fence is he on?

    #So far this week do you mean?

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  42. The Democratic side of the fence – of course I realize that calling that the “right” side of the fence is a bit confusing and that it’s definitely my perspective. g’night

    syl (332f7e)

  43. Syl – Interesting points:

    “Obama has great leadership ability” – But he’s never led anything since getting out of law school.

    “The other part of it is, that he represented a change.” – But if most Americans really understood his views they wouldn’t be in favor of his socialism that the media has successfully covered up.

    “We have enough real problems in this world.” – Absolutely, which is why we don’t need this narcissistic ninny screwing up this country and creating more.

    “why does Obama get slammed because the intelligensia tend to support him?” – Because the people slamming him recognize that the intelligentsia support his socialist agenda.

    Y’all come back syl.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  44. yeah, yeah, yeah.

    We don’t worship the Obamessiah, so we are “racists” and “haters” and whatever else it is that makes it easy for you to dismiss dissent.

    What, exactly, has the Obamessiah done that would lead you to believe in him?

    You must realize he changes his mind frequently and breaks his word even more frequently. Doesn’t it cause a tiny bit of cognitive dissonance to hear him say something one week and then contradict himself the next, all the while you are saying you “believe in him”? Believe in what, exactly? That he can make promises?

    So what. Anyone can make promises. Your candidate is especially good at that. (Almost as good as his ability to throw supporters under the bus when they get to be inconvenient.)

    Please show me what he has done in his numerous terms of office. Don’t quote me what he has said. Quote me what he has done.

    And then, for fun, take just about any other legislator and see what s/he has accomplished in the same amount of time, and then tell me: is Obamessiah more or less effective.

    I know he makes lots of promises.

    But what promises has he actually kept, except the one that goes with “I promise to always be in love with the sound of my own voice”?

    steve miller (23965d)

  45. “I am so much smarter than you, and that’s why I’m voting for the Obamessiah.”

    Except, you’re not showing yourself as too smart. You’re voting for a blank slate and pretending there’s something written there.

    How is that intelligent, exactly? I hear that’s something called projection.

    You do realize that the smarter you are the more likely you are to be hypnotized, right? You could look that up. Al Gore’s Internet is a wonderful thing.

    steve miller (23965d)

  46. I think that the Paulians have turned into Obamiacs. Some of the comments over at Betsy’s place have that fanaticky sound to them.

    kimsch (2ce939)

  47. syl: Obama has great leadership ability and is on the right side of the fence
    me: What side of the fence is he on?
    syl: The Democratic side of the fence – of course I realize that calling that the “right” side of the fence is a bit confusing

    me: I thought he was tap-dancing across the top of the fence, or straddling it (something he can do, now that Rev. Jackson — or wifey, I forget which — has cut his nuts off).

    Icy Truth (7eda0d)

  48. In my view, obama must win these voters over to his side by his actions/deeds, hilly & bill can’t do it for him. So far, i’d have to say obama has failed to bring older (40 & over) white women into his fold, if this continues, i dont see how obama wins. Indeed, this is a core dem voting bloc that has not voted republican since eisenhower? and if obama cant carry them come nov., he’s a goner.

    james conrad (b2891a)

  49. Love2008 may be stupid and/or permanently drunk, but upon further reflection I have to say that in this case he/she/it is right. “Real Democrats” do indeed put party loyalty above all else. Above country, certainly; witness their sick preference for Republicans losing in Iraq rather than Americans winning there. Personal feelings? How dare you have any! Party ueber alles!

    That said, I have a hard time seeing how anything but personal feelings could explain anyone supporting Hillary while opposing Obama, or vice-versa. Ideologically, they’re clones. Experience-wise, they both have equally thin résumés. Apart from hero worship and the tastes great / less filling debate over whether it is better to elect a horrendously underqualified {woman | black} just so we can get excited about finally having had a {woman | black} President, I’m at a loss as to what anyone can see in either candidate that doesn’t transfer to the other.

    Lastly, I can almost-sympathize with Love2008’s frustration with Democrats who threaten to jump ship just because their favorite candidate didn’t win. I have equally little time for Real Conservatives (TM) who would sooner sit on their thumbs and watch everyone else elect President Obama than lift a finger to to help McCain. However, my beef with them is not with their failure to put party interests ahead of their personal feelings. It is with their refusal to put their ideals first. If allowing Obama to win were bad for the G.O.P. as a party but good for conservatism, I’d be drinking the Kool-Aid myself.

    Xrlq (62cad4)

  50. Real Dems put feelings and party ahead of good policy and America. Baracky has the “real Dems” wrapped up. It is the thinking Dems he will have problems with.

    JD (75f5c3)

  51. “That capability would have prevented them from ever fully supporting Obama”

    Apogee, I cut people slack for self-deception and emotionally driven decisions. Its good to hear of those who can no longer deceive themselves or buy into the rhetoric. Of course the more one has invested (emotionally, financially) in a decision, the less likely they’ll be willing to look at at the cold, hard facts and reconsider.

    Dana (b4a26c)

  52. What will Hillary supporters do?

    My gut says they will stomp their feet, bitch a little, and then jump on the back of Baracky’s bus.

    JD (75f5c3)

  53. I am voting for Hillary Clinton (write-in) or for VP.
    So Obamies take that and put it in your pipe and smoke it! YOU DON’T HEAR US!

    jheckemran (634338)

  54. The more you hear from the Obama – Bots, the creepier they sound. Like the spores in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” they’re truly Zombies – in – Training.

    Dmac (82935d)

  55. XRLQ, at 49: I supported Sen. Obama in February because Sen. Clinton had pissed me off by trying to have it both ways on the war: her insistance that (a) she made the right decision voting to authorize the use of force in 2003, but that (b) President Bush had misled her, and (c) we should come home now, was just not … credible. It stank of trying to weasel your way out of a decision you’d since come to regret, without taking responsibility for it.

    In general I supported Sen. Obama during the Democratic primaries in preference to Sen. Clinton because Sen. Clinton is a known, disliked, quantity, while Sen. Obama is an unknown, and therefore potentially good, quantity.

    aphrael (12fba5)

  56. while Sen. Obama is an unknown, and therefore potentially good, quantity.

    Can you point to a single issue on which he has not either flipped or tried to claim both sides? That isn’t “unknown”, that’s called “pandering”, and that definitely points to an unacceptable solution, since he is likely to be changing his mind more often than he changes his underwear.

    He is what Heinlein referred to as a “reform politician”. “All it takes to get [a reform politician] to break his word is for someone to get his ear and convince him that it is necessary for ‘the greater good of all the peepul’. He’ll geek. After he gets hardened to this, he’s capable of cheating at solitaire.”

    Drumwaster (5ccf59)


    1. Contrary to what Obamabots say …
    Obama and Hillary were in a dead heat,
    when the DNC pressured Hillary into not
    only conceding, but campaigning for Obama.
    2. Obama is once again in a dead heat, but now
    with McCain, even though Obamabots act like
    Obama has already won (like they did in the
    primaries against Hillary). So, this means that
    half of the Democrats, and all the Republicans
    (3/4 of America) dIdn’t want Obama. Plus, he
    didn’t even win the popular vote, and refused a
    revote in Michigan and Florida.
    3. Obama has the thinnest resume in politics, and
    he won state legislature and Senator by
    disqualifications of his opponents, not by earned
    experience, or votes.
    4. Obama’s one claim to fame is being a community
    organizer, where he boasts of registering voters.
    Then he took their votes away from them, by
    disqualifying his opponents on technicalities, prior
    to the election.
    5. Obama’s mentor of 20 years, was an anti-American
    racist … not to mention other unsavory associations.
    6. Obama is simply buying the election, since he’s
    good at fund raising … hardly a qualification to be
    President of the United States.
    7. The media never vetted Obama, and they are
    giving him a free ride, plus more than twice the
    print and air time as McCain, as they did against
    8. 90% of blacks are voting for Obama, because he is
    black, while the campaign gained ground by
    accusing most opponents of racism.
    9. Obamabots were, and are extremely nasty and sarcastic
    towards Hillary supporters, as well as McCain supporters.
    10. Pumas should be applauded for putting country before party …
    especially a party that did not represent them, and a party
    which highjacked the nomination for Obama.

    Gina (f14f31)

  58. Many of the foremost activists in the feminist movement ardently believe Hillary should be the VP pick, according to Politico.

    So one might question why they’d then support Obama if they truly thought he was lacking as the nominee. Perhaps you are part of the one in five disgruntled Clinton supporters who will eschew voting for Obama. It is good to see some liberals here talking about Obama with blinders on. Shhhh- don’t let love666 know as he’ll deem you a traitor to your party.

    One of the sites stated that Hillary backers raising money for Obama are disheartened about being criticized for lacking the fund raising successof the ObamaTARDS.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  59. What is wrong with the Americans and the media? Why aren’t Americans and the media continuing the investigation of Obama’s past policies, family whereabouts, radical associates and religious values.

    The media should be making an issue about all of these issues. Obama is applying for the most challenging job in the “world”. When Americans learned about Reverend Wright, Black Liberation Theology and Obama’s other associations: Weatherman domestic terrorist, William Ayers; radical, anti American Priest, Father Pflaeger; criminal supporter, Tony Rezko, Americans were appalled and outraged.

    Now their gone, evaporated, unimportant, irrelevant in this presidential race?

    Thank God McCain has the courage to stand up for Americans with his ads.

    Just examining one of the many issues or associates surrounding Obama is enough to question Obama’s character and values. And yes, it is scary.
    Obama has minimal government experience, an anti American Pastor as a mentor, many co workers that are radical leaders, a non practicing Muslim father and an Atheist as a mother. Obama is a fast talker, flip flopper and an empty suit running for President: The media and the authorities should be reminding the public of his poor decision making on a constant basis. Rejecting and denouncing someone doesn’t eliminate Obama’s character.

    Just knowing that Louis Farrakhan, an anti Semitic, radical, Nation of Islam leader supports Obama should be enough to make our hair stand up on end. Farrakhan held a rally with 20,000 Islam members in Chicago just a few months ago.

    Watch Louis Farrakhan and his followers:

    Many questions need answering. One might be: If Obama’s father was a non practicing Muslim, how do the international Muslim nations view Obama?
    Why is that an improper question to ask Obama? Obama is running for President, not American idol. I would ask the same of McCain.

    Obama is risky and scary. The media should be investigating Obama’s relationships as much as they should be reporting about any nominee that was being supported by the KKK.

    Al from NJ (76d5cc)

  60. The reason many Democratic supporters will not vote for Obama is because they are embarrassed of him, his life, his unfair tactics and his beliefs. And they still don’t know all about him.
    1. They don’t want a candidate that has been in a twenty year relationship with Reverend Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ.

    2. They don’t’ want a candidate that has a twenty year relationship with Father Pflaeger as his compass in life

    3. They don’t want a candidate that went to a church that supports Louis Farrakhan, an anti Semitic racist.

    4. They don’t want to defend Black Liberation theology.

    5. They don’t want a candidate that lies about his relationship with Tony Rezko, the Syrian Criminal that sold his property to Obama and supported his campaign.

    6. They don’t want a candidate that could work with a domestic terrorist, William Ayers.

    7. They don’t want a candidate that Hamas supports.

    8. They don’t want a candidate that Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam support

    9. They don’t want a candidate that has a wife that has just now realized she was proud of our country.

    10. They don’t want a candidate that denies Florida and Michigan their voices

    11. They don’t want a candidate that mentions 57 states in his speeches. 50 states in the USA and 57 states in the Nation of Islam (IOC website)

    12. They don’t want a candidate that fights unfair and steals Michigan delegate votes from his opponent.

    13. They don’t want a candidate that is inexperienced, especially dealing with military issues.

    14. They don’t want a candidate that considers it a loss to not to be able to attend his anti American, racist Church.

    15. They don’t want a candidate that has a “non practicing” Muslim father, but avoids the entire discussion of his father.

    16. They don’t’ want a candidate that won’t debate

    17. They don’t’ want a candidate that misleads the youth with an ‘Obama girl and her behind in their face”

    18. They don’t want a candidate that says he’s an African American and missed the MLK Remembrance Day and the Louisiana Black Caucus meeting

    19. They don’t want a candidate that enjoys laughing at sexism

    20. They don’t want a candidate that switches his position on gun control, FISA, the war in Iraq, religion and government….

    21. They don’t want a candidate that showcases his daughters on TV shows.

    22. They don’t’ want a candidate that has poor judgment.

    23. They don’t’ want a candidate named; Barack Hussein Obama

    24. He is embarrassing.

    25. He scares them to death.

    Al from NJ (76d5cc)

  61. Hmmm. Are we getting the Hillary is 44 crowd here? 🙂

    Dana R Pico (556f76)

  62. Dana R Pico,

    Seems like it.

    Wouldn’t it be surreal if McCain picked Hillary?

    DRJ (9d1be2)

  63. Excuse me. About those 57 states… You don’t realize that Obama was joking? Don’t you notice that the audience in the clip recognizes his little witticism? Or did you think his joke was so funny you just had to share it? Or are you insinuating that Obama wouldn’t know a fact that most first graders know?

    You do realize that Obama is a self-made man who worked his way from a working class childhood in a single-parent home all the way to the U.S. Senate? He’s served as president of the Harvard Law Review and graduated with a J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard in 1991. He’s one of the country’s leading experts in constitutional law and currently stands a higher chance than his opponent to be the next President Of The United States.

    Even if you oppose his policies, the man deserves some respect.

    Is this what our elections have become? Little civil wars where we have to destroy the personal dignity of the other side’s nominee even over the stupidest, most trivial little made-up issues?

    If you oppose him on issues, then oppose him on issues. We don’t have to SLANDER each other to win, do we? Ultimately, all Americans are on the same team, aren’t we?

    John McCain (612594)

  64. If BHO worked his way up from a working-class child-hood, how did he afford to go to a private school whilst growing up on the beaches of HI?
    In all of the travails of his child-hood, mostly brought on by the horrific choices made by his parents and grandparents, I doubt if he ever missed a meal, or had to gather soda-cans to pay for the international flights to visit his father and/or step-father and their families.

    Another Drew (16e81f)

  65. and, another thing…
    BHO does not deserve my respect, for he has done nothing to EARN that respect!

    Someone back in the 70’s was derided for his public denunciation of the “self-esteem” movement, and how it would lead us to perdition.
    Unfortunately, he was right; as the drivel from “John McCain” proves.

    Another Drew (16e81f)

  66. #63 Juan,
    Do you want to win the Presidency or kiss obama’s ass? If he’s even black, he’s an NWA and will use the race card at every opportunity. Eff him, his shrewish wife, rev. wright and all the assorted lackeys and puppet string pullers like Soros and Daley that make up his nefarious entourage. Call him on all his deficits, including lack of judgement and experience, catering to the fever swamp left, the UN and Euroweenies, etc.
    How come you Az. Cardinals rot so much? You could have had Farve. Now I can hopefully see him whip the local dipfish Dolphins twice a year.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  67. “DELIGATE WALKOUT” A heard that the deligate roll call for Hillary Clinton will be stopped half way through. THEN THE STATE DELIGATES THAT ARE NOT POLLED WILL WALK OUT IN PROTEST BECAUSE THET WILL HAVE BEEN DISRESPECTED.

    John c amerson jr (6810d6)

  68. >Hillary supporters, Republicans. What’s the >difference?

    >Well, one would vote for Hillary, and the other >loves his country.

    >(Hey, you asked.)
    >Comment by Drumwaster — 8/3/2008 @ 7:05 pm

    Honestly as a die-hard Democrat and a veteran, I have a lot more respect for sincere Republicans than Hillary supporters. At least the Republicans care about the issues, even if they are delusional.

    SD-DemoVet (10766d)

  69. Really, now now girls. You should vote for Obama after all because the Republicans will never embrace feminazi-lesbian-flag burners, and the bleeding edge Democrats always do. You sour-grapes lying two-faced dykes really should consider joining the Democratic Party, because true God fearing patriotic Republicans don’t need you, or want you.

    Amused Republican (10766d)

  70. Ok fine. You don’t like Obama. Your perogative. We members of the Democratic Party have our candidate and his name is Barrack Obama and he represents our values. He was selected in a free and fair election despite Hillary’s attempts to play dirty and bend the rules. I totally agree with Syl. If you don’t want to vote the Democratic ticket, one word: don’t. But do not pretend to insult my intelligence by calling yourself a Democrat because your not even close. Go register Independant and stand next to Biden. If you want to throw away your vote, that so many brave people have died for you to have, (and as a veteran I suspect you don’t deserve and never earned), then go be a loony-bin Libertarian if you desire. Go flock to the Republicans if they will take you, which I doubt. They will be happy to have your vote, then use you for grist. I actually have to wonder how many of these hating ranter’s were actually ever dems at all. More than likely they are just silly Limbaugh ditto-heads playing at a childish game of trojan horse. I’m with you Syl, this is my last blog too. And btw, I’m one of those commie college degree holders too, and damn proud of it.

    Disgusted (10766d)

  71. The Obamatrons are out in force.

    JD (5f0e11)

  72. Gotta love those Canadians, eh? They take a national treasure like the Joooooooooooooo Mark Steyn who merely repeats the venom Moooslims spew and find him to be blaspeming Holy Islam. Gotta send his ass to the Canadian Star Chamber wherein the litigant never loses and the defendant is screwed over royally. Great national free speech rights, eh? No chilling censorship there? Seems to me Baracky would be a perfect fit for those Canucks who are barking moonbats and believe in the marxist/socialist ideals. I spit on Canucks who support the BS that emanates from liberal divine rights assertions. And enlighten us about yoru oh-so-fecking wonderful national health care system also?

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  73. #70 – Disgusting

    We members of the Democratic Party have our candidate and his name is Barrack Obama and he represents our values.
    — Is misspelling his name one of his values?

    He was selected in a free and fair election despite Hillary’s attempts to play dirty and bend the rules.
    — Man! Those bus tires are harsh on a pantsuit!!!

    Go register Independant and stand next to Biden.
    — Huh?

    If you want to throw away your vote, that so many brave people have died for you to have, (and as a veteran I suspect you don’t deserve and never earned), then go be a loony-bin Libertarian if you desire
    — Oh yes. The old ‘those that never served do have not earned the right to vote’ anti-American bullshit.

    And btw, I’m one of those commie college degree holders too, and damn proud of it.
    Nothing wrong with being a proud college degree holder. Proud commie? Not so good.

    Icy Truth (7d05ae)

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