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Misleading L.A. Times Headline

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The front page of the L.A. Times print edition yesterday ran a headline reading “Sex Bias Seen at Justice Dept.” It was about alleged bias based on sexual orientation. Eugene Volokh calls the headline “an outright mischaracterization of what’s going on,” because

“sex bias” has a familiar meaning to the reading public, and that meaning is discrimination against men or women, not against gays or lesbians.

I agree. Apparently, so do the editors, because the Web version of the headline (I can’t pull up the story itself) now reads “Sexuality bias” rather than “Sex bias.”

7 Responses to “Misleading L.A. Times Headline”

  1. What is so hard about using the word “gender”? I think forms that ask for your “sex” are stupid too. Thankfully, they usually only give you two options, or otherwise the possibilities would be embarrassing. You’d think big media, having editors and all, would be better at this.

    Don (7cdc04)

  2. “Anti-gay bias” would make the story even clearer, but the LAT isn’t ready for that. Nor is any other “Mainstream” news org.

    David Ehrenstein (21c975)

  3. Don,
    there are no grown-ups there.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  4. I think sex buys at Justice Dept. would be the best story.

    Vermont Neighbor (31ccb6)

  5. “sexual orientation discrimination” takes too long to say.

    Richard Aubrey (17ea04)

  6. It was intentional. ‘Gender’ and ‘sexuality’ are the same thing to the Left.

    Icy Truth (b6bc11)

  7. No they’re not, Icy. And I have no idea why you think they are.

    David Ehrenstein (21c975)

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