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More Viciousness at the L.A. Times About Tony Snow

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You thought you had seen all the ugliness on the L.A. Times relating to Tony Snow? Nah! In another post we examined the comments to a blog entry about his death. In this post, we’ll look at the comments to his obituary.

Here are some of the charming comments left by angry, unhinged leftists:

5. Repeating lies day in and day out is bad for your health.
Submitted by: Chris
7:08 PM PDT, July 12, 2008

6. I definitely feel sorry for his children and wife. But TOny Snow did while he was at FOX and Whitehouse can’t be forgiven. These Republicans are criminals and the democrats who voted for this war including. I don’t feel sorry him. I think it is time for redemption. Most of us deserve the worst possible punishment for our arrogance and the crimes we committed in the name of liberty,justice and other BS on the rest of the world. THis country runs based on Greed. America is committed to destroying other religions and cultures in the world and make world into an absolute trash.
Submitted by: naagam
7:07 PM PDT, July 12, 2008

7. Lying causes cancer? Now we know.
Submitted by: Jinny Campos
6:59 PM PDT, July 12, 2008

. . . .

9. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first day of a Tony Snow-free world! Yay!!!!
Submitted by: Melanie S
6:19 PM PDT, July 12, 2008

. . . .

16. Because there obviously is no god, nor heaven and hell, I’ve always adhered to the idea that if you are saddned by the deaths of your friends and family, you should equally be gladdened by the deaths of people you hate. Tony Snow was a professional liar and willing member of the most notorious administration in this country’s history. I didn’t know him personally, but professionally he was a BS artist extraordinaire. This was the best cancer since Lee Atwater’s brain tumor.
Submitted by: Shaun Mason
4:02 PM PDT, July 12, 2008

. . . .

22. Just because your dead it doesn’t make you a good person.
Submitted by: Vrginia Hollender
12:55 PM PDT, July 12, 2008

Lovely. Well done, L.A. Times comment moderators! Well done indeed!

UPDATE: Thanks to Instapundit for the link. Thanks also to Charles Johnson for his link. I should tell their readers, though, that the worst stuff is actually here.

59 Responses to “More Viciousness at the L.A. Times About Tony Snow”

  1. I left this comment there:

    This is a horrible editorial decision to allow comments on an obituary. Were you totally clueless about what loonwaffles would show up to spew filth? If you really thought reader input was necessary and useful, could you not have waited one day to put up a post discussing Tony Snow’s career and impact and inviting comments on that?

    This is an example of why the LA Times will shortly cease to exist. Its editors and writers are clueless, indiscriminate clods.

    nk (8eafa0)

  2. Leave something on the Top of the Ticket blog post (see post below, linked above). There are far more ugly comments there.

    Patterico (cb443b)

  3. I left this comment there:

    An excellent article. However, I cannot understand the rationale for allowing all the filthy comments about Mr. Snow’s death to pass moderation. I understand that you may want to see all points of view. But why would you want to splash that sewage on your readers?

    Let’s see if it passes moderation.

    nk (8eafa0)

  4. And I left this one:

    Anyone who would say they hope Tony Snow suffered is a dick.

    I wonder if it will be rejected because of the language. Too offensive?

    It’s an interesting experiment. If that’s too offensive, because I said “dick,” but this isn’t too offensive:


    then I have to wonder what their standards are for taking offense.

    Patterico (cb443b)

  5. I left this second one at the obituary:

    It looks like comments here are moderated. So you approved the filth that was posted. Nothing more to say, I guess.

    nk (8eafa0)

  6. Still no actual “lies” quoted. Even if you believe the lie that Bush “lied” (or Hillary’s weasel-word claim that he “mislead”) us into war, that was before Snow took the White House job. So what were his lies supposed to be?

    DWPittelli (e399aa)

  7. What will the reaction in here be when Scott McClellan dies?

    David Ehrenstein (85002c)

  8. Criticize the LA Times, and your comment will rarely if ever see the light of day on their pages.

    Slander a dead man, and its all-aboard!

    gabriel (180095)

  9. Both of mine made it on the obituary. The one I left at Top of the Ticket has not, yet.

    nk (8eafa0)

  10. Unlike the false accusations made against Tony, with no substance to back them up, these LAT blog posts stand as clear evidence of which side of the political fence is more cruel and less humane and lacking in class.

    Icy Truth (cfc1c6)

  11. Evil.

    Federal Dog (1404a2)

  12. A very silly presumption, Mr. Treacher. I despise Rosie O’Donnell.

    David Ehrenstein (85002c)

  13. David Ehr is being an ass, as normal.

    JD Esq. (5f0e11)

  14. “What will the reaction in here be when Scott McClellan dies?

    Comment by David Ehrenstein”

    None. He is a nonentity having his 15 minutes and it’s about over. Except in your mind, of course.

    Mike K (b9ce3e)

  15. A very silly presumption, Mr. Treacher. I despise Rosie O’Donnell.

    7. Lying causes cancer? Now we know.
    Submitted by: Jinny Campos
    6:59 PM PDT, July 12, 2008

    Apparently you didn’t click the link. The world doesn’t revolve around you, Mr. Ehrenstein. But keep eating and maybe you’ll get there.

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

  16. Eating what?

    You people cannot bear even so much as the appearance of criticism. That’swhy Patterico pulled up the moat over Snow.

    Snow was hired to be the White House spokesperson because of his professional experience as a journalist. It was a smart hire. Unlike McClellan and Fleischer he didn’t regard the people in the room as if they were a pack of hungry cannibals. His zest and humor made the press conferecnes he ran great fun to watch — which is not the same thing as believeing a word he said. ALL press spokespersons are hired to defend and spin for their client. Such defense and spin, needless to say, has only a passing resemblance to the truth. And this has NOTHING to do with party affiliation or political ideology.

    That such a lively and intelligent young man is dead from cancer is very sad.

    David Ehrenstein (85002c)

  17. Eating what?


    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

  18. I’m beginning to wonder if there is ANY difference between the L.A. Times and the Huffington Post?

    juandos (7a6df1)

  19. All I had to do was google “Tony Snow Liar” and here ya go.

    On tape

    And there’s a lot more.
    Still waiting for Helms to show up in the “Scum” file.

    JAR (ab000b)

  20. #7 must be a Rosie O’Donnell fan.

    Comment by Jim Treacher — 7/13/2008 @ 8:01 am

    Yeah, Jinny’s a sweetheart. Except for the fact that media people and his family and other people who personally know Snow are seeing these, I’d actually be glad their vile comments are seeing the light of dsy. It reminds people very graphically that many liberals think of their political opponents as subhumans who deserve a painful death from cancer.

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  21. JAR – Have you found anyone defending Helms yet?

    JD Esq. (5f0e11)

  22. “JAR – Have you found anyone defending Helms yet?”

    Yet? That means you remember that I’ve brought it up before.
    So why do you forget that I posted THIS?
    It’s a long list. They’re all here:
    Bush, McCain, National Review, Dole, RedState, Trent Lott.
    It’s a love fest. For scum

    “When Carol Moseley-Braun of Illinois became the first African-American woman to sit in the Senate, Helms followed Moseley-Braun into an elevator, announcing to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch: “Watch me make her cry. I’m going to make her cry. I’m going to sing ‘Dixie’ until she cries.”
    Then, emphasizing the lines about how “good” things were before the Civil War ended slavery, Helms sang “Dixie.””

    JAR (ab000b)

  23. I don’t think these rude comments are ‘typical’ or liberals – but sadly they are typical of that vicious subset that pushes themselves to the fore in situations like these. The constant and undiluted and predictable spew of hate and crude ill-will is not unique to the left, but it is in that group that it finds it’s largest and most predictable outpouring.

    This is sad not only on its own terms, but because it gives a wrong impression ( I hope) of the general nature of the progressive populace.

    Who in their right mind would listen to a group that is hostile to the point of dementia? Who would trust their suggestions to be to the general good when evey word rejoices in a specific ill?

    This has got to poison the political debate.

    Annie B (dd758f)

  24. Hmmm, I wonder if the vitriolic Shaun Mason (who takes such glee in the painful death of others) is this fellow.

    Seems likely given his incredible, unhinged animosity toward Christians and those with whom he disagrees.

    DelD (05dc7e)

  25. Good job at dehumanizing your opponents. Stalin and Hitler would have been proud of the L.A. Times.

    Wasn’t Dee Dee Myers Clinton’s spokeswoman? Not only wouldn’t I wish her ill I probably wouldn’t even remember her if she passed.

    Capitalist Infidel (c4ec46)

  26. Nyakultura. Uncultured. Rude and uncouth. Cloddish. All these describe both the LA Times and its obit on Tony Snow. It has been many years since the LAT could be described as any less than Boeotian. Mr. Snow’s obit is typical of the utterly classless output of the Los Angeles Times staff blatteroons.

    Pete Allen

    Pete Allen (2c29c3)

  27. My jaw is now unhinged.

    As I posted earlier, I’m mostly what I suppose qualifies as a “liberal”. But I also grew up enraptured with “Firing Line”-not because of the politics necessarily(I was just a kid), but because of the level of discourse-it was entertaining! And so I developed an affection and admiration for Buckley.

    The same has applied to many people since whose politics I disagree with but whose personal demeanor or simply their minds I respect, who strike me as decent, committed people who very often also have a damned good sense of humor.

    Tony Snow was one of these-it’s how he struck me, and everything I’ve read since his death has confirmed for me what a mensch he was(For the record: I cannot and never have been able to abide our current President. Yes, those two takes can coexist). But I don’t know…excluding the most evil people the planet has ever seen–those on the level of a Goebbels or Hitler or Pol Pot–I can’t fathom being so soulless as to write such filth. Sure, it’s freedom of expression–the “freedom” to present oneself as a smug, black-hearted excuse for a human being. And that applies to all manner of political persuasions. I have nothing in common with these types no matter how we might vote.

    Jenny (2ce670)

  28. Well said, Jenny.

    DRJ (ec597e)

  29. JD, Esq. #22,

    I’ll defend Helms. Carol Moseley Braun decided the Civil War was not yet over and humiliated Helms on the floor of the Senate over renewal of the charter of the Daughters of the Confederacy.

    When she lost her Senate seat after one term because she was such a waste of space even the dead people of Chicago refused to vote for her, Clinton appointed her ambassador. Helms, as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee could have blocked her nomination. Never even let it come into the committee for heaing. But he did not. He gave he and up and down vote in the Senate.

    I think JAR’s Dixie story is bullshit. What Helms did say, for sure, after the Duaghters of the Confederacy fracas is that Carol Moseley Braun was of Jamaican descent, not Southern black, and her whole outraged African-American act was just that — an act. If Helms did sing Dixie to her, it was to make fun of her pretension to be of Southern black descent.

    “Look away, look away Dixieland” to you, JAR.

    nk (8eafa0)

  30. I just left at LA Times site:

    I hope I get to post snarkey comments on the obit for the LA Times.

    What Ever (8dfe93)

  31. I disagreed with Tony Snow on many issues. However, he impressed me as a man of integrity and wamrth.

    I offer his family my sincerist condolences and hope that they will rejoice in the positive impact he had on the reporting of the news.


    Jack Ciaccio

    Jack (56a0a8)

  32. I used to read the LA times every day, ponying up 0.50 at the local fast food joint. Also had a subscription at home because my wife liked to read some of the better articles although it was never the NYT. When these turdswent after Schwartzenegger on the last day of the election, wherein they broke a longstanding rule that enough time had to be allowed for a candidate to reply to character assaults, it was the last day I ever bought a an LAT (years now). But the cost of a paper is more than you are asked to pay, advertising is the real revenue, and the number of eyes divided by two is what the advertisers care about. I never miss the opportunity when talking to ad execs (I write them) of how I came to NOT be a LAT reader. It makes them think, Hmmmm. do I need that many inches?
    F*** ’em. They’re such losers, they can’t countenence it. This scummy behavior is just more of the same.

    alan ocorra (640017)

  33. The sad thing is after a flood of typical, disgustingly low comments, you’ll see the same bizarre whine about how pro-Democrats are just too nice and the Republicans, so nasty. If that’s not “drinking the Kool-Aid” and being brainwashed, what is?

    It’s the same thing with the primary. All you heard was how nasty the Republicans were and yet the most vicious accusations were thrown at both Obama and Clinton. Strangely, there’s massive amnesia about how nasty both camps were and frankly how vicious Democrats have always been. As usual, they see themselves as choirboys again.

    John Pedroza (ba5070)

  34. I bought some fish and forgot and left it in my trunk for a week. Now may car smells like the L.A. Times.

    What should I do?

    My Required Name (f9634d)

  35. Liberals denounce Helms as scum; although I did not agree with the man on some issues, I’m very certain he did not want his country to ever lose its wars, unlike too many Liberals who worked on behalf of our enemies, first the Communist Vietnamese and then the al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. Such Liberals should reacquaint themselves with what is truly scummy.

    Tim (a2fc67)

  36. What will the reaction in here be when Scott McClellan dies?

    Comment by David Ehrenstein

    Chances are that won’t be for another 30 to 40 years, post-singualarity we interweb-types like to call it, so I’m guessing we’ll find out then.

    Given the small stature of Scott McClellan, his weaselly-yet-milquetoastian nature, and his limited prospects for meaningful employment in any task which involves the public, I’m guessing we’ll be a bit sad when that event occurs.

    In the meantime, small people tend to pick the most dramatic times to advertise their smallness. The only difference between, well, you and the rest of the commenters revelling in Snow’s death and the Fred Phelps/Westboro Baptist morons is that the Westboro people have the guts to leave their computer.

    Go figure.

    BumperStickerist (350875)

  37. Gee–even Democratic Underground Moderators deleted the really bad comments–Looks like the LA Times has supplanted DU as moonbat central–I love the empathy of the left–what a bunch of psychopaths–those people really need professional help.

    Roger (84ce00)

  38. [Deleted by guest blogger at Patterico’s request.]

    Hope we get even (2902bf)

  39. 13, What will be the reaction when David Ehrenstein dies? A mild yawn, that what.

    PCD (5c49b0)

  40. “Carol Moseley Braun decided the Civil War was not yet over and humiliated Helms on the floor of the Senate over renewal of the charter of the Daughters of the Confederacy.”

    Therefore it was Helms, not Moseley Braud who decided that the Civil War was not yet over.

    Of course being black she’s nto allowed to speak, save to say what Massa approves of (eg. Condi, Colin, Clarence.)

    David Ehrenstein (85002c)

  41. Patterico! Clean up in Aisle 39! Thanks.

    no one you know (1f5ddb)

  42. 39 and 40 are really not called for. Apparently, they did not understand the theme of these posts.

    JD Esq. (75f5c3)

  43. Yeah, 40’s not great either. I think it was a tit-for-tat with David’s comment #7 above, also rawtha childish.

    no one you know (1f5ddb)

  44. What does a guy have to do to get David Petrano Esp and MKDP to come out and play ? 😉

    JD Esq. (5f0e11)

  45. worst editorial decision you have ever made opening this to the horrifying comments on Tony Snow.This isnt free speech its assault.

    j-leo (317d02)

  46. I can comment from my Treo but can’t edit comments.

    First-time commenter “Hope we get even” is now a last-time commenter, having been banned. If someone with moderation privileges could delete the text of that comment, and replace it with “[Deleted at Patterico’s request.], I’d be most appreciative.

    PCD, comment 40 was uncalled-for.

    Patterico (166c16)

  47. Done.

    DRJ (ec597e)

  48. How did we come to this?

    A good man, an accomplished man of grace, intelligence, wit and joy in life has died after a struggle with an horrible foe has died and these people spew this kind of foul bile! These are truly demented and – I feel compelled to say this – evil people.

    I am trying to emulate the kindheartedness of Tony Snow in his honor – but it is just damned difficult!

    Gayle Miller (e5a6d9)

  49. The conservative Tony Snow, will be missed by intelligent thinkers. He was a college graduate of philosophy. And, insightful people always recognized his superb proficiency for reasoning and analyzing social, cultural, and political circumstance.

    The liberal LA Times allowed hateful comments to be posted regarding Snow’s obituary, perhaps because he was a proponent of ideas and opinions different from their own liberal viewpoints.

    Besides their disrespectful comments about a man who was an intelligent voice in a wilderness of irrational thinking, those self-loathing hateful non-thinkers would be wise to contemplate the neurosis of their own liberal behavior.

    It has been said, that today, liberalism has become a mental disorder. Hopefully, one day it will be treatable – perhaps after more failed liberal politicians and policies transform our lives into an unworkable and despotic chaos.

    SMK (09196b)

  50. Jesse Helms was a peculiar kind of racist. He had no problem hiring blacks on his Senate staff, his door was open to any of his constituents regardless of color, and in his last few months in office he pushed through millions of dollars in AIDS relief funding for Africa. I don’t think “racist” per se was the right charge to make against him. He was bigotted against homosexuals; there’s no doubt of that. He was a segegationist who seemed to sincerely believe the races would be better off living apart. I’ve always put him as Reason #3 or 4 for why we need Congressional Term limits. He was “Old South”, not necessarily in a bad way, but trying to represent the interests of the “New South” that’s risen up in the past couple of decades. They might have been better represented by someone of their generation.

    Orion (a7aaa6)

  51. I hope that I never come across any of you sick and inhumane people that would say those terrible things about Tony Snow. If I do meet you I’m afraid I might have to end your pathetic lives. It was bad enough that as a Veitnam Vet, I had to endure your garbage, but I will not put up with your comments about a man that just did his job and did it well.
    You so called PEOPLE lack the guts to do this country any good and you will pay. Give me your names so I can look you up when I come out to LA.
    I’ld like the opportunity to carry through with what I say.
    This country will survive and grow without you cowards.
    Once a Marine always a Marine
    I’m willing to die for my country are you?

    [I doubt I’ll ever see this commenter again, and his threats are supremely unlikely to lead to actual violence since most of these LAT commenters are anonymous, but I’ll just interject to say: please, no threats of violence — even to unnamed rude and classless morons. OK? — Patterico]

    Tom (d671ab)

  52. The best tribute to that great and good man, Tony Snow, would be to refrain from answering these vile hatemongers in kind.

    That being said, the desire to punch some of their lights out is nearly irresistible!

    Gayle Miller (e5a6d9)

  53. I feel somber right now. I can not believe that there are people who really think thoughts of destruction and vile against another human, especially one who has just passed away. Come on let his widow and children grieve.

    I agree with #28, Jenny. There are so many tyrants in the world that plot and execute pure evil acts, Tony Snow was nothing near this kind of evil. Disagree with his politics fine, but to say LIES BRING CANCER and REJOICING OVER A DAY FREE OF TONY SNOW is absolutely evil in of itself. Even if you didn’t agree with him, there is no cause for this kind of slander.

    LA Times what the hell? What goes around comes around….watch out.

    Tinia (67b284)

  54. I was not going to contribute to the McCain campaign, but after reading this worthless journalism, I will, just because I do not want left-wing loons in the White House that are so full of HATE that they would wish ill on such a good man. I refuse to believe this fabulous country we call America, has lost its compassion.

    katie (f325e0)

  55. As a first-time reader here I was surprised at some of the comments about Tony Snow. Clearly, some are confused by the difference between a “right” and a “duty.” I may have a right to speak, but the right does not imply a compulsion to speak. Just because I can do something does not mean I must do it, or even that I should do it. Freedom of speech also includes the right to say nothing, as well as the responsibility to use it wisely.

    Some of these comments are offensive and hurtful and serve no real purpose. They do not change what Mr. Snow did or who he was. I never met him and only know him from what others say and what I personally heard or saw through the media. He seemed like the kind of guy you would want for a neighbor. I wish I could have met him. Now I can only offer my condolences to, and my prayers for, his family as they rebuild their lives without him.

    Lee F. (e2fe5b)

  56. Shame on any publication that would defame a man before he can be laid to rest. I guess you were never taught respect for the departed. May Tony Snow rest in peace, and his family find comfort in the memories as the celebrate his life.

    jean (f73b8b)

  57. In a world where people would try to sell their own children on eBay if they weren’t told not to, it’s pretty evident that the LA Times knew exactly what they were doing when they granted the lowest common denominator discretion to freely “express themselves” in this innapropriate forum. How very lacking in class, grace and compassion are these tactless “free speakers” – How shameful the LA Times for encouraging this bad behavior. The utter lack of conscience displayed here puts in sharp relief the character, dignity and poise of the man these comments were meant to besmirch.

    Mookiesmom (edec78)

  58. Oh my gosh, as a liberal I could not be more ashamed of the people who left such mean, mean vile, ill-mannered and rude comments about a man who lost his life to cancer. Are you people for real? Then you tell me that Bush( whose policies I completely reject) is evil. Take a moment for some introspection, people. If this is the new brand of liberalism then we are lost , completely lost. I have noticed a progression of real ugliness and hatefulness on the part of Liberals, but this is much worse than I thought. You are no better than the redneck conservatives you make fun of and revile everday. Please stop this and think about what you are becoming.

    susan ketner (18b46b)

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